Chapter 7: The Judgement of Jaune

The sun was peeking through the blinds of the bedroom as Jaune slowly began to stir.

The hunter-in-training quickly bolted awake however, when he saw his three deranged lovers lying on top of him, Pyrrha, Yang and Ruby. Fortunately they were clothed, unfortunately they were awakened by Jaune's sudden movement.

"Mmmm. Good morning Jauney boy," Yang murmured as her golden mane splayed around behind her. "How did you sleep?"

Jaune was a little frightened to say the least, he feared that one wrong move or word would end in a lot of pain for himself. Thankfully before he could say anything, his partner sat up and enveloped her man into a big hug. Yang and Ruby audibly growled at this but they soon joined in much to the irritation of Pyrrha.

"Fun buddy we missed you so much! And as such we came to a conclusion, you obviously didn't go with that jerk Ozpin willingly! So we forgive you for trying to get away, just don't do it again otherwise we'd have to hurt you and nobody would want that!" Ruby cried out as she held her love tightly, Yang and Pyrrha nodded and they continued to embrace Jaune.

Jaune himself was still frightened but this felt nice, in a way. He tentatively reached around to hug the three back. When he did so the girls immediately perked up at this and snuggled into him harder.

"We love you sweetheart, let us show you that love." Pyrrha said as she began to pull off her shirt! Yang began to follow but as Ruby tried her shirt wouldn't budge, she tried and tried but nothing came of it.

"W, why! Won't! This! Come! OFF!?" Ruby screamed as Yang turned to her with a sorrowful and glazed look, the blonde brawler looked to be in a trance as she spoke.

"Oh Rubes, it's because the author doesn't want a 16 year-old having sex with an 18 year-old. They don't want to be accused of pedophilia, especally in this day and age so you're gonna have to sit this one out."

They all looked at Yang with perplexity as Yang seemed to snap out of her trance. She looked at her companions and lover just like they were to her.

"What?" Yang asked before turning back to Jaune, hearts in her eyes. The three decided to not question, whatever that was. However, Ruby still couldn't take off her clothes and gave up. She sulked out of the room but before she left she turned to the others, this time however, she seemed to be in the trance.

"Don't worry readers, the author says I'll return in the next chapter. They also say sorry to all the Lancaster fans,' she said before skipping out of the room.

Now it was Yang's turn to look confused, but unlike the others she quickly shrugged it off before turning to Jaune. Within seconds the champion and dragon had pulled off all their clothing and ripped the knight's right off his body. Yang reached down and began to lick Jaune's faint abs. The months of training with Pyrrha had turned Jaune from a wet noodle into something to be proud of; albeit there was still much room for improvement.

Meanwhile Pyrrha was in a liplock with her partner, she panted and moaned as she ground her crotch into his side. She pulled off her hair tie and allowed her blood red hair to flow out behind her as she continued to kiss her man.

By this point Jaune was already hard, but seeing her hair like this made his seven inch erection grow harder than steel. Yang seemed to pick up that fact quickly considering it was poking her fat tits.

"Jeez Pyr look at it, we're making it purple!" Yang cooed as she slid downwards to wrap her breasts around his penis. She pumped her mammaries up and down, causing the hunter to moan into Pyrrha's lips as she was still kissing him. The redhead finally broke the kiss, her emerald eyes full of desire as she shoved Jaune onto the bed and crawled on top of his face.

Jaune knew what he had to do, so he began to tentatively lick and dig into her pussy. Pyrrha moaned and cooed as Yang continued her titjob. Jaune's lower half began to jitter and Yang knew she was close to claiming her prize. She sped up her movements and within moments Jaune erupted all over her bountiful breasts with her soon to be favorite treat.

As Yang ate up her reward Pyrrha cried out as she too came, flooding Jaune with her juices. Jaune slapped at her thigh, demanded her to get off of him, lest he drown in her juices. Pyrrha slowly moved off of him and sauntered down to Yang, she pushed the brawler aside and began to align her vagina with his slowly hardening dick. Yang grumbled at this but instead moved up to Jaune to kiss him.

