Hey everyone, I was on a road trip and bored so this came about. Uchiha Itachi's life was always quite depressing, so in this story he gets a second chance in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What better family for him to be reborn into than the Weasleys, kind, caring, and the epitome of a big happy family? I do not own Naruto or any associated characters. Enjoy!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Weasley was born with old eyes. They're dark, almost black, and they seem to penetrate your very soul. She's a cute baby, and she isn't very fussy, something Molly and Arthur are grateful for.

When Uchiha Itachi wakes up, he's confused. He should be dead, but he's alive.

Itachi graduated from the academy at seven, made chunin at ten, ANBU at eleven, ANBU captain at thirteen, and he massacred his clan shortly after. Uchiha Itachi knows death, pain, and suffering. He knows what it's like to kill and torture. He knows what it's like to choose between two impossibilities.

Since the massacre of his clan, Itachi has lived to die. He's waited for Sasuke to grow strong enough to kill him; strong enough to make Itachi pay for his actions. Under the tutelage of Orochimaru, Sasuke grew stronger and stronger. He fought against his younger brother in one final battle; Sasuke hit him with a killing blow. He should be dead.

It takes Itachi longer then he'd like to figure out what's going on. His eyesight is blurry, he can only make strange gurgling sounds, and he can barely move his arms. He's been reincarnated.

His new family speaks a different language than his own. It's the main reason Itachi knows he is no longer in the shinobi world. Hopefully this world has less bloodshed and suffering.

Itachi is terrified. He has a new family. He has two loving parents, Molly and Arthur, and seven older siblings, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. As Itachi, he killed his parents, killed his clan, then set his younger brother down the path of an avenger. He doesn't deserve another family.

His new family has bright orange-red hair. They're cheerful, loud, and boisterous. His older brothers love teasing and spoiling him. He's the youngest of the family, their cute little sister. Itachi doesn't know how to feel about that.

When he's two years old, Itachi decides to embrace his new life and live again. Shisui would be pissed if he knew Itachi got a second chance and was wasting it. Shisui, his best friend, who didn't care that Itachi was a prodigy, who didn't care that he preferred not talking, and who didn't care that he dreamed of peace. Shisui who died for him because he also believed in Konoha (teamwork, safety, family) and all that it represented, rather than believing in the might of the Uchiha clan.

Itachi lives again as a little red-haired girl with old dark eyes who dreams of the past, loves her new family, and hopes for a peaceful future. He chooses to leave the past behind and live not as Uchiha Itachi, but as Lizzie Weasley.

Lizzie Weasley is a shinobi at heart. She remembers killing, torturing, and fighting. She remembers. She remembers. She remembers. And God, at times she wishes she doesn't. Wishes she could live in peace, not worrying that at any moment the world could go to hell.

Her new world has magic, and it penetrates every aspect of life. It's in the floating silverware and dishes, the enchanted clock, and the old racing brooms. Magic binds the walls of her home, the Burrow, together. Lizzie loves her new home. Like her new family, it's quirky and eclectic with so much warmth. Sometimes the warmth is just a bit too suffocating. Uchiha were never ones for openly displaying emotions, and after the massacre, Itachi wore a blank expressionless mask.

Lizzie is fairly certain that this new world is too good to be true, and she's right. Before she was born, there was a civil war. It ended when the Boy-Who-Lived destroyed the dark lord Voldemort. Lizzie doesn't think Voldemort is really gone. How can a baby defeat a dark lord? It's just not possible. Voldemort had decades of experience in the dark arts. Lizzie suspects that he is merely gone, not dead, and someday Voldemort will be back.

As blood traitors, her new family is in danger. Lizzie will protect them. She was a shinobi, born to fight and kill for Konoha. Now she will fight and kill for her new family. She'll protect them from the shadows. She has a family again, and she won't let anything harm them. So, Lizzie trains. She runs laps around the Burrow, practices taijutsu katas, and borrows her mom's kitchen knives to practice knife throwing.

When Lizzie first learns about Hogwarts, she is shocked. They have a civilian school for magic. A civilian school where they learn to understand magic, not to utilize it as a weapon of war, death, and destruction. Hogwarts trains politicians and healers, not soldiers.

Growing up in a world where chakra usage was strictly regulated and only taught to Shinobi, the idea of magic is liberating. Lizzie is enchanted. During the school holidays, she borrows her brother's Hogwarts textbooks and learns the theory of magic. By mixing chakra theory and magic theory, she easily learns to use wandless magic. She doesn't tell anyone. Shinobi hoard secrets. Shinobis are spies and assassins.

