This is a nearly ghost fandom, but I want to write a fanfiction after watching it!

Life is an unwritten book. You get to be the star of your own story, crafting it day by day, interacting with loved ones who are the stars of their own stories. As we all travel the pages it is our connections that make the tale worth telling. The highs and lows keep the reader enthralled, but most of life's joy is found in the quiet passages, in the rich detail and the savoring of moments. It is in the realization that happiness is a quiet emotion, and as such is not easily stored in long-term memories like the troubles and the triumphs, yet it is the very ink in our quills.

Sean's voice was not very deep but it was rustic as he snapped his thin fingers in front of my face, his tone amused. "Noelle, I got the time off from Decker. Are you ready?" guess this was a green light, I had two weeks off from Nursing school and now Sean has a week off work, he was a young bright filmmaker.

I glanced up into his dull brown eyes, "I was going to fly," since driving from Los Angles to Mami was not in my plans. I loved my cousin but a drive that long might be the end of us, pouting. "No, you're going to drive with me," we have been close since birth, hair a dark brown mine had blonde highlights, my eyes a lush green instead of the normal brown of our family. I was a nice 5'6 with a slender figure and great bone structure like Sean. Acting bothered, "Fine, get my bag and let me see if I can get a damn refund on my plane ticket," I knew that it was a good chance that the airline would give it to me, and after a few they did.

"Got it, now let's go," Sean let out a whoop as he opened the door for me, it was a nice Mercedes-Benz. "You fuck this beauty up they going to hunt you down and take a damn kidney, Sean,"

In the haze of the afternoon, I can feel the loose shirt start to cling to my back in places as he drives down the snake-like roads that lead to two-lane roads heading south. My sister, who got father's brown skin, looks beautiful even when sweating; her skin becomes more like polished stone. I'm white like our mother right down to my green eyes and blonde-tinged hair. Sweating makes me look like I need someone to dunk me in an ice bath fast, anything to put out the fire in my cheeks. Becca my older sister and Gayla my cousin are best friends much like Sean and me, we grew up together and will remain close.

The road was an endless river of tarmac baked under a brutal, relentless sun. It stretched into the horizon in front and behind as far as the eye can see. The once black tarmac was now grayed with desert dust. "You think she will be happy we even arrived?" he always seemed to think it was a competition with Gayla, it wasn't.

I say back, "She will be thrilled, Sean. Now if we cause trouble we will not be invited to Thanksgiving…again," my feet hanging from the door, the top was down letting the breeze hit us as he doing at least seventy-five.

Sean suddenly doubled himself up and burst into a loud harsh cackle of laughter. He croaked out, "Remember when we replaced her Sauvé with Nair?" oh my god, priceless.

I joined in, I found myself laughing so hard, but all of a sudden, I couldn't stop. My breath came in quick gasps between my unstoppable giggles. Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes, threatening to spill over. Trying to get the words out, "Nearly…killed…us…ass…whoopin," Gayla went into a rage chasing us down the country road, once we returned home and saw her new pixie cut we both burst into fits of laughter. Aunt Maylene whooped us good. But it was worth it, she was snotty and was knocked off her throne, Becca laughed at our pranks which is why she was never on the bad end of one.

Sean glanced over, the corners of his lips fighting a smile, his eyebrows slightly raised. I looked away before that mischievous look of his spread. A white rag top car switched lanes coming to our left side, the blonde girl started yelling at him, he responded. "Sorry, this is my wife," oh no, gross but I flipped her off before chucking my water bottle at her head, it nailed her, and her hands pulled down her bright blue top as Sean laughed. "My titties are better, whore," was yelled as her friend raced away.

I held the curled, yellow chip in my hand before closing my eyes and popping it into my mouth. The salty flavor rolled across my tongue and my lips curled upward in a smile. The heavenly morsel crunched in inexplicable beauty and then it was gone. "Give me some, damn you pig," I scoffed at his brute attitude. "You brought no food? And expect me to share after calling me a pig?"

"Yes, feed me, peasant," I loved him, he was damn lucky too. I plopped a chip into his open mouth. I ended up giving him my beef jerky so he back off the chips, now if I had a weakness that wasn't Sean it was chips, so many varieties and all delicious.

My eyes strained as I pointed, "Is there something in the road?" he leaned forward-looking, his eyes behind the tint of his sunglasses also strain, but before we see it fully it caught the front right tire. My body jerked to the dashboard, my forehead colliding with the metal frame of where the window was rolled down. Steam rose from the front tire, the smell too intense for words. I tried to take off my seat belt to help Sean who was yelling, but I was unsuccessful.

Sean was out, he just looked seeing it was just a tire, but he was strapped for cash. I called out, "My head, you shit ass driver. Call a tow and I will pay for a new tire," but something about this unnerved me,


I snapped, 'Yes, I save my money and don't blow it on bullshit," I knew what money he had he wanted to gift to his sister, the water is getting warm when an older tow truck arrives with a red neck included.

