Chapter 2: Damn Combat Junkies…

'Third POV…'

There stood a large group of men, standing outside of the Yellow Flag, were waiting for their boss to give the go on attacking their targets. The boss lit his cigarette, held a grenade in his hands, then spoke as he grinned…

"Let's get started…"

Meanwhile, Marcus and Revy were chugging down Rum shot after shot as people in the Yellow Flag were cheering on, placing bets and the like. They were both tied as they seemed to be no stopping at all. But then, everything seemed to slow down, as if in slow-motion, as Revy, Dutch who just got off the phone, and most importantly, Marcus. His perception was keener than most. He looks towards the entrance to see a few frag grenades come bouncing in.

"Get down! Grenades!" Marcus yelled, grabbing Revy and Benny and throwing themselves over the bar onto the other side. Everyone scrambles away from the frags until they detonate.

'Marcus' POV…'

Right after the explosion, I couldn't help but sigh.

'Damn, another night ruined. Who are the assholes doing it now?'

I then heard Revy coughing and turned to her. To my relief, she seems alright.

"Holy shit, what the fuck was that bullshit?!" Revy shouted while pulling out her Cutlasses, as she calls them.

I answered while pulling out my Thompson SMG and putting on my Black Veteran Ranger helmet, "Some assholes from outside decided to give us some presents, that's what!"

Revy growled, "Some presents!"

I decided to ask, "Are you feeling okay? No cuts? Anything broke?"

She shook her head, "Nope. I'm alright. Thanks for asking though."

I turned towards Benny, who's still dazed, and asked him, "What about you, Benny? You alright? Need any medical assistance?"

Benny raised a thumbs up, stating, "Yeah, I'm alright."

I looked over the bar to see some customers still alright as they grabbed their guns and pointing them at the entrance, some dead, and others wounded. Then I see Dutch running from the room where the phones are, revolver in hand, yelling…

"Benny?! Revy?! Marcus?! Any of you alive?!"

Revy shot up next to me as I answered out, "We're good! Benny's still dazed though."

Dutch nodded, "Good enough!"

Dutch started to hide behind the corner as Benny got out of his daze and started to run towards the back, and right on time, as I see shadows of figures running up to the windows. I yelled out, warning everyone, "Here they come! Open fire!"

That's when I, Revy, Dutch, and the surviving customers, started to open fire at the assailants, who were armed with the AK variants.

All the while with the exchange of gunfire from both sides, the only casualties that began to pile up were the customers. At this rate, the only survivors were me and the Lagoon company, the bartender, Bao, and few of the wounded bystanders that I managed to drag to safety behind the bar since I quickly found out it was bullet-proofed. Using my stimpaks, bandages, and what-not, saving the few folks I could while firing back at these unknown assholes.

I then see Revy sitting there, reloading her Cutlasses, all the while Bao, holding his shotgun, was yelling at her.

"Revy, if these assholes are your friends, then go deal with them!"

She sighed, cocking her pistols as she replied, "Don't know them."

I yelled out to Bao, "Don't worry, sir! I'll pay for the damages after this whole ordeal is over!"

Bao yelled back, "I'll hold you to that!"

More bullets came our way, ricocheting off the side of the bar.

Revy spoke up, "Wow, you bullet-proofed the bar, huh?"

Bao proudly boasted, "It can withstand up to .50 caliber!"

I shouted, "Thank God for bullet-proof material!"

I then nearly dodged more bullets, with one of them bouncing off my helmet.


Then Revy shouted to me, clearly amused, "Having fun, Reaper?"

I retorted, clearly showing how annoyed I am, "Oh, I am having the time of my fucking life right now!"

Then I noticed another grenade bouncing towards.

I kicked it back at them before it exploded a few of their guys.

I yelled, "That there is a big 'fuck you' present, assholes! In fact, here's another!"

I pulled out a frag grenade and armed it, counted to three, then threw it. It blew up instantly when it landed at the feet of some of their soldiers. I fired a few more rounds off my Thompson, killing a few more guys. I went back into cover, right before another grenade blew up.

Then I heard Dutch yell out, "Revy! I think now's a good time to show why you're called 'Two Hands'! Reaper, do the same!"

I look towards Revy as she looked at my direction, seeing a gleam in her eyes and chuckled. She held up her Cutlasses as I switched from my Thompson to my Riot Shotgun, switching my normal ammo for Slug rounds. The firing died down as the opposing force started to move in.

I heard one of them yell out, "Secure the building! I heard voices!"

I peeked over the bar counter to see the one leading the charge. A man with blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing sunglasses and a camo get-up. He's wielding a rifle in one hand and a handgun in the other. He was grinning.

"And there's nothing I hate more than survivors."

'What are they, combat junkies?'

Revy spoke up, "What a great line."

Every one of the soldier wannabes froze once they heard her, clearly wasn't expecting that sort of line as a response.

