Strike 1: An Introduction. (Updated)

(A/N: Edit: Names has been changed)

It all started on an afternoon-night, atop a high balcony in the grand place of Beacon Academy, there was a boy named Jaune who told his secret to his partner, Pyrrha Nikos.

At first he thought he could trust her, and in the end, he never knew how wrong he was until she looked at Jaune with disbelief and distrust.

When Pyrrha left in a rush, one person overheard the conversation the two had, and this boy was named Cardin Winchester.

Cardin Winchester is the Team Leader of the Beacon Academy Team CRDL (Cardinal), as far as Jaune knew he really didn't like the Faunus race, and he was an all-around school bully.

From when Jaune was caught, with the memo being that Jaune basically cheated his way into the great and prestigious School known as Beacon Academy.

Cardin thought he could blackmail Jaune, he thought he could control him, he had a feeling that Jaune would do his bidding.

In Jaune's words, he was right. With Pyrrha gone, seeing her face, it's obvious that she would tell the rest of their team...or his past team now.

Nora's and Ren's past would come up, Team RWBY (Ruby) would be informed, and it's obvious he would be alone...again. Cardin did, in fact, made Jaune do what he wanted, if it was his homework it would be done, if he needed supplies, they would be grabbed. Jaune was blackmailed, there was really nothing to it. At least with Cardin, he would feel belonged, even if it was fake.

Later on, Jaune was able to get out of the blackmail by standing up to Cardin, during the field trip to the Forever Fall Forest, Cardin wanted to get back at the Unstoppable Girl herself, Pyrrha Nikos.

Jaune may not have been accepted by Pyrrha, and her unofficial team, but he didn't want her to get hurt. So Jaune Arc, the (supposed) future heir to the Arc legacy decided to stand up for himself, and it would be his downfall.

When Jaune threw Forever Fall tree sap (meant for Pyrrha) at Cardin's chest plate, it would soon attract a Bear Grimm, an Ursa Major to be precise. Where Jaune bravely stood up to the beast, protecting Cardin from it.

Jaune would kill the Ursa, but with a gravely dangerous wound inflicted upon him, the first strike from the Bear cut threw Jaune's defenses and in the time, Jaune's semblance was awakened.

Jaune's Aura went into overdrive, and with that power up he bisected the Grimm with ease, as a result of using up all of his Aura, Jaune collapsed.

With Cardin saved from the Bear Grimm that could've killed both of them at the Forever Fall Forest, Jaune thought that he had proved himself, he thought that killing an Ursa was a good enough feat that was worthy enough to belong at Beacon Academy, he thought that he was worthy to be one of them.

But it was already too late.

A student overheard Cardin's own teammates talk about Jaune, they overheard the secret and decided to act out upon themselves and take matters into their own hands, such as any ordinary gossip has.

When Jaune awoken from his temporary coma, he was no longer in a Beacon Academy medical room, but a normal hospital room in Vale.

When the VNN (Vale News Network) was playing on the television, it was found that he, Jaune Arc, was exposed.

Jaune's lies were laid bare and the full truth came out, with some hint of a lie unexplained here and there.

As soon as Jaune recovered he was soon visited by his own Parents with their own version of the story, twisted and corrupted. What they heard was that Cardin was the one who saved Jaune, it was said that Jaune Arc was the one that needed to be save, that Cardin Winchester, a Hero was the one to kill the Ursa, as Jaune could only hurt himself and get in the way in the end.

Jaune knew it was a lie but what could he do? As a child, Jaune was always refused the life of a Hunter, his own Parents and Sisters would not allow him to.

Jaune was sheltered as a boy, home schooled and alone, with only his Grandfather to keep him company in the Arc Mansion.

Unlike the rest of his family, Jaune's Grandfather believed he could become a Huntsman if he really tried. He was inspired by the stories of past Arc's and their own achievements and heroic acts.

Jaune foolishly left the Arc Mansion and was able to find some Beacon transcripts. From then on, it all lead him to his current situation in the hospital.

As a punishment from his Parents, Jaune would no longer be an Arc until he got his act together, and gone back home. The Sword and Shield that Jaune used, Crocea Mors, was taken away along with his last name, not only that but Jaune would receive no help from his family, not even his Grandfather, the old one Jaune cherished so for in his Grandchild's absence, he had passed.

It was devastating for the boy to hear such a thing, to be disowned as such, to receive no help just like they had done all those years ago, it was too much.

As Jaune approached Beacon Academy, Jaune thought of the team he led, JNPR (Juniper) which consisted of him, Jaune (Arc) as the J, Nora Valkyrie as the N, Pyrrha Nikos as the P, and Lie Ren as the R.

