Far, farther away from the Multiverse...

In an unknown realm, between wonders and infinite energies, there is a small circle of the most powerful beings of creation. However, there was sacred knowledge in these champions that nobody never know about. A secret truth which brought each of them to the most obscure and hidden fragments of their mortal soul.

The Fear ... Certainty ... Of which they'll lose. Until one day, due to their strength and courage ... Every living organism ... And everything ... Will die from an unknown force.

If anyone questioned these gods, avengers and destroyers, how do they believe that this wonderful multiverse of ours has concluded to its bloody and inevitable end? With a trembling voice, following by a heavy yet sincere heart, they shall all depicted everyone from the exact same thing on the collection of prophecies, destinies and legacies... It will end in the same way that every story ever foretold ended. Along with death. Tragedy ... Devastation and nothing more than a plague of darkness.

Until the very same day, terrible yet defiable boundaries released from space to roam about, freely as desired.

There was a nebulous celestial body, ancient as the Multiverse itself, born from the womb of an immense cloud of void energies, obisidian rocks, phantom dust and dark gas in the same period from which the outer planets of the solar system were formed, 32.6 billion eons before. Its dispersed particles condensed into a solid mass over a mile within a single diameter, begun darting silently through the emptiness of space, describing a path that led it to a distant sun, halfway to the closer star, after a journey lasted many billions of years.

Inside there was a creature. This creature embodied a vision; absolute, definitive balance and equality for co-existance, normality and supernaturality. Long ago, when it was still merely a newborn recently hatched out of the life-egg, and conceiving the universe as what-was-its-father, discovered its place there which was an abyss, dark yet deep and it existed, ensuring of this possibility. It thought it was the only one who truly existed, along with its father.

Whenever time has passed, producing the legendary power of the ancient creature grew from within, and thus consitituted its remarkable intelligence.

Verdict, drawn the conclusion that its father loved him for what it was, for its sacred specificity, merely for its mysterious nature as a son, the fact that it belonged to him, for the space it occupied in the air as tangible proof of his power. It felt after that moment of infantile realization; achieving its own goals and ambitions during its youthful age.

For this reason it lived with him, he trained it for education and learning based on everything, derived from absorbing wisdom and knowledge for power to thrive and content living within the midst under the shadows.

When 78.3 hundred thousand eons passed, it was educated for its inept-high intelligence, well-trained for its powers of restraint including control to wield them and reached up to an enourmous size; it reached up to suitable age enough of leaving his father with a farewell, until they've met once again. Millions of years ago, the creature began wandering across through vast space, occassionally testing its powers once again for awhile now.

Hunting... Traveling... And Settle on daily basis.

Due to the nutritious sustenance from every hunting course, the creature led its existence in a simple, waking cycle to consume for hunger and sleep for energy to travel. It formulated a food chain in its image and looked at it without any emotions from the hollow white-glowing depths for a pair of eyes. The Multiverse was its eutopia, along with the variety of extraterrestrial races that lived there were its flocks.

For this reason, unaware of the fate that hovered over their heads like a guillotine, many planets fell under the weight of its insatiable power.

Regardless sooner or later, from the time an unfortunate coincidence transpired, another celestial body would've attracted the merciless, dark and stoic eyes of the beast.

Far away, in the forgotten spaces unmarked in the geographical maps of the extreme limit of the West Spiral of a galaxy, there was a small and insignificant yellow sun orbiting around it, from a distance of one hundred and forty-nine million kilometers, there was a small, very negligible black-white planet, whose life forms, descended from the chimeric hybrids, incredibly sentient they'd still believed that planes were an excellent invention.

65 Million years later, a titanic siege between a group of these natives and a prominent-elite member of the Oblivion Insurgency, Vorzurath, the Oblivion God Commander ended, abruptly unleashing a dense yet powerful energy, whose waves and particles traveled the whole cosmos endlessly, for countless light-years.

At billions of kilometers from that planet, the creature felt a change in the rhythm of space, something that replaced the cold and intangible void. A sudden burst of energy, forcibly ceasing it to falter its advance.

The beast hadn't seen the impulse caused by the Parallel Orbs, however it sensed it, the nerve endings scattered over its body, registering the new vibrations and reluctantly signaled them into the brain.

When a new discovery had recently occured to be quite shocking, and for the first time ever was unprecedented; It also sensed a soul fragment of its father within a powerful entity with his votaile powers and tainted blood, however it detected an other individual amongst the chimeric hybrids have possessed the tainted blood and votaile powers, yet lacking a soul fragment.

For some purpose, after a moment of hesitation, driving its attraction by power and inquisitiveness from that sudden source of an ultimate power within this entity, the creature began setting course to the planet, Mutation for its first visitation and a confrontation.

When the Indoreaper King was careened from a whiplash, priniting marks of his armored-scaly back and underarms onto the ground within his wake. the Colossal Dragon hastily retaliated, blasting an electrifying atomic beam at an another hybrid, which narrowly swerved and countered with a sickly, light green atomic breath at him in response.

The Indoreaper King leapt onto mid air, eluding the nuclear attack and flown around in circles, shrouding the massive theropod with a localized medium storm system. He glanced around for searching his opponent through the dark grey clouds, peering his jaded-emerald orbs analytically at the storm system from below with an astute precision.