She then turned towards me, then spoke up again, "Don't you agree, Reaper?"

I nodded, "You got that right, Two Hands."

Then we sprung into action. Revy vaulted over the bar counter, pistols in hands while I stood up, shotgun in hand, aiming at them.

One of them shouted, "Holy shi-"

I fired, blowing off his head creating a fine red mist and pieces of grey matter flying everywhere. I continued to do so while Revy fired away her Cutlasses, killing with finesse.

One by one, they fell, and we kept firing. One soldier ran at me with a combat knife in hand. Without looking, I pulled out my Light in Shining Darkness and shot him in the head, killing him.

Dutch peeked over the side, firing his revolver, killing a few.

I then put away my Riot Shotgun and Light in Shining Darkness, picked up one of their weapons, an AKS-74U, and fired away.

Then Revy and I ran back to cover once the opposing force got their bearings and fired back at us. I reloaded my newly acquired weapon while Revy reloaded hers.

I heard Bao shouting at Revy again, "Goddamn it Revy, how many times do you have to destroy my bar!?"

One soldier got on the counter but was blasted by Bao's shotgun.

"You're lucky your friend there is paying for the damages!"

Revy sighed, "Alright, alright, jeez."

Then Revy shouted, "Dutch!"

On cue, Dutch fired off a few shots, acting as a distraction giving Revy and I an opening. Revy jumped up on the counter, firing away, while I peeked over, firing short bursts. Revy began sliding, dodging and weaving, killing off her group while I dealt with mine, landing headshots with extreme accuracy. I even caught a glimpse of Revy… smiling. I… don't even know how to feel about that, really.

Finally, I heard Dutch yelled out, "Revy! Marcus! We're leaving!"

Revy yelled back, "Got it!"

I yelled in response, "Right behind you!"

I took the moment to pull out a gold bar and yelled, "Bao!"

He peeked over as I tossed him the gold bar. He caught it, eyes widened with surprise.

"Consider it as payment!" I yelled as I ran off.

We ran to the back entrance with Dutch kicking the door out while firing off his revolver, killing two soldiers. I then heard a car speeding in, and when it pulls up, I see Benny in the driver's seat.

"Get in!" he yelled.

Revy and I got in while Dutch fired more shots before getting in himself, then sped off. I gave Revy a grenade and she leaned out the window...

"Take this, assholes!" she yelled as she threw it. After three seconds, it blew up more guys, giving us time to get away.

We barely escape, but alive all the same. After a few minutes of speeding away, Revy decided to finally speak…

"Dutch, Bao was so pissed off, he looked like a steaming pot. Thank God Marcus paid him off, though. Otherwise, we'd be short on money afterward."

She then turned to me, "Thanks, by the way."

I nodded, "No problem."

Dutch sighed, "Well, one thing is for sure. We'll be sure to see them again."

I decided to ask him, "And who are they? I met plenty of triads, gangs, mercenaries, and mafias. But these guys are new to me."

"They're the Extra Order mercenary group. They're a bunch of combat junkies who were never satisfied with after wars." Dutch answered.

I sighed, "Shit. Just what I need. Oh well, at least I got myself a new rifle for the troubles."

'Third POV…'

The man, who organized the whole fiasco at the Yellow Flag, stood there, grinning. To everyone, he is known as 'The Captain'. As he stood there, one of his men came up, giving a salute…

"Captain, we got twenty-two dead, ten wounded. I'm sorry, sir. We thought they were a bunch of punks. We underestimated them."

"Well soldier, we're not dealing with amateurs here. In fact, they scored quite the victory against us today." He said while taking off his glasses.

He continued, "In Liberia, all we shot at were old men and little brats. Too slow and no fight left in them. But these guys are full of energy. I was waiting for something like this."

'Marcus' POV…'

The Lagoon and I were on the boat again, heading to a port I couldn't even bother to know how to pronounce. But it's where we were going to meet Balalaika, so all I have to do is wait it out. So then I decided to investigate what was so important that was on the disk I'm carrying, using my Pipboy to crack the encryption. What I read made my heart drop.


That got the attention of the three.

"Marcus, what's wrong?!" Dutch yelled.

"I just got a look into what was on that disc I'm carrying," I answered.

Benny asked, "So… what's on it?"

"Plans for nuclear weaponry and the like."

Silence filled the air, as no one dared to break it. I guess they knew what that entails. After a few moments, Revy finally broke it.


"That's not good," Dutch added.

Benny asked out, "What company in their right minds would make that?!"

I clenched my fist and growled, "They are playing with fire when they shouldn't. This disc could literally bring the end of the world, or at least, end lives precariously."

I finally took a deep breath, then said, "I just hope Balalaika doesn't use this so carelessly."

Before the conversation continued, the radar started to beep, indicating that something was heading their way. Benny checked out what it was, and his face paled.

