The Invincible Spider-Man

Chapter 21: Survival Instinct

Curt was up all night, perfecting the gene splicer. On the television, the news of the Green Goblin attack was playing, and how Spider-Man was presumed dead. Once he was done refining the serum, he poured it into a vial.

"This is it. My life's work." Said Curt, staring at his missing right arm. Just the thought of him having a right arm fascinated him. He would be able to work twice as fast in the lab, he could finally hold a coffee cup with both hands, and best of all, he could finally hug Billy properly.

But there was a risk: He hadn't tested it yet.

But Curt didn't care, as he poured the serum down his throat. He felt the cold, bitter liquid surge down his throat, scalding his oesophagus, as he felt the coolness in his chest. Then there was nothing. No change to his arm, and more importantly, no change to him.

"Maybe it'll take time for the changes to take effect." Thought Curt, who was exhausted after working the whole night. He suddenly felt extremely dizzy, and his eyelids started to feel as heavy as lead. His head felt like it was supporting a thousand tons on top of him. Instantly, he fell asleep on the white table, the empty vial still in his hand.

Peter walked to Midtown High, with his new best friend: Facial Concealer. Luckily, after his tussle with the Goblin, the injuries on his face weren't as major, and he could cover them with concealer. At least that way, Aunt May wouldn't barrage him with a gazillion questions.

He hobbled to school, still unable to walk properly, and breathe either. Just then, his Spider-Sense tingled, as he saw Flash Thompson walk out of a small car. However, there was a person in the car scolding him.

"Come on, Flash! Don't forget to buy more beer or I'll whoop you!" Shouted the man, who Peter recognized as Flash's dad.

Flash always complained that his dad was a scumbag, who loved beer more than his kid. But Peter didn't intervene, just in case Flash was looking to put his anger out on someone.

As Peter limped to his school gate, he bumped into Norman Osborn, who was walking back to his car.

"Mr Osborn? How are you?" Asked Peter.

Norman seemed different. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, and when he saw Peter, his eyes went wide, and then his mouth curved into a creepy smile.

"Hi Peter. Long time no see." Greeted Norman, although that unsettling smile was still plastered on his face.

Peter's Spider-Sense tingled. "I'm great. Are you all right?" Asked Peter, remembering how Harry was worried about Norman acting all different.

"We- I mean I, am doing really good. I have decided to donate some amount of money to fixing Times Square after yesterday's…incident." Said Norman, staring at the ground when he said the last word.

"I know. I mean, can you imagine what kind of monster would do that? All those people injured, all those cops." Said Peter.

Norman flinched a little, subtly uncomfortable by the subject.

"What if, "The Green Goblin", didn't want to hurt all of those people?" Asked Norman to Peter.

"I'm not quite sure I get what you mean." Said Peter, curiously.

Norman took a sharp breath. "Nothing, nothing," Said Norman, shaking his head vigorously. "I need to leave for an…Oscorp board…meeting. Enjoy school, Sp…Parker." Norman almost said "Spider-Man", but managed to change his words at the last second. He quickly walked out of sight, at quite a fast speed, leaving Peter puzzled.

Curt woke up from the lab table, his wife by his side.

"CURT! Oh thank god!" Shouted Martha as he hugged Curt, tears of joy flowing down her eyes like rivers.

"Wh-what happened? I took the serum, and…" Curt felt a very weird weight on the right side of his body. He saw a right arm, hanging limp from the chair.

"Oh…oh my god! Oh my god, it worked!" Shouted Curt ecstatically, lifting his right arm with ease.

Martha was overjoyed too, and Billy came walking out of another room.

"Mommy, is daddy awake-"

Before Billy could finish, Curt swept him into a big hug, crying as he was finally able to hold his son properly.

"Daddy, your right arm!" Exclaimed Billy, as Curt continued to move it around.

"Martha, call Peter! He needs to see this." Exclaimed Curt.

Peter walked into the lab, which was still under renovation, only to see Curt standing there, holding a coffee mug, with both hands.

"Oh my god, doc! How did you?" Asked Peter, completely in shock.

"I spliced my DNA with that of a lizard's. I know what you're gonna say, it was dangerous. But it worked, didn't it?" Asked Curt, still ecstatic, as he shook Peter's arm with his right hand.

"Doc, don't get me wrong, this is fantastic! But, what about side effects? I mean, we don't know much yet." Said Peter.

"It's almost been 24 hours. If something was going to happen, I think it would've happened by now." Chuckled Curt.

"Great, then! I'm so proud of you doc!" Said Peter. All of a sudden, he heard sirens. Police cars heading towards the bank.

"Uh doc, I need to go. I just remembered that i have homework! We'll celebrate later, I promise!" Said Peter, as he rushed out of the lab.

Curt smiled as he looked back at his arm, only to see it turn into a slight tint of green. All of a sudden, his knees buckled as he fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. His pupils turned into green slits, and he felt his skin, changing. He felt scales on his chest and back, as well as something coming from his back. And then, he fell unconscious.

"Attention all units! Man in a grizzly bear suit is robbing Cranston Bank." Said the police scanner.

"Man in a grizzly bear suit?! Now I've heard everything." Said Spider-Man, as he swung towards the bank.

When Spider-Man arrived there, he saw the man, wearing a huge brown bear costume, and armed with two guns.

"Oh buddy! Now just because there is a Spider-Man, Vulture and a Chameleon, there doesn't need to be a Bear-Man!" Joked Spider-Man.

"The name's Grizzly, bug! And I'll be known as the man who destroyed Spider-Man!" Yelled Grizzly, as he ran towards Spider-Man and smacked him across the street.

