Title: Foxy's Past Love

Pairing: Warren Fox & Ellie Casper

Rating: K+

A/N: Own nothing apart from the idea and Ellie Casper

Summary: Warren had teenage sweetheart, he hoped to see her again, will Warren ever see Ellie again? Read to find out!

Chapter One

Warren Fox had always thought about his teenage sweetheart Ellie, Warren had always hoped that he would see her again, he still loved Ellie and as Warren thought about Ellie, he had no idea if he would ever see her again, Warren hoped that Ellie still had the silver promise ring that he gave her along with the ruby studs for her ears, a couple months had passed when Warren was at his nightclub, he was in his office working, he was unaware that someone had walked into the club, Ellie looked around the club and she had been through a tough time, Warren decided to get a drink, he walked out and saw someone in the club, Ellie heard footsteps, as she turned around and saw Warren who was shocked to see Ellie after all this time, Ellie softly smiled as Warren then noticed the ruby studs in her ears, it made him smile seeing that she still wore them, Warren walked over to Ellie and he gave her a hug, Ellie softly winced as she put her hand on her side, Warren asked her if she was ok, Ellie showed Warren the bruising on her side, Warren asked Ellie how she got hurt, Ellie opened up to Warren and told him who did it, Warren put his hand on Ellie's cheek, Ellie had missed being close to him, Warren invited Ellie back to his place, Ellie agreed to go back with Warren.

Once Ellie and Warren got back to his place, Ellie stayed close to Warren as he gently held her close to him, Ellie knew that she could only feel safe with Warren, Ellie knew how protective Warren was of her, Warren didn't want Ellie to leave, Warren asked Ellie to spend the night with him, when Ellie agreed to stay with Warren, as he led her to his bedroom, Ellie who took her top off, as Warren saw the bruising on her side and he gently placed a kiss on her sore side, Ellie knew that she still loved him, when Warren then gave Ellie a soft kiss as she kissed him back, Warren was gentle with Ellie as they were in bed together, Warren gently held Ellie close to him as he didn't want to hurt her more than she already was, Warren cuddled close to Ellie as she told Warren as she could only feel safe with him, Warren smiled softly as Ellie cuddled in close to him, Warren wrapped the duvet around Ellie so she would be warm beside him, Ellie grabbed her phone and switched it off, she just wanted to reconnect with Warren after so long apart, Warren knew that Ellie's father had never liked him, as he was gentle with Ellie as they were in bed together, Ellie had her hand on Warren's bare chest as he was happy to be reunited with her again, Ellie was glad to be with Warren again, she was safe with him, Ellie had no idea that her dad would show up and try hurt her again.

Few days had passed since Ellie and Warren reunited with each other, Ellie knew that Warren was looking after her properly, Ellie and Warren were in the villiage together, Warren stayed close to Ellie, when her dad showed up and saw his little girl with Warren, Damon disliked Warren being near his daughter, so later that day, Ellie was heading to meet Warren at the club when Damon hit Ellie hard against the wall, Warren went to see if he could find Ellie and came across the scene and Warren pushed Damon to the ground hard, as Ellie was in pain as Warren helped her to stand, Ellie stayed close to Warren, who warned Damon to stay away from Ellie who was close to Warren as he led Ellie into the nightclub and into his office, Warren took care of Ellie's injuries that her dad did to her, Ellie softly winced as Warren looked after her, Ellie then placed her hand on Warren's cheek as he looked after her.

Warren took Ellie back to his place and once inside, Ellie softly sighed but she hurt from what happened to her, Warren didn't like to see Ellie in pain, he gave her some painkillers and once she took the tablets, Ellie told Warren that she was gonna try and get some sleep, he gave her a goodnight kiss and he joined her in bed an hour later, Warren joined Ellie in bed and Warren noticed that Ellie was already asleep, Warren went to sleep next to Elllie, Warren stayed close to Ellie as they were asleep together, Warren knew how much Ellie meant to him, Ellie was close to Warren as they slept together in the warmth of their bed, Warren would keep Ellie safe from her father, no matter what it took.

Ellie slept on her left side, close to Warren as he held her close, careful not to hurt her more than she already was, Warren kept the duvet around Ellie while she was asleep beside him, Ellie softly sighed in her sleep as she was safe with Warren, Ellie always loved Warren and she knew that he loved her too, Warren had his hand on Ellie's side as they were asleep together, Warren was glad to have Ellie back in his life, Warren wanted a future with Ellie, following morning as Warren woke up and Warren noticed that Ellie was still asleep on his chest, Ellie was comfy next to Warren as he watched her sleep on his chest, he kept the duvet around her as she slept in his bed, Warren knew that he loved Ellie so much.

Ellie woke up and she saw Warren as he then gave Ellie a morning kiss, Ellie smiled in their kiss, she allowed Warren to check how her side was and he noticed that it was bruised bad and Warren suggested that she get it checked out at hospital, Ellie knew that Warren was right and he went with her for support and once at the hospital, Ellie got an x-ray and was informed that she had two fractured ribs and would heal in six weeks or so, Ellie told this to Warren afterwards and he gently held Ellie close to him as she was given some meds to take along with some pain gel, Warren knew that he had to protect Ellie from her dad somehow, Warren made a phone call after Ellie was asleep in bed resting, Ellie knew how protective he was of her, Ellie loved that side of Warren and later when she woke up, she noticed Warren getting changed and she got up gently, she went over to Warren and put her hand on his arm, Warren turned around and smiled as he kissed her softly, Ellie smiled in their kiss as the kiss turned into passion as Warren was gentle with Ellie as they had some fun, afterwards Ellie was close to Warren as he put his hand on Ellie's arm softly, Ellie was happy to be in Warren's embrace as they cuddled in bed together, Ellie put her hand on Warren's bare chest, Warren smiled softly knowing how close Ellie was to him, Ellie told Warren that she loved him, Warren then told Ellie that he loved her too, Ellie smiled as she and Warren shared a soft kiss.

What happens in part 2?