Chapter Two: The Recognition of a Villager

We see a forest that is calm and there was a beautiful view where the birds sang happily. The five squirrels were coming out of their nest and start looking for some acorns. The rabbits were jumping happily. .When a rabbit stopped on the trail, he felt a tremor on the ground. The rabbit's ear is raised persisting that something was coming suddenly a strange giant with four wheels came. The rabbit is scared to see him and turns away from the path.

.It was the Sniper Canver driving down the trail. "Hey Sheila, what's the way?" Sniper asks Olga who is sitting in the back of Sniper's driver's seat who is sitting next to Chloe.

"Just go straight ..."

"Okay ..." Sniper said. .Olga looks around where the 8 mercenaries are asleep. Soldier slept sitting

Demoman (tavish) spoke asleep "perhaps ... No ... You saw the ... Wrong ... you said bombs"

"Hmm ..." .sniper looks at the trail and there is a strange sign stopped by the road where the Canver passes by. "Wait a minute ..." He said and hit the brakes.

"What's up?" Chloe asks looking at the Sniper, he turns the carver and goes back to the sign.

."Sheila do you what it says there?"

"First my name is not Sheila is Olga and second where?" Olga said with some authority

"That sign that says strange letters. Is it some kind of language?" Sniper said pointing to the sign.

."Hmmm there must be some signs ..." said Spy who woke up and rubbed the source of his nose.

"Excuse me but that is a poster for a tavern" Chloe said firmly

."A tavern ... good we need some supplies to eat and also to do reconnaissance ..." Spy said looking at the sign.

"Since I want to make a stop ..." Sniper said.

"Why?" Said Enginner looking at Sniper crossing his legs. ."Oh I see.."

"someone said tavern !?" Demoman shouted with joy that woke up the others

"This war is not won on an empty stomach," said Soldier accordingly.

."Hey don't you think we are wasting time and besides Pyro is totally excited to burn more mercenaries ..." Enginner said looking at Pyro where he is cleaning his flamethrower and moves his right foot with emotion.

."I don't know, but I want to eat and meet girls!" Scout said

"That is for your decision I would recommend to continue" said Olga

"I say the same" Chloe said

"Sorry ladies ... but Olga .." Enginner said looking at Olga. ".I have an important question to answer "


"You have money ..." said Enginner asking.

"i've had ...but the black dogs plundered everything ... But if we attack them with their artifacts they can take their wealth ..." Olga said somewhat hurt

."Sorry miss. I shouldn't have asked that ..." Enginner said regretting Olga.

"Don't cry Elve. Heavy will always protect them .." Heavy said comforting Olga.

"Besides we can't go back ... its would waste time ..." .Spy said in a serious tone and takes out the cigarette.

"So why not look for a place where some wealth is centered, without the manpower and income they can't do much" said soldier in a very tactical way

"Hey. .How about we go to plunder the village ... "Medic said mentioning.

"If we threaten the tavern we can get the resources ..."

"That would be a good plan," said the scout.

."But if we do that someone should get the attention of the warriors there and the assault will be easy" said Chloe

"Guys ... I am against theft ... we can do something to earn money ..." Spy said and looks at Olga's scepter. ."Hey, that scepter of yours is made of precious and expensive material ..."

"It is the only thing that allows me to do powerful magic ..."

"Hmm or maybe sell this young woman's swords ..." Spy said looking at Chloe's swords.

"You won't think of selling my only weapons !?"Chloe asked defiantly

"Wait a minute. Scout you have your figures of your singer ..." Spy said remembering about the past"Let's try to sell them .." Spy said in a serious tone.

"Wait, is this not a joke?" Scout asked incredulously

"No...".Enginner said seriously. "Our only hope is your figurines ..."

"Brilliant!" Said the scout who opens his backpack and several figures and chips of an actor come out

"Ok..we're going to the tavern!" Sniper yells wanting to pee.

"Not so fast you could run over a deer!" Enginner yells.

."Olga-Sama is not to say anything but surely they will not betray us" Chloe said quietly

"Don't worry, if they wanted they would have already done what they want, but look they helped us, have a little confidence" Olga said to calm Chloe

About 30 minutes later.

"Handsome boy dolls for only one gold coin!" .Heavy yells revealing the Tom Jones dolls.