Jaune groaned as he wiped off Pyrrha's essence, most of it was already in his mouth and stomach however, so there wasn't much point. He looked up to see that Yang was right on top of him and quickly gave him a slobbery kiss. By this point his member was once again raring to go and Pyrrha decided it was time.

The redhead SLAMMED her hips into Jaune's. She screamed in ecstasy and pain as she did so, blood soon trickled onto the hunter's lap. Pyrrha slowed down just for a moment before her bouncing commenced in full force. Pyrrha continued like this for several minutes, as for Yang she soon found her snatch being licked and nibbled by Jaune when she climbed on top of her lover. A few more minutes and Pyrrha was soon to reach her climax, and she felt that Jaune was too.

"Y, Yang how close are you?!" Pyrrha gasped out as Yang moaned in satisfaction.

"I'm close I'm close!" Yang cried out as she egged Jaune on harder. Within seconds of each other they all came! Yang sprayed her essence all over Jaune as he shot his sperm into Pyrrha's hungry womb! Finally the redhead squeezed and came all over Jaune's cock, immensely satisfied and excited that she finally got what she wanted!

All three were panting and gasping for air, both girls slid out and off of the boy. Yang scooted back to Jaune's crotch and began to play with his cock. However, after two sessions it would be a bit of a challenge to get his member to rise again.

"Come on lil Jauney, I need just one last load from ya," Yang murmured as she continued to attempt to get the boy hard. Meanwhile Pyrrha watched from the sidelines and resolved to help her friend. She moved up to Jaune again but this time she had him sit up. When he did so she grabbed his head and shoved him between her glorious tits!

That set him off! Within seconds he was raring to go once more much to Yang's delight! She quickly jumped onto his crotch and took the plunge. Like Pyrrha she experienced brief but powerful pain before it turned into pleasure! She continued to bounce on Jaune cowgirl style as he groaned in pain. After three times he was more than a little sensitive.

But all of this would come to ahead as Yang was about to cum! She looked down upon her love and smiled before groaning out in ecstasy! Jaune was about to as well but before they could finish…

"Hello my love, sluts. Now why have you begun without me?"

The two pairs of eyes belonging to Yang and Pyrrha widened considerably before turning to Cinder. The raven-haired seductress had returned from some "business" she needed to conduct, only to peer in on the three. However, Yang and Jaune were already over the edge. Both came suddenly as Cinder scowled and marched over to the two and placed her hand on Yang's back. She activated the now whole of the Fall Maiden power, causing the blonde to screech in agony and jump right off Jaune's exhausted dick.

"Cinder what the fuck!" Yang cried out. Thankfully Cinder's powers didn't go through Yang's aura, but it sure did hurt.

"That was for starting without me," the pyromaniac said as she pulled off her form fitting dress, exposing her bountiful breasts to everyone. But even this didn't cause Jaune to grow erect once more.

"You bitches! You drained him dry!" Cinder berated as she looked down upon Jaune, salivating as she did so. Meanwhile Yang and Pyrrha were gazing upon Cinder with undiscussed hatred.

"No matter," the ravenette shook her head as she walked to one of the corners of the room, where her bag was. She reached in and pulled out something quite shocking and disgusting.

Contained within was some kind of grimm, about the size of a bowling ball. Small tentacles reached further down the creature. Cinder murmured something to it before it started to float! Yang and Pyrrha got into fighting stances, being sure to protect Jaune. The grimm gently floated a few feet upward before revealing quite the provocative sight!

An image of the grimm queen herself, Salem, appeared. Showing the crimson eyed beauty performing extremely rough sex with a man underneath her! The man they quickly deduced to be Ozpin, however he looked nothing like he did before. His gray hair was replaced with pitch white, his skin and eyes shared the same appearance as his lover. Screams of pain and pleasure resonated throughout the room, coming from the grimm. Pleasure mostly from Salem and pain mostly from Ozpin.

