Chapter 6: Severed Bloodlines

New Year's Eve, 2019

Los Angeles, California


Godzilla makes landfall once more, his heavy footfalls shaking the very Earth, causing the nearby human buildings to chatter with each footfall. He heads further inland, searching for the whereabouts of the Muto nest, hoping to find the Queen Muto before she emerges in her adult state. Upon reaching the area, he scans the area, sensing all to be clear. He stomps over to the cocoon, intending on crushing it before she can emerge.

As he turns to wind his tail up and swing it, the ground beneath him begins to rumble! Godzilla pauses, letting his tail rest on the ground as he anticipates what happens next, staring at the ground in anticipation. The ground splits open beneath his feet, eventually opening into a wide tunnel, as something launches out of it, before smashing him in the face with a huge audible crack!

Godzilla is sent reeling backwards from the impact. He stumbles, crashing and wrecking several buildings in his way and eventually falling spines first into a building, collapsing the hotel into a large pile of rubble.

Godzilla shakes the rubble and debris off and moves to his feet to face this new threat. Leering at the hole, he observes with a sneer as the former female Muto emerges from the hole, smashing the now empty cocoon as she exits. Turning to face Godzilla, the metamorphized Muto voices a rolling growl that sounds like a deeper pitched version of the female's original vocalizations.

Godzilla adopts an agitated and aggressive posture, puffing his chest out, and arching his back, his tail raised in the air before slamming it down, as he stomps and plants his feet onto the ground.

The female, now resembling a much spikier and much more muscular Muto, with a more defined face and eyes. The arms are much thicker, and redder, with three large fingers tipped with claws on each imposing arm. Her other limbs now look much more insectoid and are ashen grey. Her body now has reddish orange highlights that run through select areas around the torso and neck areas.

The face now has a mouth with sharp teeth and lips, and two mandibles on the bottom jaw near the chin area. Her eyes a deep glowing red. On both sides of her jaws, are two pairs each of tendrils ending in triangular protrusions in the ends. She takes a similarly aggressive stance, snorting and smashing her fists down into the streets below, splintering the tar pavement and concrete walkways and dozens of human transportation machines. They stare each other down, refusing to budge, before they roar and charge at each other with reckless abandon.

Moments Earlier, back in the Night Club

Marty's POV

Marty stares into his drink, absentmindedly thinking about what to do, while listening to the man, who he now knows is the owner of this night club and who lives in the top floor's penthouse, play the piano. Plays very well, in fact. Playing a cover of 'I Stay Away' by Alice In Chains.

Marty's thoughts drift to asking for outside advice on what he should do before being interrupted by tremors that shake the ground beneath his feet. He shoots up from his seat at the bar and races up the stairs to go and check out what all the commotion is about, making sure not to forget his camera on the way. He looks past all the buildings, locking his eyes onto the silhouette of Godzilla just behind a large skyscraper. Marty notices he seems to be curiously looking down, towards the ground.

Marty lifts his camera, turning it on before hitting the record button, streaming the events on twitter via the app on his camera as he tries to get closer to Godzilla. He sprints down the Sunset Strip, stopping just before another Night Club. He eyes Godzilla staring down intently at the quaking ground, which at his feet seems to be splitting open. Just as Marty lifts his camera to capture this, something breaks free of the ground and slams into Godzilla with an earth-shaking impact that sends him stumbling, and falling into the 9000 Sunset Building, absolutely demolishing the building and surrounding area, kicking up tons of debris and a haze of dust that lingers in the air as Godzilla is buried beneath the rubble.

Marty chooses to put more distance between himself and the ensuing battle. Breaking out into a quick jog all the while keeping his camera on the scene unfolding before him. Marty skids to a halt, nearly tripping and falling on his face. He curses to himself, before righting his posture and watching as the most unholy abomination of a creature emerges from what appears to be a burrow in the ground.

"Oh shit, what the hell is that?" Marty exclaims as Godzilla gets to his feet and the debris falls from his gargantuan form.

Marty and Godzilla's POV

The two behemoth Titans square off against each other, facing down their opponent. Sizing the other up, they posture aggressively in a display of pure dominance, each ready to tear the other apart. Suddenly they charge at the other while roaring, their feet and other limbs thundering across the ground as they stomp their way towards each other.

