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"Lan! Wake up, man! You're gonna be late if you don't wake up!" Megaman said as the boy started to roll over then off the bed.

"OUCH!" he cried.

"Lan, are you okay?" his mother called up.

"Yeah Mom I'm fine!" he replied. "Megaman can you find a way to wake me up that doesn't include me falling out of bed?"

"I'm not the one who falls every morning."

"HEY! I can fix that!"

"Let's not do something hasty!" Megaman said at the glare he received.

"Lan! Lan Hikari, the phone is for you… It's important!" Mrs. Hikari called up. Lan picked up the phone.


"Lan! How are you?" an accented voice asked while the clicking sound of typing and murmuring of voices were heard in the background.

"Kailyn?" he asked shocked. Megaman arched an eyebrow. He hated being left out of something.

"On the dot, Lan… I asked how you were you know…"

"Oh I'm good! So is Megaman," he said with a smile.

"That personalized NetNavi of yours? I'm super glad you like it, I helped you father with the prototype programs. My NetNavi is made similarly," Kailyn said. "I have a favor to ask you…"

"Ask away!"

"Well, I've got this project… It worked on my PET and Arieal's PET, but I'm wondering if you'd let me make the modifications on yours as well…"

"What kind of modifications Kai?" he asked picking up his PET and looked at Megaman.

"What's going on Lan?" he asked.

"It would provide a replica of your house for Megaman to be in. See we determined when they're on their own they're just kind of on this plane and we've invented a program to make a net house for the Navis!"

"Are you sure it's safe Kai?" he asked.




"He'll be okay?"


Lan sighed. "Okay… What do you need me to do?"

"I'll come pick you up! Arieal I'll need a ride get the jeep!" she called away from the phone. Lan rolled his eyes. "Get ready Lan, I'll be there in ten!" she told him before hanging up.

"Lan, what's going on? You seem tense," Megaman said to him as the boy pulled on his clothes and turned back to him.

"Kailyn's going to update you is all…" Lan said.

"Lan, you were and are really freaked out over this! Tell me the truth," Megaman demanded.

"I just did. Kai's been studying science and technology forever. She's eighteen now and is almost as respected as my dad. Don't worry, with Kailyn, we're both safe," Lan said picking him up and heading downstairs. "I'm gonna go with Kailyn, kay Mom?"

"Sure thing, just be careful! And don't touch anything that she says is dangerous!" Mrs. Hikari called after him as he ran outside just as a jeep pulled up.

"So this is Lan," said the driver smiling and pushing her sunglasses up on top of her head as she climbed out. "I'm Arieal Deaveraux." Lan shook the hand she offered.

"Lan Hikari, ma'am!" he said happily.

"So proper Kai… He's a sweetheart!" she said as her friend came over and hugged Lan getting a hug back.

"That's my cousin for you Arieal," She said keeping an arm around Lan's shoulders. "Come on. We're going to the lab to hook up. The upload is really big and it takes a powerful info-blast to introduce it to the system."

"But Megaman will be fine, right?" Lan asked.

"Of course," said a similar Navi. "I'm Oceané, Arieal's Navi. I've had the upgrade as well."

"So you were okay?"

"Perfectly fine. As was Fauna, in fact Fauna is better than fine. She's completely ecstatic."

"That's right!" the girl appeared beside Megaman.

"Hey! Fauna, how are you?"

"Super Mega! Thanks for asking bro… Hello Lan, I'm Fauna. A prototype program of Megaman only configured to Kailyn's liking. Being as I'm female and all you know. I'm in all technical terms, Megaman's big sister!" she said waving to the boy.

"She's not that bad at all," Megaman said before he was hit with a random pillow and knocked over. Lan snickered as they pulled into the lab parking lot.

"Wow, Kailyn this place is HUGE!" Lan said. Even Megaman was impressed.

"It's much smaller than the places we worked in with Dr. Hikari," Arieal said as she slide her card through a scanner and the door opened.

"Wow…" Lan and Megaman said together.

"Welcome to Horitami International Technology Research and Testing Facility Japan base 4," Oceané said from the floating projector.

