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A lone drop of sweat made it's way down my back, leaving a trail of temporary coolness in its wake. Even the air is dry, not the usual humid warmth we have at this time of the year. Sean was still driving and the clock was only hitting noon as we are putting in the long drive to the Spanish Mission, I was hoping by nightfall we arrive if not well, we fucked.

I reached between the seats turning the CD player on, my mix and they could all deal, my ass was nearly stuck between the seat when I glanced at Megan and Sean. "I'll kill you both if you mess with my music," but Megan was already bobbing her head to the Beachboys.

Sean kissed my cheek, "I will fight Megan to the death to preserve your precious music,"

"It is you that is going to try to destroy the cd, Sean," he was not always big on this music as it was a lot of music we grew up with, a reminder of his mama. Nick just yanked my hips pulling me into his lap and away from the player.

I doubt this was his style of music.

But seeing that smirk that he reserved just for me, I knew I was in trouble from the first day I saw him, mischief lurking in his lips and eyes. It was there to see as plainly as the fall leaves in the park. What else was I going to do but fall in love with him…

Our conversation is so much more than words. It is the smiles, the gentle shrugs and the light in our eyes. That we are both elevated by each other's presence is obvious and even the silences are comfortable. They are moments to savor the company of the other and feel that sense of peace that comes from feeling loved and protected, within the arms of friendship and love. But he was talking to Sean, planning but I didn't think any plan was going to work everything was in the air and we may not even make it out of this. Megan gave me a look, she was thinking the same thing it was going to be a shit show.

I spoke finally, "We need to find a fast food place, we can't go half-cocked in a fight with empty bellies,"

"Make it fast, we have to make it to the mission," Nick snapped and we had every intention of making it fast.

Megan and I are out, as the boys order the food, the bathroom was a must. Brushing my hair I am filled with dread. "It is going to be a shit show, Megan. I doubt planning is going to help with this, doubt any of us know what we're going into,"

Walking from the stall and washing her hands, "You're right but let them plan, if that makes them feel better," knowing she was right we exit and I glanced at the truck next to us, it had a shotgun, this was so wrong as I slipped it out along with a single box of ammo. She looks at me, "We need it," hiding it for later, she was in back with me both looking guilty as the two hunters drove off one shotgun short.

"You're right, and here the boys come,"

Nick gave Megan a look that had her scampering into the front seat, "Brute," I muttered as Sean took off once again, but I had a chicken sandwich, fries and a chocolate milkshake in hand.

The future was always something I had worried about. I'm not sure if it was because of my young mind and lack of wisdom, but I never gave thought to all the time that was enclosed my life into only a small speck in a timeline. I had so much time. So much time that I let it slide through my fingers like worthless pennies. So much time that I watched it drain like water in a tub. So much time that I let it vanish like a magician in an act. So much time I watched it dissolve like a mirage across a desert. So much time I stood as it flew across the empty horizon. And now I realize that I had so much time, and I wasted it. Now I realize that for some of us, today might be our last tomorrow.

I just took comfort in Nick, he held me, and I dozed a little just feeling tired and he let me saying nothing, just being there.

By the time I woke it had been hours as I kicked Megan's seat waking her up, she was dazed for a minute, but Nick passed her another four pills seeing she was too pale and sweating. Sean nodded his head at Nick, they spoke of something before while we slept the day away, soon the sky would be dark, and everything would happen.

Checking the time, it was five-thirty, "You needed the rest, we are just a few hours away,"

"Good," was all I said when dread crept up once again.

Nick just takes my face into his warm hands, "I will keep you safe,"

I know he meant well; he would try but none of us are granted a pass in this.

With the setting sun came a sky of fire, the orange of every wintry hearth. It was the battle cry to the gathering night, that the only achievement of darkness is to show starlight all the more clearly. I knew it was coming sooner or later and having it later wouldn't do, now so we could just get it over with.

His warm hands rubbed my arms, "Your lap must be numb," but he just smiled. "A little, but in a good way," but I move off of him when I see the headlight behind us, far but not far enough. They danced side to side as the driver was in pain or impaired in some way.

"Heads up," Nick glanced back, "Sean hit it," and my cousin put foot to the floor sending us faster and faster, Megan just looked back and gave me a nod, she was still a beacon. It hit me, she knew they were here when she glanced back but not Nick, he was clueless, I hoped the long time taking the pills are dulling it, but in my heart, I knew Nick was not infected by this one but now that didn't matter because Megan and Sean are.

When Nick looks my way, I can see he's one more blow away from breaking. It's intervention time. I know where he's heading and no matter the name of the town it's nowhere good. So, I have to step up right now or lose him forever, demonstrate my love with my actions, show that I would die for him, suffer for him, yet ultimately, live for him. I just take his hand this was a chase, we flee just to make it to the mission and we all know it will never happen.

The back-left tire gives and we go skidding into the dirt, our bodies being flung everywhere but out the car, as Sean used his strength and got the car to halt. "Run, over there is a house. Noelle come on," He was grabbing my hand as Nick picked me up tossing me from the car, Megan was out her hand in Sean's.

I was dizzy, Nick was behind us with his brown bag, I stopped and ran back to the car hearing them yelling but I just grab the shotgun and ammo. Nick was at my side, "Where did you get that thing?"

"She stole it," Megan gasped out of breath.

Nodding in acknowledgment and followed Nick's grueling pace without complaint. The warm humidity of the desert made me feel sticky and suffocated. My clothes and hair, slick with perspiration, clung to our skin. I swatted another pesky insect. Sweat rolled down my skin in thick, salty beads. Now I could feel my heart throbbing inside my chest, I tried to control my breathing.

The house was in front of us, it was not abandoned it was a nice well-kept home. Seanad n Nick banged on the door, but nothing. "Break it down," Megan was pleading, and I agreed.

"Now," I can't see them following, but it is sooner rather than later.

Nick and Sean together kicked the door down, "Megan check around you have two minutes," she bolted to see if the owners are here. I just looked around seeing a rifle, it was loaded. "Here Sean, its loaded but no clue where more ammo is," he just gave me a nod of his head, the set of his eyes new and filled fire.

"No one looks like they went on vacation," that was best.

I winked at Sean, "Best vacation ever, Sean" he chuckled kissing Megan's cheek before placing her under a table. Nick just pressed his lips to mine before showing me with her, she grabs on to me.

Nick just gave me a look, I hear him whisper before he took position behind the counter with Sean. "I love you," I swore he said it.