"Come on, I want to show you the terrible monster in the bag!" Enginner shouts, pointing at Pyro laughing.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Olga asks spy

."What else .. can we use you to be the magician and show magic .." said Spy giving another option.

"I won't use my magic on this ..."

"Who dares beat me in a foot race!" Said the scout. Neither villager pays attention to Scout. .just look at Pyro.

"What is that stranger doing?"

"He does some magic ..." said Enginner smiling. "Pyro teach the children but ..." Enginner approaches Pyro and whispers in his ear "Do not exceed .."

"Hmmp!" Pyro nods.

."What is this magician doing!" Said a little boy

"Hmm!" Pyro yells where he pulls out a balloon and inflates it and builds a pony. "Tada!"

"Wow!" The surrounding children come to see what he was doing

"Hmmp!" Pyro yells where he pulls out a lighter.

."No!" Cries Enginner who hides the lighter. "No fire .."

"Do you do fire magic?" Asks an adult who was with 2 children

"Uh ... look .." said Enginner who turns on the lighter. "We call it living fire ..."

."interesting but can you do more?" The interested adult said "I am looking for fire magicians for my restaurant"

Enginner turned on a light bulb and looks at Pyro. "Kids did you want to see Uncle Pyro do better magic ..." Engginer said smiling.

"yes!" .all the children say

"It looks like they are going to make a good investment but we have about an hour and a half ..." Spy said looking at the clock. "Hey Scout!" Spy yells.

"yes...?" Scout said with discouragement

."You can explore the village if you see something strange ... and come back in 20 minutes ..." Spy said and looks at Chloe "You put on your hood and go accompany this brat ..."

"it's okay!" The scout said to run away

"Hey wait for me!" .Chloe said to follow him

"Scout!" Spy yells. "Don't run so fast and take care of Chloe!"

"ok" he said to slow down

"How come you don't get tired?"

The 2 are already at a distance

"Uff ... at least this one will forget about the miss ..." .Spy said sighing annoyed and looks at Olga "You stay inside the carver and don't touch anything ..." said Spy and turns his back on the wall of the vehicle "I will watch those morons ..." said Spy looking at Heavy, Demoman, Soldier, Sniper and Medic

."I think I know what to do!" Said soldier with the rocket launcher in hand preparing a Rocket jump

"Heavy ..." said Spy.

"And it is?"

"Give that soldier a slap ..." Spy said in a serious tone "I don't want to make scandals ..."

."Hello again, what's up my good friend Russian?" Asked soldier looking at heavy


Heavy slaps Soldier heavily leaving him stuck on the ground. "No explosion ..."

"Ohug ..." Soldier complained

"Hahaha!" .A villager laughs when he sees what happened.

"hehehe, heavy do it again" said the soldier with a stupid idea

"Ah Medic prepare your Medigun and I don't want that psychopath to die halfway through the stop ..." Spy said annoyed.

."ja" Medic said preparing his Medigun

The soldier flew out of a heavy kick and landed face down

"Hahaha this is fun" said soldier smiling and missing a tooth

30 minutes later.

all the villagers yelled at Heavy to keep hitting while Medic healed with his medigun. Soldier's faces were bruised and teeth fell out. And then he recovered. "There it is ..." .Spy said and applauded stopping Heavy "The fun is over. Thanks for watching the show!" he yells at all the villagers.

Villagers boo Spy for being a party pooper. Spy moans annoyed and raises the revolver pointed at the air.



the two rumblings caused the villagers to scatter scared. Olga looks at Spy.

"Did you need to do that?"

"Meh ... the party is over ..." Spy said seriously and looked at Medic. "How much do we earn for now?"

."Hmm we won like ... 1,200 bronze which equates to 120 gold coins. Plus 100 gold coins for the request that one of the villagers asked Heavy to break Soldier's arms ... in total we have like 220 gold ..."medic looks at Olga "Is it enough to buy supplies?" She asks since he doesn't know the prices of this related world about money.

"yes it's enough ..." Olga said and looked around that someone was missing. ."Where's Chloe and the skinny guy (Scout)?"

Spy looks around where someone is missing "How strange?"

10 minutes ago.

