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I slowly opened my eyes, blinking rapidly as my retinas adjusted to the bright light coming from overhead. Closing my eyes and raising my right hand to shield the incoming light, I slowly started to raise my upper body from the surface I was laying on.

Using my remaining hand as a guide, I slowly ascended, my back leaning against what must've been a wall behind me. My body felt like a stiff board, a dull pain sensation making my muscles clench as I straightened my back up against the wall's cold surface.

Managing to sit in an upright position, eyes still closed, I started to check my body for any injuries. Finding none, I started to search my person.

Eyes still shut, I quickly patted myself down and felt for the rectangular glasses I always wore. I found them in my back pocket. Slowly moving my fingers across the panes and frame, I could feel that the lenses were slightly misaligned, most likely me crushing them beneath my weight.

I knew that this was not my apartment; the inorganic aroma of chemicals, soot, and paint creating a cumulative stench that was nauseating to me.

Taking the glasses from my pocket and putting them over my nose, I slowly opened my eyes, squinting as the overhead lights continued to beam down.

The room was small but cozy, three beds, including the one I was on, covering almost the entirety of the floorspace, their wooden framing slightly worn with age. The room glowed in an unnaturally bright light (even though it was most likely my eyes still adjusting) and was covered in a pinkish-salmon hue from floor to ceiling. A door, also painted the color of the walls, lay slightly ajar at the opposite end of the room.

Swinging my legs over the bedside, I started to lean forward and stand up but was hindered by a sudden pain in my lower back.

"Fuck…" I muttered, my right hand slowly rubbing the area where the pain had started.

Raising my left arm to try to steady myself on the bed, I suddenly noticed the charcoal-colored wristwatch that was wrapped around my left wrist. The analog clock's crooked minute hand pointing at 12 while the fine hour tip fingered at 2. 2pm.

"2pm!" I thought, "How long was I asleep?" I was usually awake by now, my wrist already starting to hurt from writing rough drafts of potential character arcs at my desk. Wait. My desk!

"Where the hell am I?" I asked myself. "How did I end up here? Just a few hours ago, I was at a meet-and-greet with other authors at a convention. It was called… called…"

I couldn't remember. The name was on the tip of my tongue but my brain lacked the capabilities to form letters and sounds, yet alone full sentences.

All I could remember was that after the convention ended, my convention-issued chauffeur offered their hand, guiding me into the limousine before I knew what happened. We then began to drive home, a line of fans' cheers echoing into the cold night as myself and the others left the scene in a conga-line of vehicles. Traffic was annoying that night, our thread of cars attempting to slowly maneuver through the wade of automobiles. I felt absolutely exhausted from signing autographs and doing other monotonous activities, so I closed the privacy barrier to catch some rest before we reached home. I must've fallen asleep.

"But that still doesn't explain how I ended up here!" I thought.

Gazing at the wristwatch once again, the red second hand slowly making its way around the circle with an agonizing "Tick!" sound, I tried to adjust the time manually, tapping and prodding for a dial or switch that would reset the time so I wouldn't feel as confused as I already was.

Finding nothing of use, I aggressively tapped the face of the watch, a futile effort that I thought would yield little results, but the watch surprised me as it gave a sudden beep.

"Welcome, Daisuke Serizawa! You are the Ultimate Serial Novelist. Be sure to remember that during your time here! We hope that we've made your stay bearable for the time being. You are the first one to awake, but the others should begin to stir momentarily. Please meet in the dining room once you are well-acquainted with everyone.", a high-pitched voice rattled from the wristwatch, the sound becoming muffled as I covered the dastardly thing with my right hand.

"Ultimate Serial Novelist? Others? Wake Momentarily?" my mind repeated. "What the hell does that mean? I've never been given the title of that before. And what does it mean by others? Are there other authors here as well? And why were all of us asleep?"

My brain was trying to comprehend what was being told to me, but the words shouting back at me didn't seem real. I was supposed to be in my apartment, getting breakfast ready and awaiting scrawny reporters, discussing my experiences at the venue in more detail. Not this!

I was minorly panicking, my eyes darting from left to right for anything recognizable, anything that reminded me of my apartment, my desk. Hell, even my cat, Onyx, that's been missing for nine years now and was probably dead, would've at least given me some closure and familiarity. My thoughts were swimming and my heart was racing as I tried to fathom the situation I was in.

I frantically stood up, ignoring the back pain I had felt earlier, and slowly started to stumble for the door, hoping that on the other side would somehow be one of the convention's bathrooms, my kitchen table, or at least someplace that was familiar to me rather than this salmon-pink cage of a room.

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