Once he spotted the bomb-diving silhouette, charging up his nuclear energy, tracing radiation from the spiky osteoderms of his whip-lash tail onto his throat, bursting a sickly green-light atomic breath at his opponent who spun evasively and slammed onto him. The Hybrid Theropod was incapacitated, fatigue and exhaustion sept onto his veins and weary adrenaline from their fight.

The Indoreaper King roared thriumphetly, bellowing for his victory, and rippling throughout the vicinity; hybridized and mutated animals alike have fled away for safety measures, following by the applause and cheers from the Indoraptor audience.

"Alright boys, enough is enough," Daphne Potter upbraided sternly, crossing her arms under her breasts, "Especially you, Tristan."

Tristan sheepishly chuckled, plastering a cheeky smile, before releasing the Theropod from under his grasp and shrunken onto his smaller size. Harrison transformed, returned from hybrid into his human form and slowly standing onto his footing, from the ground with support from his wife and best friend.

"I can't believed I've lost to Tristan, once again," Harrison pouted, crossing his arms and huffed at the Indoreaper King, whose crimson-blood red and fiery-orange amber orbs narrowed outwardly in response.

"C'mon boys, we shall be heading back home right now, after all we've been in the park for two hours now," Daphne proposed, suggesting their time to be expired for now.

"Indeed Harrison, we shall return to the manor to settle down after our recent fight without any possible delays, yet at least we'll be relaxing in the living room for the time being," Tristan concured eloquently.

The Indoreaper King checked his reptillian dragon-like wrist, projecting a holograph emanated an illumination of bright blue light, depicted for a choice of any destination, before pressing the teleportation button and dissipating the hologram from discard. A field of hexagon-shape barriers are slowly fabricating from particle to particle, shrouding each other under the holographic dome before flashing them away into teleportation. On the entrance of the Chimera Manor, they entered the estate and settled down onto the dark-blue sofa to ease themselves for accomodation.

"Home sweet home," Harrison drawled a quotation, laying onto the couch, following by Daphne leaning her back before placing his head on her lap.

"Daphne, Harrison. Feel free to use any television or any activities as desired, I shall be in the bedroom for a sole rest and I wish not be disturbed unless if it's a deire emergency," Tristan proposed, compensating their privilege without any permission or consents, ambling away for their moment of peace as wife and husband without any second thoughts of reconsideration in silence.

Momentarily, the Indoreaper King trapaised entry into his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him and telekinetically switching on his air conditioner, he crawled on all fours directly to the bed, curling himself into a fetal position of slumber. Tristan had lain for comfortability, sealing heterochromic orbs of fiery-orange amber and crimson blood-red before drifting into a slumber rest for ten minutes.

Since time immemorial, Mutation has been seldomly bombarded by mysterious astral bodies. Several fragments of the infinite multiverse cross our atmosphere within an endless invasion. They are meteors; the shooting stars so dear to the hearts of the various poets.

One of the thousands that choose a destination which was towards Mutation, many are destroyed by a large flame as soon as they penetrate into the layers of air that surround it. Only a small percentage of them survived and of these most fall into the waters, covering two thirds of the planet.

However, since the dawn of time, some meteor has been able to hit the earth's crust, opening up immense craters of every shape and size.

The meteors would've plummet at any time of any day from planets belonging to constellations, whose dying light was too far away to be seen by terrestrial eyes.

They'e originated from the infinite, arcane sign of life in the unlimited vastness of space. Their nature was almost completely unknown, their secrets were unexplored. They lay inert in the night... And they waited.

On the following day, one of those mysterious celestial bodies choose Mutation as its next target. More specifically, a relatively isolated state of North Indominoplis.

Currently, the icy waters of Glacialia were grasping the fishing boats lined up along the pier, stretched their moorings as if they desire to run away with the tide.

The water, in the small port of Insolenity; a fishing village on the western side of the island of Generalty, from a distance within the southwestern coast of Glacialia - though rippled by rain and it was black as steel, due to the cloudy sky. It seemed like crystal, a clear window that, under weathered piles, opened onto a world of starfish the size of a garbage can lid, jellyfish the size of baseballs and barnacles like fists of a unloader. This was Alaska: such an exuberant land of life to recharge a man, lift him up and even bring him back from the beyond.

Somewhere, high up, the moon shone beautiful and full... Yet that day, in Insolenity, a snowstorm was raging.

The wind whistled, beating and gushing heavily the main street of the village with full speed. The municipal snow plows have long, since given up on clearing the streets.

Mike Cooper, an old chimeric fisheraptor from the island, seizing by the storm fifteen kilometers from the village, forcibly ceasing the diesel-powered trolley and takinv refuge within the barrack of tools and signals of an old railway, where, waiting for the snowfall to end, he was the first hybrid to witness the descent of the meteorite.

It arrived low and bright, a celestial body of about a kilometer that, instead of increasing in speed once in contact with the force of gravity of the planet, seemingly reducing in mid-air; mostly as if it was not a meteorite... However a possible sign of transportation equipped with brakes.

Mike was merely the sole hybrid to testify about the descent in first person. However, the impact would have been detected by others right now...