Life on the planet Mobius was relatively peaceful. Beings lived in harmony with one another, mostly thanks to the heroic efforts of a single super sonic being. This being was known as Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic lived in the Green Hill zone, alongside his friend Tails the two tailed fox and Amy Rose. His days were normally spent running across the lands at high speeds, searching for whatever adventure would come next.

One day, Sonic sped into the workshop of his best friend Tails, skidding to a stop right in front of his friend's famous biplane, the Tornado. Tails looked up from his cleaning, giving his friend a smile. Amy approached, holding two glasses of lemonade in her hand. She offered one to Sonic, which he took gratefully.

"Thanks. I was feeling a little thirsty."

"Well, you've been running all day,'" Amy remarked, giving the other glass to Tails. "It's no surprise you're thirsty."

Sonic just shrugged as he took a sip of the drink. Tails and Amy shared a look, then the former moved towards Sonic.

"If we're honest, we didn't expect to see you at all today," Tails admitted. "I mean… with the anniversary and all…"

Sonic paused for a moment, lowering his head in sorrow as he set the lemonade aside. Amy approached, placing a hand on Sonic's back.

"You know we're here when you're ready to talk about it, right?"

"Yeah, I know," Sonic replied solemnly.

They all sat in silence for a moment, but that moment was soon interrupted by a high-pitched, devilish laugh. Everyone looked up, turning towards a nearby window to see a small, black robot with devilish features and a large yellow tablet in hand coming through the window. Their gazes instantly hardened, recognizing him as one of the robots that served their mortal nemesis.

"Hi ya, Sonic," the robot greeted.

"Bokkun," Sonic let out. "What are you doing here?

"Well I was enjoying your sad little faces, but in truth, I have a message from Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Take a look!"

Bokkun held up the tablet, the screen sparking a bit before an image came on. The image was of a very large man that was almost shaped like an egg. He wore an obnoxious red coat, thick goggles that covered his eyes, and a thick red mustache that extended far beyond his face. He laughed maniacally before settling down and giving the trio a malicious glare.

"Greetings, my old enemy."

The look Sonic gave the screen was one that would have reduced it to scrap metal if it had the power.

"What are you up to this time, Eggman?" Sonic asked, crossing his arms.

"That name is an insult! I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The greatest scientific genius the world has ever known!"

"Good for you! I don't care! What. Do. You. Want?"

"Oh it's not what I want, Sonic. It's what you want."

The camera then panned to reveal a young rabbit girl in a cute red dress. She was clutching a blue and yellow creature close to her chest. Both of them were crying, shivering with fear inside a glass pod. Upon seeing the camera, the rabbit looks up and gasped in fright.

"Sonic! Help us!"

"Chao!" The creature in the rabbit's arms exclaimed

"Cream and Cheese?!" Tails let out.

"Stooping to kidnapping little kids?!" Amy shouted. "That's low Eggman, even for you!"

"I admit, I've been pushed to some slight desperation, but it'll be worth it in the end."

"Alright Eggman, where are you keeping them?" Sonic demanded.

Eggman wagged a finger.

"Ah-ah-ah, that would be telling. If you want to find me so badly, why don't you ask your Echidna friend?"

"What do you mean by that?" Sonic asked.

"I mean this! Bokkun!"

Bokkun then smashed the tablet on Sonic's head, cackling before flying off. Sonic rubbed his head in annoyance before getting to his feet.

"Tails, is the Tornado good to fly?"

"You bet it is."

"Great. Next stop, Angel Island. Maybe Knuckles can shed some light on the subject."

Miles away, high above the world below was a lush floating Island, untouched by the ravages of the world below. On this island were the remnants of a long-lost civilization, nothing left of them but ruins, and the artifact they once worshipped: the Master Emerald. Standing ever vigilant as its guardian was the last of the Echidnas, Knuckles.

Knuckles was reclining on the stone steps leading up to the Master Emerald, when the Tornado came flying overhead. He cracked an eye open, growling as the plane landed on the ruins before him.