Marty watches on as Godzilla impacts the new creature at high speed, immediately grasping its head with both arms and attempting to wrest it to the ground. The creature attempts to push Godzilla away from it, using its massive arms to brace its huge body and stop itself from falling to the ground from Godzilla's weight.

The female shoves forward with all her weight, trying to break free of Godzilla's grasp. She succeeds, Godzilla is caught off guard by the surprising strength of Jinshin-Mushi, and his grip on her head is broken. The Muto Prime takes this opportunity to swing her clawed arm at Godzilla, connecting with his left side and gouging his flesh, making Godzilla growl in pain. Godzilla tries to retaliate with a tail whip, swiftly turning on his feet and swinging his great tail towards the female's head. Faster than she appears to be, she ducks under it, Godzilla's tail passing by and impacting a large apartment building which is blown away at the power of the strike. The debris and rubble exploding out into the direction of which his tail had swung.

Godzilla had not anticipated the Earthquake Beetle's agility, as he turns to face her again, he is met with another powerful fist to his jaw that sends him sprawling over the cityscape once again, this time his mass landing on the street as he skids several hundred meters, dragging pieces of the pavement with him. As he gets to his feet, slightly dazed, he spots the female running further inland. Furious, Godzilla gives chase, stomping after her as she bulldozes human structures along the way. Godzilla can feel the presence of another here with him, but it does not resemble one of the Others, no. This one is familiar. But now is not the time for that, the heathen will escape if he does not pursue it!

Marty has been filming their exchange for the better part of 3 minutes until things started shifting once again to the new creature's favor. Godzilla had been sent flying by another nasty hit from the unclean thing, and as he got to his feet again, it took off further inland- in Marty's direction. Marty curses as he books it out of there, trying to avoid being flattened into a human pancake or worse. "Shit, shit, shit! Fuck!" he complains.

Having had to sprint with all his heart to get out of the way of the creature whose very steps seem to cause miniature earthquakes, Marty is wired and out of breath. Nevertheless, he raises his camera. Panning over towards the direction the abomination had gone, entire buildings having been leveled as it just bulldozed over them. Hearing Godzilla roar in anger, he pans over to Godzilla, whom is now only several hundred feet from Marty, weaving his way through the buildings.

"Oh my god…" Marty states as he notices the determined and fiery look in Godzilla's eyes as he passes by.

"Get that bitch, big guy!" He cheers, raising his fist. A cloudy sensation fogs up his mind seemingly out of nowhere as he feels something bubbling up in the back of his mind. 'Weird, I didn't know that thing was a female.' But something in Godzilla's roar made him feel emotions that he shouldn't be feeling. He should be fearing for his life, but instead he can only feel anger…at the creature? No, he doesn't feel it. He just got the feeling that…

'Godzilla does?' A look of confusion and wonder washes over Marty's face as he tries to comprehend. 'What the hell is going on with me?' he worries to himself. As he says that, Godzilla seems to break focus for a minute, looking in Marty's direction, but not down at him, before turning back and with renewed vigor, surges forward towards the escaping female creature. Marty decides to follow them cautiously and find a building to settle onto far from the action but close enough for him to film it to be safe…


Godzilla has made His way across the human cityscape without much incident, avoiding knocking down the fleeting ones' hives by weaving in between them. The same cannot be said about his tail, however. His tail sideswiped a few buildings in his pursuit of the female, accidentally raking the fleeting ones' structures. He was almost surprised when he heard one behind him vocalizing its displeasure. He pays the small creature no mind, he's done nothing wrong, after all. It was just a small scratch.

The Nightclub owner stepped outside to observe the damage done to his nightclub by the Titans only to find that his beloved club had been marred by the tail of the passing Godzilla. He puts his hands on his hips before exclaiming "Oh, bloody hell! Do you know how long and how much it's going to take me to get that fixed? Well, not that money is a problem." He then gestures with his hand towards Godzilla. "It's going to take ages! Thanks to you and your friend over there, the parties, raves, and debauchery won't begin again until well within the next year! How am I supposed to keep the fun going until then?!" The man's eyes seem to turn red the angrier he gets. "Fine, you'll get what's coming to you… eventually!" he relents as Godzilla seems to ignore him. Exasperated, the man huffs before begrudgingly heading back inside his nightclub to fetch himself a stiff drink.

