Having to interact with people wasn't what you called Alex De La Rosa's cup of tea. In fact, he has never even tried tea so he wasn't sure if it was alright for him to use that phrase. Either way, he wasn't what people called a social butterfly. His brother had described him as an antisocial caterpillar after he had refused to go to their neighbors barbecue. Which, in retrospect, really wasn't his fault since their neighbor had a very perverted son who could not keep his hands to himself if his life depended on it.

The adorable voice of Ciel Phantomhive brought his mind into focus once more. Binge watching Black Butler was something he did very often nowadays. The manga had shocked him so much in its recent events that he had decided to binge watch the anime.

Just when Grell was going to stab Madam Red in the chest, Alex's door was harshly slammed against the wall as it was opened with brute force. Startled, he yelped and fell out of bed, lanky limbs becoming tangled in the blanket that previously cocooned him. His wooden floor left his back aching at the impact and he glared at the laughing figure by the doorway, hoping it would spontaneously combust.

"Shut up Caz, it wasn't that funny." He grumbled, slowly untangling himself so he could smack his brother.

Caz De La Rosa was, unfortunately, his older brother by three years and enjoyed picking on him because of his antisocial behavior. During the event of the barbecue, Caz had tried to physically drag Alex but he had, thankfully, grabbed on to the door frame and wouldn't let go. Yeah, he was desperate not to go.

"You're such an idiot! But no, seriously, I didn't just come in here to see you fail at life," Okay that stung a little. " I need you to go to the market and buy a few things for me."

That got his attention. Caz usually did all the shopping while Alex did most of the cooking, a system that they both agreed worked for them. So why the hell was Caz making him go now? Just as he was about to protest and ask why the hell Caz would make him go to the market, his blue sweater was hurled at him and his favorite pair of Vans thrown at his head.

"June is coming over so I need you out." Oh. That's why. Kicked out of his own home just so he wouldn't interrupt his brother and girlfriend; Alex was officially hurt. June Suzuki was his brother's girlfriend of two years and while she was a kind girl, she often used him as her model for her designs that consisted mainly of FEMALE clothing. So, Alex supposed it wasn't such a bad idea to get out of the house before she came, at least he would be spared from getting his poor body stuffed in a tight dress. However, this was the first time Caz had forced him out of the house just because June was coming over. He wondered why.

"Ugh fine..." Alex begrudgingly readied himself for the outside world and cried over how much anime watching time he was losing. Once his sweater was zipped up and laces tied, he grabbed his keys, his brother's credit card and began to drag himself to the door.

"Also, don't come back for an hour or two and if you see a tie on my door then don't come in." Alex looked up at his older brother, puzzled at the odd statement.

"Why would you leave a tie on your do-ack!"

Alex found himself staring at the bland, grey carpet of their hallway outside their apartment, taking in that he had just been shoved out the door. A grumble passed his lips as he peeled himself off the dirty floor and dusted his jeans off, the lint of the carpet sticking to his black skinny jeans and refusing to come off. Sighing, Alex grabbed his phone that he, thankfully, had grabbed in the rush. Quickly forming a list on his notes app, since his brother didn't give him one, he set off out of his apartment complex and into the dreary day.

The forecast had predicted a heavy rainfall in the late afternoon and seeing as it was already one o'clock with massive storm clouds looking like Zeus himself was about to unleash his wrath, they were right. Alex refused to become a victim to the torrents of inevitable rain without an umbrella on hand and began to outright sprint his way to the nearest supermarket. Which he immediately regretted as his lungs, heart and legs screamed at him for doing something so unnecessary without being in some sort of danger.

"I swear I'm going to kill Caz." Alex muttered before sighing and grabbing a cart and entering the market.

He looked at the list he made then began shoveling piles of junk food into his cart, not caring at all the stares he was receiving from the other shoppers. Seems like some people had never seen a guy buy ten bags of chips or nine tubs of ice cream. He could be having a party for all they knew!

Even though it WAS all for him.

As his cart became crowded, Alex walked towards the checkout line, put the items on the conveyor belt and a small part of him began to wonder if all this was too much. This really was petty. He was partly doing this as revenge towards his brother for making him socialize with other human beings but Caz was really a good big brother-

Alex hummed in surprise as his phone vibrated and reached into his pocket to check his messages.

'Its from Caz. Wonder what he needs.'

CAZZY: 'sorry little bro, imma need you to stay at the neighbors for tonight~ love you~'

"Your total will be $XXX sir."

Alex stared at his phone in disbelief before glaring and handing over his brother's card to the cashier.

"Bastard deserves it. I hope he dies alone."

Alex trugged home miserably. The rain had began to pour halfway on his journey home, soaking his groceries and seeping through his sweater. He was wet, cold and hungry. The three worst things anyone could be. Perhaps this was karma for all the bad things he had done in life. Like sneaking out, going to that one party and drinking with all his friends from school.

Wait a second. HE DIDN'T HAVE FRIENDS IN SCHOOL! Maybe it was in an anime he watched.

He sighed tiredly as his complex came into view and walked faster. Perhaps he was a bit too eager to get somewhere dry, even if it was going to be in the same proximity as that pervert neighbor son, as one of his bags slid from his grip, spilling its contents onto the sidewalk. Groaning loudly, Alex set down the rest of his bags and began picking up all the groceries. A few had bounced quite far, going into the alley that was used to collect the complexes trash.

"And the clouds opened up and God said, 'I hate you Alex'."

Alex scrambled to retrieve all his items, shoving them all in their original bag. He wondered whether he should get the ones in the alley or let them be eaten by the rats. Seeing as his day was going, he decided to leave them there.

Until he saw his bag of double stuffed oreos.

' .NO'

Practically pouncing into the alley, he snatched his oreos off the ground, dusted them off before turning to return to the main sidewalk. Well, that's what he would do if his foot wasn't stuck to the ground.

"Ugh, it's probably wet cement or something! Why does this happen to me? Doesn't anybody love me?"

Looking down at his feet, he noticed the ground ripple around his stuck foot. Did wet cement do that? Actually, it kind of looked like he was sinking into it!

"Oh shit. I'm going to die! I'm going to die! I'm going to die!" Alex struggled harder against the cement, trying to unlodge his foot with all the strength he could muster. It only succeeded in making him sink faster and get his other foot stuck. A few more minutes of struggling left him tired and limp, leaving him to sink slowly.

As the cement reached his waist, Alex sobbed as tears forced their way out onto his cheeks. He was going to die here and suffocate in the grey mass. He could feel it crawl its way up to his ribs and shoulders, slowly but steadily making its way to the neck. He tried to will his tears in as his vision was already obscured from the rain.

" me." He prayed before his mouth was covered and the street became nothing but a black hole.