Prologue: It's Godzilla's World, We Just Live In It.

Boston, Massachusetts

31st, May 2019.

"Long live…the King." These last words breathed out by a dying Emma Russell as she stares the Golden Demise deep in its hateful red eyes.

The would-be Hydra seems to snort as they feel another presence behind itself. Turning, it meets the utterly burning form of their rival of Old that they left as it gave chase to the distressing and irritable sound of the Orca.

Eyes widening with confusion, the beast snarls and raises those massive mile-wide appendages high above their three heads in a regal display of aggressive dominance, and screes in defiance of this new threat. Deep in their beings, they can feel the winds of fate are beginning to shift from their favor when faced with this new development.


Having had time to recuperate, Godzilla's skin cracks, creases, and sizzles. The ashes of his ancient friend having rejuvenated his body, affording his body a moment of respite and recovery as it mends his wounds and adapts to the abundance of radiation in his system. Among the first of the changes, the ventilation in his skin that has formed to let the heat of his internal reactor filter out of him in long, rolling waves. A change is occurring in his hulking form. A powerful one.

He shakily gets to his feet, having taken a large beating the past few hours, and turns to the direction of the False King, and scowls. The rage of seeing that intrusive serpent bringing his blood to a boil. His muscular frame begins to unveil his radioactive blood in a translucent reddish orange light. His spinal plates looking like maple leaf shaped fireballs, glow even brighter and giving off a heat that could make a volcano sweat.

The blistering heat escaping from his back permeates the air is so intense that the very air around him begins to shimmer and fizzle as his very presence causes all moisture in the air to evaporate instantly. Godzilla trudges his way towards his sadistic foe, melting the surrounding buildings, human transportation, environment, and the very ground he walks!


Godzilla bellows, a deep guttural roar that shakes the very Earth. An issued challenge to the mighty serpent. Ghidorah answers with a snarl, and a mighty flap of his wings, in attempt to knock Godzilla away. Godzilla is unfazed, as he marches forward with a purpose.

Frustrated, Ghidorah rears their necks back, gathering the surrounding electricity from the air caused by the massive storms. The current travels up their necks before they unleash three separate gravity bolts in the direction of Godzilla, all three hitting their mark on Godzilla's chest. Godzilla pauses briefly, grunting in reaction to being stricken. Feeling nothing, he continues his unfaltering march towards victory.

Ghidorah, sensing that nothing is working, begins to take to the skies in a panic. Godzilla, tiring of his opponent's continuous escapes from his wrath, charges up, staring down his fleeing opponent with grim anticipation.

If we could see Inside of his body with a microscope, we would see his spinal plates begin to draw in surrounding oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen atoms en masse, before gathering them within his specialized organs. A throat pouch, a special gland that enables him to gather supreme amounts of radioactivity before culminating in a contained nuclear explosion. Starting at the tip of his tail, just beneath the vertebrae lies an organ that acts as an organic loading tool. It gathers the Cherenkov radiation from the contained explosion in his gut pouch and pushes it up the tube towards his throat pouch.

At which point he gathers the Cherenkov radiation in a pool. The gland then pushes it out, up his throat, and as it passes by his larynx, Godzilla has reared back as if to roar – his throat clicks, unleashing that pool of radiation in an orangish red plasma as it contacts the air. The stream rapidly makes its way past his throat and upon contact with a 'recently' formed gland at the top of his throat, condenses into a smaller, more concentrated beam with a swirling yellow spiral orbiting the length of the beam. Under other circumstances, this method of using his Atomic Breath would use entirely too much 'power' and does more damage to his body than is worth it. Under current ones? It's just what Godzilla needs.

Five seconds pass. The never-before witnessed beam drills Ghidorah from a kilometer away, mercilessly tearing through his underbelly and exiting the back of their necks, scattering flesh and scales in a mist out of Ghidorah's back. Godzilla fires another shot off. The beam pummels Ghidorah as if hit by a Human Anti-Aircraft gun with light-speed projectiles. The sheer force and heat of the beam blasts a hole right through Ghidorah's center of gravity, and the shock of the sudden one-two punch sends them plummeting to the Earth. Ghidorah crashes heads first into the remains of Fenway Park, a plume of smoke and debris puffing up as their body's impact rattles the buildings still left standing.