Hollywood, Los Angeles California


Godzilla has arrived in front of a large strange human structure built into the face of a mountain that seems to resemble large versions of the human's runic carvings, but these ones are very foreign to him. The female is nearby, though he cannot see her. The ground beneath his feet begins to tremble, Godzilla sees it coming this time, however, and dodges the blow before it can reach his face. In retaliation, he grasps the arm before it can retract into the burrow, and with herculean strength, digs his claws into the arm and lifts the surprised abomination from the very Earth, the dirt and debris flying in all directions as Godzilla turns and slams the creature into the Hollywood signs, destroying them and sending the female sprawling back first into the 1,709-foot-tall mountain.

Godzilla bellows a battle cry as the female struggles to her feet, visibly shaken by the impact, the sound of the roar carrying for miles as it shakes the very Earth. The female is down, but not out. She stands on all fours, and charges towards Godzilla, unleashing a deep bass battle cry of her own as they meet in close quarters combat, the force of their collision creating a shockwave that blows for several hundred meters in every direction, bending trees and blowing smaller objects away.

Godzilla snaps at the Muto Prime with his powerful jaws, as she scratches at his sides. She uses her smaller insectoid arms to keep him away from her, as he swipes his claws at her. She retaliates by rearing her left arm back and launching it with a closed fist into Godzilla's side, driving the breath from his lungs with a grunt. Godzilla staggers, backing up several paces while trying to regain his breathe.

The female in the meantime uses this time to put distance between them, she climbs to the top of the mountain, making sure to check Godzilla's position when she reaches the top. Godzilla has recovered from the punch, and bellows frustratedly, knowing the female intends to make him chase her again. As he suspected, she heads down the other side of the mountain. Godzilla snarls, before begrudgingly giving chase, his enormous footsteps circling around the mountain as he follows her.


Marty's POV

Marty has been following the creatures every step of the way, luckily enough for him, it isn't too difficult to catch up with them. While he's been filming the creatures, which he is sure is being seen all over the world at this moment, he took the time to fill in the people behind their screens what has been happening until this point. Unbeknownst to him, he's attracted the attention of the same people he exposed in his most recent article. And they are extremely interested in what they've learned.

Eventually he's made it to what remains of the Hollywood sign, the surrounding city before he had gotten to the area having been demolished by the two Titans. Figuring they made their way past the sign given the sign and large markings on Mount Lee, he would go around. So, getting back in his "appropriated" vehicle, he takes off towards the other side of the mountain. Eventually arriving at Warner Bros. Studios, where he can hear the Titans battling beyond. "This will have to do."

Marty gets out of his vehicle, and bringing the camera back to his face, he heads through the gates and eventually arrives in front of the CW building. "Well, looks like I'm heading to the top. Ah! To anyone watching, please forgive what I'm about to do." With that, he kicks in the door and darts through the building, looking for the way to the roof. Finding an elevator to the top floor, he gets in and presses the top floor button. The elevator door closes and starts rising. "Whew, glad that worked." He turns the camera back to face himself. "You guys ready? Something tells me this is ending here!" he states while grinning.

As soon as he states that, the doors open, and immediately he's astounded by the bright green auroral light that's in the sky. Panning his camera up, he marvels. "You guys seeing this? Holy…" Tearing his gaze away from the sky and to the city below, he notices the absolute devastation that has taken place. "What the hell happened?" He scans the surrounding remnants of the city, mouth agape in horror at the sheer destruction in view. "Oh, Jesus…" Marty chokes out.


Godzilla made it to the other side of the mountain, seeing the Muto Prime stomping her way through the small grassland dotted with trees on her way towards the city again. He follows, intending on ending this here and now, not going to let her get the upper hand again. Upon reaching the river separating him from the next part of the city and the female, Godzilla begins gathering the various gases in the air, his spinal plates sucking in their atoms into his body and transferring them to the pouch in his throat. Godzilla trudges across the river, as the smaller spines on his tail begin to emit a faint blue glow. The inside of his body gathering its radiation to generate a contained atomic blast inside his body, before condensing it along with the gases in his throat pouch.

