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Megaman woke up after Lan the next morning. Which worried both Lan and himself a bit. He made a mental note to talk to Kailyn about it later.

"Hey, Ryuu, are you doing alright?" Lan asked, as the other was fairly sluggish at breakfast.

"Just a little tired is all Lan… Probably because I'm not used to doing all those things yesterday in a body that actually tires physically," he said with a yawn. Lan nodded with a slight frown. The two later headed out for the afternoon, Lan frowning again at the paleness on Megaman's cheeks.

Kailyn had found them in the park and offered them lunch that being where she had been heading in the first place. They accepted thankfully.

"So, how's this been working out boys?" she asked as the boys waited for their meals. Kailyn was munching on her salad that came with hers.

"Well, it's been fine I guess," Megaman said looking at the table. "It's taking a lot of adjustments on my part."

"Really?" Kai said catching his eyes. Ryuu's eyes fell down to the table quickly. "I thought Lan would have to make a lot of adjusting too…"

"I have, but I think Mom had to make the most adjusting. It's been a lot of fun! Yesterday I taught Ryuu how to play soccer!"

"Soccer huh?" Kai smiled to her cousin. He nodded and Ryuu looked up smiling.

"Well, I might just have to program in a soccer field then huh?" she asked with a wink. The boys grinned and snickered at the girl.

Lan excused himself to go and fiddle with the jukebox and Kai didn't waste anytime.

"Something wrong Ryuu?" she asked.

"I felt really tired this morning… But I think it's because my body isn't physically used to playing soccer or anything."

"That's probably true… Keep me posted if it keeps happening okay?"

"Of course. Kai?"

"Yeah Ryuu? What is it?"

"Well… I've been getting this feeling…."

"What kind of feeling?"

"Well, it's almost like I'm melting on the inside because I'm so happy and I feel like I'm floating on air… but I'm not because it's quite impossible. And it's just a really weird feeling… And the stranger thing is I really like that feeling…"

"Sounds like love to me, Ryuu," Kai said with a smile. "So who's the lucky one?"

"Lucky one?"

"Who makes you feel like you're in love?" Kai said patiently.

"Lan does." Kai almost choked on her salad.

"What?" she coughed out with a weird look.

"Lan does. I was watching Lan sleep and I felt that way… I feel that way around him a lot…"

"Like you're really good friends right?" Kai asked blinking rapidly.

"We are. But I feel love…"

"Kai!" Lan said sliding next to his cousin and grinning. "Can I have a few quarters?"

"Here, Lannie," she said handing him a handful of coins making the boy depart again. "You can love your best friend Ryuu. That's normal. Perfectly alright."

"Okay. Then why did it shock you?"

"Oh. Well, I thought it was a different kind of love," Kai said calmly.

"What's the other kind?"

"Well. There's love where, you really care about someone. Like I love Lan. Or Arieal. I wouldn't ever kiss her or date her, because, as of right now, I don't feel that way about her." Ryuu nodded following so far. "The other kind of love is when you never want to be apart from the other person and you'd do everything and anything for that person. You want to be in intimate, physical contact. You feel, as though your heart, all your feelings, are for them and them alone. You want to wake up every morning and see them…"

"You want to be with them forever?"

"Yes! That's it!"

"But I want to be with Lan forever…"

"I want to be with Arieal forever. She's a big part of my life, but she is like a sister to me…"

"Kailyn. If you love someone in the way you just described. Forever and always, and would give anything… Is that bad?"


"I think that's how I feel about Lan…"

Kailyn blinked at the human-netnavi before her. "You…. You what? You what Ryuu?" she asked as the waitress came over and set down their plates.

"I think I love Lan…"

"Ryuu… Can you come to the lab tomorrow?" The boy nodded looking down. "Okay… We can talk then. Just you and me, okay?"


"Oh boy! The food got here!" Lan said taking his seat by Ryuu. He looked at his friend and whispered to him, "Hey, is something wrong Megaman?"

"Oh, nothing at all! I was just thinking really hard about something," the bluenette answered.

"Alright…" The three ate most of the lunch in silence.

