Eugene did not want to be here, but Lance insisted that this would be fun. Yeah right. It's not like he didn't appreciate art, in fact, he enjoyed checking out art museums when he traveled. He even thought of stealing the Starry Night, but he knew that would be impossible. Not like he could drop in from the ceiling of the MoMA and just take it. However, he did know that some art was pointless.

"This is so stupid" He complained.

Lance rolled his eyes, "Stop being rude."

"What's so stupid about it?" asked a feminine voice.

Eugene turned to find a pretty brunette standing next to him, looking at the painting he was complaining about it.

"What's so special about the sun? And the purple swirls around it with the people inside? It doesn't make sense" He explained himself.

She woman slowly nodded, "I see,"

"What do you think about it?" He asked her.

She smiled, "My opinion doesn't matter" and walked away.

Lance dragged him throughout the building and he surprisingly liked the other pieces. They were interesting and well thought out. Unlike that sun piece.

"These are real art," he told Lance.

One painting, in particular, caught his eyes. The scene displayed a kingdom in the background with lanterns floating around and the center of attention was a small boat that showed the outline of two people.

"Wow," was all Eugene could say.

"You should buy it" suggested Lance.

Eugene's eyes widened "Are you crazy? There's no way I can afford it."

Lance shrugged, "You never know it could be cheaper than you think."

Doubt it Eugene thought to himself.

He ran into the brunette from earlier, this time she was looking at a painting which showed off a tower surrounded by what he assumed were cliffs and sported a waterfall in the background.

"Looks peaceful," Eugene said standing next to her.

"Lonely actually," She said not taking her eyes off the painting.

Eugene was startled, "I mean yeah that's one way to look at it."

They fell into a comfortable silence.

"Actually," he started again "I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner sometime?"

The brunette turned to look at him and he noticed how big and green her eyes were, he had to stop himself from letting his jaw hit the floor. Couldn't look like a fool in front of a lady he was trying to woo.

"No thank you" she turned on her heel and left him there looking confused.

Lance came up behind him, "Ready to go?"

However, Eugene was unresponsive and just staring off into space.

"Earth to Eugene," Lance said as he waved his hand in front of Eugene.

"Huh? Oh Yeah. Let's go," he quickly said.

On their way out they passed the lantern painting again and Eugene slowed down to look at it again.

"Just buy it," Lance said.

Eugene thought about it for a minute, "Fine."

Lance was able to track down an organizer for him, "You're interested in buying this piece?"

Eugene nodded.

"Alright, let me get the artist for you."

Eugene wanted to die then and there when he saw who the painter was. It was the brunette who not only rejected him but heard him bad mouth her art.

She raised an eyebrow at him, "Well this is interesting."

"I'm so sorry about the sun piece. It's just it confused me ok. I don't understand it and I still don't" he quickly explained.

This earned a giggle from the artist, she extended her hand, "Rapunzel, and don't worry about it. I'm just surprised you'd want to buy a piece after hearing what you had to say."

Eugene took her hand and shook it, "Something about this piece that speaks to me, like deja-vu almost."

He saw her eyes widened but she composed herself quickly, "The painting will be $200."

"Can I negotiate?"

She crossed her arms, "You bad mouthed my piece," a smile grew on her lips, "That's ballsy of you to ask."

"Yeah," Eugene sheepishly agreed, "I'll pay the full price."

A form and debit card swipe later he realized she knocked off $15, which wasn't a lot but considering the circumstance he took it. He couldn't just leave without getting her number though.

"Hey, I was wondering if maybe you'd like to get a coffee and explain the sun painting to me?"

A small smile tugged at her lips, "Sure. Besides I have some questions of my own."

One-shot but honestly, I might make it multi-chaptered idk let me know guys. I have no idea how art galleries work so I hope I did them justice.