So quick little note here. This is my first story, t is inspired by Anime War, which was created by Mastar Media, go check there channel out. So, it will basically be all the events of Anime War without Saitama, as I am going to use him, and Tatsumaki for something else. Also, Tatsumaki has broken her limiter on ESP, but still has hair. Enjoy!

The battered bodies of the hands of god landed by Zeno's feet, almost beyond recognition.

"What will you do now Zeno! Your bodyguards are gone, and if even the most skilled warriors in the universe couldn't beat me, then how could you!" the evil omni king guffawed, unaware of what was about to happen.

"I am aware, but I still have one last trick up my sleeve, beings that rival me in power." Zeno stated, with his ever-calm face, as he waved his arm behind him, opening a portal of some kind.

"Are you kidding me! He's summoning those two to fight!" Beerus shouted, seemingly in annoyance and relief, much to the shock of the mortals.

"Umm, who could Beerus be talking about Vegeta?" Goku asked, tilting his head to the side. "I didn't think there was anyone strong left to fight, let alone warriors that could compare to the hands of god?"

"I've no idea Kakarot, but they may be our last hope" Vegeta grunted, turning to see two shapes walking out of the portal.

One of them was a woman with vivid green hair and eyes and seemed to be surrounded by a menacing green aura, destroying everything around her, except for her companion. Her companion was a man with spiky black hair, average build and height, and seemed to have a look of boredom on his face. As soon as they walked out, time seemed to slow down around them, as Zeno walked up to them.

"Yo, Zeno! What did you need man? Tats and I were sparring!" the man yelled out, while the aforementioned "Tats'' nodded beside him.

"You know that me and Baldy don't like it when we're interrupted!" the woman yelled, her aura lashing out as a petulant look crossed her face.

"Forgive me, Saitama and Tatsumaki, but I needed some help. We have a huge threat to the multiverse, and without assuming my true form, you guys might be the only ones who can defeat him" Zeno said, pointing towards the hulking black figure slowly turning towards them. "I'll speed time back up the moment you're ready."

"Bah, it's alright man," Saitama said, walking towards the evil omni king and patting Zeno on the back, signalling him to speed time back up. "Besides, maybe he'll prove to be a real challenge"

And with that, Saitama shot forward at speeds only Tatsumaki, the Saiyans and the gods could see, but for the Saiyans and gods, he was just a blur.

"What! Such speed! Who the hell is this guy, Beerus!" Vegeta shouted, pointing his finger towards the blur heading straight at the EOK (Evil Omni King, got annoying writing), who didn't even seem to register his approach.

"Those people are the tests all gods and angels must pass in order to attain their full title and power. They are the trainers of the gods, with both rivalling even Zeno in power," Beerus stated, and awed look crossing his face, before it returned to normal. "You have to survive fighting with them for a full minute in order to be granted your title, and believe me, it is a lot harder than it sounds."

"Wow! They can rival Zeno! Are they elder gods?" Goku asked, watching as the man flung the EOK around with ease, while the woman was just watching from the sidelines, saying something about "waste of our time" and "do they even need both of us here".

"No, they are not elder gods. But I will tell you their story after the fight." Beerus said, nodding towards the battle.