During the rest of the holiday months, Lizzie spends time with her siblings. She listens to Bill's stories of curse-breaking, ancient temples, and goblins. Charlie's stories of Dragons. She listens to Fred and George's tales of pranks, late night escapades through Hogwarts, and secret passages. Percy's explanation of politics and how he wants to work at the ministry. Ron's adventures with Harry Potter (Youngest seeker in a century. Boy who lived) and Hermione (Bookish. Annoying. Kind of cute.) And Ginny's dreams for the future (Quidditch. Isn't Harry Potter so dreamy?)

They play quidditch in the dusky evening sky, have picnics on the lawn, argue, scream, and just enjoy being a family. Itachi was a child soldier who grew up too quickly. Genin at 7. ANBU at 11. Lizzie is a civilian who remembers fighting and dying, who trains for the worst because she remembers the shinobi world. They both adore spending time with their family and would do anything to protect them.

Ron is strangely tight lipped about the end of his first year. Lizzie eventually manages to pry the details from him. It takes no small amount of puppy dog eyes and promises to do his chores. Ron tells her about Nicholas Flamel, the Sorcerer's stone, Fluffy, the three-headed dog, and an enchanted chess set.

Lizzie doesn't trust Dumbledore. Who in their right minds hides a priceless artifact in a castle full of school children when a Dark Lord is after it? Who hides something as valuable as immortality and endless gold behind an obstacle course three first years could get through?

When Ginny comes home after her first year at Hogwarts, she is pale faced and clammy. She wakes up in the middle of the night, terrified. Lizzie sneaks into her older sister's room and offers a shoulder to cry on. Lizzie comforts her, rocking her older sister back and forth and singing soft lullabies.

Ginny refuses to talk about what happened so she asks Ron. Ron tells her about the basilisk that roamed the school, petrifying several students. He tells her about the chamber of secrets and Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary. He tells her how Riddle used Ginny to open the chamber of secrets. Tom Marvolo Riddle is an anagram for I am Lord Voldemort. Lizzie is ticked. Who does this Dark Lord think he is to harm her siblings?

Harry Potter spends several summers at the Burrow. Lizzie doesn't understand why witches and wizards praise the poor boy for killing the dark lord. Why do they look at him as a savior? He's a child; he will continue being a child until his late teens. This isn't the Shinobi world where kids enter the battlefield at twelve or even younger. Harry Potter doesn't deserve to be at the center of a media circus. He doesn't deserve to be praised and ridiculed at the turn of a coin. He doesn't deserve to have so many expectations placed on his thin shoulders. Neither did Itachi.

Lizzie never talks to him. She's not Ron who's his best friend or Ginny who has a hopeless crush on him. She's Lizzie, the youngest Weasley, who spends her time reading stories and exploring (studying and training. Relearning to fight so she can protect her family in case the worst happens.)

Lizzie isn't surprised when Ron's third year at Hogwarts is as big of a disaster as the first two.

When Lizzie is ten, she watches the Quidditch World Cup with her family. The game, Ireland vs Bulgaria is intense. It's fast paced, and most people can barely keep up with the movement of the players. Lizzie, who remembers Shinobi battles occurring at the same rapid paced speeds, easily follows the game. Their seats, at the top box, are quite nice. She can see the entire stadium; Lizzie prefers it this way, there's less of a chance that someone will strike her from behind. Shinobi instincts die hard.

As everyone is celebrating Ireland's victory, or bemoaning the fact that Bulgaria lost despite catching the snitch, Death Eaters attack. Lizzie is quickly ushered home.

During Ron's fourth year, Hogwarts hosts the Triwizard Tournament. Cedric Diggory is murdered and Voldemort is back, the Daily Prophet claims otherwise. As much as her family tries to shelter her, Lizzie knows that Voldemort isn't dead. She doesn't fear him; she's faced worse. What she does fear is that he'll hurt her family.

Lizzie Weasley is three years younger than Ginny. She enters Hogwarts during Harry Potter's fifth year. Voldemort is rumored to be back. No one believes it. They choose to bury their heads in the sand, calling a fifteen-year-old an attention seeking brat.

Lizzie Weasley with eyes too dark and a halo of flaming red hair knows that they are wrong. How could they be so ignorant? So stupid? They'll be unprepared when war inevitably arrives. She thinks it would be quite easy to conquer the Wizarding World. They hide from the truth and fight using sticks. Their wands, their weapons, are breakable. Their people are malleable. It would be a breeze to twist and change the Wizarding World to her whims and take over the mindless masses of sheep.

She finds it strange that they ignore the Muggle World, claiming that Muggles are inferior. They don't know of the weapons and technology the Muggle World has. Lizzie has snuck out into the Muggle World several times. She frequents the library, reading of war, guns, nuclear bombs, chemistry, physics, and more. Muggles have power. The wizards are ignorant to it.

Magic should have led to creativity and innovation, but in the hands of Wizarding England, it has led to stagnation. They're traditionalists to the core, refusing to even contemplate change. Instead, they let the world leave them behind. As much as her dad is fascinated with Muggle technology, Lizzie wonders if he's even visited the Muggle World.