This team that Jaune thought he could trust wouldn't acknowledge the boy, not even the sister team Team RWBY (Ruby) would bother.

"Well, not all of RWBY, " thinks Jaune, remembering his friend.

In the end, he really had nothing left at Beacon, no one to miss, and no one to hear the true story. Especially since Cardin kept quiet throughout the ordeal.

With unseen tears Jaune would like to believe there was someone out there that could help him...and there was, where there was no one else, his soon to be true friend Ruby Rose was there.

Without her, he truly would've been alone. Even if she could only do so much.

Meanwhile in Beacon Academy, when Jaune tried to live the way he knows how, he would be ridiculed, beaten, and hated.

Not even Headmaster Ozpin could help his situation, especially since he told the world that he knew about the "cheaters" transcripts.

In fact, it made the problem worse, people did not stop their taunting or their harassment, because everyone wanted a piece of Jaune, and when it became too much, he decided that enough...was enough.

In one of the tall towers around Beacon Academy, at the top of it was Ozpin's Office.

"Headmaster Ozpin, it's a pleasure to see you." Jaune had said slouching and obviously tired.

"Mr. Ar...I mean Jaune. What brings you to my office this late at night. I don't remember making an appointment for you did I? I know you've had a long day but wouldn't you rather rest for tomorrow?" Ozpin said gesturing to the seat in front of him. "Come, sit down and tell me what's on your mind."

"Yeah, I guess I did have a tough day, well...more like a tough week, maybe a tough month?" Jaune replied, not moving a muscle. "And I don't I'll need to sit down, this won't take long."

"I see...If you say so, now please...what seems to be the problem?" Ozpin questions, seeing Jaune hold his left arm protectively.

"Well, I have been thinking, and thinking some more and well, I sorta, Kinda~...want to drop out..." Jaune had said, almost whispering but it was loud enough for Ozpin to hear.

Ozpin could only sigh "Jaune, you don't need to be worried about such a thing. I know exactly where you're coming from and why. Although it saddens me that you are leaving, I completely understand."

"Wow, t-thank you Headmaster, I really appreciate it."

"Now now, you do not need to be so formal anymore, Ozpin is just fine. Now let me get those papers." Ozpin grabs a stack of papers from his desk and neatly organizes them.

"Umm...Headma-er, Ozpin, I have a question." Jaune said a little closer to Ozpin's desk.

"Oh? And what would this question be?"

Ozpin says, placing the stack of papers down with Jaune Arc's own file on top.

"Well, I've been wondering, you said you knew all along of my transcripts yet you didn't kick me out. Why didn't you?"

Ozpin could only look sad and sigh once more, taking off his glasses and placing on his desk he have his own replies. "Jaune...let me answer your question with another one, so can I tell you something?

"Well of course." "A Huntsman is a job right?" The Headmaster said. "Well of course it is...why ask that?"

" many Huntsman do you think are out there that fight for the money, the glory, the fame?" Ozpin stood from his seat and looked out the window behind him.

Jaune was more then a little confused, "Why would that matter?" Thinks Jaune.

"Well, uhh...I would hopefully assume a lot less then you think."

"I'm afraid to say that, you are wrong in assuming such a thing." "Wha..?"

"From what I noticed, and from what I was able to gather from the other Huntsman Academies and as well as from Veteran Huntsman or Huntresses, is that Money is the main motivator for Huntsman to do their job. With some even accepting bribes and favors. It''s ridiculous even."

"What? But that's crazy! What about the people? The Grimm?"

"The stats do not lie Mr. Jaune, but I've digressed from your question. Let's get back on topic, the reason why I kept you at my school, is because I saw something in you." Ozpin replied now looking towards the soon to be citizen.

"I saw a man, willing to fight for peace, willing to fight for the people. I saw a future huntsman that would become a great leader, and show that money isn't everything. I saw and heard so many great things from you Jaune, from before and after you came to this school."

"Wait, how were you able to know what I could do before Beacon? I don't think I've told you anything." Jaune said confounded.

Ozpin chuckled. "Let's just say an old Arc gave me his word, In any other case, I saw a great "to be Huntsman." So it hurts me to see what you've been through and leave, with me being able to do nothing."

"Oh...Well thats ok Ozpin, sometimes things happen that is too out of our control. You shouldn't blame yourself."

"Jaune, I have made more mistakes than any man, women or child on this planet. So it's quite alright if this situation your in is my fault."

"A-alright then. I guess...So how is that paper coming?"