Getting up, Knuckles approached the plane as Sonic hopped down from the front of it, Tails helped Amy out as the Hedgehog approached the Echidna. Knuckles crossed his arms, tapping his foot and giving the group a death glare.

"What are you idiots doing here?"

"Eggman's got Cream and Cheese," Sonic explained. "He said you would know something."

Knuckles uncrossed his arms, looking shocked.

"He what?! Cream's a kid! How could he?!"

"Join the club. Any idea why he'd refer me to you?"

Knuckles thought for a moment.

"Maybe… maybe he's referring to my ability to sense the Chaos Emeralds. I've been feeling them move around for awhile now. I figured you were screwing around with them again."

"Wasn't me. If Eggman's got the Chaos Emeralds, then we're in bigger trouble than I thought."

"Especially if Eggman wanted us to go to you, Knuckles," Tails pointed out. "He wants all of us to come after him."

"Meaning this has got to be some sort of trap," Amy surmised.

"If Eggman wants me, he's gonna get me," Sonic declared, clenching his fist. "He's not going to hurt anybody else. I won't let him. "

Miles away from Angel Island, a city made of nothing but metal as far as the eye could see stood out like a sore thumb amidst the greenery of the surrounding area. Robots of all shapes and sizes wandered the streets, and at the center of this city was the home of Dr. Robotnik. A massive Tower with his face emblazoned upon it stood as a testament to the mad doctors ego. Inside, the Mad doctor was placing a single red emerald into the console of a massive machine. Six other gems, identical in every way save for color, filled the console.

"At last," Robotnik declared. "After all my years of searching, I've finally found all seven Chaos Emeralds. And with their power, I'll be rid of Sonic once and for all!"

From her pod, Cream clutched Cheese as she watched Robotnik.

"You won't get away with this, Eggman! Sonic will stop you like he always does!"

"I'm afraid Sonic will be coming to the rescue for the last time. Tell me my dear, do you know the legend of Chaos Control?"

"Of course. Everyone's heard the legend."

"Well today, you're going to see a legend in real life. Once Sonic arrives to save the day, I'll unleash Chaos Control to send him and his friends as far away from Mobius as possible. Leaving me free to establish the Robotnik Empire!"

Robotnik laughed maniacally as Cream and Cheese cowered in fear.

The Tornado approached Robotropolis, with Sonic scowling the entire time. Noises rang in his ears, the sounds of machinery, an older voice calling his name, and Robotnik's evil laughter. Sonic quickly shook his head before returning to the situation at hand.

"Just get me in as close as you can," Sonic told Tails. "I'll clear a path!"

"You got it, Sonic!"

The Tornado veered towards the city, allowing Sonic to leap off and land on the street. The instant Sonic sped forward, the entire city was on full alert. Panels started opening up on the ground, revealing missiles of every shape, size, and caliber. In an instant, they all fired, aiming at both the Tornado, and Sonic. The Tornado flew upwards to avoid the barrage as Sonic just charged forward, dodging every missile that came his way. Sonic then leapt over one missile and rolled into a ball and spinning along it. He then leapt off as the missile exploded behind him.

"That the best you got, Eggman? I'm barely breaking a sweat!"

As Sonic approached the tower, the main entrance opened, revealing several large black, humanoid robots called Swatbots. They raised their arms, revealing mounted laser cannons on top, and opened fire on Sonic. Sonic weaved in between the shots before leaping over them and darting right towards them. Sonic plowed through one before spin dashing towards another, tearing it apart. Sonic then darted forward, speeding right through several other Swatbots and destroying them instantly.

Back in Robotnik's command room, his main robotic minions, Orbot and Cubot, were monitoring the situation.

"Uh, Doc?" Cubot called out. "We've got a problem. Sonic's here!"

"Excellent. This time, he will not escape."

In one of the tower's hallways, Sonic continued moving at breakneck speeds to reach the evil doctor. As Sonic kept moving, several panels opened up, revealing turrets that instantly opened fire. The blue blur easily dodged past the barrage of blaster fire, undeterred from his mission.

