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Chapter 1

"Mommy, fire's pretty isn't it," asked four year old Minoko.

Mizuno smiled down at her daughter, "Yes, sweetie, fire is very pretty."

The little girl nodded enthusiastically then scrunched up her face in confusion, "Then why would people be screaming if they see it?" she asked in her innocent voice.

"Well," Mizuno said as she sat down at the edge of her daughter's bed, "If fire touches you, it would hurt a lot. So while it is pretty, it can also be dangerous."

"Oh! You mean like how dessert roses are pretty but they stick you if you try to take one?"

The mom smiled, "Yes, Minoko, just like the roses. Why are you asking about fire and screaming anyway? Did you hear someone talking about it?"

The girl shook her head earnestly, "Nope! My dream bubble had pictures in it with lots and lots of fire! It was red and orange and yellow and really pretty mommy! But people were screaming and it made the pretty thing scary."

Mizuno's face showed concern as she looked at her only child, "What do you mean your dream bubble? You haven't gone to sleep yet sweetheart."

"Sometimes I get a dream bubble when I'm awake," the little girl stated matter-of-factly, "And those are the best because they usually come true!"

The concern turned to fear as the mother processed the information, "Minoko, where was the fire? Who was screaming in your dream bubble?"

Minoko looked confused as she answered, "The whole village was on fire. All the houses and stuff was lit up, even the school! And everyone was screaming and running and then my dream bubble got scary, so I popped it!" she said with a proud smile.

Mizuno grabbed her daughter's shoulders gently but firmly, "Do you know when that was going to happen?"

Minoko looked at her mother with her big red eyes, worry evident in the ruby orbs, "Why mommy, what's wrong? It was only a dream bubble. Scary stuff like that can't happen in real life, can it?"

The mother shook her daughter a bit, "Never mind that! When did it happen Minoko?"

"Tonight," the girl said in a quiet voice, afraid to further upset her mother, "The pretty fire was going to happen tonight."

The panic escalated in Mizuno's face as she released her daughter, "Taru! Taru, we need to leave, now!"

Minoko's father rushed in, his black hair damp from his evening shower, "Mizuno, what's wrong, why are you screaming?"

Minoko's mother rushed through all the information she gathered as she frantically packed a bag for her daughter. After recounting everything, Taru looked just as frantic as Mizuno and rushed from the room to pack for the two adults.

"Mommy, what's going on?" came the frightened voice of the four year old, still sitting on her bed, clutching her stuffed bear for comfort.

The mom turned and her face softened a bit, trying to cover the panic, "Oh, sweetie, we need to leave tonight. Come on, get out of bed and get dressed. You can bring Sugar with you," she said, indicating the bear trapped in the grip of its owner.

The little girl nodded as she did as she was told. Soon, the family of three was packed and leaving the village just as the sun settled beyond the horizon. Minutes later, the father looked back as the first screams started and the light of the fires lit up the night as though the sun had never disappeared. He turned away from the sight and sped up to catch up with his wife and young daughter. They would go to the one place they could find safety and send help. Suna.

"Daddy, when can we go home?"

Taru looked up from his cup of coffee to look at the inquisitive eyes of his baby girl sitting across from him at the table, kicking her feet back and forth, "I'm sorry Minoko, but we can't go back. This is our home now."

The girl looked down at her lap, "Is it my fault?" she asked quietly, her lower lip starting to quiver.

He rose one eyebrow in surprise, "Why would you think that?"

"Because, we were all happy until I told mommy about my dream bubble. Now we're all sad and can't go home. If I didn't have my dream bubble, then we wouldn't have had to leave."

Taru got up and went to kneel next to his daughter, gently taking both her hands in one of his and tilting her chin up with his other to look in her ruby eyes, "I don't want you to ever think that this is your fault. If you hadn't told us about your dream, we would never be able to be happy again. We would be one of those screaming people you saw. Happiness doesn't come from where we live. You make your mother and me so proud and happy all by yourself," he moved his hand from her chin to wipe her tears that had leaked out, "And we love you very much."

He smiled warmly at her and he received a toothy grin back. Small arms found their way around his neck and he hugged his daughter to him.

"Now," he said, disentangling himself from her tiny arms, "why don't you go explore your new home village? I'm pretty sure I saw a park around the corner from this apartment complex. Maybe you can make some new friends."

Minoko nodded excitedly and hopped off her chair. When she got to the door she turned to wave bye to her dad, then left to explore the aforementioned park.

Taru sighed heavily and sat back at his place at the small table. After arriving in Suna two nights ago, they met with the Kazekage and told him about the raid on their village which was a day's journey from Suna. They excluded the details of how they escaped, not wanting to bring unwanted attention to their young daughter. The Kazekage never questioned them about the details and sent them to a nearby complex that was used to housing travelers at all hours of the night. The following day, some local shinobi had come by with news that the team sent to their village had returned. There was nothing left of their hometown except the skeletons of houses and villagers in the middle of the dessert.

Taru ran a hand through his shaggy black hair when he felt his wife hug him from behind. He looked over his shoulder to see her beautiful burgundy eyes staring back at him.

"It'll be ok," she said, "We're safe now."

He nodded, "And hopefully we will continue to be that way. I'm just worried for Minoko. Danger seems to follow the gifted in our world. And if our assumption is correct, she'll be the one it looks for."

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