"She's a little on the stiff side sometimes," Fauna said from next to her. Lan and Megaman smiled. They were lead to a back part of the facility where there was an enclosed observation area where people were typing away.

"This is where we'll be Lan," Arieal explained.

"Megaman will be down on the charger." That came from Oceané.

"WHAT?" Megaman asked. "You're gonna separate me from Lan?"

"No! You're going to be down there and then we have to have a high-energy beam hit the PET you're in. The intensity of the blast could cause damage to Lan if he was too close and without the special protective glass," Kailyn explained.

"What kind of things?" Lan asked. It was written all over his face that he wanted to be with Megaman through this, worry was practically screaming at his cousin.

"Permanent or partial loss of sight, permanent or temporary amnesia, permanent medical problems such as increased risk of stroke, high blood pressure and so forth Lan… You can't be down there… it is much too dangerous…."

"Excuse me, Miss. Hikari?" a man asked.


"We have two others who volunteered for the test under strict guides that their Navis would be recreated if something should happen to them," he said.

"But it won't, bring them up here then so Arieal and I can meet them," Kailyn told him. In came Mayl and Dax.

"Guys!" Lan said happily when they came in nervously.

"Lan!" Mayl said hugging him tightly. "You're going to participate too?"

"Uh-huh!" Lan said smiling and looking more confidant now.

"Where's this Doctor person we're to meet?" Dax asked.

"I'll introduce you," Lan said motioning for them to follow him over to where Arieal and Kailyn were talking. "Kai!"

"Lan? Oh hello! You must be the other participants! I'm Doctor Kailyn Hikari, and this is my partner Arieal Deavaraux.

"This is Mayl and this is Dax," Lan said with a smile.

"Oh, they're friends of yours Lan?" Arieal asked smiling as well. "Thank you very much for coming. We couldn't be happier to have you!"

"Any friends of Lan are welcome here," Kailyn added. The first PET upgraded was Mayl's. It went very smoothly and the girl was ecstatic that her Navi had a home.

"Is it comfortable?"


"That's so cool! You have a piano too!" Mayl said, happily as she watched as her Navi looked around the new house.

Dax went next and again it went smoothly. He left as Mayl bid goodbye and gave more thanks for what they'd done.

"Okay then Lan," Arieal said as the boy looked down through the glass at where his PET was. Kailyn was with him explaining everything again. He was nodding with a nervous smile. The beam hit the PET perfectly and the calculations were all on when the monitor began doing weird things.

"Kailyn what's going on?" Lan asked worriedly as the light became much brighter.

"Status!" Kailyn barked.

"Another program is trying to run, Ma'am!"

"What program?" Arieal asked sitting down and typing rapidly.

"Program…. LANN, Doctor Hikari…" Kailyn paled.

"Cut power!" she yelled running out the door and sliding down the rail. Lan right behind her.

"MEGAMAN!" he yelled as she kept him from opening the door. Mayl came running back towards them. Security guards held her back. As soon as the light faded Lan ran into the room Kailyn on his heels. "MEGAMAN!"

"Lan wait a minute! You don't understand!" she called into room. The room was hazy with a foggy smoke. Lan stood at the edge.

"Kai… Kai will he be okay? Is he okay Kai?" Lan asked her. Arieal came in the door. Kailyn was staring into the smoke.

"Oh my God…" she breathed.

"What is it Kai? Kai what's the program LANN supposed to do?" the other doctor asked.

"LANN is program I created on my own…I've been trying to get it perfect for years," Kailyn breathed as a figure stood up in the smoke coughing a bit. The figure walked towards them. Lan pressed into Kailyn as Arieal watched. "LANN stands for Life Attained by NetNavi."

"What happened?" Megaman asked emerging from the smoke, in a true form of his own.

"Megaman?!" Lan cried happily before glomping him tears in his eyes. "You're okay! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO LOOSE YOU!"

Arieal slumped into Kailyn's arms. "It works… The program can give a physical form to NetNavis!"

"Huh?" Megaman asked before blushing at Lan. "Wait a minute… You're hugging me…." He said quietly.

Lan stood up. The two were the same height. In fact they looked almost identical. "You're okay! You're really okay and you're… human!"