The Invincible Spider-Man

Chapter 1: The Secret Life Of Peter Parker


The sun was shining bright in New York City, as pedestrians walked across streets holding their cups of coffee and heavy suitcases. The pavements were especially crowded on Monday mornings. All of a sudden, a young boy ran through the crowd at quite a fast speed, shifting through the crowd and running past them.

"Excuse me! Sorry!" Said Peter Parker, as he ran to get to Midtown High. He couldn't be late for the 4th time.

"C'mon Parker. Can't be late again!" He thought to himself, but that's when he heard it: Police sirens coming from across the street, as a car sped its way through the street, with a police car chasing it.

"Ah, crap. Well, here we go again!" Said Peter, as he ducked into an alleyway to change into his outfit.

As the police car struggled to keep up with the speeding car, a red and blue figure swung past the cops and landed on the criminal's car, after webbing up the tires. He grabbed the criminal from the windshield and swung him back to the pavement, as the car slowly stopped and overturned.

"That's it for you now, you speed demon!" Joked the red and blue figure, as the cops arrived.

The figure shot a web in the sky, which stuck to a nearby building, and The Spider-Man swung away to Midtown High.

"Sorry I'm late… traffic was a nightmare!" Gasped Peter, as he reached his class.

"You're 17 minutes late again, Mr Parker, for the 5th time." Said Dr Otto Octavius, sternly.

Peter nodded as he took a seat next to Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy.

"Dude, start coming early. You don't wanna be the next Ned Leeds, do you?" Asked Harry, jokingly.

"Who's Ned Leeds?" Asked Peter, curiously.

"He was a senior who was expelled for coming late too many times. Turns out he had been doing drugs all that time." Said Gwen.

"Pay attention, all of you!" Snapped Otto. "Peter, I want to have a word with you after class." Said Otto.

"Uhh… Ok." Replied Peter.

"You're so screwed, Parker!" Mouthed Flash Thompson, who would constantly bully and annoy 'Lil Parker', as he called him.

After class was over, Peter approached Otto.

"Why are you coming so late, Peter?" Asked Otto.

"I told you, traffic." Replied Peter.

"That excuse got old a long time ago. Look, I know times have been hard for you these past 6 months, but try coming early next time, ok?" Asked Otto.

"I promise I'll try." Replied Peter.

As Peter walked outside, he ran into Flash Thompson and his sidekick, Carl King.

Carl pushed Peter to the ground. "What's the matter, Lil Parker? Can't get up?" Asked Carl sarcastically, as he and Flash walked away.

Harry offered to help Peter, but Peter got up on his own.

"I could take on those punks. Hell, one punch and they'd be eating out of a straw for weeks." Thought Peter.

"Hey Pete! Sorry to see that happen." Said a voice from behind.

Liz Allan stood behind Peter, as she helped him pick up his textbooks.

"Uh, yeah. No problem." Peter replied, shyly. He found it funny that even though he was confident and charismatic as Spider-Man for the past 6 months, he still couldn't talk to a girl as Peter Parker.

Liz walked away, as Harry whistled and walked to Peter's side.

"What?" Asked Peter, kind of annoyed.

Harry just stared at Peter, who finally got what Harry meant.

"Dude. Come on! You know how I feel about Gwen." Said Peter.

"I don't know, man. Things are always complicated with you."

That's when Gwen suddenly appeared.

"Hey guys! Come on, we're late to Mr Warren's class." She said.

Peter and Harry followed Gwen. Gwen was the most confident and extroverted person Peter had ever met. Meanwhile, Peter was the most shy and introverted person you would find. He could never even think that a person like Gwen would ever date a person like Peter.

Peter came back home and opened the door, ready to sit down on the comfortable, but decades old couch.

"May, I'm home!" He yelled. An old woman with grey hair walked out of the kitchen.

"Peter! Glad to see you're back. I've made you your favourite meatloaf!" Said Aunt May.

Peter sighed. Aunt May was super energetic and was always ready for a challenge. But after the incident that occurred 6 months ago, she had never been the same.

Peter tried not to think about it and started to eat his meatloaf. As he helped himself to the delectable meatloaf, he wondered how different things would be. How different things would have been had he not looked away that fateful night?

That night, Spider-Man sat on top of The Chrysler Building, still scared of going as high as The Empire State Building. He was listening to the police broadcast, hoping for something exciting.

"All units! We have a bank robbery on McFarlane street by a suspect known as Herman Schultz." Said the police radio.

"Finally!' Said Spider-Man, as he leapt off of the building and shot out two webs to two buildings, catapulting himself ahead, as he shot out another web from his left hand and stylishly swung his way to the bank.

Spider-Man was expecting to see armed robbers holding civilians hostage, but instead, all he saw was the bank door, which looked it had been burst open by a lot of force. Peter walked into the bank, only to see a man dressed in a padded yellow onesie with a brown jacket. He was carrying a lot of cash in the bags.

"Sorry to break it to ya, buddy. But you need to work to earn that money." Said Spider-Man.

"Ugh! He said you'd come. Well, might as well squash a bug while I'm at it." Said Herman.

He was wearing what seemed to look like vibro-shock gauntlets on both his arms, as he readied both of them, he shot out a massive shock wave at Peter. Luckily, Peter dodged them.

