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Somewhere in the Badlands

It was late at night in the arid expanse of desert known as the Badlands. This was a lonely place with seemingly nothing but cactus and rocky outcroppings everywhere. The perfect place for a secret war. As a matter of fact, there was a secret war fought here. Two, actually. One as a Mann Co. civil war between two idiot brothers, and another against unimaginably massive hordes of robots. Smaller conflicts not included.

The wars and battles here had ended a couple days ago when the Team Fortress Classic mercenaries were defeated by RED team in an epic showdown here, and Saxton Hale regained control of Mann Co. from Olivia Mann. RED team was joyous of their victory, and for the first time since they formed in 1968, they legitimately had feelings of being one big family of friends. Granted a family that constantly insult, beat, kill, and assault each other, but a family nonetheless.

RED team were hanging around the front of the Mann Co. headquarters, enjoying their victory. Their laughter and cheers rang throughout the night.

"FREEDOM!" *Burp* "HAHA!" Demo placed a bunch of custom made "fireworks" in a huge cluster and threw a stick of lit dynamite into it. The resulting explosion was extremely unsafe, but really pretty if you ignore the fire and smoke.

Nobody wanted to curse at Demo though as they were too overjoyed by their victory. If anything, they actually appreciated the explosion.

Pyro appeared wearing a fireman's jacket and hat over its usual suit, and got to work, pouring gasoline on the fires.

The whole of RED team was dancing around the fire, Mannrobics, Kozotsky Kick, Conga, you name it. Everyone was drinking Demoman levels of alcohol, and they were loving it. It's all well deserved of course after that Hell of a final battle.

Spy stopped dancing and jumped up a rock, taking out a glass of wine and calling for the other mercs attention.

"Gentlemen! Today will go down as the finest day in our history as a team! We've faced evil wizards, giant eyeballs shooting exploding eyeballs, the Headless Horseless Horsemann, even each other in the past…"

The mercs nodded as they remembered the days when they fought and killed each other before the robot menace forced them all to join RED team to avoid confusion with the robots. That was less than a year ago."…but the gravest of them all, the robot war! We the few, the rag tag team of horribly mismatched individuals, the scum of the Badlands, defeated not only millions of robots, but our predecessors as well! Indeed, it was a battle hard fought. But in the end we were victorious!" They cheered as he finished. Spy looked down and chuckled. "… For the past four years we've done nothing but get into mindless acts of violence and sheer stupidity. It was the worst experience of my life." He raised his glass. "It was an honor, my friends." All mercs present cheered.

They all resumed their partying, congratulating each other and such.

Spy looked at his team, his family, and smiled. But at the back of his mind he knew they would not stay together for long.

Now that all three Mann brothers and the Classic mercenaries were dead, he saw no reason for Saxton Hale to keep them around. He waved the thoughts away and decided to just enjoy the moment. Then Saxton Hale himself walked to the men. All the mercenaries turned to face him.

"Hey! Look who it is! Care to join our little party here, Mistah Hale?" Scout said joyfully.

"You're all fired. Now get off my property! I'm going to build a hunting reserve right in this spot, and you're in the way!"

"WHAT? !" everyone screams in shock. Demoman looks at Hale and suddenly takes a drink and passes out.

"WHY LIFE IS VERY CRUEL!" Denoman cries in agony.

"You have to be kidding me!"Scout yells injustice "Why are you kicking us out!" he yells accusing Hale.

"Yes. That boy is right. For what reason!" Enginner yells.

"Well. Since the the two brother died so there is no need to fight the blues anymore ..."

"But if the blues are already dead ..." Spy said with an annoyed look. Hale raises his finger that he was going to explain but goes down where he had no idea to say.

"Sorry, friends. you leave me no alternative ..."

"Hey you can't just kick us out of here!" Soldier yells.

"Heavy agrees with Soldier!" Heavy shouts.

"You needs us!" Medic yells.

"I don't need nine mercenaries who are willing to kill, stab, bat, burn, explode and slice ..." Hale said counting on his fingers referring to Spy, Scout, Pyro, Denoman and Medic. "And also that are one is willing to throw his own pee .."

"At least it gives us the indemnification ..." Sniper said while he was urinating in the bottle.

"For heaven's sake!" Scout shouts, avoiding not looking at Sniper. "Pull up your pants!"

"There will be no indemnification, you worked illegally. You are mercenaries and murderers killing for money, well collect your things and they were my property ..." Hale was going to leave.

"You are an ungrateful garbage ..." Scout said with poison.

"What did you say?" Hale said looking at Scout.


