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Sister always share

Ezra felt tengling between his legs he opens his eyes as moving the sheets to see Ketsu and Sabine together playing with his dick. As Sabine lips stretched around Cockhead when Katsu liking the their stare looking at him …

Ketsu smile: Good Morning Master Jedi

with Sabine release his dick from her mouth saying: Hi my Love …

But the only thing come from Ezra was his scream: Noooooooooo! As he gentles, push them using the force both women fall on theirs back!

Ketsu was first to react as she stood up:WTF you did that?!

Ezra takes the sheets to cover his hard dick: I am the one should ask you that?

ketsu looking at Sabine: You said he would like it ?!

Sabine scratching her head: Usually, he likes it a lot! ..

Ezra Point his finger at Ketsu: Stay away from me I will never sleep with you or even touch me …

You. Ketsu was surprise of his defensive: not like I bite your dick she than crawled to his close that her could feel her breast squeezing: Do you hate me ?:

Ezra: Yes! …..

Ketsu look down at his Visible hard dick that clear visible under the sheets: but he likes me?

Ezra couldn't argument with that..both women where hot and beautiful.. to feel this Lust?! He failed as a Jedi but he tries argument but Ketsu stop putting her finger on his mouth: hshhhhh! Only I need you r dick for Sabine and me to enjoy … site there like a good boy or you forget you are mine for two days. And I was so nice to let my little sis share you with me

Glarance at Sabine who only move her shoulder saying she can do nothing ..

Ezra rolled his eyes back: my the force be with me ...

ketsu throw the sheets away: i fear you need more than that

Sabine crawled next to her.. the sight of two mandalorian on their knees in front of jedi

Ezra felt a little proud..or Luck. maybe just the will of the force ..

"Go ahead, you first." Sabine says "Remember what i said"

Ketsu glanced up at Ezra who having a smile and gave her a node! "Bond with him"

Ketsu: like hell I will do that say to herself what she cares is only his dick.

Long thick his Manhood she takes it in her hand put it in her mouth and start move up and down a couple of times, feel of him against her tongue hard and thick

"how about glance at him," Sabine whispered in ketsu's ear pulling her hair back

she look up meeting Ezra's Blue eyes in pain and pleasure beating his lips she could feel that on his dick every part she licks kiss there was a reaction likea connection between them

"Oh fuck, she was right!" as her pussy start getting wet! she may enjoy it

he closes his eyes … he is coming but Sabine hand move pulling her away "stop"

Ezra heavy breath: why stop her! he complain

Sabine didn't respond just look at ketsu" if you keep that he will cum fast!And you need to toy with him"

" Oh, No!" Ketsu didn't believe what she heard Ezra was all hopeless there he is in her mercy!

ketsu put her fingers on Sabine's chin: you are the worst.

Sabine: only the people i like.. Staring at each other, their head gets close … then Sabine break saying: Look

Ezra's cock was dancing and throbbing in front of their eyes, displaying his desperation and begging for their attantion

Sabine leaned closer and wrapped her lips around Ezra's cock, the sheer sexuality of seeing her sucking Ezra she felt a needful ache between her legs

she joins her as Both their lips suking the side of his manhound Like undirect Kiss Ketsu though to herself ...even their tongues touch a couple of time like playing tag.

but both never touch the cockhead and they could hear Ezra Moaning .. Begging and even screaming!

"You're not playing fair," Ezra protested.

then Sabine Stop: I have an idea ….. how about finish this with you boobs?!

Ketsu: my Boobs?!

Ezra: ooooh! He couldn't hide his surprise. and happiness

Sabine: see the little Loth-cat …; he was a good Boy I think he deserves a reward!you know my breast not that Big this will be his first time …

ketsu: are you sure? i mean this a first time

Sabine rolled her eyes: not like my breast will grow ….

Ezra: please can we just end this …..I am going crazy.

Sabine move behind Ketsu grip her breast they were big and heavy, and she didn't pass the chance to play with her nipple, Trapping Ezra's dick between them, he could feel the warmth

Ketsu was clues what to do next she could feel Sabine pressing on her back with Ezra tingling between her tits … it was strange but hot.