Watching him wipe off the grim with that filthy red rag made my skin crawl, "Alright, let's get back to the shop so I can check her out. Ya'll got the money right?" scoffing at him, young don't mean broke, at least in my case and not Sean's.

I flipped my long hair acting like Becca, "Of course, can you fix our car?"

"Sure, can miss, hop on in," now this was not what I had wanted. I whisper, "You seen that movie House of Wax, we might be in the sequel," he punched my arm but helped me in after he was in, I was not cuddling up to this guy.

This town is the dirt under my nails and the haze of grey over my skin. I know the crooked roads better than the tired facts we learned in school, though perhaps not more vivid than the recess hard-knocks. The shop was just as small and dingy looking as the small motel next to it, I just watched as the men talked over the business. Sean turned to me, "About $150, the car will be ready by tomorrow," oh god, we had to stay here.

Dread filled me, "I got the cash, hey farmer Ted. Is that hotel clean?" he tried to walk away when I snapped out. "Oh hell no, walk away from me I will beat your ass," he spun looking at me.

"Women are violent, glad I never married. It is a fine hotel," then he walked away when my mouth opens, Sean is pulling me away. "Oh yeah, the poor unfortunate woman who was not lucky enough to be with you, pigpen," I would make a great Nurse with my bedside manner.

"God, you can't go around insulting people," shaking his head as I got our bags and he checked us into a room. The motel was one of those seedy places hooker's brought their john's there and paid for rooms by the hour. Weeds grew through the cracks in the concrete path and the litter from cheap take-out meals were strewn across it. There were external wooden stairs that lead to a second floor, the second row of doors, that looked like the building inspector was either bribed to pass it or drunk on the job. At least two screaming matches were going on in separate rooms, and the cars in the lot wouldn't have been out of place in a wrecker's yard.

"We gonna die," I said with a faint heart, the room looked clean though and here I was acting like a snotty brat. "Going to grab us food, just stay in here and lock the doors behind you," and I did, the door made two clicks and then I watched him from the white curtain heading to the small roadside dinner.

It was dark when he banged on the door, I peaked out seeing it was, in fact, Sean now wasn't the time to play games as I let him in before he turned and locked us back in. "Here, a salad," I was pleased but it was not a great one, but good enough.

I just crawled into his bed, "Something is creeping me out, Sean. We need to bolt the moment he is done," he agreed, the old western he was watching was still on when we both bolted us hearing the people next door to us. The noises engulfed me, completely capturing my brain, rendering any logical thought or conclusion impossible. At first, it was like a wild orgy sound, a shrill female scream, a loud thud of blunt force trauma and then nothing at all. "Should we call someone,?" he held his finger to his mouth shaking his head no, just pulled me back down both scared of this red neck Riviera.

I was up before him, my body up at five as I showered in the small lime green grimy bathroom from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. A simple white cropped tank top, destroyed jeans and some tennis shoes since we had a full day of travel, and the further we got from here the fucking better. The curtains add an orange glow to the morning light, every morning a perfect sunrise. I woke him, "Get up loser, we need to go," he woke as if I had nailed him in the nuts, "I am going to see farmer Ted," leaving him alone to dress, my bag in hand as I walked out into the bright sunlight, the tinted sunglasses held the too-bright light at bay.

The car was waiting and shinning in the sunlight, "Here you go miss," he smiled when I finally saw all the missing posters. "Any of these people ever found?" shaking his head no while he rung the red rag between his hands. "Here you go," handing him the cash in trade for the keys when Sean walked up smiling checking out the tire, it looked new.

I walked away heading in to grab water and chips, even got a few muffins. "Be safe out there," farmer Ted gave me a nod. "Yeah, we will," he was serious too. I leave him with something heavy on my mind, but there is a hot guy in the passenger seat he didn't look like scum but he was off, about my age. His body had a great build, his hair longer and a light chestnut in coloring, "Cuz?"

"As far as Texas," dude we are going to be butchered by him. "You in back, I got shotgun the entire trip," he flashed this smile that knocked a girl's panties off, but mine stayed tight as he with graced moved to the back. "Nick this is my cousin, Noelle, this is Nick. Going to drop him at his dad's in Texas," Sean was a softy at heart.

I glanced back while pulling my hair into a bun, "Sean hit the gas, something is just wrong here," he had no issue he slammed his foot down. I was a mean southern belle at heart, Sean had a mean streak and was protective. But this guy seemed okay, he was hiding something but in no way was he going to start a killing spree with us.

I turned hearing the pop of a pop can, but it was beer. "The hell,"

"My last one and it is getting warm," his voice was deep and alluring as I snatched it up chucking it into the tumbleweeds. "Lush," was muttered as he sputtered some insolent bullshit that I refused to care about as Sean laughed. He and Nick had been getting on well talking about their shitty lives.

"So, what do you do," Nick smiled at me, Sean answered with a smile. "She is in Nursing school," he was proud, more so than any other person in our family, his mother was a Nurse before she passed at a young age forcing Gayle to handle shit.

The day started to pass…