Lady Magic, a figure of golden energy said to her father Lord Time,"How are were going to help this boy?"

"Easy, I have asked Fate to send him five allies from different universes of course he will have the choice when he turns ten. Death has marked the boy as his future Master." Lord Time answered staring through a orb of silver energy.

"What will you do about Dumbledore, Grindelwald and Voldemort?"

"I have no power over them. They must be a part of the group of enemies the Chosen must meet in the future."

The two beings stared through the orb which revealed Vernon, Petunia and Dudley walking into Wayne Tower with Harry trailing behind them wearing clothes that were basically rags.

Magic said,"Life told me that the boy will die in the future."

"There are many futures but that is the future set on course right now.

"You never give any straight answers."

"Are any truths simple or are they fake?" They fell silent as they kept watching the orb.

Edward was sat behind a desk, Alfred and Bruce standing behind him as the Dursley Family entered the room. Edward shook Vernon's hand and said,"I'm Edward Nygma, President of Manufacturing. This is Bruce Wayne and his guardian Alfred Pennyworth."

Vernon's eyes had greed in them as he surveyed the office, he asked,"Why did you ask us here Mr Nygma?"

"I want to make you the liason-"

Alfred bent down and whispered in Brice's ear,"The boy in the blue clothes is the one who will come with us. Go speak with him Edward is keeping the others distracted."

Bruce nodded and walked over to where Harry was standing in the corner of the office. He held out a hand and said,"I'm Bruce Wayne, you are?"

"Harry Potter." Harry replied quietly.

"They aren't your parents?"

"No my parents died in a car crash. I've been living with them since I can remember."

"What is your school like?"

"Not bad." Harry said what Vernon had always told him to say if anyone asked.

"Hmm. What lesson is your favourite?"

"Maths." Harry said but he didn't notice that there was a vase next to him and accidentally knocked it off the table. It smashed against the floor which drew the attention of the rest of the room.

Vernon growled,"Boy! What have I told you about breaking things?" He was approaching Harry with his hand raised.

Alfred moved quickly and grasped the arm before he said passive-aggressively,"What are you doing?"

"Surely you know that a child must be disciplined."

"But punching a child is illegal." Alfred began but Vernon still tried to get to Harry to hit him so the butler launched a kick into the massive stomach in front of him.

Vernon stumbled back and came face to face with a barrel of a gun. Victor Zsasz turned to Edward and said,"What do you want done with them?"

"I want them to know that they are to never contact their nephew again on the threat of death. I think you can deal with that."

The Dursleys moved quickly out of the room after hearing the threat.

Alfred turned his attention to Harry, who was standing in corner, and said,"Let me see your hand."

Harry carefully held his right hand out, which had several small cuts on it. Alfred pulled out a handkerchief and pressed into the hand gently.

"Considering how your uncle acted, I am guessing you were abused by them?" Edward asked calmly.

Harry violently shook his head and tried to move his hand back. Alfred muttered,"No need for that, young sir. Now you wouldn't be living with your relatives of I had known about you sooner."

"What?" Harry asked

"Harry isn't it?" Harry nodded."Well I am your grandmother's brother so how would you like to come live with me and my ward?"

"I'd like that sir."

"No need to call me sir, Harry."

Lord Time looked at the figure of blue energy and asked,"Have you moved the events that I wish to happen?"

"Yes I have. The Pensieves will be the age they were when they entered Narnia but I have moved the family into a manor near Wayne Manor. The Bauldelaires will also have a house near the two manors exactly three days before there parents died. I have placed Nicholas Flamel, his wife and the Codex in a bookshop in Gotham, the Newman Twins are staying with their Aunt Agnes in Gotham. I have made sure that Oswald Cobblepot will let his father much sooner and he won't die. The Addams Family manor has been moved to the same area as Harry. I gave the idea that the Fowls should visit America to find a house. The father hasn't disappeared yet. Mycroft Holmes will be visiting Wayne Manor as Alfred summoned him there. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson may also go with him. Lord Fate reported.

"Good. Smith separated the diary into sections for every city, town and village that had relatives of either the Evans or Potters didn't he?"

"Already sorted that out. Nygma will read the rest of the diary and find all this out as he remembers that James Potter went off with Sofia Falcone and that Lily Evans went off with a man called Xander Wilde."

The beings turned and looked through a blue window that showed a manor in a field.