Ozpin grabs Jaune's File from the top, and hands over a document that was in it. "It's as if he was expecting this" thinks Jaune.

"It's all right here. All you need to do is sign and you will no longer be a student at Beacon Academy." Ozpin was handing the document to Jaune, but as the boy grabbed it, Ozpin didn't let go of it.

"But as your Headmaster, I have to make sure, is this what you really want?" Ozpin asked mournfully.

Jaune gave his response. "Honestly, no. But I can't carry on my- well, The Arcs legacy anymore, I don't have a weapon to my name, and nobody would help me. I'm afraid I can't stay. Who knows, I might accidentally tarnish more of Beacon's reputation with just me being here. You know?"

With a frown Ozpin let's go of the document and gives Jaune a pen. The paper is signed without a second thought and when handing it back, Ozpin holds a red stamp over the document, with a press the picture that held Jaune's picture had big red words over it labeled as "DROP OUT".

"Now that's it's all taken care of, professionally let me be the first to say that you are now no longer a student at Beacon Academy. Unprofessionally, I hope for a greater future to shine upon you. I'm sorry.

Jaune gave Ozpin and smile and was walking away. "Yeah, and to you as well".

Before the boy could enter the open elevator Ozpin asked Jaune one more question.

"So where will you go now?"

Jaune stopped and thought about it, where did he want to go. The Arc mansion is an option that he just wouldn't take. He couldn't go to any Huntsman academies, he also couldn't take a job in Vale either with his name out there.

"...I don't know, I need to get outta Vale though, I can't think with...With everything here. So for when I do leave, I'll just go from there. Oh! And Ozpin, thank you for caring when others wouldn't"

"If I could, I would do it all over again. It was a pleasure."

With a bright and quick smile Jaune (Arc) entered the elevator and left Ozpin's office no longer a student at the "Prestigious Academy" and at the moment, he was simply a nobody.

"...Where did it all go wrong?" Thinks Ozpin, now looking to the night sky with its broken moon. "if only...if only..."

Seeing no other option, Ozpin goes to his desk and looks to his computer and thinks to one other that could help Jaune, one that could help the disowned Arc. A certain Red Hooded Girl came to mind and he notified her.

At the Beacon Air Docks Jaune was entering an Airship that was to take him away to the city of Vale, his name was suddenly called, causing him to stop.

"Jaune! It-it can't be true, can it?! Are you really leaving?" Yells a Red hooded Girl, this was Ruby Rose, the leader to her team called RWBY(Ruby).

"Hey Ruby...I am...what are you doing here?" Jaune asked. " don't have to do this, please...we can work things out. We can change them, we can help! We can-"

"Ruby! Please...Don't, this hurts me more then it does you...I don't want to leave...but I have too. For my own safety, and for my chance to finally prove myself, so please...can't you accept that?"

"What is Jaune thinking?" Thinks Ruby, of course she couldn't accept this, her first friend at Beacon was leaving. Her best friend in fact, all for a stupid reason her friends just didn't understand!

"Ruby?" "No! I can't! We're friends Jaune! You're my friend, I can't just leave you like this! Friends stick together through thick and thin. We can work things out! We have to!"

Jaune walked to the Bullhead getting ready to take off and said his final goodbyes. "Sorry, Ruby. I know you can, I believe you can help me work things out, I can trust you to make things right."

"Then please, come back to us Jaune, to your teammates, your friends...come back to me at least."

Though they were both a few meters away, when Ruby held out her hand to Jaune. The Lone Knight could only turn away with a sad smile.

"I appreciate it Rubes, but I still have to prove something of mine, it's out there you know, and I'm going to find it."

Ruby retracted her arm slowly and yelled out to Jaune as he was closing the Bullhead doors.

"Promise me then! Promise me you'll keep in touch at least! Pinky Promise!...Please?"

Ruby said disgruntled, as well as sad when finishing the promise as Jaune's Airship left port.

Jaune gave her friend a small smile and a thumbs up, although couldn't hear him she knew what he said. "I promise." As the Bullhead flew off the two would never meet, for a very long time.

"Now what?" Thinks the Ex-Beacon Student. As Jaune travels in the town of Vale, in the dead of night, Jaune stumbles upon an interesting building. With a colorful sign that gained his attention, with the words "Local Seer" inside a crystal ball.

""Local Seer"? Huh? Maybe they can tell me what I'm looking for." Seeing no other option, Jaune enters the building. It was incredibly smaller than he originally thought it would be when entering. Inside was a dimly lit room with two cushioned seats, and in between was a small table that held a crystal ball. On the table was a note that said: "Take a seat and I'll be there with you shortly."