On the train ride to Hogwarts, Lizzie sits by herself. Several third year Ravenclaws join her compartment, but they leave Lizzie to her reading. She's glad. As much as she enjoys her second life (even though she doesn't think she deserves it) Lizzie still isn't that comfortable with people. She prefers not to talk.

The first years are ushered into boats which glide across the Black Lake. Lizzie peers down into the water, imagining the merpeople, giant squid, and the second phase of the Triwizard Tournament as described by Ron. The boats sail under a bridge, revealing Hogwarts in all its glory. With arching windows and twisting spires surrounded by endless forest, it's beautiful.

They're quickly ushered out of the boats and into the Great Hall. There is a singing hat. Lizzie doesn't understand the point of it. Does the hat really need to sing before sorting them into houses?

Lizzie doesn't know what house she'll be sorted into. The Weasley's have always been in Gryffindor, but Lizzie was once Itachi and Itachi was an Uchiha. Itachi was a Shinobi.

She's Slytherin, cunning, spying on the Akatsuki, manipulating Sasuke, and preventing Danzo from latching his slimy claws into her younger brother, but she's not ambitious.

She's Hufflepuff, loyal to Konoha and her brother, even if it meant killing her clan.

She's Gryffindor, brave enough to face impossible choices head on. Brave enough to face death. Brave enough to face life, yet not brave enough to tell Sasuke the truth. Not brave enough to live life for herself, rather than doing what she's ordered.

She's Ravenclaw. She's intelligent and smart, a prodigy, yet she doesn't particularly value knowledge.

"Elizabeth Weasley." She walks up the stool and picks up the hat, sitting down and placing it on her head.

"Ahhh, what do we have here?" Lizzie jolts in surprise as the hat's voice echoes through her mind. 'Reincarnation huh? You've had a hard life Itachi of the Uchiha clan. Suffering, pain, and death, all from such a young age. What to do with you. There are reasons to place you in all four houses. But with your loyalty to Konohagakure, to your new family, your desire for peace, and your soft nature, it better be…' "Hufflepuff!" The hat shouts.

Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny all gawk as her tie changes to yellow and she heads over to the cheering Hufflepuff table. As much as Lizzie loves her new family, she wonders if they've ever really known her at all. They only see Lizzie the younger sister, never noticing the secrets she hides. Arthur and Molly never noticed her sneaking out of the house to Muggle England, to earn money gambling. They didn't notice when she snuck away during school shopping to visit Knockturn Alley, using her gambling money to buy books on the dark arts.

Lizzie will use anything at her disposal to protect her new family. There are few lines she wouldn't cross. She's pretty sure that if she didn't end up in Hufflepuff, she would have ended up in Slytherin. She knows her family will be disappointed she wasn't in Gryffindor, but she also knows that Hufflepuff is better than Slytherin. Her family would probably detest her if she ended up in a house of dark wizards.

Lizzie doesn't understand their disgust with the dark arts. Some of it is bad, Orochimaru level bad. But other curses are just darker and more painful ways of killing. You can do the same without magic. Death is death and magic is magic. Sure, some of the rituals are a bit disconcerting, but a human sacrifice doesn't have to be a good person, it can be a rapist or murderer.

Lizzie forgets that she has a shinobi mindset in a civilian world. The youngest Weasley is far too used to the darkness. She tortured her younger brother, Sasuke, with the Mangekyo to keep him safe. As much as she dreams of peace, she is not a moral or even good person.

After everyone's sorted, Dumbledore, Lizzie doesn't trust him, a paragon of the light, a general who refuses to kill, a man who put a Cerberus in a school of children, gives a speech. The new defense against the dark arts teacher interrupts him. Lizzie, unlike most of the other students, listens to her dry speech. Beneath the flower platitudes, she learns that the ministry of magic has decided to interfere with Hogwarts.

Lizzie doesn't understand. They're worried about Dumbledore taking over the ministry (where did they even come up with that ridiculous idea?) while ignoring the larger threat of Voldemort.

The Ministry of Magic is incompetent. She presumes Umbridge, as a Ministry-provided defense teacher, will be incompetent as well.

This is a school for civilian children with a teacher who believes danger only exists in fantasy books. Lizzie, who has already read the textbooks up to seventh year, who was trained to fight and die for her village, won't learn a thing from the pink toad.

Classes are boring. Lizzie knows the material already. She hides books on advanced transfiguration, charms, theory, curses, ancient runes, the dark arts, and defense against the dark arts behind simple illusions. It's easy to make them appear to be the proper textbooks. Chakra may not have followed her to this life, but magic is similar enough for her to use basic genjutsu techniques.

Lizzie doesn't like the Hogwarts uniform. The robes are bulky and paired with the skirt and shoes, it's hard to fight in. She decides she'll sneak out next summer, do a bit more gambling, and buy something she can actually fight in. War is fast approaching and the Wizarding World is oblivious.

