Chapter 1: A New Era

Isla De Mara

30th,May 2019


Down in the depths, the decapitated left head of the Alien Hydra lays motionless on the seafloor. Unbeknownst to the United States Government, their rash decisions have set a chain of events beyond the revival of mankind's only hope in motion.

The reason being, deep down in this now lifeless gulf, a colony of micro-organisms has been stimulated by the sudden exposure to the Anti-Life weapon of mass destruction. Just as the Primordial Soup from which is theorized to have wrought the beginning of life on Earth has given life to our distant ancestors, and presumably Titans alike, this manmade concoction has given birth to new life as well.

As the Colony begins to vigorously stir, in a frenzy, they begin to accumulate genetic information from every living organism that they touch through horizontal gene transfer. With a preference for crustaceans, they make their way to the decapitated head of the One-Who-Is-Many. Once inside they begin to multiply and acquire vast amounts of genetic material, incorporating various elements of its genetics to theirs. The colony begins to evolve and mutate rapidly, passing by thousands of years of evolution at an astonishing rate.

In their arrogance, the United States military has brought life to an abomination far worse than Ghidorah. This creature is in its early stages of development and won't reach 'maturity' for quite some time. One would hope that the world will be able to prepare for this catastrophe before the beast makes itself known to the masses…

A month passes. Above the ocean, a large fishing trawler slows as they catch something on their sonar. Sending a small remotely operated submersible drone down with a camera, they delve deep to investigate this large presence. Their initial horror turns to shock as they realize what they've discovered. The captain pulls out a phone and calls someone. After weeks of looking for something to make a profit from, and no luck, they're about to be incredibly happy men. After speaking with a man who speaks in an intimidating, yet calm received pronunciation accent, they await his arrival. In the meantime, they need to haul up the remains.

Perhaps it wasn't so futile to go looking for fish after all.

Skull Island

19th, August 2019

As Kong has been fighting the hordes of Skull Crawlers, wave upon wave for the first week and a half of their awakening, their numbers finally begin to decline. Fortunately to the Island's inhabitants, the Iwi, who have had an extremely rough time since the "Great Awakening". As the Crawlers' numbers began to dwindle due to his efforts, Kong has had to deal with an even bigger problem.

Of the Titans that awoke on the Island, several seem to be benevolent. Kong has mostly left them alone, and they keep to themselves. Others, however, not so much. This new threat particularly has been a thorn in the Great Guardian's side for well over a month now. A new type of Skull Crawler which puts the previous ones to shame. Kong has been at war with this new species of Skull Crawler, a much more massive, and far more aggressive one. It has been terrorizing the Island and the other Titans for the better part of a month and a half. It, too, is two legged, but that is where the visual similarities end.

The new species while retaining its lithe build built for speed, is much more muscled, and the skin is a mottled black covered with thick, rough, scales that are as rough as tiny knives. Closely resembling the denticles on shark's skin. An ambush hunter, it hunts mostly at night where it will be able to blend in with the native foliage. Its trademark skull face coloring has faded over time. When threatened, it glows a bioluminescent green throughout several streaks running down its length. Not simply a threatening display, but a warning as the creature has a nasty, deadly surprise it can utilize if provoked.

Thick, muscular legs, with the elbows tipped with numerous longer bony protrusions compared to Ramarak's spikes carry the slippery and stealthy heathen. The feet seem to be more clawed hands than actual feet, with 6 digits on both, two of them being thumb-like appendages on both sides. The head resembles a large Komodo dragon but with an extended conical snout with a ferocious looking maw of gnarly teeth jutting out unevenly and eyes that overall are difficult to spot against the obsidian skin. The neck has a translucent bulge that looks to be full of some sort of fluid.

The tongue, or now tongues, given there are three of them which seem to be all one at the base, end with serrated barbs. The tail is much thicker and more muscled compared to the smaller breed. The monstrosity is much larger than its smaller counterpart, at a whopping 125 meters from head to the tip of the tail, and 80 meters when standing on its two legs. An underwhelming weight of 15,000 metric tons, hardly a challenge against other predatory titans, but plenty dangerous to the more benevolent of the Island's inhabitants.

What Kong has been struggling with primarily this beasts' unexpected ability to reproduce. It would seem, that the new breed of Skull Crawler is not an offshoot, but the progenitor of the vile Devils themselves. Monarch has tentatively dubbed it Skull Crawler Prime. They much prefer the nickname, 'Queen Bitch', however. The creature seems to spawn the Skull Crawlers out of a slit in the base of the tail, indicative of parthenogenesis. This nightmare possesses the ability to reproduce asexually and seems to be the root cause of the War that ended the Kongs.