Outside, the Tornado flew through the sky, avoiding missile fire and gunfire alike. Knuckles slipped out of the passenger seat, jumping down and readying his fist. When one missile came towards him, he let out a battle cry as he hit it with all his strength. The missile veered off course, exploding harmlessly off to the side. Knuckles landed with a roll, coming up just in time to smash a set of turrets in front of him. As Knuckles let loose, the Tornado flew overhead, opening fire on other turrets nearby and making short work of them.

"All too easy," Tails boasted.

"Yeah, that's what worries me," Amy piped up.

Back in Robotnik's lab, the mad doctor was putting the finishing touches on his device when the door was blowin open. Robotnik turned to see Sonic standing in the remains of the door way, staring him down.

"Ah, my old adversary. I was wondering when you'd finally get here."

"Sorry to keep you waiting. Now let my friends go before I scramble you!"

"You want them? Come and get them!"

Sonic instantly moved towards Cream and Cheese, but as he did, an energy barrier suddenly activated, trapping him in a tube of pulsating red light. He rebounded off the walls of his new prison, landing hard on his butt. the malicious doctor started cackling as Sonic pulled himself back to his feet. Spinning around as fast as he could, the hedgehog attempted to free himself. Unfortunately this was for naught. He just ended up being bounced around the energy cage like a ping pong ball before eventually dropping back to the ground, dizzy and a bit singed from the energy. Robotnik ceased laughing as he approached the trapped hedgehog, air air of superiority radiating off of him.

"Don't bother fighting against my energy cage. It's useless to resist."

"Is this all you wanted Eggman? Just to get me locked up?"

"That's part of it. This is where part two comes in. It's time to unleash a little chaos."

Sonic gritted his teeth as Robotnik pressed a few buttons on the console, causing it to begin glowing from the Emeralds energy. Unbeknownst to anyone, this sight was also being admired by a shadowy figure with batwings, hiding in the rafters above them. Thinking fast, Sonic sped to the barrier and started spinning at it again. This time, he focused on a single spot, pushing as far and as hard as he could into the energy. On a console over by Orbot, the energy levels were shown rising far up into the red. The red robot looked at them, his optic sensors going wide.


All of a sudden, the energy barrier completely gave out. Sonic ended up shooting across the lab, smashing right into the Chaos Emerald console. Robotnik fell back in shock.

"No! What have you done?!"

Sonic skidded across the ground before turning back towards Robotnik and the device, which was sparking like crazy.

"What have I done? It's your machine!"

"The containment field has been breached! The energy can't be contained!"

As if to confirm Robotnik's fears, the machine suddenly exploded, sending a wave of energy over everyone in the room before expanding out of the building.

Outside the complex, the wave of energy blinded the three heroes. Knuckles skidded to a stop in the middle of a fight, looking up at the energy dome in abject horror.

"Chaos Control…" he gasped before the energy overtook him.

Tails and Amy both stared as well, before the energy itself hit them swallowing the Tornado whole.

With a groan of pain, Sonic slowly awoke from his forcefully induced sleep.

"What the heck… what happened?" Sonic let out.

As his vision slowly returned to him, bright lights suddenly filled his sight. A loud piercing sound reached his ears as something came barreling straight towards him. With a yelp, Sonic sped out of the way of the strange contraption, only for an almost identical one to come from the other side. He sped backwards, only to find out that he was surrounded on all sides by these strange devices. They almost reminded him of some of Eggman's machines, only these ones didn't seem to be robots. Instead, there were humans manning them from the inside. Even more humans were watching the scene from all around, far more humans than Sonic had even seen in his life.

"What are they all starting at?" Sonic asked.

One human approached him, dressed in a blue uniform with a vest and a flat topped hat.

"Hey kid, what are you doing out here? Halloween's not for a few more months, and you're definitely not supposed to be out here alone."

Sonic just looked at the uniformed man, confused and weary. The man then reached for him.