Lizzie is a bit of a loner. There's no Shisui or Sasuke to drag her out of her shell. No noisy older siblings to tell her stories (they're probably still a bit upset that she got sorted into Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor.) She dives deeper into magic, learning more and more advanced spells and practices them until she can do them wandless and wordless.

She wakes up late at night, shaky from nightmares of her life as Itachi and dreams of Hogwarts burning. Dreams of Harry, Ron, and Hermione breaking into Gringotts and running from Death Eaters. She dreams of Fred dying. It can't be normal for flashes of the future to invade her dreams, so Lizzie researches.

She is a seer. It seems like the Sharingan followed her across death in the form of seer abilities. Lizzie chuckles darkly. Even death doesn't seem to separate Uchiha from the curse of hatred. It's a gift, a curse, that marks the very soul.

The dreams get bad, but she never wakes screaming or crying. She's used to nightmares. Instead, she sneaks out of the dorm, steps quiet and noiseless, and runs laps around Hogwarts. She wears weights on her arms and legs, charmed to be heavier. She practices katas and meditates. She trains. She trains. And she trains some more. And when her eyes start dropping from exhaustion, she sneaks back up to her dorm and crashes, only to wake up two or three hours later for the next day of school and nightmares and training.

Partway through the year, Ron drags her up to the seventh floor. There's a portrait, someone called Barnabas the Barmy. Ron paces back and forth in front of the portrait three times. A door opens, revealing a room packed with children, most of them are older than Lizzie. She doesn't spot any Slytherins. She doesn't understand Wizards. They're upset that Voldemort discriminates against Muggleborns while they themselves discriminate against Slytherins, calling them dark wizards and Death Eaters. "This is the room of requirement." Ron explains. "Since Umbridge isn't teaching us to defend ourselves" Lizzie thinks that's the understatement of the century "We're forming a club to teach ourselves."

They sign a parchment saying they won't tattle to Umbridge then name the club Dumbledore's army or DA. Lizzie doesn't think they entirely understand what they're declaring. They're declaring that they will fight on Dumbledore's side. They'll fight for the light and against the Death Eaters. They're declaring that Voldemort is back. They're declaring that they're willing to fight and die for their beliefs. They're declaring that they will go to war to defeat Voldemort. They'll go to war against the ministry if necessary. They don't understand what being an army means. They may understand it on some level, but on another level, it's just a cool name. But names have power, and when they chose the name Dumbledore's army, they declared their allegiance.

They practice Protego and Expelliarmus, for defending and disarming. Lizzie can do both spells wordless and wandless, but she doesn't. She's used to hiding her power.

Harry teaches them the Patronus Charm to ward off Dementors. They need a happy memory to fuel the charm. Lizzie can't get the charm to work. Sure, she has happy memories, but none of them are powerful enough. The ones from her life as Itachi are tainted by training, worry, death, and stress. Her memories as Lizzie feel like a dream. As happy as they are, they feel so far away, like she's just a spectator watching a show.

Eventually she draws on the memory of Sasuke killing her. Of how proud she was. Of the relief that she finally paid for her crimes. She manages to produce a faint mist. Her death is the happiest memory she can think of; her mental health probably isn't the best. She probably needs a therapist. Lizzie doesn't think she'll be able to produce a corporeal Patronus any time soon.

Lizzie doesn't attend all the DA meetings. She already knows what Harry is teaching. When she does attend, it's to spend time with Ron, Ginny, Fred, and George.

Eventually Umbridge discovers the club. Lizzie isn't there. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, and Ginny break into the Department of Mysteries. They fight Death Eaters. Voldemort shows up. Lizzie isn't there. She should have been there.

They may have made it out alive this time, but what about next time? If Ron and Ginny notice that she's a bit clingy after the Department of Mysteries incident, they don't comment.

It's Harry Potter's sixth year and Lizzie Weasley is invisible. She's the youngest of eight, and the girl herself is nothing spectacular. She gets average grades, is in Hufflepuff, and doesn't really have any friends. Her siblings all have something special about them. She doesn't. Wizards see what they want to see. They don't see how Lizzie moves like a predator. How she keeps her wand holstered at all times and knives strapped to her legs. How she modified her school robes to fit more like her Akatsuki cloak, making it easier to fight in. How she wears leggings beneath the skirt. How she wears steel tipped boots. How she never wears jewelry, makeup, or pays attention to her hair. How ruins and fuinjutsu seals are stitched into her clothes. They don't see her lean muscle, perfect for fighting. They just see the youngest Weasley, a quiet Hufflepuff loner.