Spawning wave upon wave of the insatiable beasts from its lair in the Hollow Earth vents, it is no wonder the Kongs, who reproduce one at a time were eventually overrun and defeated, Aaron surmised. Truth be told, Aaron has doubts about Riccio's vision. In his own communion with Kong, Aaron has learned more about the history of the Island and Kong's species. He believes they were taken out by something much worse. He knows not why, but that is not to last.

A gut feeling tells him will get to the bottom of just why he knows things that should be impossible to know, as does Kong. Monarch's own Aaron Brooks had recalled decades old documents detailing how Lieutenant Hank Marlow had dubbed Ramarak, 'The Big One' was indeed A big one. But not THE Big One. The Iwi have not seen this beast for many generations and have almost forgotten it. Almost.

Aaron Brooks had come to Skull Island in the year 1995 in protest to Monarch's intent to hide the Island and its inhabitants from the public forever. Having arrived on the Island, he brought a small team comprised of Cryptobiologist Evgenij Medov, Doctor/Professor Evelyn Matemavi, Survivalist Helen Karsten, Mythographer Walter R. Riccio, and their Pilot, Cejudo. Of all of them, only Brooks survived. In 2012, Brook's father, Houston had received a Monarch recorder that had been found near Australia. Upon opening it and cracking the code with their mutually shared secret password, Gjallarhorn, Brooks was mortified to find out his son went to Skull Island against his wishes, instead of Antarctica like he had been told. So, he did what any father with a lost son would do. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to re-enter the land of the Gods to retrieve his son.

Upon arrival, Brooks immediately heads with his team of Monarch operatives to the native Iwi village, finding a young Iwi man named Ato who surprisingly speaks fluent English. Ato lead him to a hut in the village, where inside he was reunited with his son and in a heartfelt reunion.

Aaron explained how he arrived and the events which took place in more detail than what was able to be recorded, from how upon landing they were being targeted by hungry predators, to being saved by Kong numerous times. The deaths of each member of his group. The eventual betrayal of Riccio. His communion with Kong, whom Aaron now has a special, unexplainable connection with, to now.

Houston was silent for a while as he contemplated their next move. With Aaron's suggestion, he radioed in an evac and they were taken back to the mainland. They head back to Monarch's headquarters where they gathered many of the top brass to discuss his son's misadventure on the Island. On careful deliberation, it was decided that they should continue to survey the Island and its inhabitants. This brought Monarch back to the Island to begin building their Outpost 33.

Upon Monarch's return to the Island, they quickly began getting used to the natives, and studied the Islands massive Guardian. In their observations they conclude that Kong's growth over the decades has been boosted by his exposure to the radiation in the Hollow Earth, of which he has free access to. Due to the awakening of the 'Queen Bitch', now has Kong prepping to deal with a new challenge.

This new radiation has the unique ability to increase bone density and muscle mass, essentially allowing a species to grow even larger than they would normally while suffering none of the drawbacks and allowing much growth and development. For Kong, whose species normally maxes out at 60 meters, has managed to reach a remarkable 90 meters, this makes all the difference.

Kong has aged quite well the past 70 years, having grown much more muscular than we last saw him in the 1973 expedition. The fur on his back is now a light grey, giving the appearance of silver. His chin now sports a large furry beard. His fangs and teeth have gotten more ferocious looking as he'd matured. His body has many scars, notably on his chest and face. His fur coat is thicker, borderline impenetrable, and has a nasty tendency to gather much static electricity when moving. Due to the intense amount of radiation he has consumed, he has evolved and adapted to be more heat resistant. Monarch has done some testing with Kong's consent in order to see just how durable the Great Ape has become. In their tests they've found that nothing below 5,000 degrees Celsius can so much as singe him now. Courtesy of exposure to the napalm of one Lt. Colonel Packard.

His head is smaller now, having matured separately from his body to fit the size of his body instead of the neoteny that Humans possess. His arms have gotten thicker, and longer, as have his legs to support his new height and weight, which now seems to be a reasonable 25,000 metric tons. Having the build of a human professional wrestler, Kong seems fit to grapple with anything the world can throw at him. He'll need every bit of it for the trials ahead of him.