As Jaune sat in the left cushioned seat, he took a look around and couldn't see much of the room, except for the glowing orb.

"You're here for your fortune...yes?"

Startled by the new voice, Jaune looked and saw a person in front of him, the character in question looked to be a female but he could not see her face, due to the see-through mask and the lighting of the room.

"H-how'd you guess? Jaune replied frightened.

"Many of my guesses are proven fact as you know." The Seer replies, lifting her robed hands over the Crystal Ball.

"R-right." Was something the boy could only reply, not knowing what needed to be said.

"Let us get started then...tell me your name." "M-my name? ...its Jaune." "No last name?"

Jaune shakes his head side to side. Confirming he didn't have one anymore.

"A pity it is, but you'll get used to it, that's for sure." The Seer mysteriously states. "W-what?"

The Seer places her hands on the orb and it starts to glow a light purple, dismissing Jaune's face as if asking many questions and getting no answer.

"Let's see here...I see a boy, a boy lost and alone, but not entirely. I see him walking and sad. The more the boy walks, the more he grows. Now, I see a man, a man who returned home, greater then he was before, and as if no time had changed, his home was but the same. Even if it wasn't his own anymore." The Seer said, telling Jaune his fortune.

"W-what does that mean?" The Seer looked to the boy...and decided what to say. "What this that you are unsure of your own future. You know not what you must do. Am I correct?"

Jaune could only smile sadly at the statement. "Well...I guess, yeah I am lost" Jaune admits.

"Then I know what must be done, as will you, in time." From under the table, the Seer handed Jaune two old pieces of paper, when unfolded, the first piece of paper unraveled was a map of Remnant which had a red line, going from Vacuo to Vale, to Anima, and beyond Mistral. While the second was a map that had three countries on it, each holding a third of the country, with a line ending in a country called Ashfeld.

"Wha-what is this?" Jaune said, staring at the second map he never saw before.

"That is your goal, you came seeking a path you are unsure to take, I am merely letting you see a piece of what you could do. You have two paths here, you can discard these maps and pretend that this conversation never happened, and you can live your life, going back to your home as a forsaken Knight trapped in a tower."

That was a statement that even Jaune could understand, the Arc Mansion, and his room near the top with little to do. "And the second option?"

"You help these people of Ashfeld...from there your journey shall start, and that is where you will grow, both as a warrior, and a leader."

"...Are you certain? You're... you're not kidding me, right?" Jaune asked, for it sounded too good to be true thinks the boy.

"This is merely another guess, one of my own guesses in fact, but the real question we have here is, are you ready to start again?"

Jaune thought on the Seer's words and with a newly determined resolve, Jaune stood from his seat, grabbed the two maps, and ventured out into Vale. Jaune would follow the line to this so-called place of Ashfeld. Even if it lead him to nothing, he might as well try.

Jaune, as tricky as he could be boarded a Bullhead heading to Anima in hopes of reaching Mistral. "Daylight came about an hour ago, here I am, on an airship towards Mistral. Hoping to catch (steal) a boat and head into a land, that supposedly has the path I need to take. Maybe I can find a purpose over there if it exists at all. Maybe I can even get stronger, Maybe. Just Maybe. If I do, I should pay Remnant a visit again. Drop by and say "Hi" to Ozpin. Who knows. But what I do know, is I will return, that's a promise. A Jaune filled promise." Thinks the Future Knight, for he did in fact reach Mistral.

He was able to steal a boat, and as he crossed the waters the intense storm that suddenly appeared may have taken his ship, but it wouldn't take Jaune, and just like that Jaune awoke in the country of Ashfeld, where his Journey would begin anew.

/ Many years had pass since Jaune awoke on the beach of Ashfeld, And now around the land of Mt. Ignis during the Night in the country of Ashfeld, in the distance, A Grand Castle stands tall, just as it had before, except for the time being it gave no illumination making it look like the castle was quiet.

In any other case it would be consider abnormal for it had only been quiet on the rarest of occasion, such as the lord of the castle being appointed, looted, or to soon be in use. At the moment it would be all three of these occasions, especially since the infamous Blackstone Warriors were killed or drove out by the Three Faction Armies during what would be forever know as "The Siege of Apollyon" where the Warlord herself made one final stand, and lost.

This Castle could be seen from a campsite that consisted of three Warriors of old, these men would be The dreaded Warborn Raider, the soon to be Viking Faction Leader. The strong willed Kensei, an apprentice now master, for he is to be the Samurai Faction Leader. While the most important of the group was a Warden that went through many battles and survived, he was the Knight Faction Leader, and he intended to make peace, or die trying.

