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It was early morning in Gamindustri. The sun wasn't fully over the horizon yet, yet people were getting up and mulling about.

One of these people was in the Basilicom of Leanbox. Stretching her arms over her head as she woke up fully, Vert, otherwise known as Green Heart, grimaced as her back protested. "Nnngh, I really do miss Chika's massages." Ever since her oracle had left sometime after the Deity of Sin incident, she hadn't gotten a good massage and her body felt rather stiff at times. "Oh well..." She sighed, knowing she could fix it by simply transforming into her HDD form as minor pains and injuries were instantly fixed upon transforming. 'But only minor ones...' She sighed heavily, thinking about Neptune's current situation. From what Nepgear had told her, Neptune was able to walk again, at least, but it was hard on her body as trying to walk without assistance was so painful that Neptune either found herself transforming to get around or collapsed on the ground, screaming in pain.

The blind Histoire had assured everyone that Neptune was doing fine and would probably be fully healed in another six months.

Considering that she, Blanc and Noire had each spent several days a week, every week, over the past six months to help Neptune regain her ability to walk, it was incredibly painful to watch as their friend tried to just live normally again.

Most of the populace of Planeptune had no clue what was going on, they just knew that Neptune had gone missing again, had been on a major adventure and was recovering from what happened. Thankfully questions were kept to a minimum as Neptune had made plenty of public appearances as Purple Heart to assure everyone that she was fine, but due to the current crisis, she could not leave the Basilicom unless it was needed.

Vert sighed and wondered why she and the others had agreed to take in so many refugees from Gamworld. 'Because you don't want Neptune to suffer any worse than she already has.' Most of the integration had gone as smoothly as could be expected. She wasn't sure how it was in the other nations, but even taking in only a portion of the people who came from that other world had brought plenty of unintended consequences. Between the increase of food demands, the noise complaints and even the increase of public indecency, public unrest was starting to increase and things were getting tense in Leanbox. Thankfully, for Vert's peace of mind, the public indecency complaints only lasted a couple of weeks and was only due to the people from that Leanbox having mostly revealing clothing. "Evil me really was a pervert." Why, there were even some people from Lewdbox, as Vert had taken to calling her other dimension's nation, who had propositioned her for some fun in the sheets.

Vert blushed as she remembered some of the men, who had surrounded her and asked if she had wanted to be in an orgy with them and a few other women. While she had no doubt it would be enjoyable, she had to turn them down and was worried that she would have to be more... Forceful in her rejection.

Thankfully the worst she got was a disappointed look and a question about if she was sure she didn't want to join them before they had left her alone.

"I like teasing people, not being teased." Vert muttered, though she wondered if maybe she should have taken them up on their offer.

But even beyond that, the people from Lewdbox were having a hell of a time eating anything that wasn't similar to tentacles. She would have wondered why, but after several generations of people who were born into Lewdbox and fed nothing but tentacles after being weaned off of their mother's breast milk, she supposed it would be hard for them to adapt too quickly.

Neptune had suggested trying to get them used to eating soups and pudding before moving them to other things, which seemed to work.

Sighing and stripping out of her night clothes, a fully nude Vert went to the shower to get clean and more fully wake up.

No, Vert could have handled all of that, it was just another part of what she had to do to be a successful Goddess. What Vert couldn't handle, and the worst thing about all of this, in her opinion...

...Was that she had hardly any time for any raids of her favorite MMOs!

It was simply unforgivable and frustrating!

Entering the the shower, Vert found that it was already on and in use. Rubbing her eyes, she blinked a few times to get the sleep out of them before seeing who was in the shower. "Ah! Peashy! Good morning!"

"Morning, big sis!" Peashy smiled at Vert as she washed her hair. "Pea just woke up and, ack!" She let out a cry as soap got into her eyes. "BLEAH! MY EYES!"

Vert giggled and stepped into the shower. "Let me help. I'm glad you're getting up on your own now. It wasn't easy those first few weeks, huh?"

Peashy nodded. "Uh huh," she sighed in delight as Vert rubbed her scalp. Between adjusting to what both Histoires had done to her so that she could synchronize with the Sharicite, the situation in Planeptune with Neptune and the current crisis in Leanbox and the other nations, it hadn't been easy. "Do you think things will calm down?"

"Hmm... I think so." Vert nodded. "We've been giving people who have been negatively affected by this crisis a lot of support, so it should calm down, hopefully."

"Pea hopes so." The blonde nodded. "Oh! Neptuna and Nepgear were going to come over today, right?"

Vert nodded and smiled at her. "Are you looking to show off your new processor?" Peashy giggled and squirmed. "Well, let's get cleaned up so we can look good for them, huh?"

"Yay!" Peashy cheered happily. "I hope Neptuna's okay."

"I'm sure she is." Vert smiled as she washed her sister's hair.

End Prologue

Obviously this was a "where are they now" prologue.

What? Did you really think that thousands (if not hundreds of thousands or more) people moving into both Gamindustris, even if broken up between them, wouldn't cause problems?

And, no, I don't know how fast the updates will be.