"Mistress," Cinder spoke to the grimm. However, the grimm queen didn't seem to hear her so she tried again, this time louder. Once again this didn nothing in getting Salem's attention.

"MISTRESS!" Cinder yelled, trying to get her attention. Thit time she did, however, all this did was get Salem angry. Salem's head snapped to the side to look upon Cinder, blinding fury in her eyes. Cinder jumped back in fright and tried to back up but the grimm queen had other ideas. Within moments the tentacles of the grimm snapped and wrapped tightly around Cinder's throat.

"You dare, YOU DARE TO INTERRUPT ME!" Salem screamed as she continued to grind Ozpin's pelvis into dust!

"P, please mistress I mean no disrespect! W, we just need your assistance on something!" Cinder choked out, trying her best to pull off the grimm tentacles, even burning them. However, it was seemingly no use. As for the others they watched on in fear, seemingly frozen.

"Oh? And what might that just be?" Salem asked hauntingly as the sound of a SNAP came from the grimm. Ozpin screamed out in pain as Salem slowed down and looked worryingly down upon her eternal mate.

"Oh sweetie, did I break your pelvis again? I'm so sorry! Do you need a break?"

Ozpin nodded so Salem slid up and off of him, her hand quickly reaching down to ensure her husband's essence didn't leak from her womb.

"W, we need your help with rejuvenating our husband. S, some of us were too greedy!" Cinder squeaked out, looking to Yang and Pyrrha.

"Oh, then why didn't you just say so," Salem said as the grimm immediately released Cinder. She fell to the ground, coughing, trying to catch her breath as the grimm floated over to Jaune.

"It's unfortunate that you don't have much magic between yourselves, but I suppose that can't be helped," Salem muttered as she waved her hand, causing Yang and Pyrrha to be pushed out of the way. By then Jaune had gathered enough strength to stand up however, he was still too weak to try and force the grimm away. Yang and Pyrrha tried to see what was happening, but some unseen force prevented them from getting up.

Salem waved her hand once more, causing a pink glow to surround the blonde hunter. He felt more awake, less tired and hornier than ever before! Salem smiled menacingly before allowing Pyrrha and Yang to stand once more. The grimm turned towards Cinder's bag and floated over to it, it then began to sink into the bag.

"Oop, it seems dear Ozma is done healing. You all have a good time and contact me when you're all pregnant, actually, I'll contact you. We can then discuss baby names and such," with that the grimm fell into the bag and went silent.

Cinder immediately pounced on Jaune, determined to flood her womb with his seed. Unlike with Pyrrha and Yang, Cinder opted for the amazon press instead, burying Jaune's face into her tits as she broke her hymen over his cock. Cinder screamed but she rapidly recovered and continued her mission to become pregnant. As for the others they watched on in interest as Cinder brutally fucked him.

Despite being refreshed by Salem Jaune was just no match for the sheer brutality of Cinder. She scratched, burned and bit at him as she continued to pound him into oblivion. But after 15 minutes of this he was ready to pop, and hopefully Cinder was as well. It seemed to be so as Cinder screamed and began to shudder, her pussy gripping his cock like a vice as she came all over it.

That finally set him off as Jaune released copious amounts of sperm into her. Cinder moaned in satisfaction as she laid upon her man, her wish had finally come true. As for Yang and Pyrrha when they realized that Cinder wasn't going to get off the got onto the bed and laid side by side with Jaune. As for the man himself well he finally realized that he needn't run anymore. He was happy, so to say, and it seemed he was now in this for the long haul.

A few hours later Ruby returned. She wasn't too happy that she wasn't allowed to participate but when she entered the room and saw them all, she smiled. She knew her time would come soon enough.