"Well, my past starts with me being in the Knights territory. Some lower class Knights saw me as a "weak wannabe warrior", for I had not much armor on me. I grew tired of the names and punched both of them with nothing but my fists." The Warden says, speaking to his comrades around the campfire.

"Although I didn't win, a Warden was sent to handle me, when he saw what I could do, that very same Warden decided to train me. From there on I grew as a warrior and I ended up becoming just like him. Three years would pass and I left for my own journey, and from then on I searched for a purpose."

"I joined many causes, fighting for their beliefs, hoping to find one myself. In the end, I never did, I soon found myself joining Apollyon, and seeing her true motives years later I left. I founded the newly made Iron Legion and decided to fight the Blackstone's as a whole. From there I found you two and your armies, and the rest is history."

"I was able to help bring peace into our new land called Harmony with the help of both of you, that is my story, and that's all I can tell you." The Warden says, finishing his tale.

"Amazing, when you were seen as nothing you took it and grew, not only in age but skill as well. After all, your skill allowed you to be the Iron Legion Leader." The Kensei The newly appointed Emperor of the Dawn Empire mentioned, trying and practicing his English, taught to him by Jaune.

"Yeah you can say that again Samurai, We won and defeated Apollyon. This deserves some celebration, no?" The Raider, the Warborn Clan Head says.

By the Vikings statement, the samurai made his thoughts clear. "it's Kensei, Viking, and though we had our differences, that, is something we can agree on."

"Hehe, correct, now come! This is a night of Celebration! Us three and our own armies, banded together! The first in over hundreds of years, just to defeat a common enemy? Ha! And Apollyon at that, its a feat not so easily accomplished." The Raider proudly says standing with his weapon in hand.

"Hmph, I guess so. Though I'd rather celebrate with the drinks of my homeland, thank you very much." "Tsk! Your loss." Says the Viking now sitting.

The Warborn Leader takes a drink of his wooden cup that was sitting next to him, and chugs a liquid only know as Rum.

"You know, when I first started out I never thought I would make it this far, especially from where I first came from."

"When one has been at the bottom, they often do what they must to succeed." The Kensei says wisely. "Isn't that right?" The Warden replies looking at the star filled sky.

The Warden then stands from his position and looks towards the moon. "A beautiful night, Isn't it?"

"I would assume so, why's that...?" The Raider asks. "A full moon, it always amazes me on how it looks. I could never truly understand what it is, but it's beautiful."

"It is, isn't it." The Kensei says, now looking at the night sky as well. Still sitting, the samurai admires the round object in the sky. "...You can say that again." The Raider says.

Time had indeed passed as all Three Leaders looked to the moon for quite a bit, which got the Warden to think.

"You know, it was a major surprise that I was able to unite us. Our...Factions who fought each other for over millennia.

That's what it's been like here in this world, War. I fought for many, hoping to find a purpose in life, and It started with joining a merciless and bloodthirsty warlord named Apollyon."

"Apollyon's foolish dream, it was to continue our war just as it's been since the start of the first War. After I found out her real reason when going to War. I had to stop her. And with the Raider and Kensei's help. They became my partners. And we were able to overthrow Apollyon and bring back a fantasy into reality known as peace. May our Peace Last through the decades in our joined world know as. Harmony." The Warden smiles with closed eyes under his helmet, now hopeful for the future.

Peace was never truly an option when it came to Harmony, especially so when a devastating earthquake shook the land, chaos followed soon after.

"W-what the?!" The ground continued its constant shaking, knocking down the three leaders to the ground.

The ground suddenly stopped and a loud "Boom!" was heard throughout the land.

"An Earthquake?! This far from the Myre?!" The Kensei yelled. Then a mighty wind came across the land, pushing the three down to the ground again.

"By Odin's will that is going on?!" Then as the wind died down, the Warden's eye caught a glimpse of the sky...and it shimmered. "...What the?"

"The Moon!" The Kensei yelled, pointing to the sky itself, and nothing would top the absurdity each were seeing.

As the Warden and the Raider looked into the sky, they saw the full moon slowly shift and shape into a new object, one thought forgotten and replaced.

As if it was all an illusion, it finally gave out, and with it came a very different and terrible Moon.

To the Warden it was a moon thought lost many years ago, with its main appearance being shattered into pieces. A sight that frightened all of Harmony who could see it.

"The moon of shouldn't be here! How?!" Was all the Warden could think to say.