Scout walked on Chloe's side. "Wow ... it seems that I'm in middle age ..." .Scout looked around the place. "It has many old things ... oh man ... it has swords ... farm and also women who are beautiful ..." Scout looked everywhere in the village. ."I wonder what the nobles will look like I hope they are the most beautiful and then blah blah blah ..." Scout spoke non-stop, Chloe had the hood on that hid all the great part hiding her identity that she is a dark elf .

.but behind her hood she had an annoyed look on Scout's big mouth that kept talking about the topics that were very confusing for her. She decided to keep an eye on him so he doesn't get into trouble that doesn't suit him.

."Well I'll try to link a ..." Scout said thundering his bones. Chloe gave an annoyed look.

"Are you seriously going to hit on a woman mid-mission?" Chloe said annoyed.

"Ovbio yes ..." .Scout adjusts his neck and looks at Chloe "Don't feel jealous ... when all this is over we can eat chicken wings ..." Scout winks at Chloe that she growls annoyed about the annoying comment but she lit her candle.

."Hey since you're from another world ... did you know that girls accept a man to say: you want to fuck with me?" Chloe lies to Scout

"Really? Wow ... This world is easy!" Said the incredulous scout

"Yes ... why don't you try ..." .Chloe points to a group of women. "Just to heat up the situation only reveals your member showing the women and screams what I told you ..." she said smiling.

"So like that? Ok ... that's kind of weird already ... but it doesn't matter!" .Scout said and approaches the group of women

"Hihi ..." Chloe smiles to see the result.

In the distance you could see Scout talking to women and doing everything what Chloe said ..for his bad luck for him, they all scream and one slaps him and the other takes out a stick and breaks it in the head knocking him out, in that all run

"Hahhahahahhahahhah!" Chloe laughs when she sees that the human has received a great beating from his life.

."Medic ..." Scout said with difficulty

Chloe pats him on the face to make him react "Hey we need to come back ..." .Chloe sighs in frustration but notice something in the alley where there were two people with hoods and there was a person who has noble clothing.

Chloe noticed the symbol where it was on the cape was black dogs. Chloe looks at Scout who is still unconscious. Chloe growls angrily and regrets having made an immature joke, she had no choice but to drag the human.

Chloe dragged Scout while she followed the two members of the black dogs in secret. Finally she reaches the isolated place where the three people speak.

"Did you look for the plans for the wall well?" Said the man with the hood. .The nobleman who has a brown cap and dark green suit, has a gray mustache and his eyes are brown.

"Here you go ..." said the Noble giving the plans. The spy of the black dogs.

"Interesting that .. could help you achieve perfect victory ..." .The man said smiling. Chloe leans into the wall leaving Scout unconscious.

"Well ... tomorrow at noon when the sun is present, Vault wants you to make a hole in the wall so that he can enter with the army ..." .The other member said and handed him the bag.

"Give it to the Mortadella brothers and they will give you hands to help you prepare ..."

"Okay ..." said the Noble smiling. The two spies walk back where they came from. .Chloe becomes internally alarmed and looks at Scout who just woke up.

"You damn ..." Chloe quickly put Scout in a standing position.

"Shut your mouth" Chloe puts her hand on her mouth. "Pretend we're kissing ..." .She said in a whisper.

"Okay ..." The Scout said seriously and conceals 'she is beautiful' he mentally told himself. Chloe kisses the hand that was Scout's mouth covered.

When the two members of the black dogs look at the alleged couple kissing, the two growls annoyed. "Go rent the room ..." one complains.

The scout peeks at the black dogs until one turns to see, Chloe punches him in the Scout's groin to make him look away. .The scout was going to scream but she covered her mouth with her hand and his eyes roll blank. The two spies of the black dogs leave the place. Chloe looks at where they went. ."I have to warn those morons (The Reds) that there will be sabotage ..." Chloe looks at Scout who is unconscious again "I have to take this damn human ..." Chloe drags him to return to the place of the Reds who they are waiting.

"Seriously ... Why is this happening to me ..." Scout said almost lifeless.

Where is the fire lover and the southerner.

"Well friend ... This is where you will work!" The man said and brought him up from a restaurant "are you ready?"

"Hhmmmp!" .Pyro raises his flamethrower. Enginner worried and excited at the same time about what is going to happen.

