Kady and Ezra decided to help rebuilding Kerenza IV at the end of the war, with the help of the Kerenza fighters, the Malikovs and Rhys.

They both married in Kerenza IV with Nik as Ezra's best man and Hanna as Kady's bridesmaid in a grand ceremony.

They have one boy, James and one girl, Syra, born two years after.

Kady became programmer at one of the biggest companies in the colonised universe. With her excellent work, she quickly has been recognised as one of the best in her field.

Ezra had been officially recruited in the UTA army and became one of the best Captains of history thanks to his high social skills and easy-going nature, as well as his ability to take the lead and choose the best decisions.

They are friends with the Malikovs, Rhys, Asha and Hanna, as well as Winifred McCall.

They live where Ezra is affected by his superior.