"So Kai, how is the program coming?" Lan asked after several moments of silence.

"It's getting close… We're having a lot of problems with some sort of virus popping up. Fauna and Oceané are hard at work trying to keep the virus from interfering with out progress… It's working so far… But they're going to tire out sooner or later and that won't be good," the elder Hikari explained.

"Well at least you're trying, right?" Ryuu asked. Kailyn nodded and paid for lunch.

"I'll see you guys later… Don't forget Ryuu!" she said with a wave before disappearing.

"What did she mean?" Lan asked.

"I just have to go and see her tomorrow. Just a check up is all Lan, nothing to worry about. I'd be home before you knew it!"

"You're going alone…?"

"I was kinda planning on it…"

"Oh…" The two boys started to walk home in silence.

'Is something wrong with Megaman that he's not telling me? Is the program shutting down internally so he'll just disappear? Will I loose my best friend forever?! NO! Don't think like that Lan Hikari! Megaman will be just perfectly fine! It's just a check up, to make sure that everything is running smoothly.' Lan thought to himself as they walked.

'Does he think I'm lying? Does he KNOW I'm lying? What if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore? What if, what if he doesn't feel like I do… But then again, how am I supposed to know… Two days ago I was just a bunch of data, and now I'm a human boy with true emotions, not simulated ones and all these other things I have to worry about… This is so weird… It's confusing… I just hope this doesn't cost me my friendship with Lan…' Ryuu thought at the same time as Lan.

They arrived home still silent. Mrs. Hikari was very worried about them. It wasn't like either of them at all. She was tempted to call Kailyn, but figured the girl would tell her she was over reacting again… which she did have a tendency to do every once in a while…

Ryuu sighed as he sat in Kailyn's office waiting for her. He left without waking Lan, asking Mrs. Hikari to please tell him that he'd be back as soon as he could.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Kailyn said as she came in. "How have things been?"

"I'm a little tired, but I didn't sleep well last night…" Kailyn shrugged off her lab coat and leaned against her desk watching him as he looked down at his hands that were clasped in his lap. "I was worried that Lan thought something was wrong. He was pretty quiet after you left… I thought, he might think I was lying about something," he said with a sniffle. "I don't want him upset with me… I-I… I got online earlier and well… I-I… I did some research on love… And I love him… More than anything… If he wants me to go back to being just his netnavi then I'll do it! I'd, I'd do anything for him!" Kailyn frowned as she knelt next to the boy and wiped at his eyes.

"I know you do… I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were saying and I know Lan's not upset with you… He's probably just worried… Now. I need to run some tests on you, okay?" she asked standing again.

"What kind of tests?" Ryuu asked rubbing at his eyes.

"Just a balance test I guess you could call it… Follow me," she said grabbing her coat as she left through a door. Megaman followed her. "Sit down right there," she said pointing to a doctor's table. "And lay down."

Ryuu did as he was told and looked over at her. She was pulling a monitor like thing over. Obviously, she'd created it because Ryuu didn't recognize it. "What's that do?" he asked looking up at her.

"It'll measure how well your body is holding up… It's not like the cells are correctly developed…" she said sheepishly.

"Okay!" he smiled to her. She blinked and smiled before hooking it up and placing the sensor on his arm. Turning on the system she started to scan his cells for defects.

Lan poked at his breakfast after his mom left. He hadn't eaten much and he didn't feel like changing that. He had left his headband off so his hair hung low in his eyes. He puffed out a breath to try and move them from his vision, the opposite happened.

The door opened but Lan didn't look up.

"Hey Lan!" Ryuu called in. Lan didn't answer just stabbed his eggs that were long cold. "Lan?" Ryuu's voice was worried as it came closer along with footsteps. "Lan… Didn't you hear me?" Ryuu asked sitting next to him at the table. Ryuu blinked at the cold food that Lan was poking at. The brunette nodded slightly. "You're not sick are you?"

Lan shook his head, pressing his fork down on his eggs making the insides ooze out.

"Are you still tired?"

Another head shake. Ryuu sighed.

"Are you worried about me?"

Lan nodded, drawing shapeless forms in yolk of his eggs.