Ezra began thrusting in and out of her boobs as Sabine pressing ketsu tits together with her finger pinching her nipple

Ketsue start Moane/ ahhh …. What's happening

"That's it," Sabine said "You've got the idea. Then look at Ezra Keep moving

the warmth and the softness, of her big breast make his hips move faster: this feels good.

"I know" as she grasps tits together with her Kissing ketsu's neck and licking it whispering in her ears suck him Now! …

ketsu lean take the tip of spear inside her Mouth sucking it

Ezra: "Oooooohh, Ketsu, if...if you keep that up, I'm gonna... cum in your...mouth ah"

but ketsu didn't pull back. Instead, she started sucking hard she could feel the cum rushing inside her mouth she couldn't hold back anymore and pulled his throbbing cock out covering her with his seed ..

"What a mess" she looked at her breast cover with Ezra's cum could feel the strong smell … like flower? not that bad … why she even think like that … this not her first time .. her though cat with sabine learned over as she start licked his splattered cum ..Sucking her nipple grabbing her breast she never felt this good then she look up licking what left of his cum on her chin and face

" That's hot" Ezra saying with evil smile

didn't take much for her to finish every drop

" how can you eat that" Ketsu say pointing at Sabine licking her lips

" Oh believe me it growth on you .. and the best when i share ….."

Sabine! Ezra interrupting her

"Ooopse!" as she moves to take his half hard dick and start cleaning it. the sound the playful tongue licking it. for Ketsu was strange feeling

"why are you doing that?! He already cum it is filthy!" ketsu ask her

licking the tip of his manhood digging for the last drop of his cum

"because he is my love, my partner and will never hesitate to do the same for me there is no filthy place between us."

Ketsu felt tied on her chest jealousy. angry ?: envy to be part of this thing bond...

"enough!" Ezra says trying to finish. This game

"to hate that much Master jedi" ketsu say

Sabine chuckle: I think he had two or more loud in him look how his dick still hard.

They stood there thinking what next Ezra was refusing the lead and two women has no plan they are just enjoying playing with his dick but when it comes

To sex no one was eager for it or simple not ready for that step

then a brilliant idea come to her Mind"hey Sabine did you ever try the Mandalore way"

"How I even forget that" hitting her forehead

Ezra worries "Mandalore way?!"

ketsu gave him evil smile "You will really enjoy that"

Sabine was a little scary "I don't think he can take both of us we may break him"

Ezra:Break him! .. you two there is limit I will not do anything dangerous! I start to get enough of you bullshit.

Ketsu: stop it. Master Jedi you act like spoiled Kid I will only fuck you

Ezra Instinct his hand back his: on my dead body!

Ketsu rolled her eyes: not like that moron! But it is really not that bad...

Sabine move Slap the backhead of Ketsu: you stupid let me handle it.

as she moves at Ezra putting her finger on his chest kissing his nipple "cyar'ika"

"That will not work" as his hand playing with her hair

Do I ever hurt you as she moves kissing his lips?

No!Ezra answer as his start fingering her womanhood

"it just strange position some Mandalorian women do for their lover it is pretty hard but believe me is Hot"

"So why you never ask for it" a clever answer of Ezra Sabine, though

her smooth talk will not change his mind, but she has another card to play.

"Sorry, I mean I though you are not ready for the task only strong man a true mandalrian can do it."

the pride of Jedi and his manly still hots headed it when it comes his ability and the fool don't get she already let him Mark her! no mandalorian ask for more honor than that

"Like hell I can't handle it bring it I will take whatever you throw at me."

"My shining Jedi Knight, I know you can do it" with grin on her face as she moves away.

Oh, no.. Ketsu could see the disappoint on Ezra's face hopeless knowing what he says. The way Sabine manipulate him

"You or me," Sabine says to her …

"I thought this my night I am on the lead" little sis

"Rock paper scissors, I let it have on o his first tittsjob and i will not back up for a second." with eyes full of challenge

Few second later: yes! Ketsu scream...As she wins the round

"this really not my Lucky day" looking at Ezra "we can fight the fate she will lead"

like a helpless kid..Ezra look at the Mandalorian playing on his fate like a child game.. he would run, but he knows that can't do that only accepting what coming for him! ..

ketsu move at him: if i hurt, I will stop.

