a/n: Newkirk is called up to join the German army. A minute or so of "Swing Shift" from his point of view. A response to challenge 369 on forum XIIIc

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Panic rises, oaths are stifled;

Must not compromise his act.

Unexpected complication;

Stands stock still,

Does not react.


Senses tension

Close behind him;

Mates are stunned

At boss's speech.

Called to serve

The German army;

Out of luck,

Soon out of reach.


Tries in vain

To block grim thoughts:

Pictures swift exposure:


Heart is beating

Hard and fast;

It's quite a task

To take each breath.


Knows deep down

That every mission

Carries such a risk as this.

Targets hit against all reason,

Does not mean

They'll never miss.


Helpless to undo these orders;

Brief response

As blood runs cold.

One cruel twist

He can't untwist;

No telling what

The next hours hold.


Time runs out,

He has to leave:

A final glance

At stricken friends.

Dares not calculate the odds

That this is how

His story