Now here's the trailer for the sequel to Ghosts of Gigan.

And like I said with the other trailers, this is a basic concept on what's going to happen, so things might change in the long run.

Now let's get this trailer started!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... ACTION!

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Thousands of years ago, two groups of gems were battling for the fate of the earth. The crystal gems and the homeworld gems.

The scene shows a battle taking place on a sandy beach, the crystal gems were outnumbered, a large homeworld ship hovered over the shoreline, and it readied to fire a laser.

But none of them knew that they weren't the only beings engaged in this battle...

Before the ship could fire, a blue blast of radiation struck the side of ship, causing it to crash onto the ground, and then it explodes.

The gems of both opposing sides were shocked at what transpired in mere seconds! Then, the ground began to shake, and when they saw the source of the blast, they saw a colossal monster approaching.


Thousands of years later, Homeworld has since changed. Thanks to a human gem hybrid named-

"STEVEN!" Screamed a terrified Spinel as she ran to the teen named Steven.

"Spinel? What's wrong? Did something happen?" He asked the pink gem, trying to calm her down.

"Steven! I-it's so horrible! A-a giant monster came out of nowhere an-and it attack homeworld!"

They then saw the Diamond ship crash onto the beach.

But a blast from the past has come back to haunt them...

A giant reptilian creature with three rows of crystal dorsal plates going down its back and down its long tail, and a giant crystal on each shoulder, landed on the beach.

Its landing caused the very ground to shake.

"Well well well... did you really think you Diamonds could run from the likes of me?"

Steven and the gems could only stare in shock and fear of this monster.

"What is that thing?!" Steven asked aloud.

The creature turned his menacing gaze towards Steven.

"Oh, I'm known as many things. The failed weapon, the crystal titan, the bastard born in space. But you can call me... SPACEGODZILLA!"

But once again, they're not alone...

The scene changes to show Spacegodzilla about to blast the gems with his own version of the atomic breath. Before Spacegodzilla could fire his version of the atomic breath attack, he's suddenly struck from the side by a blue blast, and it knocks him over onto the ground.

The ground begins to shake, and everyone turns to see the source wading through the sea towards shore.

"Is that?" Steven questioned.

"Godzilla." Said Garnet.


Spacegodzilla gets up from the ground, and he smirks evilly at the king of the monsters.

"Hello... brother."

The scene goes black before it fades away to show Finn, Marco, and Rodan speaking to the Diamonds.

"So let me get this straight... thousands of years ago you created a Godzilla clone to fight the original, just so you could crush a rebellion." Said Marco.

"Long before we changed our ways, yes." Said White Diamond.

"Ok, even my dad would think that that's a stupid idea. What the hell were you thinking?!" Exclaimed Finn.

"I agree. From what I've heard from Gigan during a his time in Gravity Falls, using Godzilla's dna for that kind of purpose never ends well." Said Rodan.

The scene cuts to black.

To save their worlds from devastation, they must work together with the king.

The black fades away to show Steven aboard the Argo, talking to monarch personnel, and titans in proto-titan forms.

"This may be a titan situation, and I know I have no experience with titans whatsoever, but this is my home. No, it's our home. If you're willing to fight for it, then so am I!"

Everyone is looking at each other before they return their attention back on Steven.

"Ok kid, it's your funeral. But you're not going into battle without the tools to survive. Yo, Jakovich! Is project Mecha G up and running?" Asked Gigan.

"Ready to go whenever." Said Jakovich.

"Mecha G? What's that?" Asked Steven.

"You'll find out soon enough, kid." Said Megalon.

The scene then shows Steven standing on a catwalk staring at a mechanized version of Godzilla.

(Tokyo sos Mechagodzilla.)

Its eyes then turned on, glowing a bright yellow, and a glowing red line under each eye.

The screen goes black as Steven says "Long live the king."

The screen then shows Godzilla roaring to the heavens.


(Music begins)

You make feel invincible

Earthquake, powerful

The scene then shows Godzilla and Spacegodzilla throwing a punch towards each other, and when their fists collided, it creates a shockwave throughout the air.

Just like a tidal wave

You make me brave

You're my titanium

Fight song, raising up

The scene then changes to show Marco in his full titan form fighting a crystalline version of himself, and then the scene cuts to show Finn in his Ghidorah form also fighting a crystalline version of himself.

Like a roar of victory in a stadium

The scene changes to show Mechagodzilla roaring to the heavens.

You make feel invincible

Earthquake, powerful

The scene shows Godzilla fighting monstrous clones of the Diamonds, swinging his tail to knock them back.

Just like a tidal wave

You make me brave

The scene then shows Lapis creating a huge tidal wave.

You're my titanium

Fight song, raising up

The scene then shows Steven piloting Mechagodzilla like a Jaeger pilot, swinging his fist, the mech doing the same, and the punch collides with Spacegodzilla's face.

Like a roar of victory in a stadium

Who can touch me 'cause I'm (I'm made of fire)

The scene changes to show Godzilla and Spacegodzilla in a stand-off. Each glaring at each other with primal aggression.

Who can stop me tonight (I'm hard wired)

The scene changes to show Mechagodzilla with glowing red eyes taking a fighting stance as he stood above an injured Steven. The one who injured him being a monstrous clone of Spinel.

You make me feel invincible

The scene the shows Godzilla roaring to the sky again.

I feel, I feel it


I feel, I feel it


(Music ends)

The scene shows Godzilla glaring down the three Diamonds before him.

"Do you think he remembers us?" Asked Blue Diamond.

Godzilla roars angrily in their faces.


"Yep, he remembers." Said Yellow Diamond.

Coming soon.


Ok, this was easier to make then the Gigan one.

The song Feel Invincible belongs to Skillet. I found the lyrics on Google. I don't own either of them, just to be clear.

Anyways, hopefully you've enjoyed this little teaser trailer.