Luna Lovegood is a strange girl. She speaks in riddles and of strange, possibly fictitious creatures. She sees Lizzie as a fighter, a killer, a protector. Luna see's the world differently, and Lizzie suspects she's some form of seer like Lizzie herself. She knows of her past life as Itachi. She tells Lizzie that it's okay to hurt, that she never should have had so much weight pressed upon her shoulders and been forced to choose between the village and her clan.

Luna doesn't comment when she sobs into her shoulder, the older girl just hums, gently stroking Lizzie's hair. She sees Lizzie for who she is, and Lizzie sees Luna for who she is. The two girls just click. Lizzie hasn't had a friend since Shisui. It's nice. She's forgotten what friendship is like. Laughter. Jokes. Comfort. Understanding. Luna gets her. For all her strangeness, the girl can truly see.

They explore Hogsmeade, take long walks through the castle, and work on homework together. Luna isn't surprised that Lizzie already knows the fifth-year curriculum. Luna doesn't question her dreams of peace. Doesn't question how she dislikes fighting yet trains day in and day out to get better at it. Lizzie doesn't mock Luna for her oddities, and Luna can see how Lizzie is hurting, but slowly healing. Lizzie couldn't protect Shisui, but she vows to protect Luna.

Dumbledore is dead. Death eaters entered Hogwarts via the vanishing cabinet. Lizzie didn't even notice until it was too late.

Over summer, Bill gets married to Fleur. Lizzie is happy for them. She wonders if she'll ever find love. She wonders if she even deserves to find love. The Ministry falls, and Death Eaters attack the wedding. Spells shoot across the room, red, purple, green, blue. People apparate away, panicked. Harry, Ron, and Hermione quickly vanish. Lizzie allows herself to be ushered away from the fighting. Fighting now wouldn't solve anything. There is a time and a place to act. Now is not the time.

Lizzie returns to Hogwarts for her third year. Snape is headmaster, and Death Eaters have taken Hogwarts. Punishments are brutal, and Crucio is a favorite of theirs.

Luna is gone. Lizzie doesn't know where she is.

She pays an information broker to find out. It takes them a bit, but they eventually tell her that Luna has been taken to Malfoy Manor. The Death Eaters need leverage to stop Xenophilius Lovegood from printing inflammatory articles in the Quibbler. Luna is that leverage. The Death Eaters are oblivious to the monster they've awakened. Itachi massacred the Uchiha clan for Sasuke. Lizzie will kill whoever is in her path to rescue Luna.

Draco wakes with a start. The youngest Weasley, Izzie? Lizz? stands in front of him. "What do you want Weaselette Junior?" Draco snaps.

"What I want is my friend back." Her voice is cold.

"What friend." Draco frowns, realizing he's tied to a chair and his wand has been taken.

"Luna Lovegood. She's at Malfoy Manor, and you're going to take me there."

"No, I'm not. You're going to let me know or I'll report you to professor Snape."

Lizzie raises an eyebrow. "I don't think you understand Malfoy." She presses her wand against his chin. "Take me to Malfoy Manor or else."

Draco scoffs. "You're a Weasley, a member of a notoriously light family. You don't have the guts to torture me. Dark Magic isn't to your taste, Weaselette Junior."

Lizzie laughs. "Is that what you think Malfoy? Do you even know why I was sorted into Hufflepuff?"

"It's because you weren't brave enough for Gryffindor."

Lizzie's smile is chilling. As Uchiha Itachi, her perpetually blank expression was disturbing. As Elizabeth Weasley, her creepy smiles and laughs are just as disturbing. "No Malfoy. It's because I value loyalty. I would do anything to keep Luna safe. To keep my family safe." To protect Sasuke. "Torture. Kill. Use the dark arts. If it wasn't Hufflepuff, I would have been in Slytherin."

Draco pales. "Prove it." Smiling, Lizzie pockets her wand. "Don't have the nerve?" Draco scoffs.

"On the contrary. She picks up Draco's wand. "I'd just rather not be tied back to the crime." Crucio." Draco screams. Tsukuyomi. Foolish little brother. Kill me. "Crucio." Kill the Uchiha clan. Kill your parents. Join the Akatsuki. "Crucio." Protect Sasuke. Protect Konoha.

Draco eventually gives in. "Alright." He gasps, throat raw from screaming. "Alright. I'll let you into Malfoy Manor over this next break, but nothing else. You'll have to find Lovegood yourself." He doesn't mention that the Dark Lord and Death Eaters will probably be there, and she'll likely be captured, tortured, or killed.

"Perfect." Lizzie purrs. "Do you swear on your magic that you will let me into Malfoy Manor over break and not tell anyone else about our little conversation?"

"I do." Draco gasps.

With a swish of Draco's wand, the ropes unravel. She tosses the wand at his feet and stalks out of the room. Right then and there, Draco Malfoy decides that the youngest Weasley is by far the scariest.