Godzilla's tail begins to light up, three fins by three, the whole length of his back begins to emit that familiar glow. The female now in sight, having stopped to see where she was, before looking behind her. Godzilla leers at her with pure contempt expressed in his blue glowing eyes. The creature cautiously watches the pursuing Leviathan as his entire back shines in a radiant blue light. Just as Godzilla crosses the river and enters the city, the female jerks, as if realizing what's about to happen.

She hurriedly scrambles to avoid the ensuing danger as Godzilla takes a deep breath and in a motion that would indicate him about to roar- his throat clicks, his mouth opening and unleashing the stream of condensed Cherenkov radiation mixed with the various gases into a dense projectile attack that misses the abomination by a hair's length! In her escape she knocks into ABC Studios, causing the building to implode on impact and send tons of debris in every direction.

Godzilla doesn't give up, he keeps up his onslaught, redirecting his stream to the positions the Muto Prime is heading, his breath exploding everything it touches in a shower of radioactive fire and rubble. Godzilla's determination to nail the abomination with his breath has him carving a swath of destruction in attempt to reach the female. Explosion after explosion from contact with his atomic breath having reduced Walt Disney Studios and all its surroundings into a blazing inferno.

Eventually the female tires and can't keep running, resigning herself to taking the hit in the end. Godzilla's breath impacts the female with hundreds of kilotons of force! The female is sent crashing thunderously to the Earth in a heap. Desperately she begins to move to get to her feet, trying to shake off the blast.

Godzilla bellows in triumph, before marching towards the leveled section of the city. Jinshin-Mushi picks itself up off the ground, just in time to meet Godzilla head on. The Titans clash once more, this time with Godzilla gaining the upper hand immediately as he bites down on her smaller arms while he grapples with her. Grasping her by the shoulders and thus negating her ability to use her massive arms to get the upper hand against him. He stomps forward, throwing his weight into his relentless physical onslaught and pushing the abomination back. Godzilla then throws her to the ground by shoulder tackling the female with the Titan equivalent of a belly-to-belly slam, driving her back first into the collapsed remains of Walt Disney Studios. The female lands with a great pained grunt of her own. Godzilla sneers in grim satisfaction, before a glow catches his eye.

The female's eyes begin to glow a bright red, as she begins open her mouth. Godzilla hesitates, recognizing this display. He's seen this before. Godzilla makes a quick decision, at the last possible second, he ducks as a hellish sonic wave blasts upwards just where his head was, his spines cracking from the tail end of the blast wave as the Jinshin-Mushi unleashes a sonic blast like the one that shattered his crown 5 years ago. Godzilla backs up as the female gets to her feet once more, growling in pain as his s begin to leak radiation from the tips. He's going to have to end this quickly or else he will weaken, and if he weakens… The female howls in anger, an earsplitting wail that pierces the air. Godzilla refocuses, steeling his resolve to make a last stand. The female's glowing limbs curiously begins to glow a strange dark golden color and raises her large arms high up into the air.

Godzilla, not one for suspense, takes tentative steps forwards, intending on attacking while she isn't guarded. Just as Godzilla is within distance, she brings her massive arms crashing down into the Earth, creating an enormous green auroral light pillar of a misty consistency that blows upwards, towards the sky as the ground begins to shake. Then out of nowhere, the surrounding metals from the debris and cars begin to float in the air, before zipping towards the nearest conductor object, as an electromagnetic pulse like no other rocks the entire city.

Godzilla is stunned by the blast. His internals being heavily affected by the attack as he struggles to break free of the paralysis. The other parasites he fought before possessed electromagnetic pulses that had little to no effect on his being, yet this abomination has locked him in this stance as his nuclear-powered body fights to recover its functions.

As Godzilla is rendered immobile, the female wastes no time in taking advantage of the Great Leviathan's condition. Striking him with a clawed swipe across the chest, gouging his flesh. Satisfied that with his lack of reaction, she grasps our King with both arms and slams him to the ground with an audible grunt as he collides with the ground. Jinshin-Mushi pummels Godzilla as he lays on the ground, bringing her large hands up and down hard on his prone body. She purrs in sick satisfaction before roughly rolling him over onto his back, exposing his underside.


