Hellsing DxD Abridged Ch 4

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Rias can only react like any other sane person could and asks nobody in particular, "What did I miss?"

Akeno walks up next to her giggling and says, "Oh, nothing really. Just the resident pervert petting the school mascot and Koneko getting some head. I must admit Rias that I had a hard time believing that his body had changed so much after you turned him."

"Yeah, strange as it may sound Akeno, his physical changes don't seem all big compared to his personality.", Rias says.

Akeno narrows her eyes as she puts on a more serious face and asks, "What do you mean by his personality, are you saying that he may be a threat?"

Rias shakes her head and tells her Queen, "No this is anything beyond my control, but I do suspect this is related to the Kiba incident. Anyway, it's time to give him a more… in depth explanation as to what he will be doing here from here out. Oh, by the way, he's going by Alucard now."

Akeno nods and says, "Understood."

"Care to explain what Alexander is doing in the corner?", she asks with a sweatdrop.

Akeno's teasing smile returned and as puts a hand to her cheek, "If I had to guess, he's probably sulking over the fact he was being completely ignored by Alucard when he wanted a fight. It would appear that these two know each other?"

"That both explains so much and so little.", she says as her eyebrow starts to twitch.

"Alright Alucard, I believe it's time for us to exchange stories.", she tells him, gaining his attention as well as the former priest's.

He looks up at her while still petting Koneko, "Sure but only because I have nothing better to do."

2 hours later

"...and that's everything that you'll need to know for now, so any thoughts? Wait where did he go?", she says ending her long lecture on the duties he'll (avoid) doing and notices that he is no longer there.

And Akeno answers, "About find five minutes after you started, as for where he is your guess is as good as mine. When I tried to stop him he said, "Fuck this shit, I'm going for a walk.", he then tilted every painting in the room before he left."

Rias stood with a ticked off expression there asking her, "But how the hell didn't I notice any of this?"

Play Alucard's theme (Timothy Duch)

"That's cause he put you in an illusion.", Anderson says as he starts laughing to himself ominously, putting Rias on edge and she hesitantly asks him, knowing his personality, what he's laughing at.

He slowly walks over to the empty couch across from a sleeping Koneko due to the petting, he leans back tells her, "Well little girl, you remember we first met and asked why I was inside the body of a nine year old boy?"

Rias narrows her eyes at him and says, "Don't you mean when I brought you back and tried to kill everyone here and got held down by Akeno?"

"I told you that I was a servant of the lord and died doing my duty from the UK while keeping the peace." he says ignoring her remark.

"Yeah, and you killed homicidal vampires.", she says with an increased amount of dread as Akeno pours him cup Tea.

"Yes, but I neglected to tell you when I died, which was 30 years ago now. And do you mind tellin me what happen during that time, here's a hint no survivors.", he says as his grin grows.

Everyone's eyes widen and she says, "The terrorist in London that killed thirty seven million people."

"Yep, but what the papers didn't say was that the attack was lead by an army of one thousand Nazi vampire that when they bite, claw, or scratch a person it become a flesh devouring monster and a rouge unit of th Vatican. Now ask yourself, "If they killed everyone in London, who killed them?".", they start sweating.

Rias yells at him, "But he was only worth one pawn, if he was that powerful I'm not even sure all eight would be enough!"

Alexander just wags his finger and says, "Ah ah ah, but that's where you're wrong we lass, the Evil Piece work by measuring a person's potential. The more potential a person has, the more pieces you need."

Rias asks him, "What are you saying?"

He looks her in the eye and says, "Ain't it obvious, Alucard has already reached his full potential and has never been stronger now that he has the Boosted Gear!"

Rias is as pale as a ghost as she couldn't comprehend how screwed she is.

"Oye, don worry, as long as some jackass doesn't jinxes us we should be fine and even he wouldn't go level Zero unless you order him to take a walk.", he says being calm as can be. Upon hearing this everyone calms down a little til he says, "Although, I can guarantee that there is a high chance of someone dying tonight, know his last employer's luck controlling him. I just know some unlucky bastard is gonna piss him off."

Meanwhile at the park

"I had sooo many better things to do than listen to that, now what to do? Well, I'll just ask the Noir fanboy over here what's good.", he say as he approaches the unluckiest person on Earth.

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