In the Stewart residence...

"You wanted to do what?" Miley asked with an expression that combined surprise and disbelief.

"I wanted to become someone else," Lilly said. "You know, like when you're Hannah Montana..."

"But you don't know how to perform on-stage."

"I don't have to. I'll just be on the backstage cheering for you."

"What do you think of this, Dad?" Miley asked her father.

"Well, now that she knows your secret, I don't see why not," Robbie agreed to it.

"Welcome to the club, Lilly," Jackson smiled at the idea. "Welcome to the secret club."

"Secret club? What's that?" Miley asked her brother.

"It's a club consisting of people who knows you're Hannah Montana. It used to be only me and Dad, but now we got a new member here, Lilly," was his reply.

"Thanks..." Lilly said sheepishly. "Now, when can I begin?"

A day later, Miley is dressed as Hannah as she took her best friend to the fabulous closet to begin her initiation. Lilly tried out a bunch of stuff: wigs, clothes, etc. The two girls did a fashion show themselves to see which is the right look for Lilly.

Her first choice of outfit is a light blue long wig, white dress, and black knee-length boots.

"Yeah, can you make it more simpler?" Hannah criticized with dissatisfaction.

Next, Lilly wore a dark blue wild wig, pink shirt, green jeans, and black army boots.

"This is not the army, Lilly," the rock star doesn't like the choice of outfit.

And so her next choice is wearing a black wig, white eye mask, and a white dress with black spots along with white heels.

"This is not the opera," the singer disagreed.

Lilly wore her next outfit consisting of a purple wig, white long-sleeved shirt, black vest, blue jeans, and white wide calf boots.

"Close enough..." Hannah looked like she's almost satisfied with the choice.

Lastly, she wore an outfit consisting of a red short wig, black long-sleeved see-through undershirt with a purple overshirt, and black skirt with black tights and boots. It's as if she's dressed like a goth.

"Wow, this looks good on you," Hannah said with satisfaction on her choice.

"Thanks..." Lilly blushed.

"Now you should think of your new name if you're going to hang out with me dressed like that. For example, I'm Hannah Montana."

"I see what you're getting into. Speaking of that, Miley, how did you get a name like that for your alter ego?"

"Take it from Dad. He chose Hannah because it means 'favor' or 'grace' and Montana because it means 'mountainous' like the country itself. With my fame, I realized why he chose the name for me when I'm performing on-stage."

"Nice. Now let me think of my new name for this other side of me."

Before Lilly could think, Robbie entered the closet.

"Sorry to interrupt you two, but we should get going," he said.

"How about you think of the name of your alter ego while we're there?" Hannah suggested.

"Sounds like a plan," Lilly couldn't agree more.