"Come on kid, let's get you out of the street."

When he grabbed Sonic's shoulder, the hedgehog instinctively swatted the hand away.

"Hey, back off pal!"

The man looked surprised.

"What the, you don't sound like a kid." The man grabbed Sonic by the quills, attempting to pull them. " take off that mask this instant"

"Ow!" Sonic let out, pulling himself free. "Hey! What's the big idea?!"

By now, the man looked absolutely shocked. He stared at Sonic, going utterly pale before drawing his pistol.

" What the hell? You're not human!"

"Well, duh. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got places to be."

He took off, knowing he needed to get somewhere a bit less crowded so he could figure out what was going on. When the man saw him go, he grabbed a radio on his shoulder, phoning dispatch.

"We have an unidentified blue creature racing down the freeway!

"Can you describe the creature?"

"Crazy as it sounds, it looked like a… blue hedgehog."

Down the street, Sonic continued running at top speeds to put some distance between him and the police. As he got farther and farther away, he began to realize just how strange this place was. Nothing looks familiar, and all he saw were humans and tall buildings as far as the eye could see. Panic began to set in, his body instinctively speeding up to get him farther and farther away from this terrifying situation.

On the side of the road, a pair of cops were sitting in their car with a speedometer aimed at the road to keep tabs on speeders. One of the cops just yawned, reaching for a box of donuts that was sitting in the passenger seat. As he turned away for a brief second, Sonic flew past, setting off the speedometer. When the cop looked back, the speedometer read over 200 miles an hour. His eyes went wide and the donut fell out of his mouth.

"What was that?"

Sonic just kept running.


By now, most of the police force was watching on the traffic cameras. They had to slow down the footage several times just to get a glimpse of him. When they did manage to catch an image of him oh, everyone was floored. Realizing that normal forces were too slow to catch the super sonic hedgehog, the police chief picked up a red cell phone, hitting the speed dial.

"Get me the S-team."

In a warehouse near the center of town, a group of four police officers were hanging out in a lounge area. The leader of the group, a young man with short red hair and a cocky grin, came walking in. He was dressed in what looked like a red racing suit, a helmet tucked under his arm.

"Look alive everyone!" He shouted, getting the officers' attention. "We got ourselves a job!"

The officers all cheered, rising from their seats and moving towards the large doors leading to the garage. Inside, five Formula 1 race cars with police lights installed we're being tended to by a pit crew. As the officers all put on their uniforms and prepared to head out, the leader turned to his mechanic with a few questions.

"What's the temperature of the road surface tonight?"

"70 degrees, and dry as a bone."

The leader nodded, pulling a note pad from his pocket and doing some math.

"How about wind? I heard there was supposed to be a light breeze from the west."

"No wind, sir."

"And road condition?"

"Nice and smooth."

The leader finished up his calculations, snapping the pencil into the rings of the notepad before setting it down.

"Alright. Get me the five groove, medium soft."

The mechanic acted immediately, grabbing the properly labeled tires and getting them situated on the cars. One by one, the officers all climbed into their cars, allowing themselves to be strapped in. The leader did a final check as the mechanic returned to his side.

"I've programmed gears 5 and 6 to freeway speed."


"Oh, and I filled that secret fuel tank on your car like you asked me too."

The leader smirked, giving the mechanic a nod as all non-drivers back away from the cars. Hatches were lowered, engines were guns, the doors opened, and all five cars raced out of the garage.

Sonic didn't stop running until he left the city in his dust. He found himself on top of a raised freeway, far from the city and overlooking what appeared to be a suburban area. Feeling a little bit safer, he finally stopped, taking a better look at his surroundings. He climbed up onto a lamp post for a better view, letting out a shaky sigh at what he saw.

"The sky and moon are the same... But the stars are all wrong," he observed. "Am I on another planet? Did I go back in time? Am I… alone?"

The idea shook Sonic to his core. He thought about all of his friends that had come with him to save Cream and Cheese. He thought about the energy wave, wondering if the others had ended up in the same place. Considering the greeting he had received, he was more than a little worried. Screwing his eyes shut, he clenched his fists, trying to calm his frantic thoughts.