Marty watches on in horror as Godzilla is paralyzed and lying motionless on the ground. The abomination slithers over on top of Godzilla, her face eye level with His. "What the hell is it doing?"

As if to answer Marty's question, the creature's four tendrils on the sides of its face stretch out before it, aiming downwards at Godzilla's vulnerable abdomen. Godzilla can only lay motionless as He awaits His fate. A sharp pain flashes through Marty's brain, the world around him slowing to a crawl as his brain is flooded with imagery and scenes not from his own recollection. Ancient times, a scene eerily alike the current one is playing out before him. From a different perspective. Godzilla…No, not OUR Godzilla is lying motionless, pinned beneath that same creature, albeit these two are smaller than the ones Marty has been watching. The pinned Leviathan was completely at the mercy of this abomination.

Its tendrils descend towards his belly, before plunging in deep, attaching itself to his spinal column and depositing two large spores. Forward in time, the creature has left, and the fallen creature gets to its feet shakily, before slowly and weakly pacing forward, before collapsing and falling through the Earth into a Hollow Earth pocket, never to be seen alive again…

Marty snaps back to the present, and as if his words could reach the Great Leviathan, he futilely attempts to scream His name to get Him to get up. "GODZILLA! GET UP! YOU HAVE TO GET UP! GET UP NOW! YOU CAN'T DIE HERE!" Hoping beyond hope that his words can affect the Great Leviathan. Miraculously, a sudden jolt of electricity rocks Marty's brain and body as he locks up in place, but more importantly, Godzilla stirs.


The female is just about to plunge her ovipositors into Godzilla as he suddenly unleashes a massive blast of Atomic Breath, knocking her back! Godzilla hurriedly gets to his feet and uses his titanic strength to throw the Jinshin-Mushi over him, the stunned creature landing with a thunderous boom and a plume of dust and debris. Godzilla is energized and ready to finish this. He gets back to his feet, ready for another go!

He angrily rushes the dazed creature on all fours as it struggles to get back to its feet, his feet thundering across the city causing the concrete to upheave with every step. Just as she turns to face him, he tackles her to the ground again. The impact causing a shockwave that echoes for miles as the female is once again stunned. He claws at her, carving deep swaths in her flesh and bites her. Attacking her like a rabid animal. Every time she gets up and retaliates, he blitzes her, crawling across the ground like a massive bear, refusing to give her an inch as he mauls her.

Godzilla, far from through with his would-be assailant, grasps one of her oversized arms in his jaws, before swinging her through the air by her arm. Knocking her into one of the skyscrapers, he releases his grip, allowing her to crash to the ground and be buried by the massive human structure. She feebly attempts to resist as Godzilla blitzes her again, swiping at her. As she tries to get up, he stomps on her midsection with a sickening crunch. Attempting to escape once more, she rockets a punch at him, which does little to stop him.

Godzilla begins systematically removing her limbs, starting with her ovipositors, tearing them off her hideous face as he glares at her. Next, he dismembers one of her massive arms, the blood spurting out in a fountain as she shrieks in agony. Godzilla bellows, a powerfully intimidating battle cry that shatters the windows for miles in every direction. Not wasting another second, Godzilla slams his tail into the ground as he hunches over…


By now, Marty's paralysis has worn off, and he recovers just in time to witness the events playing out before him. Luckily, when his camera fell, it landed safely and miraculously in the direction of the battling Titans. Before he can think about what just happened to him, his reporter instincts kick in and he darts after his camera, bringing it up to face the action.

Godzilla's crown begins shimmering with the trademark blue glow once more, albeit with some leakage from the tips which have cracked and shattered in places but are overall still functional. He rises from his hunched over position, his eyes glowing blue with atomic fury written on his face as he unleashes a blast of his deadly breath from his maw directly onto his buried opponent! An explosion of epic proportions follows, as a decent sized mushroom cloud looms over the city skyline.

"Mother of God." Is all Marty can say as he stares on in a mix of fear and admiration.