But Ezra couldn't believe it she looks at him with the eyes of a predator!

She takes his legs and pushing them up her shoulder.

"That was Easy" Ezra thought to himself but Ketsu pushed his Legs even further that his ankles were at her ears! As she gives it a kiss "Nice leg"

Ezra didn't like this position as his back start hurt a little!"Aww" with his head bsack the end of the bed...

"Hold a little Ezra" Sabine says

her hand move grabbed his semi hard dick aim it to Ketsu's pussy and when it gets enter

"Ow, this hurt my back," Ezra says then Ketsu shifted his leg to change his position.

Ketsue: Better!

Ezra node as now he could feel the warmth of her pussy! And the sight of her breast!

"I will move Ezra" as she moves up and down as their hips smash.

Ohhh! It was hard for Ezra to breath as every time she slams down with her hips he feels like his soul out of his Body! with her starting move fast

Sabine:you Fucking the shit out of him like a woman as she starts rubbing her womanhood.

Ketsu lustfully Mountain Ezra she could feel his throbbing dick inside eager to change it position!, Ohh! My God I never Know Fucking a man feel this good

As Ezra start Moaning in pleasure or Pain. he felt his dick will break a part.

but that was not enough for her! She wants more she wants control she wants dominait him! As she starts pushing his dick all the way down to the base, he was hitting the best spot!She then grabs his leg and pushes it down to his Shoulder.

Nooo! Ezra scream in pain, It was uncomfortable he could feel her nipple on his chest she is so close as he stare at her purple eyes she commands him: take that Tongue and give me a kiss and will make it end Ezra!

the Pain and pleasure the tiet on his chest! He was on his limit he didn't care he wants to be free the pain to end! Taking his tongue out Tear come of his eyes

he submission to her will!

Enough! sabine say as she push ketsu back: you are hurting him!

Finally, she stop as Ezra finally could catch his breath!

"damn we were close, look at his feet shaking he may look hurt but he like it"

"Sabine please help me" Ezra start begging her!

as a quick thinking Ketsu make her move

Ketsu: Ok you can read his stupid Tongue we can have three orgasm a win win?"

Ezra could see all his hope crashing as Sabine move and site on his mouth.

she didn't hesitate! As she commands him to Lick her pussy!

Sabine's back facing her she hate that couldn't see Ezra's Painful face but a little sacrifice to enjoy this more! She could fuck him all day!

Sabine spread her pussy lips apart leading Ezra tongue to her clit as her leg on his shoulder denying him any way to move behind ketsu tightened her grab on his ankles as she spread his legs, her Pussy start getting wetter and wetter

Ezra could fee it down to his ass!

She poses his dick at best angle for penetrating and sinking it out to her base she couldn't take it longer she wants his seed deep inside of him! Her womb was on fire.

she hears Sabine moaning as she enjoy Ezra's tongue she takes one hand of Ezra's leg as she grasps Sabine's breast make her scream Ahhhhh! Ketsu!

" You like it" she then push her close as her nipple inpling on her back Licking her neck then her ear!

"let's all cum together" Yes answer Sabine as she takes Ezra's head pushing his tongue inside...With Ketsu start violently Fucking him

"Ooohh, Ezra, Sabine..., I'm gonna...gonna cum let it all out Ezra ...ahhhh!

She slaps her hips down,Ezra shot a huge load with a muffled moan deep inside of her as Sabine scream in pleasure.

Love Pain pleasure three bodies were shaking the orgasms hit them simultaneously. Passing through their bodys

" Aghh!... Goddd! Godd! Ohhhhhhhh ..."a mix of their cries

Ketsu could feel his semen spurted into her pussy, streaming into her deepest parts,No..she is the one sucking it hard ….she didn't believe herself!

she let her head collapse on Sabine's at Ezra rolling his eyes back..Did they kill him?! ...but the bastard Dick still throbbing inside of her letting his last drop of Milk..

she Kiss the biting Mark on Sabine's shoulder taking her breast between her hand

Ketsu: this the best orgasm I ever have..

