It took nearly a month for Eugene and Rapunzel to go for that coffee. Guess that's what happens when two adults with conflicting schedules try to meet up. Eugene found himself nervously tapping the coffee shop table. She was pretty, but that wasn't enough to make him nervous. Maybe it was because her first impression of him wasn't the best so he couldn't afford to screw up this time. Yep, that was definitely it. He ordered himself a coffee and got her a chai tea latte since he had discovered that she's not the biggest fan and likes tea.

"Hey sorry I'm late."

Eugene looked up to find a flushed panting Rapunzel. Did she run here? He immediately stood up, "Don't worry about it."

She went in for a hug while he extended his hand and then Eugene went for a hug and she extended her hand. This earned a giggle from Rapunzel, "Hug?"

"Yeah." Although the hug was brief Eugene could've sworn, she was the best hug giver. He also didn't want to let go but figured she'd find him creepy if he hugged her for any longer than a second.

They took their seats and Eugene pushed her chai tea towards her, "This is for you."

Her eyes lit up, "Oh thank you!"

"So," he started, "You should know that the painting has received a lot of compliments and it's hanging in my bedroom, the first thing I look at when I wake up."

Rapunzel raised an eyebrow at him, "Is this your way of letting me know that your bedroom receives a lot of traction?"

Eugene's eyes widened as he realized what his said sounded like, "No-no not like that! I mean I posted a photo of it on Facebook and whenever I post on my Snapchat story and it's in the background people compliment it." He couldn't have her thinking he was some type of man-whore. It's not like he was bad with the ladies, but he would never air his dirty laundry to someone he was trying to impress.

"Eugene, there's no need to explain yourself to me," Rapunzel assured him.

"Yeah, but I want to." Eugene let that accidentally slip out. Why would he admit that her? Kill him now.

Rapunzel looked like she had been taken off-guard her eyes wide and a pink shade taking over her cheeks, "So the sun painting…"

Eugene was ever so thankful she changed the subject, "Right! I think it was a nice painting, but I just didn't understand it. That's why I said all those mean things about it. I was hoping you could explain it to me."

Rapunzel nodded and took a drink from her chai, "The sun creates life, or at least that how I look at it. I put the people around it because of that and they're all in different situations because everyone has different walks of life. I used purple because I like the color."

Eugene leaned back in his seat, "Huh."


"I feel stupid now," Eugene confessed, "Looks like it had a simple explanation and it flew right over my head."

"You aren't stupid," she protested, "Besides it's not like a had a little card next to it explaining what I wanted to convey. I left it blank, I wanted people to draw their conclusion."

"And I got nothing from it," Eugene pointed out.

"You got something from the lantern painting," Rapunzel leaned in, placing her elbows the table resting her head in her hands, "Which you still have to explain that to me."

Eugene instinctively leaned into her, "Right. Well when I looked at it, I felt as if I been in that situation before. Like I've witnessed something like that. I feel like if I concentrate hard enough, I can see who was there with me. I know it's stupid." They made eye contact, again, and Eugene felt like he forgot how to breathe.

"Can I confess something?" Rapunzel whispered, her face suddenly fell, "Actually never mind. It's not important."

Eugene cleared his throat, boy did it just get awkward, "So you aren't mad at me for insulting your painting, right in front of you too?"

"All water under the bridge, besides you bought a painting, and I'm here right now, aren't I?"

Eugene smiled, "Yeah you are."

Rapunzel looked at her phone and suddenly got up, "Well I have to go."

Eugene fought the urge to reach for her, "So soon?"

"Yeah," she turned to look at him and bit her lip, "This was lovely, Eugene. Again, thank you."

With that she quickly walked out of the coffee shop, leaving Eugene looking like a sad puppy.

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