Moments pass, Godzilla has not stopped staring at the spot of the explosion. As he expected, the rubble begins to shift and move as the female rises from the debris, minus several more limbs. Missing one of her back legs, all her ovipositors, and 2 of her smaller insectoid legs. One of her eyes are gone as she weakly rises from the ashes like a cockroach that refuses to get the message. Defiantly, she sneers at Godzilla and screeches. Godzilla squares off against the female once more as she takes an incredibly shaky battle stance. Her remaining eye begins to glow, and Godzilla turns on his feet. Just as she unleashes her sonic blast, Godzilla slams his heavy tail into her side, causing her to miss and double over in a strange kneeling position, as the blast fades into the air.

Godzilla walks up to the downed creature who tiredly looks up in his eyes. He snorts, and sneers. Getting his silent message across, however she does not submit, but rather defiantly screes at him. Having made her choice, Godzilla winds back one of his claws, and brings it down on her neck, severing it from her body in one quick and powerful swipe, the head plopping to the ground with a thud followed by the rest of the body which begins to leak blood onto the Earth at his feet. Godzilla bellows victoriously! The sound shattering windows for miles and shaking the Earth itself as Godzilla celebrates his victory, having finally rid the world of the dangerous and loathsome Jinshin-Mushi bloodline forever.

Marty snaps out of his trance-like state as Godzilla's victory roar blares for the whole world to hear, and he rejoices that the abomination has been felled at last. "WOOOO! Finally got the bitch!" He turns the camera around to face himself, grinning from ear to ear. "Did you guys see that? He's saved us once again! I told you! I told you he was on our side!" Marty enthusiastically celebrates by fist pumping and pounding his chest with his fist.

Calming down, he turns the camera to face outwards again, where Godzilla has begun to slowly and tiredly trudge back the way He came, making sure to avoid any human structures still left standing after the battle. "Ah, man. Saved us again, but another city is totaled in the process…What can you do? Not like there could have been a peaceful resolution to this. Anyways, signing off, guys. I need to get the hell outta' here before the uniforms start showing up. Not even sure if my Apartment is even still there, seems like their tussle destroyed all from Venice Beach to Burbank based on the smoke trails…" with those words, he turns off the stream.

Godzilla's lumbering form makes his tired way down to the beach, standing and resting for a moment, the battle having drained him significantly. Upon reaching the sea, he sniffs the salty air, before beginning to trudge out to sea once more, letting his massive form slowly submerge into the surf, eventually completely disappearing into the depths with only his wake left behind.

Sighing, Marty retraces his steps as well. Miraculously finding that his Apartment has barely survived the onslaught. "This is by far the strangest New Year's I've ever had..." he breathes out, flopping down onto his bed.

January 1st, 2020

The Hollow Earth beneath Skull Island

Beneath the treacherous Island, a decent sized task force has managed to sneak their way through the Island's defenses, managing to bypass Monarch's securities with the help of their inside man and gaining information from their expedition.

Having burned down large sections of the jungle to avoid the trouble altogether, they come across a crater in the center of a valley to the far side of the gargantuan underworld chamber. The crater is next to an expansive field of crystal stalagmites that are arranged on what appears to be the remains of an ancient sea of lava. The entire sea and field seem to go on for hundreds of meters with a heavy concentration in a large circular area. The remains of many igneous rocks and splintered boulders scatter the landscape.

All above them are reddish glowing crystals floating in what appears to be a localized asteroid field with no gravity. Bouncing off the crystals is light which seems to be reflected off the makeshift sun on the very ceiling of the Hollow Earth.

Reading their Geiger counters, the readings are off the charts! The lead man holds his arm up with a closed fist, signaling the others to stop. Bringing his gloved hand up to his comms, he states with a gruff voice "Sir, we've got eyes on the Source. It appears to be a large meteorite." He receives a reply, nodding. "Understood, sir, retrieving the Source now." Turning back to his men, he signals to gather around the meteorite. "Alright, Dr. Yamane wants us to cart this son of a bitch up to the surface. Let's not waste any time."

The men gather around the meteorite that seems to shimmer under the light of the orangish light from the above cavern ceiling's gas layer, lifting the spatial object from the Earth and carting it off back in the direction from where they've entered. As they leave with their prize, they fail to notice the sudden spike on their Geiger counters from behind them.

Many hours later, the Earth beside the crater begins to tremble as the stalagmites begin to vibrate, the lava bed surrounding them beginning to crack and rise…

To Be Continued…