Sabine Yes...i cum so hard a few more second i could squirt …

Ketsu: you could drowning him.. move..I think we broke your man

As they rise from.. him Ezra could finally take a deep breath, Sabine sitting on her back looking at Katsu open her pussy lips letting a thick white load.

Ketsu: thanks God i drink the Kai-Uwe ..or i will definitely get pregnant ..

Sabine: that will not bother, I would love to see that.

that Respond surprise Ketsu ..she never thought of it like that.. she just brushes it: don't take it serious.

in meantime ….Ezra was burn in deep rage of hate.. every part of his Body he will take his revenge.

his rage anger hates to that one person he rise Looking at Ketsu: You….!

Sabine: Oh No ….

He pushed her down on her back, pinning her arms She struggled to be out of his grip but she couldn't … all her training Muscle power fade away! as she Look at the looming dark shadow …."Not Again" as she Look at his dick

she was like a doll ready to be broken she Close her eyes swimming in the darkness accepting her fate …. Sabine she screams:Ezra!

But nothing happens …only a warm feeling on her forehead … she opens her eyes see Ezra Kissing her saying:I am Sorry!

The deep of emotion she feel, his regret shame …; this warm feeling is so different for her, like the time he makes love to Sabine

she could feel his grips loose on her arms when he starts to move away she Just take his arm to pull him back … Ezra was confusing she herself was.

she simply didn't want him to go… For a second they look at each other trying find answer to this awkward situation.

" Let me help" Sabine come as she takes Ezra's dick push it slowly into Ketsu

"Oh … he is really Big" ketsu say …

Sabine Can't hide her proud, she leans down to take on of Ketsu Nipple in her mouth

"Shit," Ezra says it is like ketsu inner muscle Clinch on his dick..; he Look at her and see her face blush "you little..."

he leans next to Sabine kissing her scars "You scars are beautiful" Sabine lick her Boobs " so your skin..

"You two.. you make this weird stop it" but they both could see that she enjoy it " Come on admitted " as both continued to fondle her breasts

"Nghhh... Ohh", she can't help it. they already eat her alive she loves every touch of them…

Ezra rise from her as he starts moving his hips Sabine moved her finger down searching for ketsu clit she came instantly.n The constant pleasure from both areas was too much for her too bare

" I am coming …..Oh fuck yes!"Her body shivered and vibrated as the intense orgasm exploded out of her, squirting enough to push Ezra's dick out

"Holy shit" Ezra says Looking at ketsu tingling with Sabine Still rubbing her Clit!

Ketsu, that moment was in the dream of land peak of her pleasure asking a simple question" Sabine Kiss me"

it was a surprise for her Looking at Ezra who gave her a simple node approve of it

Sabine straddled Ketsu,She scooted down far enough to line up their pussies, one on top of the other.

"You Naughty Girl" Sabine says

Feeling her breast touch, hers pussy on pussy was enough to make her orgasm she dreams of this … years ago from moment she saw her and now she never let her desire out the fear of rejecting hate but Just for this time was enough for her

Sabine pressed her mouth harder against ketsu lips, her tongue began to swirl around her, then she took her bottom lip in her mouth and sucked on it, gently bitten it " You Love this" with Ketsu answer : Yes please Kiss me more

she then start Rubbing their pussy together as continually kissing and fondling each other

Ezra look at them feeling No jealousy or envy he was happy for Ketsu Open her heart and Sabine to forgive her … Love can come in a different way!

" Hey lover … why are you stood there playing with your dick"

Ezra: it is ok …. don't mind me enjoying your time

" move your Sorry ass and Fuck Us Jedi," Ketsu said ordering him.

Sabine: are you sure?

" i don't care as long as i have your lips."

Sabine :i may hock on this feeling

Ketsu kissed Sabine as much sexual passion as she could while their nipple smashes on each other it may be her last time

Ezra didn't Know who will start with as the two Pussy where dripping wet but the Look of his seed from ketsu pussy remind him it is time for payback her

he slid his dick into with one trust deep inside her!