A moonlit night, the ambient sounds of nocturnal insects and animals fill the air, as a great waterfall roars in the center of Kong's territory at the southernmost part of Skull Island. The moonlight shines against the back of a hunched over Kong in a dazzling backdrop worthy of a post card. Kong grunts and grimaces in pain as he washes his wounds from the previous encounters. Small lacerations from the barbed tongue and claws of his most recent rival.

Kong gathers some foraged berries and leaves, gathering the oversized berries in his palm, he places them in his palm before grinding them and mashing them into a pulp before he applies the thick paste onto the leaves. Understanding that these will assist him in healing, Kong applies the makeshift salves and bandages to his arm and chest wounds. A loud roar sounds across the Island as its guardian finishes his self-care. Alert, Kong stands to his feet, chest heaving and eyes darting in excitement as the adrenaline of the hunt kickstarts his day.

Having woken from his nap and tended to his wounds in the falls, Kong prepares to make his way to the 'Valley of the Fallen Gods'. Better known to him as his birthing ground and his parent's final resting place. Kong tramples smaller trees as the water from the waterfall cascades down his hide as he dries. Locating his axe resting against the trunk of a particularly large tree, Kong grasps it by the belly, arming himself for his hunt. Kong pauses to take a moment to stretch, his tendons and joints popping from being still. Looking up at the moon, the light reflecting in his eyes, he closes them and exhales. It was time to go.

Upon arrival, Kong notices that the area is filled with much more gas than it had been before, this makes Kong suspicious. Kong sneers, and huffs as he begins to scan through the green gasses, eventually spotting a large hole in the Earth with much of the green gas billowing out of it. Kong peers into the vast reaches, searching. He didn't have to search long.

With surprising agility, the Big One leaps out of the hole narrowly missing Kong's face with its terrible jaws. The attacker lands on the rim of the vent, before lashing out with its tail. Kong angrily steps backwards, catching himself just in time to dodge a tail swipe that swings wide over the spot his head was at. When the creature attempts to swing at him again, Kong grabs its tail using his empty left hand, and using his great strength, yanks it off the rim and slams it into a nearby rock formation, before swinging it around again and letting go. The serpentine Devil is sent hurtling 200 meters away before landing gracefully on its feet and kicking up some dust as it braces itself.

While the battle rages, a surveillance camera in a large tree surveys the battle of these two predators, recording the battle for analysis at another time. The man on the other end watches on with supreme interest.

The beast turns to Kong, and screeches, charging at the Mighty Ape. Kong roars in challenge before charging to meet his adversary, grappling it by the tip of the mouth, keeping its jaws clamped shut. The creature attempts to break his hold by whipping at his sides with its tail, but all it receives are grunts of pain and growls of anger.

Kong, aggravated further by these attempts brings its head down to the ground hard, attempting to stomp on its head. Cunning, as it is deadly, the beast uses one of its clawed feet to rake across Kong's belly, drawing out a pained cry from the Great Ape. Backing up to inspect his wound, and shivers with rage. Kong switches the axe in his right hand from hold it by its belly to by the grip and thrusts himself towards the beast, swinging the blade with deadly precision. The Queen Bitch dodges, the axe head missing by a hair's breadth. Before Kong can redirect his swing, it lunges towards him, jaws wide.

Kong retaliates with a dodge of his own, and a swift uppercut using his left arm, stunning the dreadful serpent. Kong seizes the opportunity, and rears back his right arm and leaps at the stunned creature, bringing the axe crashing down on its back, severely wounding the creature. The Big One screeches in pain, before whipping its tail around and lashing out and Kong, who steps back, roaring in anger.

In an unexpected turn of events, the serpentine demon blitzes Kong, knocking him down, the impact shocking the Guardian God who loses his grip on his weapon in shock. Kong picks himself up off the ground, dust and dirt falling off his furred body. Kong hurriedly locates his axe and reaches down for it. As his hand is about to contact it, something wet splashes on his back, suddenly his back begins to burn! Kong roars in pain as his flesh begins to burn and blister at the acidic substance on his back, and he falls to his knee as he grits his teeth in pain and anger.

