Chapter 1: Outbreak

This isn't supposed to be taken seriously of course. Nor is this going to be written all that well. I'm writing this because I'm both bored and a bit burned out from another story I'm writing. So I hope you enjoy this! Cause I know I did!

The city of Vale: Three months ago.

At first people assumed it was just a new illness of little concern.

Nobody was sure where it came from, however it was observed to spread rapidly and only affect the female populous, between the ages of 17 to 47, with a zero percent fatality rate. But that was the only good news.

The virus, soon named YandX, affected the production of the hormones Oxytocin and Testosterone in the female body. These hormones, when under the effect of YandX, were produced at a run away pace. Far faster than anything natural. At first, top scientists suspected YandX of being some sort of biological weapon. But no evidence could be found of artificial tampering when YandX was tested on.

Regardless the effects could soon be observed by the general populous. Within hours the afflicted would experience intense feelings of longing for someone who they are either already romantically involved with or wish to be so. It rapidly transforms into an obsession, then with the increase of Testosterone, a violent obsession.

This violence also translated against older women. Those who could not be infected were often victims of murder by the infected. As for those who were too young to be infected the opposite happened. Even the freshly infected 17 year old would develop strong maternal affections for their younger counterparts. Acting like a mother would to their daughter.

The infected would relentlessly chase the object of their obsession. If they tried to resist the infected would go into extreme fits of violence. From breaking limbs, cutting or carving into the victim's body and in rare cases causing paralysis. Secondary symptoms would include an increase of strength. However it was not evident in infection for several days after first contact with the illness.

The disease was able to spread extremely quickly, Aura only slowed infection down by a few hours. As evident by what happened across Remnant.

"This is Lisa Lavender here to report on a new illness that has broken out across our fair city. So far no fatalities however it has been observed to cause aggression in females both Human and Faunus. So ladies it's best to keep indoors for now!"

"This is Rick Redwood filling in for Lisa as she has unfortunately fallen ill with the new YandX virus. As experts continue to try and battle this virus it has spread all over the globe in the three weeks since it was first spotted! But the Vale Counsel has released a press statement assuring the world that it is working to produce a vaccine."

"Hello Vale this is Rick Redwood with some unfortunate news. Efforts for a first attempt at a vaccine for the YandX virus have totally failed. The Vale Counsel has declared martial law, as now over 60% of the female population of Vale has become afflicted.

Already horrific reports have surfaced of violence committed by the infected who were not contained. Most notably against local club owner Junior Xiong, who was found being held captive by his two bouncers, who had cut off his feet and had engaged in a most brutal sexual assault. For all of our sakes everyone stay safe and stay inside."

But eventually it was too late. Roughly three months after the disease was first spotted it had infected around 98% of Vale's female population. With similar numbers in Vacuo, Mistral and Menagerie. The kingdoms rapidly collapsed at this rate and the Grimm briefly had a feeding frenzy. But what came after was the most consequential.

"Helllloooo everyone it's me! Lisa Lavender! Proud to announce that I have returned from forced containment! Now that I'm finally united with my husband I have an announcement to make. Vale, Vacuo, Mistral and Menagerie are completely infected! With Atlas soon to follow I am here to say to any non-infected that this isn't an illness or a curse, it's a liberation! So join us and find your one true love!

With that we must talk about Beacon academy. There are "free" men and women that have barricaded themselves inside. This cannot be allowed to stand! So when the time is right we will storm Beacon and show them what happens when they refuse our advances!"

With that the camera sputtered off. Lisa looked around the damaged studio. When the infected officially rose up some of their lovers tried to hide here. Including hers, oh how foolish they were. While they were all contained the aura users secretly began to unlock the rest's aura as well. Including hers.

She then turned and looked down. Before her sat Rick Redwood, the love of her life. He was currently unconscious, getting your left leg snapped by your co-worker does that to a person. Before she was infected she was unsure as to how and talk about her feelings. But now, he was all HERS!