" oooh" as she breaks the Kiss … Ezra was hitting her best spot.

His dick was so thick, and it seemed to fill her completely. He pounded into her with an urgency that make her on the verge of cumming.

" Stop thrusting like you taking revenge of me …ahhh!" Ketsu said begging

but Sabine take her chin between her finger "so why you look like you enjoy it" let me help you as she takes her tongue between her lips and start Suing it

She was slave to their touch and pleasure but the moment before she climaxed everything stopped.

before she Notice the moaning of Sabine "Bastard why so suddenly"

Looking at her little hand move down pinch her clit! Sabine start trembling as a wave after wave of exquisite pleasure hit her body

even Ezra complains: you never be this tight … easy on me!

" But … But you two are Killing me" Sabine complains

Ketsu: let me help she pushes her face down Loop their tongue in long kiss seeing that Ezra say: i think i have good idea.

as he starts taking turns between their pussies ready to give them the gift of life

the three where at the verge of a major orgasm Ketsu tight her feet on Sabine hips smashing their clit giving Ezra easy pass to their hole

Sabine: I am Cumming ….

Ketsu: Together … as Ezra shot a huge load inside Both of them never breaking his rythme pushing deep inside of them like Putting his own soul

the three collapsed in a pile of sweat and cum with only their heavy breath

Ketsu: i …. Though … will never … get better orgasm. but this is best

Sabine: give me a Kiss.

and Ezra complains! My back … hurt


Sabine wake up first see Ketsu Billow her breast grabs on them...with her sleep on Ezra his shoulder! she move slowly … The sun was up

Looing at the bed at Ketsu and Ezra! how this relationship will change them

she quickly takes a shower then come to wake up

"Ketsu! Ezra! Wake up"

both of them struggle to wake up but Ketsu soon scream"Holy shit Rau will kill me i am late"

" The Wedding!" Ezra said

Sabine: Both fast take a shower when i clean this mess pointing to the Wed bed it was a big mess

when they stood up Sabine Slap Ketsu's ass as she gives Ezra a morning kiss

assuring them to finish fast

as Both in the shower Ketsu look at Ezra's back a silence between them as washing his hair

"Sorry" she say with the quiet face …

" nothing to be sorry " Ezra respond with warm gentle voice so different than his hateful one

"is this pity" Looking down

he turn around looking at her face " i know Mandalorian to never do that what happen we only look forward! aren't this your way"

Ketsu chuckle" You are real one"

Ezra: after what you did last night the last thing i expect

Ketsu Laugh she can see why Sabine love this Man … but what's waiting for her?! just work and honor!

Ezra put his hand on the wall Look at her eyes!

" What?!" Ketsu said

" Come with us" Ezra said

Ketsu" what you mean"

his hand touch her breast slid down to her ass then he left her leg, seeing His hard dick

" Stop Ezra" Ketsu with a warning Voice " one more step and will tear up Your dick"

" you would stop if it was Sabine" Ezra said as his eyebrow rise

" So you Know what a pity, that you notice that" Ketsu look down in shame

" Yes every time she touch you react but why feeling shame" Ezra said

" what do you mean" Ketsu

" an ex Jedi … a dishonor Mandalorian … and a wife...a Clan of three "

as he pressed his mouth against her and slid his dick inside.. with Ketsu accepting him and kissing him back ...with few second she break the kiss saying: are you asking me to be your wife!

No Ezra say: we want be our Wife Sabine then Notice at Sabine Looking at them but she could only say :Yes Yes make me your wife Impregnated me

as Ezra left her from the ground start moving his hips sinking his dick deep inside her with ketsu Nail scratching his back … he is her husband Now

it didn't take Long with Sabine move behind Ezra Kissing Ketsu

with him letting out his seed deep inside of her

it was the first step in Building the Strongest Clan in Mandalorian history

Note: i want to write Ezra with Harem of Sabine Ahsoka and Hera ... with many diffrent sex scene ...i start with Sabine x Ahsoka any one interest