This story is actually a one-shot but maybe it's will be continue in form of a story so let's go.

Jennifer's Tilly Mansion

Tiffany is very happy about being the movie star and mother of two wonderful kids Glen and Glenda, but then kids is come to school Tiffany is now have more attention to kids than to her career because she knows her kids and having black scripts like Glen gets bullied and Glenda who is ruthless kid and possibly kids will be scared of her so this is day will be changing her and kids life.

Glen and Glenda just comes for school to home but bullies just jumped from tree and says- hello dorks and Glenda says- fuck you and one of from bullies says- you are very naughty young lady and Glen says- leave us alone and bully punched him into face and says- hey shitface shut up and then Glenda is kick him into genitals and grabbed Glen by arm and escaped.

Kids comes and Tiffany asks- how in school and her smile is dissappeared with seeing Glen with bleeding nose and asked- what's happening sweetie's and Glenda says- this bastards is attacking us after school and punching Glen in face and Tiffany says- eh alright kids come to kitchen.

Alright kids listen to me im know it's will be shocking question but you want to your father's back? and Glen says- but if he will hurt you again? and Tiffany says- dont worry sweetheart not this time and kids says in unison- yes.

Tiffany is sewed Chucky who his body parts has been in desks of floor and says the chant and doll it's open his blue eyes and says with anger in his tone- why you ressurects me?, and Tiffany says with sadly tone- im not decided this but kids and Chucky says- kids? Glen? Bullshit! and Tiffany yelled with tears in her eyes-eyes- goddamn Chucky i missed you didn't you understand?! and Chucky says- you missed me? you lying or not? and Tiffany says- no im not lying please belive me and Chucky says with smile- hehe you always has been a crybaby and kiss her and says-i missed you too and then Tiffany says- kids come and Chucky says- well well you are grown up good and asks- so you wanna spend with dad most of time after all of this fucking years? and Kids says happily-yeah.