"Oh look… I was able to dodge them… what a shocker!" Said Peter, in a monotone and sarcastic voice. "Wait, that's it! The Shocker!" Said Spider-Man.

Spider-Man managed to punch Shocker, and got a piece of his fabric stuck to his hand.

However, Shocker managed to land a punch on Spider-Man, and a second vibrational blast sent Spider-Man flying out of the bank and into a police car.

As Spider-Man groaned and tried to get up, Shocker vibro-punched Spider-Man on the back of his head, then grabbed him and sent him flying down the street, and Spider-Man got hit by a speeding bus, knocking him down as Shocker got away.

"Oh man… I'd say something funny right about now, but I think all my ribs have been cracked." Lamented Spider-Man, as he slowly got back to his feet and decided to swing back home before the police came after him.

He entered his room through his window and took off his mask to examine the piece of fabric he found.

"I'll examine this closely at the school laboratory tomorrow. Might as well catch some sleep." Said Peter to himself, as lay down in bed.

Sadly, as soon as he closed his eyes, his alarm rang. Peter realized that it was time for him to wake up.

"Oh come on!" He groaned.

"Peter, are you okay? You look like a zombie." Asked Gwen, but Peter could barely hear her. He was waiting for recess so that he could go to the lab and analyse the fabric for any clues. Furthermore, he could barely stay awake after his fight The Shocker.

Soon enough, the bell rang and Peter rushed his way to the lab, completely avoiding Carl and Flash.

He headed to the microscope and put the fabric on the lens. He noticed a white powder on the fabric.

Peter took a sample of the powder and tested its properties. "Acetone." He said to himself. Peter quickly rushed to the computer in the lab and looked up accelerant factories in New York. One result came up: An abandoned factory in Hell's Kitchen.

"Great. I'll head there after school." Thought Peter to himself. However, when he turned around, Flash and Carl were standing in front of him.

"Whatcha got there, Lil Parker? You got that powder for your boyfriend?" Asked Flash, sarcastically.

"No, I made it for your mom. Think she'll like it?" Countered Peter.

"We should beat him up and teach him a lesson." Suggested Carl.

"You know, Carl. I love the fact that you keep getting decreasingly verbose." Said Peter, as Carl stared blankly.

Flash tried to punch Peter, but Peter's super senses kicked in, and he grabbed Flash's wrist and twisted it.

"Now you listen, "Eugene". Leave me alone and maybe I'll spare your arm." Said Peter, trying to sound as threatening as he could.

He let go of Flash, or Eugene's hand, as Peter walked back to class, leaving Flash wincing in pain.

Peter texted Aunt May that he'd get home a bit late, as he changed into his Spider-Man costume and swung over to the factory.

As he entered the factory through the skylight, he did not see anything.

"Well that's anti-climactic. Come on Herman! Come on out!" Yelled Spider-Man.

All of a sudden, a huge shockwave hit Spider-Man, and he was sent flying towards the wall.

Shocker stepped out of the shadows. "Last time was a warm up. Ready for the real fight?" Challenged Shocker, as he aimed another Shockwave at Spider-Man, who managed to dodge it by shooting a web at the ceiling and swinging up.

"Stand still, webhead!" Yelled Shocker, as he tried hitting Spider-Man with blasts, but

Spider-Man gracefully dodged all of them and landed a painful punch on Shocker's face. Spider-Man kicked Shocker's face and webbed his face up.

"What's wrong, Herman-O? Can't see me?" Taunted Spider-Man, but now, Shocker was enraged.

He backhanded Spider-Man with his vibro-shock gauntlets, throwing Spider-Man to the ground.

Shocker started to pummel Spider-Man to the ground, repeatedly punching his face into the hard concrete. Peter could barely think as his head was being smashed against the ground. Shocker grabbed Peter by the throat and repeatedly punched his ribs.

Herman then vibro-punched Peter away, sending him straight into the wall.

"Unhhhhh… goddammit!" Said Spider-Man, as he tried to get up. Shocker punched him again and again and again, hoping Spider-Man would stay down for good. Peter began to feel like giving up and not fighting the punches. But that's when he thought everyone he cared about. If he died, what would happen to Aunt May? He couldn't do that to her. He thought about Harry and Gwen and Liz, how they'd want him to fight back. This is not what they would want.

It was not what Uncle Ben would want.

That name rang his ears, as a painful memory returned. As Shocker kept punching Peter down, Peter grabbed one of the gauntlets, with a surprising amount of force, and he crushed it in his hand.

Shocker looked shocked as Spider-Man got back up and kicked him in the chest. Herman was sent back feet away. Shocker began to charge up his last gauntlet, but Spider-Man webbed it up, causing it to overload.

"Ohhh Shiiiii…." Yelled Shocker, as the gauntlet exploded, and Shocker was knocked unconscious.

When Herman woke up, he was hung upside down by Spider-Man.

"I'm gonna ask this once. Who. Hired. You?" Asked Spider-Man, threateningly.

"Ahh I don't know! Some guy just called me up and asked if I was interested in working with his boss!"

"What else did he tell you?" Asked Peter, even more threateningly than before.

"He… he said his boss was called something!" Replied Shocker.

"What was his name?" Yelled Peter.

"They called him The Kingpin!" Replied Shocker.

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