When Jay died, it was in her arms.

His chest had been crushed in the jaws of yet another one of Wu's enemies, a dragon intent on revenge for something neither Nya nor her husband had been involved in.

They couldn't seem to leave ninjago alone, even after the old man's death.

Ignoring the blood soaking into her gi, she'd held him, talking gently to him as he slipped away.

Once he was gone, she only allowed herself a couple minutes more to mourn before rejoining the fray.

She wouldn't tell their daughter what happened that night. She was too young to understand.

Zane was the next to go.

He'd been investigating a string of disappearances among the serpentine.

Someone had managed to recreate the flutes used to secure a win for humanity during the first serpentine war, and was building an army.

They needed metal.

By the time the others got there, it had been too late.

Zane had passed his powers on before his death.

An orphaned serpentine kid, half constricti, half venomari, but with the powers of neither.

They where instrumental in saving the world.

When it was all over, Cole took them in.

He only wished Zane was there, too.

Cole's death was the last straw.

Kai was the one to deliver the news to his dead teammate's husband, the poor hypnobrai was inconsolable at the news.

After that, the ninja of fire decided to retire.

No one saw him again.

Cole's powers manifested in his youngest, a human girl he'd adopted not long after the marriage.

Kai's appeared in a distant relative.

Lloyd thanked his grandfather the last generation had stayed in touch so long.

It wasn't hard to get the next team together, most of them had been training since childhood.

Allan, Master of Lightning.

Victi, Master of Ice.

Kate, Master of Earth.

He'd only need to find the Master of Fire.