Around him, he can hear the Queen Bitch's chittering croak, moving around somewhere in the dark trees somewhere in the Valley. Kong grunts, and grasps the axe once more, before rising to his feet. He looks around, hardened eyes searching for movement, at all the trees obscured by the now glowing green gaseous fumes emitted from the vents, being illuminated by the moon's light. Around him he can hear the occasion snapping of a tree, a snarl here, and there, he turns to look in that direction each time and finds nothing. Kong is hit from the side by a clothesline from the tail, and stumbles, before growling in rage. He turns back and swings his axe at where he assumes the attacker is, only to cut through clean air. Roaring in anger and frustration, he is struck again, this time by a clawed hand that rakes down his back, causing intense pain. Leaning on his axe, Kong gathers himself for one last try, he composes himself, while listening intently, he can hear movement from his right side. He looks out of the corner of his eye and sees a green glow in the trees.

Before it can make its third blindside attack, Kong with swiftness a creature his size should not be capable of, turns and launches his axe and the moving creature, scoring a direct hit on the neck, the axe puncturing the pouch containing what Kong now knows is acid. The creature screes in pain and rage as it reaches for the axe embedded in its throat gland and rips it free, letting the acid drain from the pouch. Kong beats his chest in a dominance display and roars, initiating round 3. Kong's fur begins to bristle as he prepares himself.

Seething with rage, Kong charges forward, being careful of the whipping tail, parrying it out of his way. He reaches the Queen Bitch and shoulder rushes her to the ground, stunning her. Not wasting time, he clasps his hands together and bringing them crashing down hard on its left leg, snapping the leg into an awkward position. The serpent screes loudly in pain, before staring at Kong with hateful eyes, it opens its maw, and fires its three-pronged tongue, hitting its mark and wrapping around his shoulders, keeping his arms pinned to his sides as it chomps down on his midsection.

Kong roars powerfully, attempting to wrest his arms from outside of its tongue, but every time he moves his arms, the barbed hooks sink deeper into the flesh of his back, gouging deep tissue wounds with every movement. Kong, now surging with adrenaline and anger, begins to visibly vibrate and shiver from the stress. His fur being so thick, begins to stand up on end, eventually a faint crackling can be heard, before an audible crack, as a bolt of electricity surges through his fur, shocking the heathen and making it withdraw its hooked tongues quickly. The sudden retracting of the tongue digs even deeper into Kong's skin, making him roar in agony.

Kong having had enough of this, beats his chest, each time he hits his chest a slight surge of electricity sparks through his fur, before he roars again, and charges full speed towards the injured creature. The Queen Bitch can barely stand, so it prepares to counterattack with another tongue lashing. Kong sees it coming, and dodges, gripping them, and biting down on the tongues. Ripping the tongues out of its mouth and spitting them out onto the ground as blood flows down his mouth.

The serpent screeches in agony, blood spurting out of its mouth, and aims its tail at Kong again before whipping it at his head this time, intent on wrapping around and snapping his neck. Kong sees it coming, and quickly moves out of the way before agilely grabbing the offending appendage in a vice grip. He tugs hard, bringing the creature closer, eventually roping it in close enough to where one more tug brings it within spitting distance. Kong jerks it forward and cranks back a fist, before rocketing it towards the back of its head, fracturing its skull and rattling the brain, and knocking the pitiful crawler to the boneyard floor.

Kong angrily stomps over to his fallen foe, before grabbing the creature by the snout, and as it tries to resist, he beats it on the head before prying open its jaws. The creature is no match for Kong's brute strength, as Kong rips open its jaws, tearing and splitting the jaws apart. Kong slams the pest headfirst down to the ground, before stomping on the skull, splattering the head and beating his chest. Kong leans back and roars while beating his chest into the dawning sun, the sound echoing throughout the entirety of the Island.

With Kong dispatching the new threat with relative ease, the humans on the island have nearly completed their Prototype. With an endoskeleton of pure reinforced titanium, so durable one would swear it was forged in space. They have begun the process of coating the chassis with an artificial flesh coating. While painfully obvious up close if one stared for too long, at a faraway glance, it would enable the machine to easily pass as the actual creature itself.

Northern Skull Island

Outpost 33

Around 45 minutes later

Outpost 33 is currently the largest facility under Monarch's jurisdiction bar Castle Bravo. Built to house creatures in order to study them and create a safer than normal researching space on an Island full of danger, Monarch has outdone itself with their most High-tech facility. The 6 square mile facility in the shape of an V with a square perimeter. At the point of the V is the observatory in the top level where the control center lies for the new project.

