As the night began and everyone was getting ready for bed, everyone was preparing to tuck the dogs in for the night, but the new guests weren't exhausted one bit. Petunia and Olaf were chasing each other in Ox's room as he tried to catch her; Dee-Dee, Kiki and Wellington Jack were playing with Herman and the crew happily despite Ed trying to get the dogs settled down; Bonnie was jumping happily on Rattler's bed; Skip and Lex were tossing a baseball back and forth happily and Chomper was just exploring his new surroundings in awe.

"It's gonna be a long night." Ed said as he tried to get the dogs settled down.

"Don't snarl and bite at me!" Ox bossed to Petunia, who tried biting his hand again.

"Bonnie, get off the bed!" Rattler gasped.

"Here, boys!" Yasmine called out, helping Peppermint Patty round up the two dogs.

"Chomper, over here." Marcie called out.

Unfortunately, none of the dogs listened.

After a few hours, the dogs were sound asleep, whether in pup beds, on beds, on the grass or on the couch. "Phew." Ed smiled in relief as his crew slept soundly. "Now I can get some sleep."

Once they were sure Ed was asleep, Dee-Dee, Kiki and Wellington Jack sprung awake and ran off. Herman awoke to the sound of their tags jingling and ran after them as well. He wound up chasing them to town and into traffic.

"Oh dear." Herman gulped as he got the three to the sidewalk, accidentally getting hit by a car.

"HERMAN!" Kiki gasped, running up to a house and ringing the doorbell. A sleepy Linus answered it.

"Who is it?" Linus yawned as Kiki led him to see Herman, laying on the street. "HERMAN!" instantly, he called the vet and they arrived almost instantly.

"Is he gonna be fine?" asked Linus.

"Yes. The sheepdog's just got a small bruise on his arm." The vet said.

"Sheepdog?" Herman rolled his eyes as he went to hug the triplets. "Don't ever do that again."

"We won't." Wellington Jack whimpered.

"We promise." Kiki sniffled.

"Beagle Scouts' honor." Dee-Dee added.

"Dee-Dee, Kiki and Wellington Jack, huh?" Linus asked, reading their tags. "What nice names."

"Thank you!" Wellington Jack's tail wagged like mad.

Once morning came, everyone was thrilled that they managed to survive the night with the dogs. "Well, that was an eventful night." Peppermint Patty yawned.

"I agree." Ox smiled. "At least I was able to get some shut-eye until Petunia nipped at my finger."

"She what?" Charlie Brown asked.

"She does this often." Gracie shrugged.

"I would have preferred Olaf licking me." Ox added.

"How'd you sleep?" the tomboy asked her best friend.

"Not too well, sir. Chomper was up all night!" Marcie exclaimed.

"What was he doing? Barking? Howling? Typing?" Charlie Brown asked.

"Nope. Reading." Marcie sighed.

"Now you know how I feel time-to-time." Peppermint Patty joked as some of the others giggled as well.

"So, how'd you sleep?" Rebecca asked Ed.

"I slept real well." Ed smiled. "So did the crew."

Dee-Dee, Kiki, Wellington Jack and Herman giggled as they nodded their heads in agreement. "We sure did." Herman thought. "Aside from me 'tripping'."

"So, where're these guys gonna stay?" asked a slightly annoyed Rattler.

"Hmm…" everyone thought good and hard about it.

"Let's think this through over Aces'." Peppermint Patty suggested.

"Alright, freundin." Franco smiled.

"Great idea!" Marcie giggled.

"Race you there!" Skip exclaimed to his siblings and their friends as a pack of dogs, a frog, some birds, two cats, a bunny and wolf stampeded towards the shop.

"Whoa!" exclaimed the kids as they walked in awe.

"We win!" Petunia exclaimed.

"We noticed." Ed sighed.

"Who knew Faron could RUN?!" Sally exclaimed, carrying Wyatt in her arms.

"Let's just eat some ice cream and think about housing eight crossbreeds." Charlie Brown suggested.

"What happened here?" Rudy asked in shock.

"Relatives." Claudia said bluntly. "The usual, please."

"Here you go." Rudy said, handing Claudia a cone with 19 different flavors. She handed it to Gracie as the crossbreed gulped it all down in one bite. "She never fails to amaze me."

"That's my Gracie." Claudia giggled.

"Cherry for her, mango for him, fudge for him, caramel for her, blueberry for him, bubblegum for her, sherbet for her and coconut-pineapple for him." Ed translated as Gracie's siblings pawed on the glass.

"Coming up. What kind of sherbet for the sweet young missy?" Rudy asked.

"Rainbow." Ed stated.


"Yikes!" Charlie Brown exclaimed.

"Coconut-pineapple?!" shuddered Linus.

"What does it taste like?" Marcie asked, eagerly.

"Apparently, coconut in pineapple juice." Lucy said. "Worst creation ever."

"HEY!" Wellington Jack said, kicking Lucy in the butt.

"I take it back." Lucy sulked.

"And I thought SNOOPY'S siblings were pains…" Charlie Brown sighed as Olaf and Andy groaned.

"Well, we aren't." Dee-Dee smirked.

"Except Petunia." Kiki thought.

"HEY!" Petunia snarled.

The kids sighed as they tried to find a way to house in all of Gracie's siblings. "No way!" Lucy declared. "You WON'T make us!"

"It's the only logical choice. That or kennels." Linus said.

"Fine." Lucy sighed. "I just hope Rerun doesn't get the WRONG IDEA."

"I just hope my puppies don't arrive for a while." Kiki thought to herself. "And I hope they're all healthy little things."

"PUPPIES!?" Gracie yapped.

"Oh yes." Kiki sighed.

"Who's the father?!" Dee-Dee barked.


"OUR Wellington?!"

"Me?!" Wellington gasped.