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Alex stared at the phone in his hands, a weird mixture of feelings swirling in his chest he could not describe. Yet, the one he could pick up on being one he didn't think he'd ever feel about this situation. Fear. It was fear. The emotion Alex thought that he shouldn't even begin to feel. Why was he so scared? Was it because of the shock? The shock of, after all this time, being stranded?

'Wait...stranded? This is a dream! None of this is real...right? A dream? That was what I thought it was, but now...why did I even think that?'

Alex rubbed his temple as a headache began to form itself. He sighed and put his phone down on the nightstand. He suddenly realized how lavish the space was now that he was all alone. It was larger compared to his small room in his apartment. The spacious room left Alex feeling small and unwelcome. He really missed his old room.

Technically, this room was not supposed to be for "servants" (Alex hadn't even performed any servant-like duties yet). Lau wasn't staying at Ciel's townhouse either. Apparently, Alex was ditched here because Lau deemed it "too much of a hassle" to carry his drugged up self (which wasn't Alex's fault by the way) to wherever it was that seedy man was staying.

Probably some opium den.

Regardless, Alex needed to stop messing around. He couldn't keep mooching off Ciel, and he couldn't just goof around. (Although he wasn't sure if being kidnapped, drugged and being a witness to murder was considered "goofing off".) He had to do something! Whether this was a dream or not wasn't something he knew for certain but...at this moment, Alex would give anything so everything went back to the way it was.

With a reaffirmed resolve, Alex unlocked his phone and went to his voicemail inbox. When he clicked on the recording, it was silent for a few minutes and only the sound of something rustling in the background could be heard. It went on for a couple of seconds and Alex nearly gave up.


Alex perked up as the voice of his older brother Caz called out his name. Unfortunately, the recording was glitchy and static would occasionally filter out some words.

"Where are...home soon…Kai….sorry…"

Much of the message couldn't be made out with all the static interference but Alex could get the gist of it. He wondered if his brother had given up on him ever coming back. Had his parents, busy as they were, come back from their travels to search for him? Alex doubted his mother and father would find out he was missing until months from now.

And Kai...did that pervert of a boyfriend give up on him too?

'Probably not after everything I did…'

Alex curled up his body as tightly as he could and stared at the wall in silence. No matter how many times he blinked, the same floral wallpaper appeared.

What an ugly pattern it was.

Around the early hours of morning did Alex awaken to the sound of the front door opening. The sun had already begun to peek out of the grey clouds, although a bit dull in its light, and Alex wondered if he should head down to check on Ciel and Sebastian. He realized he wouldn't be much help to either of them, but he wanted something to do. If anything, the two could send him back to Lau, where he could at least do something. It was the beginning of a restless Alex couldn't shake. There was something telling him to get up and move and to not sit still. If he sat still, would he never be able to move again? It sure felt that way.

Alex got dressed in the clothes Lau had provided for him on his first day of employment. While it was quite beautiful with all of its elaborate embroidery, he wished to wear some pants and a hoodie. He debated if it was worth the risk putting on his old clothes and figured, if anyone asked, that he would play it off as traditional clothing from back in America.

A pair of Levi's and a Nike hoodie were very traditional in Alex's opinion anyway.

He quickly took off the shirt and skirt before shoving himself in his hoodie and jeans. Quickly, Alex dug out his Van's from underneath the bed and sliding his feet in, not bothering to untie the laces, and shoved his phone into his hoodie pocket. Looking into the full body mirror, he couldn't help but smile at how out of place he looked. He wondered how shocked Ciel would be to know that he wasn't wearing six different items of clothing on top of one another.

Alex exited his room, stride a bit more confident than it had been in the recent days, probably due to the normalcy and comfort of his everyday wear. He took the stairs two at a time and entered the kitchen, where Sebastian was in the process of making tea. Hearing his arrival, the demon glanced up briefly before returning to his task like the diligent butler he was.

"Morning Sebastian." Alex greeted, trying his best to give a polite smile.

Sebastian gave a small nod in his direction, an acknowledgment of his words. "And a good morning to you, Alex. The young master will be in bed for the afternoon, but I will require some assistance with a matter after I serve the tea. Kindly wait for me in the foyer."

Sebastian loaded everything he needed onto a tray and walked out of the kitchen, his steps fading out as he walked further up the stairs.

Alex's mind immediately went to Grell and Madam Red. He didn't doubt that this matter had to do with that situation. Was he going to get scolded for running away? It wasn't like he was Ciel's servant or anything. Although, it wasn't every day your aunt tries to kill you and a reaper attacks your demonic butler. Then again, this was Ciel Phantomhive, the child who attracted all types of random and dangerous people/demons/grim reapers.

'Wonder if that trait was hereditary.' Alex wondered as he tried to make himself comfortable on the very expensive looking chair. Servants could sit down on these….right?

"No, servants may not sit down." Alex jumped, startled at the sudden voice.

"It is bad manners."

Alex looked up at an expressionless Sebastian, a shiver crawling up his spine as the demon guessed his thoughts so accurately. And, for the smallest of seconds, Alex could have sworn he saw the beginnings of a smirk on that pale face.

Sebastian sighed and crossed the foyer towards him and a sense of foreboding overcame Alex. Those red eyes weren't messing around and they stared deeply into his own. A silence had fallen over them, making Alex feel awkward and tried to avoid staring too much at the man in front of him.

The sudden chuckle nearly gave Alex a heart attack. He peeked up and saw Sebastian smiling down at him. His eyes weren't smiling at all though.

"Alex." Sebastian began, voice colder than a North Dakotan winter. "I'd like to remind you that, while you are not currently employed under the Phantomhive family, you are under obligation to follow-up on duties performed expected of your position."

A white-gloved hand was gently rested on his head, unmoving but slowly pushing down on his head. Alex immediately began to internally panic. 'Jesus freaking Christ! Why the hell is he so freaking angry!? It isn't like he couldn't handle it!'

"I would have appreciated the help dealing with that reaper." Sebastian's cheerful expression and light tone just made him even scarier.

Alex fumbled a bit with his words, the hand not stopping its slow crushing of his skull. "S-sorry Sebastian. It won't happen again." He finally stammered out.

The demon tilted his head slightly, a grin that could only be described as sadistic stretching across his face before the hand disappeared and Alex's head was released from the clutches of certain death.

'Crap…', Alex thought. 'almost makes me think that my phone wasn't worth giving up my life for. Sebastian nearly made me rethink my beliefs there for a second.'

Alex wondered if this was all he was getting called in for.

"Also, I'd like for you to assist me in planning a funeral."


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