Towards the back where the tips of the 'V' are, exist two large deployable cranes for the harbor underneath the Outpost. Used to load and unload things onto the hulking Nimitz-class aircraft carriers in the cargo bay. Inside the 7-level facility exist multiple levels. On ground level is the living area, where the people hang out in their down time and interact as normal. The floors are wooden with a shiny glossy finish. Furnished with comfortable couches, chairs, televisions, gaming systems, movie selections, the usual entertainment. Towards the back of the level is the library, which sees much less use, but enough to keep it around.

Aboveground level 2 is the sleeping quarters as well as the showers, by far the most comfortable level as the lighting is dimmer and the floors are lined with carpet instead of the metal grating on most levels. Level 3 is the kitchen and cafeteria, the auditorium, and theater, for the important visual meetings where they gather the facility together for briefings.

Level 4 is the med bay, as well as the facilities' hospital is. Here the floors and walls are white, and the lights rather bright outside of the rooms for the patients. Level 5 is where the observatory is, where security is centered, the control room and where outside communications are. The view from the top floor's windows is undeniable. Occasionally people will ride the facilities many elevators to the top just to see the outside view and have a moment to themselves without endangering themselves in the outside.

The sub-ground levels are all secretive to most personnel. Level B1 is the research area and the specimen containment. The most important level, where the meat of the outpost is. It is here where Dr. Brooks spends most of his time as he studies Titan DNA samples sent in from around the world. Outpost 33 is the only outpost that is not heavily regulated by the US Government as getting there and observing is difficult due to Skull Island's storm system. It is because of this that Outpost 33 enjoys more lax policies than other outposts.

Level B2 was recently expanded, as it not only contains the cargo bay that houses the two carriers but was made to include the development of the new machine, away from prying eyes. This level is much more mechanical given the heft of the equipment it deals with. This massive level feeds into another subterranean room, where there is much ceiling space. In this 4-acre room, is housed the prized prototype standing on its rising platform surrounded by scaffoldings and mechanical bells and whistles.

A smiling Dr. Aaron Brooks makes his way through the halls of the facility's level B1. Speaking to and joking with some colleagues along the way, he receives some exciting news.

An excited female researcher bounds up to Aaron, clipboard in hand waving frantically as she runs.

"Dr. Brooks! Great news, sir!"

Aaron turns to the woman, eyebrows knit in a curious gesture. She is short, about 5 feet, 4 inches. Has medium dark brown hair, neatly straightened and tied up into a bun. On her neck is the ends of a tribal tattoo obscured by her lab coat. Her eyes are hazel, covered by a cute pair of pink eyeglasses.

"Yes, what is it, Jill?"

She begins to slow down to a light jog as she reaches him, looking up to meet his face. In a professional tone, she informs "Now that Kong has finally taken care of the Matriarch, we can finally proceed with our testing of the new prototype."

Aaron smiles softly, taking in the new information. "Never doubted Him for a minute, this was bound to happen sooner rather than later, the bitch's days were numbered the moment she woke up to answer that Thing's call."

Aaron clears his throat, before straightening up and speaking in a professional tone.

"Now that it's over, lets scope out the situation for now as the team puts the last details on the machine's coating. We'll need it to be able to pass off as the real thing."

The woman smiles softly, nodding. "Of course, I'll notify them immediately."

She turns and heads off down the corridor.

Aaron sighs. Muttering to himself "Why did we have to build that thing here, exactly? This can't possibly end well. Not with Kong here." He shakes his head, trying to think more positively.

'Well, nothing I can do about it, so there's no sense worrying now. I just hope Kong doesn't come to this side of the island while they test it.' He muses to himself.

He takes the elevator to the Control Room on level 5. A room created to monitor the activation, maintenance checks and statuses of the new Experiment. As well as be the command center for the team's operations when needed.

'At the very least, this will be a huge benefit to mankind in the future, or so they say.'

He reaches the entrance to the room, the sliding door opening with a mechanized whir. He heads inside, looking at the computer monitor showcasing the Mechanized Giant and all the cranes on the lower levels putting the finishing touches on the outer layers of the Mech.

He raises his gaze to meet the face of the Mech, soulless red eyes staring forward with an expressionless face as the assembly crew finishes the detailing of the artificial layers.

The control room's doors whir open again as the rest of the Project's team filters in, led by Doctor Yuhara, the Director of the facility as well as the head of the Project, Doctor Del La Rosa.

As everyone gets settled at their stations, the two look up. "Well, is everyone ready?" queries Yuhara. Voices of affirmation. Clearing his throat, Del La Rosa announces "Good, well, let's get this show on the road. Alright, Project Gjallarhorn's first official test launching now."

To Be Continued…