Break can't arrive quickly enough. She stays at Hogwarts and breaks into Snape's office to use the Floo. "Malfoy manor." Lizzie throws down a handful of Floo powder, steps into the green fire, and vanishes.

Lizzie doesn't stumble as she steps out from the roaring flames. Her red hair flows around her like a lion's mane, and her black battle robes swish around her ankles as she stalks out from the flames like an avenging angel, or maybe a demon. With wand and knifes at the ready, there is no question that she would slaughter the entirety of Malfoy Manor's inhabitants to rescue Luna.

Lizzie strolls through Malfoy Manor. Keeping her footsteps quiet, she sneaks down to the dungeons and quickly finds Luna. The old wand maker, Ollivander is also there. She ushers the two of them out of the dungeons and back towards the Floo.

Then she hears Ron's voice. What's he doing at Malfoy Manor? "Stay put." Lizzie hisses before peaking around the corner. Ron, Hermione, and Harry are there. So are several snatchers, Fenrir Greyback, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, and Draco Malfoy.

Her brother and his idiot friends got themselves captured. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. She needs to rescue them. Ron's family, and Hermione and Harry are his family.

When Bellatrix decides to torture Hermione and take the two boys down to the dungeon, Lizzie moves. She draws a knife and her wand, and she rushes into the room. Two snatchers fall to the ground, knives protruding from their heads. As Lizzie kills the next with a bludgeoning curse, the Death Eaters attack.

"Ohh?" Bellatrix cackles, spitting out curses. "The itsy Bitsy Weasley came to save her brother?" She doesn't seem to notice that the snatchers are dead, not unconscious.

Lucius Malfoy does. He stares pale faces, trying to understand how a light witch like Elizabeth Weasley could kill in cold blood. Fenrir Greyback snarls, rushing towards her. Lizzie easily sidesteps his attack and stabs him through the heart. Bellatrix pauses, staring at the dead body of Fenrir Greyback. "You killed him." She cackles "Like a rabid dog who needs to be put down. Little Light Witch, how dark you are."

Lizzie smiles. It's not a nice smile. It's all teeth and deadly intent, like Kisame's smile before a battle. Bloodthirsty. Itachi didn't smile like that, but Lizzie does. She may have been Itachi before, but now she's Lizzie. "Who said I'm a light witch." And Lizzie attacks.

She holds off the snatchers, Bellatrix and Lucius, shooting off curses with one hand and using her dagger to deflect killing curses. As the battle grows more and more intense, Lizzie proceeds to fire off darker and darker curses: curses to boil blood, rot the brain, skin you alive, and remove your eyes. Lucius purses his lips in concern while Bellatrix cackles madly, delighted at the battle.

"Little Spitfire." She coos. "You'd make a good Death Eater." A disarming curse hits Lizzie, throwing her dagger and wand out of her hand. "We've got you now." Bellatrix cackles.

Lizzie smirks, drawing another dagger. The entire room seems to take a breath, then she moves. Before, they were on equal footing. Before, they were fighting Lizzie Weasley, who dabbles in fighting and dark magic, is friends with Luna Lovegood, and loves her siblings.

Now they are facing Uchiha Itachi, prodigy of the Uchiha clan, Shinobi, clan killer, the part that Lizzie keeps buried deep inside, only taking out when necessary. She darts forward, dogging curses by a hair breath and firing off wandless, wordless curses of her own. Silver daggers whizz through the air. She dances. She kills. Her eyes seem to flash a bloody crimson red.

The battle is quickly over. Not that you could call that a battle. It was more of a one-sided massacre. The snatchers, Bellatrix, and Lucius Malfoy lay dead on the floor, and Lizzie collects the wands of the fallen.

Draco and Narcissa Malfoy (they didn't fight against her so Lizzie left them alive) along with the golden trio gawk at the blood covered thirteen-year-old. "Lizzie?" Ron stammers.

"Ronald." She smiles. "If you're planning on fighting a war, you really should be prepared to kill." He blanches. Itachi wore a black face as a mask. Lizzie wears a smile as a mask. Covered in blood and smiling, the young girl makes quite the grizzly sight.

Harry sighs, staring pale faced at the dead. "Come one we should get going. Mrs. Malfoy, Draco, you should probably come with us. After that you can either stay and help the Order or we can help you flee the country."

Narcissa nods sharply. "We'll leave the country."

Draco frowns. "Mom. I want to help them."

"Are you sure?"

Draco nods. His eyes say it all: I never wanted to join the Dark Lord. I don't want to kill and torture just for the fun of it. I don't want to be just another pawn of the Dark Lord's. I may support some of his ideals, but not to the extremity he does. Father always said Muggleborns were less, but Hermione is just as smart as me. I'm not sure what to believe anymore.

Narcissa Malfoy nods. "Okay." She just wants the best for her son.

"Okay then." Harry smiles. He's always been forgiving. "Dobby." At Harry's order, the House elf appears. "Can you take all of us to Shell Cottage?"