"They're alright…" he told himself. "They have to be."

As he sat there, the sound of engines reached his ears. He turned towards the sound, seeing the Formula 1 race cars approaching. Jumping down from his perch, he watched as all five cars came to a stop. The lead car opened up, allowing the leader to stand up. The leader removed his helmet, giving Sonic a wave.

"Hey there. I take it you're the blue hedgehog Dispatch has been going crazy over."

"Guess I am," Sonic replied, crossing his arms. "What's it to ya?"

The leader looked pleasantly surprised.

"You can talk to. You're just full of surprises. I don't suppose you'd be willing to just come with us and answer a few questions. You seem like a reasonable creature."

"You don't know me very well, do you?"

"That we don't. All we do know is that you're fast. Faster than anything we've seen, and we've seen quite a bit. You see, up until now, I've always prided myself on being the fastest thing alive. However, after seeing you on the traffic cams, I can't help but wonder if I'm about to be dethroned."

"Always nice to meet a fan."

The leader chuckled good naturedly, leaning forward a bit.

"The game's Sam. Deputy Sam Kent of the Station Square high speed pursuit unit. You got a name?"

"Hmm… I don't know if I feel like talking."

Sam sighed.

"I suppose not… tell you what. How about a wager? You race against me and my S-Team. We manage to catch you before the freeway ends, and you come with us down to the precinct for some Q&A."

While still weary of the situation, a race actually sounded nice. Running always helped out Sonic in the past, and when it was a race? Well that made it even better.

"And when I win?"

"'If' you win, you're free to run to your heart's content. Sound fair?"

"Alright Sam, I'm game. Let's race."

Sam grinned, sliding his helmet back on to his head and sitting back down. He closed the hatch as all five cars lined themselves up on the road. Two of the cars gave Sonic a place to stand, one of the Hedgehog quickly took up. He began stretching as all five cars began revving their engines. Sonic glanced over at Sam, holding up three fingers… then two… then second the final finger went down, the five cars and Sonic all took off down the highway.

Sonic easily began outpacing the cars, looking back and sticking out his tongue, even going as far as to pull down one of his eyelids.

"High speed pursuit unit? Give me a break! I've seen turtles faster than you!"

This really started to anger the racers, who all began plotting.

"Boost your rear wing angles to 20 degrees!" One of them shouted.

One by one, all five of the cars tilted their rear wing angles as instructed. All five then began to speed up, starting to catch up to Sonic. They surrounded him on all four sides much to the hedgehog's amusement.

"Well now, things are starting to get interesting." He looked around at the drivers, forming a plan of his own. "Boxing me in is a good strategy, but it's going to take more than that to stop me!"

With a burst of speed, Sonic jumped over the cars getting out of their box. One of the drivers, an officer by the name of Hector, looked around curiously.

"Where did he go? I can't see him!"

Suddenly, Sonic knocked on the side of his window. When Hector turned, Sonic gave a wave, then jumped up onto the front of the car, smirking victoriously. Immediately, Hector began to panic.

"Hey! Get off of there! I can't see!"

Sonic blink, then immediately got off.

"Sorry! I'm not used to dealing with people in these kinds of situations!"

He then sped off once more, much to the racers annoyance.

"You're not going to treat the s team like chumps!" Hector snarled. "Time to teach this hedgehog a lesson! Boost all winged .5 degrees and let's get this thing!"

The five cars sped up once more, catching up to Sonic. By now, they were all clocking in at about 300 mph, and were catching up to Sonic once more. However, when he came into view once more, he was running backwards. By now, all of the officers were starting to get sick and tired of Sonic's antics.

"This thing is toying with us!" One officer exclaimed angrily.

"What do we do boss?" Hector questioned.

Under his helmet, Sam grinned. He had hoped it would come to this, and he wasn't disappointed.

"Play times over. Clear the center lane, gentleman. This thing is mine."