"Let's go inside!" .The man said and they enter the restaurant, when entering inside it looked like a large bar with three fire magicians, they use that magic to make small shows and prepare food, people are surprised and applaud in general

"you may well taste .do your magic around here "said the man and guide the pyro to a kind of kitchen but made of raises the flamethrower and starts throwing a big flare "hmm ... Interesting ... Well I'll bring you ingredients while he looks at you" said the man and goes to the back. Pyro looks at the spectators and also the magicians .

Pyro's Vision. They were all babies in different clothes. "Hahahahahah!"

"Fire is our friend!"

"Let's have fun!" Pyro starts to laugh playfully.

In real life. .

The man brings a large basket with various ingredients and food

"well here I leave you this I wish you luck!" The man is walking to the back.

"Well maybe warming up is your specialty after all ..." .Enginner said smiling. A couple approaches the pyro stand

"Hello we want a new special from you please" said the man

"We will pay you 20 silver coins if we like it a lot" said the woman. .

Enginner paled that Pyro doesn't know how to cook, he only knows how to burn to ashes. The Pyro raises the flamethrower

"Pyro wait!" Pulling the trigger starts burning everyone. .The couple is burned and the chaos breaks out, people run in fear and the couple continues to burn, Enginner grabs the vase of water and throws it at the couple.


"HMMP!" .Pyro growls annoyed that Enginner put out the fire. the other wizards pale and go into combat position as they approach the Pyro. Enginner's jaw dropped in fear and he had no choice but to drag Pyro out. .

"Let's get out of here!" Enginner yells, dragging Pyro.

"High!" Said a wizard who throws a wave of fire to stop them.

Going back to the French and together with the ex-queen of the dark elves and the rest of the circus. Spy looks at the pocket watch. Spy sighs annoyed

"Where the hell are the idiot athletes, the pyromaniac and the engineer ..." Look ahead where there are two acquaintances running from someone.

"We have to go now!" Enginner yells in looks behind Pyro and Enginner and sees that three people are throwing fireballs.

"Slags come back here!" The magician shouts and throws a fireball. Spy looks back at the others who were outside.

"Everyone to the caravan!" .Screams Spy, ordering the others. Soldier enters the caravan

"Very well Australian we get out of here!" Look at the driver's seat where the Sniper should be. It's empty. "Where the hell is the Australian!" Shouts Soldier angrily.

"Wait! .They leave us behind! "Shouts the scout running. Sniper walked back with the five Jarate flasks in his arms.

" What the hell .. "he said looking at the magicians.

"you will pay for what did! ".Another magician shouts and generates a large fireball that hits the carver. Sniper gasp in shock. Sniper looks at his Jarate and grins.

"Hey wizard!" He yells, stretching his arm back.

"What!?" The group of magicians said. .

"DONT TOUCH MY CANVER!" He yells before throwing the Jarate at the three magicians.

"What the hell!?" One of the magicians said.


All magicians are soaked in urine and all become sick and lose concentration.

"Yaaaarg!" .Sniper lets out an angry roar and throws more jarate

"Run!" Yells the other wizard. The three magicians run away from Sniper's wrath. Olga and Chloe looked with surprise that Sniper had chased away the three magicians

"What is it that I throw?" .Olga said confused about what he threw.

"Was it potions?" Chloe said looking at Scout.

"You better not know ..." Scout knew that this Jarate is Sniper's urine. Everyone leaves the village. Spy looks at Pyro. .

"Pyro ... can burn black dogs and whatnot but I told you nothing about burning civilians ..."

"Hmmmp ..." Pyro defends himself.

"Well it was my fault for getting into this ..." Enginner apologizes for making the mistake of walking Pyro into the restaurant. ."A couple almost died ..."

"Whatever but at least there were no unnecessary deaths ..." Spy said with an annoyed sigh.

"Hey ... I heard something about tomorrow attacking Feoh when the sun is present ..." .Chloe said, remembering what the black dog spies said.

"And did you find anything else?" Spy asked interested the information.

"He was a noble and has to meet the Mortadella brothers ..." Chloe explained. .

"Well I guess we're going to Feoh right now and we'll pay a visit to the Mortadella ..." Spy said looking at Sniper. "To Feoh, Australian ..."

"Yes Mate" Sniper said adjusting his hat and driving towards Feoh.

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