Disclaimer: I do not own, nor did I create, any of the A-team characters (main or support) nor do I own, nor did I create, any of the episodes. That credit is due to Stephen J. Cannell and his associates. Any familiar catch phrases or settings also belong to the Cannell team.

Additional Cannell characters referenced/included:

H. Emma Murdock - in S4E20 Mission of Peace

Colonel Morrison -several episodes

Uncle Deke & ammonia - S1E1 Mexican Slay Ride

Dr. Richter- S4E11 The Doctor is Out

Mike Tuckabee- S4E18 The Duke of Whispering Pines

Jack Harmon -S4E8 Blood Sweat and Cheers

Spoiler Alert: This piece is based off the Season Four Episode 16 titled, "Cowboy George" and therefore reveals plot points and characters from that episode.

Author's Notes: In this episode Murdock is completely of his game and at the mercy of auditory hallucinations. He latches onto an obsession with the Lennon Sisters, to such a point that it endangers the mission. I've crafted a possible explanation for all this.

Summary: The ruckus in Dry Creek has been resolved. The team is returning to LA. Face let's Murdock know he understands his day long obsession with the Lennon Sisters.

Leaning on the Lennons: by LAGC

*****Dry Creek 1986*****

The sun was beginning to set and Face pulled into the lot of a small rustic chapel. He parked in a spot overlooking a rolling desert framed by a crimson sunset. The soft evening calls of roosting birds, inviting their flock mates to safety, created a comforting atmosphere. The men sat silently, soaking in the natural peacefulness.

"Face, I've never been back home. I've never seen her grave. I know she was laid to rest next to Pop and my Ma." Murdock confessed.

"I can make that happen if you want. I'd go with you. I'm sure Hannibal and BA would too." offered Face.

"I've never put flowers on her grave. How does she know that I even grieved then...now?"

"She's always had flowers, Murdock." Face quietly revealed.


"Yellow roses and bluebonnets. I've seen to it every year. Albeit a little late in 1972, but yes, she's been honored each year."

"You've done that for her? For me? All this time...why haven't you ever told me?"

"The day Morrison told you that she had passed BA gave me some advice...all you need to do is listen to him when he's ready to talk...I've always heeded that advice."

"You go beyond any expectations ...you really do. Thanks for coming to get me today, just like you did back then."

The men watched the last straggling birds tuck themselves into their roosts. The valley became even quieter.

"I wish I still had that Lennon Sisters album." Murdock whispered.

Face flashed him a conquering smile and reached inside his sport coat. When he flipped his hand out it was holding a cassette tape. He handed it to Murdock. He looked at it in awe

"Sometimes I really can believe that you're a genie, just without a lamp or bottle." gushed Murdock

Face turned the key to engage the electrical system then Murdock popped the cassette into the tape deck. The harmonies of the Sisters filled the air.

"You're just too Marvelous,

Too Marvelous for words,

Like glorious, glamorous,

And that old standby amorous.."

Releasing his plaid wool armor from his shoulders, Murdock placed the colorful throw against his door then sleepily leaned against it. The haunted haggard look left Murdock's eyes and he smiled for the first time that day

Once his friend was peacefully and soundly asleep, Face turned on the car and headed back to Los Angeles.

Additional notes and disclaimers:

1. Too Marvelous for Words by the Lennon Sisters an album released in 1969 under the Vocalion label. "Too Marvelous for Words" the song was the first track on side 2

2. The song was written and composed by Johnny Mercer and Richard Whiting (respectively) in 1937. It's been performed and recorded by many many artists over the years.

3. Guillaume Apollinaire: He was an early 20th century French author poet and

playwright who is considered the forefather of surrealism and defender of cubism.

4. Fun observation from the "Cowboy George" episode

Thanks to the Pause function of DVD players...Near as I can discern, the actual album that Murdock is holding in his radio control room scenes is not a Lennon Sisters album. I believe it is an album by the Chordettes. They were another successful all female singing group.