The other for race cars split into, leaving the center lane of the freeway open. When Sonic saw this, he grinned, almost sensing that things were about to get interesting. Sam then reached for a button that was hidden under the side of his sash. He hit the button, activating a compressor in his engine. The side of the compressor read "Nitro", a sparkling blue liquid inside it. Almost instantly, Sam's car went into hyperdrive, speeding through the gap and nearly running over Sonic. The hedgehog barely had time to Blink before he was forced to jump over the speeding car, watching as it flew past him. Spirometer began climbing up into the 500, and didn't show any sign of stopping. Under his helmet, Sam grinned.

"Sorry hedgehog, but it's the end of the line for you. Now come with us nice and-"

Before he could finish, Sonic went zooming past him, moving so fast that he left a sonic boom in his wake. All of the officers were stunned, and Sam was wide-eyed in shock.

"A sonic boom?!" He choked. "That thing just broke the sound barrier!"

"Boss! Look out!" One of the drivers warned. "You're running out of road!"

Sure enough, the freeway they were on was currently unfinished. There were several warning signs declaring this. Sam quickly took note of this, slamming on the brakes and deploying parachutes to help slow with his car. Sonic, on the other hand, did not notice in time. As such he went flying off of the freeway, the end of the raised road acting as a ramp that sent him flying over the suburbs. He flew right over a windmill farm, causing the turbines to spin at an incredible velocity. From the top of the freeway, all five cars gathered, the officers getting out, removing their helmets, and looking out at where Sonic had gone. Sam watched the blue blur disappear from sight, letting out a mournful sigh.

"Looks like I'm no longer the fastest thing in Station Square." He put his helmet back on, climbing back into his car. "Come on, boys. We're going back."

"But, what about the hedgehog?" Hector questioned.

"I'm a man of my word. He won the race, so he goes free."

Sonic continued to fly over the suburbs, entering what looked like to be a richer neighborhood. As he looked down at the massive houses and large arrays of neatly lined up palm trees, he allowed a small smile to grace his face.

"Well, at least I know my stay here won't be too bad. That Sam guy was pretty fun to race with."

He soon began to descend, thus he began looking to see where exactly he would be landing. To his horror, he was on a collision course with a very large swimming pool. Unfortunately for Sonic, not only did he have no idea how to swim, he's suffered from acute aquaphobia. Because of this, the swimming pool was the last place he wanted to land. Panic setting in once more, Sonic tried running in mid-air, clawing at the air, and doing everything in his power to try and divert his course. It was all for naught, for soon, the hedgehog touched down in the pool with a massive splash.

The second he hit the water, Sonic began flailing and struggling to swim. Unfortunately, his frantic movements distract him deeper and deeper into the water. He clawed, kicked, and tried running, but none of it was working. He could feel his lungs beginning to burn with a need for oxygen. Then, just before the need became too great, a hand wrapped around the back of his neck, pulling him out of the pool. The second he broke the surface he began coughing and hacking, dislodging the water he had swallowed during his fevered attempts to escape. As he did, he felt a warm hand on his back helping to steady him.

"Easy there," a younger voice said soothingly. "I got you. Are you okay?"

Sonic eventually regained control of his breathing, turning to the source of the voice. This proved to be a boy, no older than 15. He was tall, with Shaggy black hair and a pair of glasses perched on his nose, framing chocolate brown eyes. He was dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of running shorts, clearly his pajamas given the late hour. After getting a good look at the kid, Sonic relaxed a bit.

"Yeah, I am now. Thanks for the save."

The kid looked at Sonic in surprise.

"You can talk?"

"Yeah. I can do alot of things. Well, clearly I can't swim, but still."

"I just… never thought I'd meet a talking hedgehog."

"I guess we aren't that common on this planet."

"I guess not." The kid got to his feet, then offered Sonic a hand. "My name's Keith. Keith Kent."

Sonic smiled, taking the offered hand and getting to his feet.

"Nice to meet you Keith. My name is Sonic the Hedgehog."