Simultaneously, in a certain Osprey overlooking the Boston Skyline from above the Massachusetts Bay.

"Whoa! What in the hell was that?!" exclaims an excited Stanton.

"I guess Serizawa has Godzilla more 'juiced' than we initially thought." Mark replies sarcastically.

"Is Godzilla gonna' be okay?" queries a saddened and quiet Madison as she notices Godzilla's ever-increasing glow.

"What's goin' on with Big G? He looks ready to explode any second!" Barnes hollers over the droning of the Osprey's rotor blades.

"Well, yeah, I did say Godzilla 'has about 12 minutes before he reaches Critical Mass'!" Stanton replies with a sarcastic grin.

"Why do I get the feeling you're enjoying this, Rick?" Chen questions with raised eyebrows.

"What, was 'Let them fight' not obvious enough? I took this job is because I wanted to see shit like this!" Stanton's grin deepens.

"How can you be enjoying this? How did Monarch make the mistake of hiring someone as unprofessional as you?" Mark criticizes with a scowl.

"Don't mind Rick, he's been like this for as long as I can remember. As far as I can tell, seeing 'Giant Monsters fight' has been a childhood dream of his over taking his job as Crypto-Sonographer seriously." Chen interjects, rolling her eyes.

"How can someone as old as you be such a child?" Barnes jeers.

Mark glances at his Daughter, who is quietly sobbing and pulls her closer into an embrace.

Mark whispers to her. "I swear to you, Madison, I'll take better care of you. I wasn't there for you when you needed me. I won't make the same mistake again." A tearful Madison hugs him tighter, and sobs into his chest.

A loud bellow interrupts the otherwise tender moment.

Ghidorah looks up from their incapacitated position, still trying to regenerate the damage from before. Expecting to see Godzilla marching his way to them, what they did not expect was Godzilla charging at them at full speed!

Godzilla growls and thunders across Boston, Ghidorah barely has time to stand up and brace itself before Godzilla tackles Ghidorah hard, causing a massive shockwave that shatters the surrounding buildings' windows, and sending Ghidorah careening back to the ground, their heads bouncing painfully off the streets.

Disoriented, Ghidorah stirs. Looking around tiredly until they are slapped back to reality by Godzilla. Godzilla, now glowing a deep glowing orange throughout his whole being, clasps his hands around the left and right heads, before leaning down and using his jaws to grasp the middle head, and lifts Ghidorah's mangled body up to face him. Godzilla begins to pulse with an overwhelming amount of radioactivity. His flesh goes from a bright red to a dark orange, to a bright orange, to the point where the heat surrounding him begins to distort his image! Ghidorah, now wide awake, thrashes in Godzilla's grip, trying desperately to escape his clutches, but to no avail, Godzilla's grip is locked in and Ghidorah can only scree pathetically as his reign is about to come crashing to a fiery halt.

Godzilla musters up all his upper body strength to pull Ghidorah off balance, thrashing him around until he swings his 3 headed menace around by his heads. Ghidorah screes in pain and pure rage, tinged with fear as Godzilla turns two more times before releasing Ghidorah at an angle. Ghidorah, too exhausted, beaten, and enraged from the earlier beatdown can only scree in angered surprise as they are sent flying against their will towards the moonlit starry sky, courtesy of Mothra.

Once Ghidorah begins to descend back down to Earth, they lock eyes for the briefest of seconds. To them, an eternity of hatred, rivalry, and pain flashes in just a mere glance. Godzilla releases his built-up heat and accumulated gamma radiation in one burst of pure, destructive energy. An omni-directional pulse of pure atomic energy eviscerates everything within a 5-kilometer radius. Buildings: reduced to mere dust in an instant. The streets: Distorted, melted, and charred. Warped from the heat. Nothing resembling a human city remains in the wake of the blast.

In mere seconds, the skyline of Fenway is illuminated with various shades of red, yellow, orange, and white. A dust plume descends upon what little remains of the once prosperous city. As the dust begins to settle, a faint flickering can be seen in the epicenter of the explosion. Gradually the flickering becomes clearer, through the cloud we can see the hunched over silhouette of Godzilla, his spinal plates erratically flickering a whitish red as his body struggles to maintain its functions and constitution.