"Dobby can, Harry Potter!" The house elf squeaks. Lizzie quickly calls over Luna and , and with a snap of Dobby's fingers, the group vanishes.

The golden trio are wary of her, of the way she didn't hesitate to cut the Death Eaters down.

Ron doesn't seem to know how to treat her. He's used to seeing Lizzie as his cute little sister, someone who needs protection. She's his baby sister. He's supposed to look out for her, interrogate her boyfriends, and give her help when she needs it. He feels useless. How can he be an older brother when his little sister can protect herself better than he can protect her?

Hermione is confused. She doesn't know how Lizzie is so good at magic at such a young age. She's used to being the best and the brightest. She's used to being the only one who knows the answer. Lizzie is better at magic than her. She used several spells from the upper year textbooks and several Hermione didn't even know when defeating the Death Eaters and Snatchers. Hermione is jealous that Lizzie outsmarts her.

Harry is honestly a bit jealous as well. She took on several Death Eaters without flinching and won. Harry is used to barely scraping by in fights. He's the Chosen One. He should be better than that, more capable. He's jealous that a little girl can take on several Death Eaters where he would struggle.

Draco knew that Elizabeth Weasley was dangerous, but he didn't know just how dangerous. She had no qualms interrogating him, she had no qualms using dark magic, and she defeated several Death Eaters by herself. Combine that with her Weasley temper, and she's terrifying.

Luna isn't even fazed. She knows what Lizzie did as Itachi. It might be a bit disconcerting, but she knows Lizzie doesn't fight to kill, but to protect, and that's the difference between her, a shinobi, and a Death Eater. They'll both do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, but they fight for drastically different reasons.

Lizzie isn't surprised at their reactions. Despite the danger they've faced at Hogwarts, they've never been forced to take a life. They don't understand that leaving an enemy alive means that there will be one more person after your head in the future. Itachi is tired. Itachi is a killer. Itachi is a shinobi. He may prefer not to kill, but that isn't always an option.

What are her brother and his friends talking about now? Polyjuice? Breaking into Gringotts? Sword of Gryffindor? Hufflepuff's Cup? Lizzie stares at them incredulously. "You plan to break into Gringotts using Polyjuice potion in order to steal a horcrux from Bellatrix's vaults?"

"Yes?" At her brother's hesitant reply, Lizzie's glare deepens. "Do any of you have any knowledge of wizarding bank laws?"

The golden trio awkwardly exchange looks. Lizzie scowls. "Of course not. Why would you? Binns is a horrid history teacher. Listen carefully. We're at war, and I killed Bellatrix Lestrange in battle. By right of conquest, I can legally seize her vaults. Even if that wasn't an option, putting extremely dark items like horcruxes in Gringotts is illegal. The Goblin's have a very low view of soul magic. They'd probably pay you for telling them there's a Horcrux in her vaults then destroy it for you."

"Probably good we didn't break into Gringotts then." Ron mutters.

"You think?" Lizzie snarks. Itachi finds her Weasley temper more than a bit disconcerting. She's not used to being vocal, snarky, and sarcastic like this. "There's a time and place for Gryffindor brashness. There's also a time and place to actually stop and think. Do you guys want me to get Hufflepuff's cup for you?"

Harry, Ron, and Hermione exchange a few looks before nodding in agreement.

Lizzie has Dobby take her to the Leaky Cauldron. With a quick tap of several bricks, she easily enters the alley. It's empty. People shuffle quietly through the alley, avoiding eye contact with all others as they shop. Lizzie stalks into Gringotts, nodding at the goblin door keepers as she passes.

She walks right up to the head teller. The other customers stare. Elizabeth Weasley walks with grace and confidence while others shuffle nervously. With her dark battle robes, and haughty demeanor, she looks the part of a pure-blooded princess, one of Voldemort's more important pawns. Her next words squash all their thoughts. "Elizabeth Weasley Master Goblin. Here to claim the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange and others via right of conquest." She places several wands, including Bellatrix's as proof of defeat.

"Right this way Ms. Weasley."

Needless to say, when Lizzie leaves the bank, she's very much richer, and the Dark Lord is now missing another horcrux.

They sneak into Hogwarts and destroy Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem.

Voldemort arrives at Hogwarts and with him, an army of Death Eaters.

Lizzie finds it disdainful that it's school children and a handful of order of the Phoenix members who are fighting off Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters. The shinobi world may have had war and death, but at least they trained children before sending them to war. At least their adults fought instead of burying their heads in the sand.

Lizzie dreamed of Hogwarts in flames. Lizzie dreamed of Fred dying. Lizzie is not going to let that happen. She draws a dagger and her wand and heads out to meet the incoming Death Eaters.

Lizzie is the youngest person there. The teachers banned the younger students from fighting. Lizzie ignored the order. She knows that she is a better fighter than even the teachers.

