Harry James Potter woke with a start and whacked his head off one of the stairs above him. He heard his Uncle Vernon muttering about something on the news as he passed the cupboard. Vernon barked,"Get out boy!"

Harry exited the cupboard with a sigh and went into the kitchen to begin making breakfast for his relatives. As he was cooking the bacon, he accidentally burned his hand on it.

Petunia snapped,"Stupid boy! Go to your cupboard and don't come out for the rest of the day."

Harry slowly shuffled back to his cupboard and climbed in. Just before he layed back down on the small pillow he had, he whispered,"I want someone to take me away from here."

A man with black hair, who was wearing a silk green suit, a black bowler hat and eyeglasses, smirked down at the man lying on the ground. He straightened up and began to search through the apartment.

He was a bit surprised to find a stick on the mantel piece but didn't do anything with it. Finally he found something that told him the name of the man he killed.

"Max Smith." Edward Nygma mururmered. He opened the diary of Smith and read through it slowly:

Dumbledore lied! The Potter Boy isn't the son of James Potter and Lily Evans but Lily Evans and a muggle in this hellhole of a city. I tried to discover who the muggle is but to no avail.

If I can just discover who the father is then I can complete my research. The Evans Family is related to many families across the world but several are the most prominent:

The Addams Family

The Holmes Family

The Fowl Family

The Pensieve Family

In this city alone there are around half a dozen people they are related to:

Alfred Penmyworth (Brother of Harry's Grandmother)

Elijah Van Dahl (Third Cousin)

Oswald Cobblepott (Fourth Cousin)

Theo Galavan (Second Cousin)

Carmine Falcone (Second Cousin)

James Gordon (Second Cousin)

The Potters themselves have several squib families spread around the world. There are only four that I know that are still around:

The Bauldelaires

The Jacksons

The Newmans

The Pendletons

The Pendletons were recorded around 1832 as being created but after that they vanished.

Edward closed the diary and tucked it into his suit pocket before exiting the apartment. He had to decide what to do with this information and as soon as he exited the building he knew who to go to.

Alfred Pennyworth looked from making a cup of tea and saw a car pulling into the grounds of the manor. He opened the draw closest to hin on the right and got a pistol out of it.

Alfred exited the kitchen and went towards the front doors. He opened them cautiously and pointed the pistol at the man who was getting out of the car.

Edward moved slowly towards the butler, wary of the gun pointed at him. Alfred demanded,"What do you want?"

"I think you should read this." Edward handed the diary over and the butler read the pages throughly but quickly.

Alfred let the diary slip through his fingers as he finished the page about lineage. He put the gun inside his suit jacket and gestured for Edward to enter the house.

The two went into the kitchen and Alfred made two cups of tea before he sat down. He asked,"How did you find this?"

"A friend gave it to me. Now where is your ward?"

"School. Before you ask I didn't know that my sister had a child if I had this would have been discovered alot sooner. Do you know who the father is?"

"Speaking about it I do remember meeting a red haired girl at a bar when I was nineteen but it probably wasn't her as she must have been in Britain at the time."

Alfred stood abruptly and left the room but returned a few minutes later with a letter clutched in his hand. He opened it and read through it quickly after reading it and said,"How could I not remember this?This letter tells me that I have two nieces and that both of them are married. So if I am correct the boy would be placed with my other niece."

"How will you get him?"

"Vernon Dursley works for Grunnings so it should be easy to schedule a 'meeting' with him." They both froze when they heard the front door open and close."I'll do the talking."

Bruce Wayne walked into the kitchen but froze when he saw Edward sitting at the table, he inquired,"What is he doing here?"

"Master Bruce, Mr Nygma has informed me about my family back in England. How would you like another lad to play with?"

"How old is he?"


"So my age?"


"When is he arriving?"

"In about a week."

When the two had finished talking, Alfred saw that Edward had vanished and that the car outside the house was driving away. He guessed that the man was going to tell one of the other people on the list about it.

Alfred set about making a meal for himself and Bruce


Author's Note

This is set in between Series 1 and 2 in a AU where Edward has already become the Riddler.