"It's true, I'm staying!" Shouts Sniper approaching Scout.

"I'm staying too ..." Enginner said in a serious tone.

"Heavy stays ..." Heavy said. Spy smiles and the others approach Scout and opposes Hale to kick them out. Hale sighs and looks at Scout.

"You can't scatter us so fuck y-"


Hale definitely hits Scout who flew towards the caravan.

"you leave me no alternative, I'm afraid I'll kick them out ..." Hale said snapping his fingers.

"CHARGE!" Shouts Soldier angrily. the 8 mercenaries rush towards Hale.









A minute later.

The nine mercenaries walk wounded and leave the main entrance where the exit to Hale's property is. Scout had a bruise on his nose that was bleeding, Enginner had broken glasses and had a bleeding nose and bruises on his face. They were all beaten except Spy who is intact.


"I am not such an idiot to mess with Hale knowing that he is a wild animal and capable of defeating hundreds of armed men to the teeth. You got in and broke the record and held on in a minute"Spy said smoking." Now we have a long journey to go back to our homes and back to our daily lives ... "

"Hmmp ..." Pyro sighs sadly and now he has to go back to the horrible sad and boring company where there are no fires.

"This sucks ..." Scout said sadly and looks at Pauling who is in his small vehicle "Pauling!" Scream cheerfully. "You came looking for me!"

"Yes, I have come to tell you that we are done ..." Pauling said in a serious tone.


Scout was shocked and frozen. "ww-why?" Scout babbles.

"Scout we have been through a lot since those machines came and I was able to reunite you and your comrades. So I have to go back to the administrator, sorry Scout. good luck .. "Pauling said getting in the car and leaving.

"Scout?" Sniper said approaching and Spy stops him.

"You could lend him your Caravan for five minutes while Medic heals our wounds ...Spy said in a serious tone and pity for his son.

Five minutes later.

"Waaaaaaah!" Scout cries inside the Sniper caravan.

Medic heals the 6 red mercenaries. They had pity for Scout where he lost his job and now Pauling left him heartbroken.

"OMG ... now I understand the romance .." Soldier said sadly. "Heavy ... no, brother-in-law when we return to your home I invite you to my wedding .."Soldier said cheerfully. Heavy had the annoyed expression and sighs exhausted since his younger sister is madly in love with a maniac addicted to war.

"Well, it seems that the young man left him standing ..."Enginner said in his unflattering tone to cheer on the mercenaries.

"Enough, enginner .." Spy said slightly annoyed.

Open the caravan for Scout where he had a sad expression and his nose was running snot and his eyes were reddish due. "¿sniper do you have more scarves ...? "

"Come on son ... there are many fish that you can choose ..." Spy said encouraging Scout.

"I guess it would take time for me to forget Pauling ..." Scout said wiping his tears away.

"Hey friends. I can give you all a ride to the Airport ... "Sniper said offering the 8 mercenaries an Airport Trip.

Somewhere else.

we see a desert where there are some cacti and also a cow skull until a sand moves and a wrinkled hand comes out and the person who is known comes out completely.

"I am free!" Cries the warlock dressed as a prisoner of the state prison. "For a week I was digging together for 30 spoons and drank the blood of those four damn mortals who made my life impossible since the prison arrived. Now that I'm out, I must look for this damn man for blaming me for murder. that Soldier was really the killer. When I'm done with him, I will go for the others and I will eradicate the existence of those reds from Mann-Co hahahahahahahahah! "He laughs evil and stops laughing."before doing that I need a ride to go to my house and collect the necessary items to start my revenge ... "Merasmus said, looking for the road.

Two hours later.Going back with the Reds.

Two hours have passed since the reds left for the highway arriving at the airport where it is further away than it could take in a day.

Inside the caravan are the 7 members sitting in their respective places, Scout is sitting on the ground looking at Pauling's photo, Medic is ordering his medical team and Enginner is checking his sentry. Heavy is sleeping sitting next to Demoman. Soldier is looking at the landscape, Pyro is sitting in the corner and had the lighter that turned on and off.

Where they are sitting in the drivers seat is Sniper driving and on his side is Spy smoking.

"Thanks for taking us to the airport .." said Spy looking at the desert.

"You're welcome Mate ..."Sniper said in a calm tone, "When we get to the airport, that will be the last time we see ..." He said in a slightly sad tone.

"I know ..." Spy said with a serious look and inside he is sad.

Sniper focuses back on the road and noticed something on the road.

"It seems that there is a person who is lost on the road ..." Spy said sharpening his eyes.