Godzilla begins to stir. As he rises, we see clutched in his jaws, the remains of Ghidorah. A single severed head still attached to part of the neck. Godzilla takes it from his jaws, and studies it for a moment. The head begins to stir, and opens its one remaining eye, to see Godzilla staring at it, a feral expression on his face. The head barely has time to open its mouth, let alone scream, before Godzilla shoves it, face first into his maw, crunching down hard, obliterating the skull and brain matter, before swallowing it whole and letting the rest slide down his gullet and into his stomach. Godzilla, now tired, begins to gaze upon his surroundings. He curiously ponders where those humans he saw flying away in their little airborne transport have gone, and if they made it out of their settlement safely. His thoughts are interrupted upon sensing the bio-acoustic signal of another Titan heading his way.


The humans silently watch the screen, grimly witnessing the aftermath of the great battle of Boston. Staring open-mouthed in awe by what they've just witnessed. A video recording of the events replaying as Godzilla charged Ghidorah with breakneck speed, and bowls him over like a wrecking ball. The sheer force of the act blowing away the rain, and the glass windows of the surrounding buildings. Godzilla then towers over the slumped form of Ghidorah before grabbing him and lifting him up with his arms and jaws by the necks, began to glow multiple progressively lighter shades of red, to orange, to yellow, and finally white. Godzilla tosses the Three-Headed-Devil several hundred meters into the air. Various noises of wonderment are heard when the explosion to end all explosions rocked the city, and in the aftermath the humans can only see Godzilla sitting hunched over, as nothing else remains. The entire city, gone, reduced to atoms in a single moment.

Rick Stanton is the first one to speak. With a slight grimace, "Yeesh, good thing he's on our side."

Before Chen can disagree in their usual back and forth banter, Mark adds "I can only hope that's the case. Godzilla, as much as the Senators and world governments will try to deny, is our only shot at redemption."

As if right on cue, they notice several Titans approaching Godzilla.

"This could get ugly." States Barnes.


The telltale sign of more Titans approaching has Godzilla on edge, he spots three approaching. One large, furred creature with large forearms and tusks stomps its way towards him, followed by a large squid-like mollusk creature to its right. A familiar face appears, another of the parasites! Before Godzilla can fully react, out of the skies drops the injured Rodan, who opens his wings in challenge before seeing Godzilla's face contort into a threatening sneer. Rodan twitches, and respectfully folds his wings into a bow, recognizing his new King. The Mammothlike Behemoth soon follows, as does Scylla, and the Queen Muto. Godzilla turns, and rears back, before bellowing deeper and louder than ever before, calling to the whole planet that a new King has been crowned. The true King has risen, and his long reign has begun. Other Titans who haven't yet made it to the scene, hear his call, and begin to return, back to where they've come from.


Kong is seething. The call he heard has not only awoken the Skull Crawlers but has awoken many of the dormant Titans that lay sleeping, hidden on the Island. It is now time to begin a hunt, and the strenuous process of eliminating all the Skull Crawlers before they become a threat to the native ecosystem. Kong gets ready, building several tools to make his task just a tad bit easier.

Kong misses the sound of the Island's resident Monarch Outpost construction klaxons, as they begin the finishing touches on their prototype machine. The procedure is interrupted when the ground begins rumbling beneath their feet due to increased seismic activity. To not draw unneeded attention to themselves from the Island's agitated guardian, they immediately shut off the alarms and suspend all operations for a week until they can be sure they won't be noticed.

If the Guardian were to find their machine, their time, money, and efforts would be lost, over a half decade worth of development would be wasted. So reluctantly they suspend the day's work. Luckily, Kong rarely patrols this side of Skull Island anymore since he's grown, preferring to gravitate around the Islands' Hollow Earth vents, and because He tends to avoid having company when he can.

Kong having finished his preparations, hoists up his newly crafted weapon. A crude but effective war axe, made of a large tree with vines tied around the sharpened stone head to fasten it into place. He gives it a few test swings. Giving a low huff of satisfaction, he begins the hunt. If he ever finds out who has wrought this upon him, they'll pay dearly. This is HIS island. But for now, he has a job to do…

To Be Continued…