"Yikes!" Yelped Spider-Man, as Grizzly tried to ram into him, but Spider-Man flipped over him and webbed his back, pulling him down to the ground.

Grizzly grabbed Spider-Man's head and threw him into a car. Before grabbing him and slamming him into the cement pavement, and throwing him back inside the bank.

"Still think I'm a joke?" Asked Grizzly, enraged.

"Uh…yeah!" Shouted Spider-Man, as Grizzly started running towards him. However, Spider-Man webbed up Grizzly's legs, and Grizzly fell face-first onto the marble floor, knocking him out instantly.

"Brains over brawn, Grizzly. Brains over brawn." Said Spider-Man. All of a sudden, his police scanner went off again.


"A crocodile man now? What is it: Spider-Man vs Wildlife day?" Muttered Spider-Man, as he swung towards Grand Central.

Spider-Man swung over and saw a huge, overgrown creature ploughing threw many cars. Spider-Man quickly jumped down on the street.

"Ya know, I always believed there were alligators in the sewers." Said Spider-Man. The creature had a green, scaly, Lizard-like face with a green scaled body and a huge tail.

The creature charged at Spider-Man, but Spider-Man hopped out of the way. However, his tail slammed into Peter, who was sent tumbling down the street and into a cop car.

"Hey, Killer Croc! Give me a break, will ya?" Lamented Spider-Man, as he webbed up Lizard's mouth and jumped on his back, trying to tie him down with webs. However, Lizard broke free, as he grabbed Spidey's leg and slammed him three times into the ground, before throwing him into a brick wall.

"Oh man…" Groaned Peter, but Lizard grabbed him and threw him away, knocking him out.

As cops started to shoot at the Lizard, he quickly ran to a manhole and jumped into the sewers.

"Oh jeez…my head…" Groaned Peter. Luckily, Captain Stacy was there to help him up.

"You okay? You were knocked out for quite a while." Asked George.

"I've been better, trust me. God, first Green Goblin, then Grizzly and now this? When can I get a break?" Groaned Peter.

"Apparently, the Lizard went down into the sewers and escaped." Said George.

That's when a light bulb went off in Peter's head. "Lizard…oh my god!" Exclaimed Spider-Man, as he swung away as fast as he could, towards Dr Connors' lab.

When Spider-Man got there, there were claw marks all over the place, and lab equipment was everywhere.

"The Lizard DNA, the broken equipment, the claw marks…" Thought Peter, horrified.

"Doctor Connors is The Lizard?" Thought Peter, as he walked around the lab.

"I knew he should have been considered about side effects!" Said Spider-Man, as he walked around the ruined lab. He saw the empty vial which contained the Lizard serum. There were still a few green droplets at the bottom of the vial.

"Should keep this just in case." Said Peter, as he covered the vial with a wooden cork and pocketed it. "Now to go after big, green and ugly." Thought Spider-Man, as he swung back to scene of the attack.

Once Spider-Man arrived, the police had cordoned off the area, led by Captain Stacy.

"Captain Stacy! Dr Curt Connors is The Lizard." Informed Spider-Man.

"Connors? I'll make sure his family is safe. I assume you're heading into the sewers?" Asked George.

Peter sighed. "Yup. Right with the rats, roaches and human excrement." Said Spider-Man, as he backflipped into the sewers.

The sewers reeked, the heavy stench clinging onto Peter's suit.

"Sheesh. Now how am i going to find Dr Connors?" Thought Spider-Man.

As he walked down the tunnel, wading through the sewage, he noticed something: Huge claw marks on the walls.

"Bingo! Just follow the scratches." Said Spider-Man, as he followed the marks. Soon enough, he reached a circular junction, which led into 8 tunnels.

"Dammit! How am i going to find him now?" Said Peter out loud, as he walked to the middle of the circular junction.

"Maybe it's time i start thinking like a spider..." Thought Peter, as he shot one web into each tunnel, and made a makeshift web.

He crawled to the center of the web, waiting for any vibrations on any web. All of a sudden, Spider-Man felt a heavy vibration on the web, coming from the 6th tunnel.

"Well, here we go." Said Peter, as he crawled on his web towards the 6th tunnel. However, as he crawled through the tunnel, he reached a dead-end, the end covered by metal bars, which drained away the sewage.

"Great, a dead-end." Said Spider-Man. All of a sudden, his Spider-Sense tingled madly, as he turned around, and The Lizard pounced on him from the ceiling, pushing Peter towards the iron bars.

"Aghh! Dr Connors, i know it's you!" Shouted Peter. However, Lizard grabbed Spider-Man's legs and slammed him through the brick wall of the 6th tunnel, as Spider-Man went tumbling away.

"Don't...follow me...again!" Hissed Lizard loudly, as he ripped of the iron bars and jumped into the water below.

As Spider-Man got back up to chase after him, Lizard had disappeared.

"I'd better not go after him now. It's almost morning and i smell like i was swimming in the dumpster." Groaned Spider-Man, as he rushed out of the sewer.

Dr Connors came to his senses in the sewers, lying face first in the water. He quickly got up, trying to catch his breath.

"Oh my god...I...I...what?" Thought Curt, he was completely confused, as he tried to recall what happened. The last thing he remembered was a lot of pain in his abdomen, and then he had blacked out.

Slowly, he got back on his feet, and staggered towards the exit, his eyes still a tinge of green.

Hey everyone! Season 2 is nearing its end, and we'll see Spider-Man face off against The Lizard and The Green Goblin soon. Until then, stay tuned and reviews are greatly appreciated!

P.S: I added Grizzly just because I felt like there was a shortage of villains this season, and yes that was a reference to Bryan Cranston when I named it "Cranston Bank." I still think he could play a great Norman Osborn in The MCU.