"Maybe we're going to help him. ...Sniper said approaching the person. "Hello friend, you want me to take you .." Sniper said kindly to the person who is Merasmus dressed as an inmate.

"You" Merasmus said shocked. Spy and Sniper are shocked to see it.

"Ey?"Soldier appears poking out of the window "Why are we stopping?" He asks before looking at Merasmus Heavy, Scout, Pyro, Medic and Engineer come out of Caravan.

"YOU DAMN BITCHES!" He yells furious. "You will pay me dearly for bringing me into the world of mortals!"

"You want checks or cash so you doesn't kill us ..." said Spy taking out a wallet and the others also take out their wallets.

"I don't want your money!" yells angry Merasmus "I want to destroy you all and remove you off the map!" Shout before raising both hands! "Bambdu Ancadh Blasma nadjawa dha-

The Caravan begins, interrupting the summons of the sorcerer who swallowed sand. "Cof cof!" The sorcerer coughs loudly.

"Better forget him..." Sniper said no matter nothing and kept driving.

"It is better to leave this sorcerer since he made us go through hell and on top of that he is very annoying ..." Spy said with a sigh.

"Let's look on the bright side, what bad things could happen?..." Scout said.

Returning to the sorcerer Merasmus. He responds with annoyed and furious grunts looking at the caravan leaving. "This time they are not going to escape ... Bambdu Ancadh Blasma Nadjawa Dhacar Masaya ..."The sorcerer's hands illuminate with a green light creating a sphere. The police patrolman notices Merasmus in the middle of the road. Merasmus was going to say the last two words "Tazark-

"FREEZE HANDS UP!" The two cops yell.

the sorcerer Merasmus releases the magic sphere launching directly towards the caravan of the reds.

When the green sphere hits the caravan where it causes it to explode. Merasmus puts on a smile and starts jumping "YEEEEEAHI!"the two policemen pounce on Merasmus.

"You're under arrest again!" The bald cop yells.

"Hahahaahahaha!" Happy laugh "They are finally dead ... they will never come back hahahaha..."the bald policeman handcuffs Merasmu, the fat policeman watches where the caravan was.

"Boss, the caravan disappeared ..." said the fat man and takes out something familiar to Merasmus which is the grimoire "Hey did you say the last word Tazark?" Reading the book.

Merasmus's happy expression changed drastically and he looks at the fat man. "HEY GIVE ME THE BOOK!" Yells the magician. The fat man listened to the demand and handed him the book. Merasmus reads the book. "No ... no ... no ... no ... Nooooooooooooo!"

The last words after Tazark were Karaka to destroy the Reds. But unfortunately the grimoire showed the spell that this is the last word that Tazark would be, the spell is called Transportation to Another Universe.

In other world.In Eostia.

During the war between Olga and Cellestine they fought for 100 years since Olga declared war on Eostia. Olga is the queen of the dark elves and the leader of the monster and beast region. Cellestine the reincarnated goddess and leader of the seven shield alliances.

now, the alliance hired black dogs to invade the Garran kingdom and capture Olga. Vault the leader of the black dogs, he had an evil plan after conquering Garan. Vault was able to convince the region of monsters and beasts where they switched sides by betraying the dark elves. The black dogs won the battle.

Now we see where is a group of people who are 15 men with black dogs and a man with a red cape and long sword behind his back. His name is Vault. in front of the group are two elves in semi-nude clothing, a tall black-haired woman in a purple corset and long boot. A young blond-haired woman with a ponytail. They are Olga and Chloe.

Vault made a wicked grimace. "I wonder if a human can get a dark elf pregnant ..."

Olga gave an annoyed look until Chloe angrily yells at humans.

"You humans are despicable and trash!"

"Heheeh ...ogres enjoy that right hand of the bitch while we enjoy the queen ... "

"Olga behind me ..." Chloe shears both swords. Olga held the stick and was ready to fight until out of nowhere a green glow lit up on the ceiling drawing people's attention to the present. "Olga is your magic ..?." asks Chloe.

"No ... it's not my magic ..." Olga said confused. the four ogres close to Chloe out of nowhere a strange structure appears falling on top of the four ogres.


Everyone was shocked to see where a large strange object with four large wheels and a window on each side.

Vault and the men slowly approach the structure. "Hey did you summon that thing?"

Olga was going to answer but suddenly the door opens, a man in a red suit and a helmet appears.

"We are here!"the man yells and looks at the strange place and also at Vault and his group.

"I can stretch my legs ..." said the young voice and goes out the other door, it's a young man in a black cap and he stretches out his arm and looks at Vault. "Where the hell are we?"

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