It was over they had won the final battle against the mad Titan Thantos who was dead and those who had vanished in the first snap had returned. Steve Rogers aka Captain America stood grinning side by side with his best friend and long-time comrade Bucky and casually commented "On your left and your late"

"Punk" was Bucky's response

"Jerk" smiled Steve "I need to go and find Nat; Buck make sure she's ok"

"No problem, say hi to her for me" Steve nodded and dashed off to find her. God forbid anything had happened to her what would he tell James. James gods his son was barely six having been born just before the first snap had happened, they had been so lucky that he hadn't disappeared like thousands of others. He was currently with one of the few members of S.H.I.E.L.D they still trusted Sharon Carter they had drop him off with her a few days ago before the time travel heist. The comm in his ear crackled to life "Steve, Steve can you hear me?" Natasha's voice came through.

"Nat, are you hurt, where are you and I'll come to you"

"I'm ok Steve a little bruised but fine, I'm with Pepper, Tony's been badly injured he used the stone's Wanda's doing, her best to fix him up until paramedic's can reach him, we're near the breach in the dam"

"I'm on my way stay there"


Natasha stood by her friend Pepper comforting her as Wanda used her talents to heal their team mate/ friend/ husband. Tony Stark had scarified himself to bring back thousands by using the stones. "He'll be okay Pepper, Morgan will see him again alive and well" Natasha reassured her thought's on her own child her little boy whom "Steve is on his way over here told him what's happened."

"I'm happy for you both, it took you along time but we all placed our bets on when" Pepper told her with a little smile. Natasha looked at her in surprise "You all placed bets on us?" Pepper just nodded her eyes trained on her husband.

"Natasha" the sound of a very familiar voice reached her ears and she spun round her heart skipping a beat, there he was a bit bruised and beat up and looking ruggedly handsome in his slightly torn uniform worse for wear but still standing. She met him halfway and he swept her up into a dizzying kiss as though no one else existed. He set her down but didn't let go her go instead he cupped her cheek and touched his forehead to hers "James?" she whispered concern in her green eyes.

"I know Nat, I want too see him too" he answered. They walked back to the group where most of the team were gathered pretending, they just hadn't seen them kissing and were watching as S.H.I.E.L.D paramedics loaded the now stable billionaire onto a stretcher and onto a helli-carrier closely followed by Rhodes and Pepper.

"Hey listen Nat and I have an errand to run, we'll meet you all back at the Avengers Tower in about two hours" Steve told them. Clint who was very much aware of their relationship and of his godson James smirked at them pulling faces at Natasha who glared at him. Thor grinned at his team-mates not at all missing the way the good captain held Natasha close. "We will see you there do what you have to do Lady Natasha and Lord Steven. Oh, and Lord Steven I always knew you were worthy" he said looking at the hammer in his friend's hand

"You want it back" Steve asked holding the hammer out to the thunder god

Thor shook his head " Nah you keep it I've got a better one now" Steve nodded his thanks then he and Natasha after hugging the others then told them they'd see them at the tower in a couple of hours.

/ 3 Weeks Later /

The first thing Tony Stark noticed when he opened his eyes was an unfamiliar weight on his chest and a pair of green eyes watching him, they widened seeing that he was awake and then disappeared with a shout of "he's awake" followed by a crash and yelp. The door re-opened and he saw Pepper standing in the doorway with Morgan. The little girl rushed over "daddy, your awake"

"Hey there sweetheart" he said smiling at his daughter.

"Careful Morgan, your dad is still not 100%" Pepper said. Tony leaned in for a kiss from his wife which she returned. There was the sound of more feet in the corridor and the sound of chatter and two people who he recently reunited with in the middle of a war entered the room with the boy whom he had seen minutes ago and scared.

"Captian, Nat it is good to see you are both still alive" Tony said then his gaze fell onto the boy who was looking at him or rather judging him "Er Pepper, how long was I out for. I thought we only had one"

"You've missed a lot these last few years Tony" said Natasha teasingly

"What years?" Tony yelpt he looked at Clint who had just come into the room "How many years have I missed?" Clint looked at the billionaire then at the laughing Natasha even Steve was smiling as was James

"Dude you've been out 3 weeks they're messing with you"

"Three weeks but the kid's at least six" Tony said looking closer at the boy and realised that he looked like a perfect mix of two people in the room he looked at Steve and Natasha then back at the boy and his jaw dropped "What's your name kid"

"James Antony Rodgers" the boy said holding out his hand for him to shake. Tony grinned at the solider and the spy "Well I must say I never expected this to happen"