"Are you, mad at me?"

Lan shook his head.

"Are you going to talk to me?"

This time it was a shrug. Ryuu sighed as Lan got up and started to clean the dish he'd used.

"Did you eat?" Lan asked quietly.

"I had a quick breakfast… Did you eat?"

"Not really…" Ryuu got up and placed his hand on Lan's forehead.

"You don't feel warm… Nor do you feel cold…"

"I already said I was fine…"

"Well, something's wrong… You're not acting like yourself…" Lan's lower lip trembled before he latched onto Megaman and started crying. The bluenette made an interesting noise before placing his arms hesitantly around Lan. "What is it?" Lan shook his head sniffling as he buried his face into his friend's chest.

Ryuu smiled sadly before picking the boy up, causing a squeak to come from him before carrying him up the stairs and into his bedroom, where he sat down on the bed with the boy in his arms.

"Will you tell me now?"

Lan sniffled. "Is, is something going to happen?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" the blunette asked blinking rapidly.

"Is something wrong? Are you going to have to stay with Kailyn? Are you… Are you going to disappear?!" Lan asked sobbing on Ryuu's shoulder.

"No… None of the above," he whispered to his distraught friend. "Everything checked out fine! Kailyn's impressed how well the body is holding up!" Lan sighed with relief, relaxing in Ryuu's arms.

"I was so worried! I was worried that you didn't want to worry me because something was wrong and Kailyn was going to have to keep you with her so you didn't disappear! I was afraid that I might loose you!" Lan told him with a whimper, wrapping his arms tightly around Ryuu's waist, his head still resting on the taller boy's shoulder.

"You don't have a thing to be worried about Lan! I'd tell you if something were wrong…" Ryuu assured him. Lan smiled as he yawned. "Did you sleep last night?"

"I wasn't really sleeping… I mean, as much as I was resting…" Lan yawned. Ryuu smiled as the boy fell asleep in his arms. After watching Lan sleep for a while, Ryuu realized how tired he was as well and fidgeted his way to the headboard, leaning against it while keeping Lan in his lap drifting off to sleep as well.

"Honestly Kailyn, I don't know why they didn't answer the phone!" Mrs. Hikari said as she entered the house and started up the stairs.

"They could be out Auntie," Kai said following her up rolling her eyes.

Mrs. Hikari blinked rapidly when she looked into her son's room.

"What?" Kai asked before looking in. "Aww…. Ryuu is comforting Lannie!" she giggled.

"Oh my lord…"

"Auntie. Neither slept well… Lan was worried sick about Ryuu since he had to come see me this morning. Ryuu was worried that since Lannie wasn't acting normal he was really upset with him so he didn't sleep well… They're exhausted."

"They're not…"


"Okay…" Mrs. Hikari said heading for the stairs again.

"Go back to work Auntie. I can work from here and keep an eye on them, unless they call me."

"All right. Just let me know if they…"


"Thank you…" Mrs. Hikari said before leaving. Kai walked into Lan's room and over to his school books and picked up the heaviest one and slamming it down on the floor causing both boys to yelp and jump falling off the bed.

"What was that for Kai?"

"That's so unfair…" Ryuu mumbled rubbing his back, which is what he landed on.

"You looked too cute, I didn't want to, but I needed to tell you that Auntie thought that something was going on… She's touchy on that I guess…" Kai said shrugging her shoulders.

Ryuu was blushing profusely. Lan was not much better off.

"Mom jumps to conclusions all the time…" Lan murmured.

"I know. I told her nothing was going on. Now, be good. Because even though I said I'd watch you guys, I have to get to work. So stay out of trouble, and just stay home today. I don't want you over working Ryuu's body, all right?" she asked giving them hard looks. They both nodded to her. "Good. I'll see you two later." With that, she kissed their heads and left. Lan and Ryuu looked at each other before shrugging.

"Still tired?" Ryuu asked Lan. He shook his head getting up.

"Come on, I haven't gotten you to watch TV yet!" he said grabbing his hand and heading towards the living room. Ryuu was smiling at the feel of their fingers intertwined.

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