Chapter 4

A Shift

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I woke up with my face pressed to the uneven wooden surface of the bar counter. It was great to wake up finally not inside of a cage to the same tortured and torturous faces, but instead to the delightfully vaguely familiar and imposing figure of Delphine. I rubbed my sleep indented cheeks and rolled my throbbing shoulder blades while looking around. My saviour and I had gone straight to the inn once arriving in Riverwood, and I had fallen asleep on this stool without word as Resan told Delphine and Faendal of his encounter with the dragon, and how we escaped together. Conveniently leaving out the fact that either of us were prisoners.

I looked back at the three of them, adamantly discussing the how's and why's of a dragon. "We need to get to Whiterun to tell them about the dragon. Riverwood is tiny and doesn't have any walls, surrounded by woods. If a dragon decided to attack... the town would be destroyed."

"Tell the Jarl and he will send us men to help defend. He is a just man." Delphine said looking back at Resan as she did. "Let me gather some supplies for the two of you so you can get going as soon as the day breaks, and you may sleep here till the morning." She quickly strode off, and my eyes attached onto Faendal. Those pointy ears are probably the least remarkable part about him.

His eyes were large and black, his skin a slightly olive colored grey, and his face was very unnaturally angular. The effect made him look more alien to me than like an elf, despite having seen them in the video games plenty. It's just not the same. It makes you have that feeling of uncanny valley, one I don't think I'll be able to shake off for awhile. "I don't think I've introduced myself, Faendal." words came out of his bowed lips, and I realized his head was looking towards me. I squirmed under his glossy black gaze, and self consciously rubbed the back of my head and slightly grown in hair.

"My name is Lilly." I murmured, trying to look him in the eyes. It was an effort.

Resan gave his name and his arm to Faendal, clasping forearms rather than shaking hands as I turned away from their continued conversation. I wonder if the rest of their body looks as unnatural as their face. Jesus Christ I don't think I could deal with that. I shivered at my unwanted image of an overly angular member.

"Hey kid, are you doing alright?" I glanced over my shoulder from where Resan looked at me.

I blinked unimpressed at his mild concern, and him referring to me as a kid. I'm really not that short, and though my assets aren't large they certainly aren't lacking enough to mistake me for a fucking child. "I'm not a kid, I'm a grown ass adult."

Faendal looked confused at my wording and Resan smiled amusedly. "You certainly talk more like a Nord than a Breton."

"Well I did say I'm from Helgen." I reminded him lightly.

"So you did."

Delphine interrupted us with two packs of provisions and minor camping items, after which Resan and Faendal retreated to a corner to continue talking about what Faendal was calling an 'utter outrage'. Likely Camilla. With that thought in mind, I lightly hopped off of the stool and with a wave to the corner stepped outside of the inn.

The flora was incredibly beautiful here, and the smell and sound of the river brought back pleasant childhood memories of laying in bed after a long day of swimming, and feeling that rocking sensation in your body as you fall asleep, which also made me think of theme parks which caused that same feeling after a long day of rides.

The barking of a dog scared me out of my thoughts, and I shook my head and walked through town to the Riverwood trader. As I walked I got lost in my thoughts and memories again, as I got knocked into rather harshly and landed on my ass.

"Watch where you fucking go you piece of shit." I said before my head could catch up with my words, and I quickly looked up at my assaultant afraid. He looked nervous rather than irate, surprisingly, and after eyeing me up for a second simply left. I grumbled to myself about rude people, and rubbed my ass which was almost as sore as my upper back by now.

The Riverwood Trader was not only a mess, but Camilla and her brother god what was his name? looked to be in a complete mess. They looked up at me, from the floor dazed, as I entered and dead stopped in the doorway.

"We were robbed!"

I groaned.


"He can't get away with this!"

"He won't."

Faendal looked surprised at Resan, but then quickly nodded. "Sven thinks he can do whatever he wants, accuse me of being a Thalmor agent, and Camilla and the rest of Riverwood will fall at his feet. But I know the real Sven" Faendal hissed. He fumbled out a crumpled letter from his pocket he had clearly been carrying for some time, and presented it to Resan. "Give this letter to Camilla and she will know his true feelings and allegiance."

Resan carefully took the letter from Faendals fumblings hands, before opening it and examining it. He shook his head at Faendal, but started talking before Faendal could start to argue. "This isn't enough, you know it isn't. Ruining his relationship with Camilla won't stop him from accusing you of being Thalmor, in fact this is just going to push him over the edge from what you've told me of him. He holds no love for his mother, and his only love for Camilla will be crushed? No, you would only ruin your own life."

The wood elf deflated. "But what can I do? Sven will make some move soon, and Camilla doesn't know what I know."

"The real question is.. How far, dear brother, are you willing to go?"


I watched from the corner of the shop as Camilla and her brother talked to the guards about the robbery, the robbery of the only truly valuable item in the shop. Camilla had her hair frazzled and falling out of its tie, yet somehow looking sort of sexy. No wonder the men here go crazy over her, I can't tell if I want to fuck her or be her. If I had a dick… My mind wandered as the guard finally left, and Camilla approached me with a soft smile. "Thank you for telling them about the bandit you ran into, I don't think they would have believed us about the robbery at all if you hadn't been here."

I placed my hand on hers. "It's okay, you are so sweet I don't know how I couldn't help you!" The door softly closed as her brother left the shop.

She smiled playfully and grasped my hand with the one under mine, and gently land her other hand on my forearm. "It's been way too hard here with just my brother, I don't feel close to most people here."

"Really? It seems like you have at least a couple friends here, like that elf man." I blinked up at her, and she blinked at me. I flushed "Um not that I've been watching you or that I've been around long enough to watch you, it's just that I heard him talking about you at the inn." A moment later "But not saying anything inappropriate it was just a general talk and he said something about a Camilla and…" I trailed off, looking to the side and not bringing my eyes up until she softly touched my cheek, and she smiled oh so sweetly at me. I started burning at this point.

"I know what the men here think of me, but I'm not exactly the type of woman to think of them.." She stared searchingly at me, biting her lip. My heart went erratic and my lips parted at the look. Camilla is into.. Ladies?

And.. She is looking at me that way. I wetted my lips as I looked for something to say, to respond, to make some kind of noise. I looked more closely over what I could see of her body, from her noble-like face to her ample bosom and small waist. I quickly looked back at her eyes as I realized I was checking her out and she smiled shyly at me. I felt a very different tingling sensation. I've never even liked women before?! But honestly… why would I turn down anything like this?

"I think.."

The door opened loudly and the both of us jumped like children caught with our hands in the cookie jar, and looked almost guiltily at the intruder.

"..have everything you could need. Don't mind the mess." The brother and shop owner said as he stepped over some knocked over merchandise, and Resan eyed the items lying around as he naturally stepped around them. His eyes roamed the room and landed on me, and Camilla who now sat casually in a chair next to mine as she began to polish some shoes.

I smiled weakly and joined him as he bartered for some items in the shop, while also asking me questions about my magical abilities. I admitted that I had yet to actually study any spells, and he rolled his eyes at me as he bought me a beginner level spell book. I tried not to look too meek.

"You're Camilla, right? I have this letter from Sven, he said it was important it get to you." I tried not to look too hard at Camilla while Resan said this, and she looked slightly flushed. She opened the letter and began to read it. "O-oh, alright. Thank you.." She was barely able to get, before Resan nodded shortly and turned to leave. I almost stayed behind to talk to Camilla, but the look on her face made me question the idea. Before I could change my mind, I followed Resan back to the inn, leaving a confused Camilla.


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