Author's Note: This is the first of a new series I'm working on called Isekai Quartet X. You all know of the chibi anime, Isekai Quartet, a crossover of Konosuba, Re:Zero, Overlord, Tanya the Evil, and Rising of the Shield Hero. I plan to create crossover fanfics of each show before starting on a big crossover of all my crossover stories. With the help of another user called Dracus6, I was able to figure work out which crossovers to use. Unfortunately for you, you will have to wait to see what I use for the others. In the meantime, you will have to get started on this one, which I believe to be a good start. Also, by demand, I have decided to make this story a musical (but not the other stories before Quartet). Each song will be a parody and I don't own the actual originals. They belong to their respective owners. The first song here is a parody of the theme song of the Mask cartoon. I thought it'd fit. Hope you all like it. Any and all comments are welcome.

"Stanley Ipkiss, I am sorry to inform you, but you are dead."

Teenager, Stanley Ipkiss, couldn't believe his ears or his eyes. All around him is a black void except for the light around him and the girl in the chair in front of him. The girl is seen with white hair and a purple priestess outfit. All Stanley had was a blue T-Shirt and jeans that was as generic as his plain face.

"Uh… what?"

"You heard me." The girl said. "You're dead."

"You… You can't be serious. How? It all happened so fast."

"I understand. It all started when you went to the club, the Congo Bongo. They lowered the age limit, so teenagers could get in and party. There, you met a beautiful girl named Tina Carlyle. However, at that moment, Veronica's ex-boyfriend went wild with a gun. He shot a bullet at her, but you pushed yourself out of the way. You died instantly."

"Oh, now, I remember." Stanley said. "And Tina?"

"She's safe. After you were shot, the cops tackled the jerky ex and arrested him on the spot."

Stanley expressed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness it wasn't meaningless. Still, bad news that I died."

"Actually, this doesn't have to be the end."

"Come again?"

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eris and I'm a goddess."

"Really?" Stanley asked. "Kinda young to be a goddess, huh?"

"Well, I am. One of my duties includes picking up people who have died too young and offer them a choice. You can either go ascend to heaven or you can be reborn somewhere else. I'll send your physical body to be remade in another world."

"Another world? Now, you gotta be pulling my leg."

"It's true. In fact, it's the world where I help oversee. They even named their currency after me, which I find sweet. Although, I'd steer clear of the Axis cult of I were you. They don't particularly find me in a good light."

"Is there a rest stop between now and the point?"

"Right, sorry. Do you play fantasy games?"

"Well, I dabbled in Skyrim a few times. Why?"

"The world you're going is a fantasy world where magic is an abundance. The problem is that this world is threatened by a Demon King who wants to destroy humanity. Which is why you won't be going alone."

"You're coming with me? A goddess on my side could really up my chances."

"Please, no. Someone else chose a similar option a short time ago and it doesn't look like it's going to work out. I'll give you a list. Just pick one and I'll send it with you."

Suddenly, several pieces of paper appeared before Stanley. He knelt and scrolled through them examining each option. Suddenly, his eyes caught onto a green, wooden mask. The description read that whoever wears it will be given powers beyond their imagination. The sight of those words was enough to pick it up.

"This one!" Stanley exclaimed. "Gimme this one!"

"Very well." Eris said as she raised her hand toward him. It began to glow and a circle of light surrounded Stanley making him levitate. "Go forth, brave man. May your next life be full of reward and satisfaction."

In a flash of light, Stanley disappeared leaving the goddess all alone. She picked up all the papers and sighed.

"I wonder what he got." She asked as she scrolled through the sheets in her hands. Then, she got confused. "Strange. This is all the options I picked out for him. Did I accidently slip in an item? Which one though?" She opened a secret compartment under her seat which had over a hundred other sheets of paper with images and descriptions. She browsed through them. "Let's see. What could be missing? Wait." When she started noticing what she didn't notice, she looked worried. "Uh, oh. That poor boy."

Finally seeing clearly, Stanley looked around and found a very picture of an RPG village he always imagined. A small, one-story village with farmers, merchants, and other people strolling through the streets.

"So this is what it's like to be in a fantasy game. This will be interesting." He then noticed something in his hand. He found a green, wooden face mask in his hand. "So this is my super mask, huh? Let's see if this works."

Stanley immediately slammed the mask until it covered his face. What he didn't expect was the mask changing into a fluid form straining to completely cover his head. He suddenly found himself to be spinning in a cartoonish motion. Like the Tasmanian Devil. When he stopped, it was like he was a different person. Instead of his casual clothes, he wore a bright-yellow zoot suit complete with a hat. He lost his hair and his head was bright-green. His pearly-white teeth expressed his wicked smile.

"Sssssmokin'!" he exclaimed. "It's party time! P-A-R-T… Why? Because I… gotta!"

The Mask proudly strutted down the alley. He was stopped by a shifty gang of bandits. They were clearly looking to ambush and rob him. Boy, were they in for a stop.

"Hey, freakshow," said the leading bandit, "You got the time?"

"As a matter of fact, I do, cubby." The Mask said. He pulled out a large pocketwatch. "Look at that! It's exactly three seconds before I honk your nose and pull your underwear over your head." When the watch dinged, he did exactly that. The bandits chased him down the alley. They stopped when the area changed. The Mask was in a carnival uniform on a pedestal holding a black, plastic stick.

"What's this?" one of the bandits asked.

"Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!" the Mask declared. "Step right up and collect your very own balloon! How about you, kiddo!" He folded up a balloon until it formed a crown. He gave it to the leading bandit. "Here you go, son. Now, get out of here. You bother me." He then folded another balloon for another bandit. "And for you… a French poodle!" POP! "Sorry, kid. The dog was rabid. Had to put her down. And as for the rest of you…" He took longer to fold his black balloon. It took an unfamiliar shape to the bandits. Then, the rubber turned to metal. "A TOMMY GUN!"

"What's a tommy…" a bandit started to ask. He was interrupted when bullets started flying out of the gun. The bandits yelled and ran out avoiding the shots.

The Mask dropped the gun after the bandits left. He held up his hands to admire himself.

"This is amazing. With these powers, I could be… A SUPERHERO! I could fight crime. Protect the innocent. DEFEAT THE DEMON KING! But first…"

With a flick of his fingers, music started playing in the air. He sang out to match with the rhythm.

"I… bet I got your attention

Now, I'm gonna have this mission

Of living my life in this fantastic RPG

From wizards to crusaders to archers to thieves to adventurers to…


References that only you will get

And all my Looney Tunes gags will bust your gut

When I go out and kick some demon's butt

Look out, y'all

I'm answering the call


The Demon King better beware

When I get my own party and prepare

But first, we're gonna party 'til the end of days

And you, readers, get to take part

Of catching onto this work of art




And with one more cartoon spin, the launched himself into the deepest depths of the nearby forest. But deep in a forest was a strong boss whose presence is responsible for a great decrease of jobs. It's one of the Demon Lord's generals: Verdia the Dullahan.