"Elizabeth Shari Weasley. What the hell do you think you're doing on this battlefield?" Molly Weasley glares down at her youngest daughter. "You're too young to fight."

"Umm Mrs. Weasley."

"Yes, Harry dear."

"Lizzie is probably better at fighting than most of the teachers here."

"Really I don't think…"

"Mrs. Weasley" Harry interrupts "She fought and won against Bellatrix Lestrange." He doesn't mention the other snatchers and Greyback, how it was a one-sided massacre or how Lizzie killed them all. Her mom grudgingly lets her fight, if only because the Death Eaters have just arrived, and there is not time to force her off the battle field.

Lizzie is an angel of death, sweeping across the battlefield in a wave of vicious curses, punches, kicks and knife slashes. She takes on three to four Death Eaters at a time, deflecting curses with ease and vicious with her attacks. Her opponents don't get back up. This is war.

Fred almost dies, but he doesn't. He's safe. He's alive.

Voldemort asks Harry to come to him, to stop the suffering and fighting, and Harry listens. One final battle. Voldemort holds up the dead body of the boy who lived in triumph. He asks who will join him. Ron and Ginny are tearful and horrified. Their friend, Ginny's crush is dead.

Lizzie steps forward. "Join you." She scoffs, drawing her wand.

"Lizzie." Professor McGonagall hisses, trying to draw the red head back.

She doesn't listen. Itachi was loyal. Itachi always thought things through. She may have been sorted into Hufflepuff, but she was born into a family of Gryffindors. A bit of that recklessness has rubbed off. "Your Death Eaters crashed Bill's wedding, cut off George's ear, and almost killed Fred. You killed Harry, my brother's best friend. You hurt my siblings. The last people who tried to hurt them didn't live to tell the tale."

"Ohhh, and who might those people be Ms. Weasley?" Voldemort's voice is cold and mocking. His Death Eaters chortle in amusement.

"Bellatrix Lestrange. Lucius Malfoy. Fenrir Greyback. You might have heard of them. They're all dead." With that Lizzie attacks, Harry disappears, Neville attacks Nagini, and the battle begins anew.

Voldemort battles Harry. Twin wands. Expelliarmus vs Avada Kedavra. Red vs green. Good vs evil.

Lizzie attacks Death Eaters as the Dark Lord and the Chosen One battle. Her red hair flares out around her like a bloody halo as she cuts down Death Eater after Death Eater.

Neville kills Nagini; with the destruction of the final Horcrux, Voldemort is now mortal.

Harry kills him.

Voldemort is dead, the Ministry of Magic has fallen, and Hogwarts is in ruins.

Lizzie finds it quite funny that the final battle was fought at a school of all places. These children should not have been the main soldiers in this battle.

The Daily Prophet hails Harry Potter as their savior for the second time. Lizzie isn't surprised when he is nominated as Minister of Magic. She isn't surprised when he declines the position. What surprises her, is that he nominates her in his place. He barely knows her, yet thinks she'd make a good minister of magic. "You could hold off several Death Eaters at once, you're more than knowledgeable in magic. Not to mention, you knew about that law about right of conquest law, and aren't afraid to fight, or even kill if necessary. I admired Dumbledore, but sometimes he was a bit too idealistic. You're more realistic and will get things done. Not to mention." Harry smirks wickedly. "You're thirteen. The Wizengamot will see you as a pawn they can manipulate. It will be too late when they find out the truth."

Harry is right. She is thirteen and not even close to done with her schooling, yet the Wizarding population of England accepts her as a candidate for Minister of Magic. The light side accepts her because she was nominated by their savior, Harry Potter. Not to mention she's young, meaning pliable and easily persuaded. The dark side dislikes that she was nominated by Harry Potter, but she's pureblooded, young, foolish, and easy to influence. Both sides are wrong; she may be young, but they can't control her.

Uchiha Itachi followed orders. He was a genius, a shinobi, and an S-ranked fighter. Elizabeth Weasley follows her own orders. She won't be controlled by the Sheep of wizarding England. She'll be the one leading them, leading them into a bright future. One where magic is mixed with technology, where the laws aren't filled with countless loopholes, where werewolves and goblins have equal rights, where Muggleborns aren't discriminated against, and where dark magic, old magic, and rituals aren't simply banned, but instead only the truly horrific stuff is banned. Itachi once dreamed of peace, maybe even of being Hokage. As Elizabeth Weasley, she'll bring about that dream in the Wizarding World as Minister of Magic.

These people didn't see Lizzie Weasley fight at the battle of Hogwarts. They didn't see her look Voldemort in the eye and openly defy him. Instead of asking why Harry Potter decided to nominate the thirteen-year-old sister of his best friend, they just accepted it. The Wizarding World will have no clue what hit them.