Dutch asked, "Benny, what is it?"

"I'm picking up something that's coming straight at us, but it's not a boat. It's way too fast. Possibly a three hours, five minutes."

Dutch turned to Revy and me, and said, "You two, get on top and see what it is."

Revy nodded, "Got it."

I replied, "You got it, boss."

We went on top, looking for anything that's remotely air-born. It wasn't long before we found the boogie.

I spoke out, "Fuck, is that…"

It got closer for us to get a clear picture and my heart stopped a beat.

Revy beat me to it as she reported in, "Dutch, it's a fucking gunship!"

I added, "A Hind, most likely!"

Revy then said, "It's flying at mid-low altitude!"

It flew over us as the boat we're on went faster, probably Dutch gonna try to get away from it.

"Really?! A goddamn attack helicopter?! Not really our best day!" Dutch spoke in our earpiece

The Hind turned about towards, with the intent to brutally murder us. Not on my watch. I pulled out my Light Machine Gun and loaded it with armor-piercing rounds.

Revy yelled out, with a modern take of a large Anti-Material in hand, "You ready for this, Marcus?"

I nodded, "Oh, I am so ready!"

Benny then yelled in our comms, "Hey guys! He's coming! He's going to bite our ass!"

Then Dutch yelled, "This isn't good! We're in some serious shit!"

That's when the Hind fired at us, missing every shot, though a few close calls.

I started to unleash a hail of bullets at it, though only got a few good hits as it was swaying left to right and back.

Revy yelled into the comms at Dutch while setting up her AMR, "I'm pretty sure I know that it's not good, Dutch!"

She then fired a few rounds at the Hind as it still swayed from side to side.

"Goddamn it, hold still!" I yelled, firing my trying to get a bead off on it.

"Tell me about it!" Revy yelled.

That's when Revy and I noticed the Hind started a strafing run.

"Take cover!" I yelled.

We took cover as the Hind landed a few hits on the boat. Luckly, it didn't blow the torpedoes up.

"Holy shit! You alright, Revy?"

"I'm good." Revy replied.

That was when everything kind of got quiet. Sure, the Hind is still following us, but it stopped firing.

"Weird…" I muttered. I then yelled out to Revy…

"Hey Revy! Check up on Dutch and Benny. I'll keep an eye on it. I'll also be listening in on you guys."

She nodded, starting to head for the 'bridge' of the boat, "Right, gotcha."

'Third POV…'

The gunship suddenly stopped firing at the Lagoon company, but everyone on the boat can still hear it out there. In the bridge, Dutch was steering the boat and while at it, he got on the comms and contacted Benny, who's on a different part of the boat.

"Hey Benny, does this seem kind of weird to you?"

"Yeah, something's not right. They stopped firing completely. They can easily made us into swiss cheese by now."

"No doubt. Something's wrong here."

Then Dutch heard the steel door open and knew it was Revy…

"Dutch, what the hell's going on? Where did those guys go-" but got interrupted as Dutch got a call from Benny.

"Benny boy?"

"Yeah… It looks like they fell back about five thousand meters and they're still tailing us from that distance."

"That does not reassure my anxiety, Benny." Marcus called in.

"I know, but that's what I'm seeing right now." Benny responded. He kept an eye on the radar and it kept up with them.

"What do these guys want, anyway? Come on, what is it?" Benny muttered.

Dutch then got out the map and looked through it, until…


"What? What is it, boss?" Marcus asked.

"The Channel…"

"That's it! The Channel!" Benny shouted upon realization.

"What's bad about the Channel?" Marcus asked.

"The path ahead of us is littered with rocks and mangroves and they must've figured it out. The further we go, the tighter it's going to get. In the end, we won't be able to take evasive maneuvers." Dutch explained.

"Ah shit…" Marcus' muttering was heard on the comms.

Revy spoke up, "So let's turn this boat around and get out of here."

Dutch agreed, "Yeah"

"I'm going to call it. Once we stray from the course they hope we take, they're going to come in hot." Marcus warned them.

"I know." Dutch responded as he began to steer the boat.

Right when the boat changed course, the Hind went back into action.

'Marcus' POV…'

Once I saw the Hind speeding up towards us, I raised my LMG and fired when they got close enough. Then I noticed how they were firing. They were literally corralling us towards the Channel.

"Well shit." I muttered.

I then ran towards the bridge and when I entered, Dutch was not happy. Not mad, just not happy.

"You better not say I suck at this… but I guess I can't redeem myself now, right?" he said in a somewhat neutral tone.

Revy responded, "I wouldn't say that."

But Dutch continued, "I didn't have any options. I had to make a turn to the right."

Revy sighed as she replied, "Yeah, I know that."

I decided to speak up and ask, "So what now, boss?"

Dutch was silent for a moment until he answered.

"We do what we can to survive."

"To Be Continued…"

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