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Chapter 58

Yellow Heart let out a cry of pain as she was swatted by the bull's tail when it spun around. "Owwie! Pea thought this would be easier!" After recovering from being launched into the upper atmosphere when the nose ring broke off, Yellow Heart had returned, barreling down so fast and hard that she had angled herself to slam into the bull, launching it out of the city, where it slammed into the nearby forests, destroying plenty of trees.

However, she quickly found that it was even harder to hit the thing, now that it could move freely, than before.

Yellow Heart grimaced and launched herself at the bull again, this time avoiding the tail swat as she slammed her clawed gauntlet into the bull's hind quarters, getting a grunt from the creature as her blow sent it sliding away. "This... This is hard... But Pea's as strong as she was when she was the CPU of Eden!" She didn't know why she was so strong against this bull, but she wasn't complaining about it. "It's like daddy drained all the world's shares into Pea again!"

She looked up as she heard a snort and saw the bull charging at her. "ACK!" She yelped as the bull snapped its head forward and its nose bridge slammed into Yellow Heart, sending her flying across the sky from the force of its hit. "Owwies!" Yellow Heart cried out as she slammed into the mountains that separated Planeptune from Lowee. Blinking a few times to clear her head, Yellow Heart stared in surprise. "Golly! If that thing hit me to Beru Beru's place, I'd probably keep flying!"

The distance didn't surprise her, she had knocked monsters similar distances when she hit them after all. No, what was surprising was that the bull seemingly got larger so that the very trees themselves were only grazing against its underside.

And it was charging at full speed at her. "YEEK!" Yellow Heart wasn't sure what to do, but she knew that the thing was too big to try and stop it. As strong as she was, she knew that her ability to take a hit was lacking compared to the others. As the thing got closer and closer, Yellow Heart did the only thing she could think of.

She flew straight down and into the forest and went under the bull as it ran towards her, which was risky, considering how many trees and dirt were being knocked around, not to mention the poor monsters that were being crushed and destroyed. "Bleah, Pea can't see!" Yellow Heart grimaced as she got dust and dirt in her eyes. "Huh?" In the dust she saw a shadowy outline of what had to be the largest dogoo she had ever seen. "OUT OF MY WAY SLIMY!" She yelled and with a burst of speed, she launched herself at it and slammed her claws into the dogoo.

Two things happened at that moment. One, the bull suddenly stopped, though the momentum kept it going forward until its head hit the mountains Yellow Heart had been slammed into. And two...


"Huh?" Yellow Heart blinked in confusion as the dust settled and she saw that her claw was sinking into not a dogoo, but something big, round and furry. "What's this?" She asked and smacked it a couple of more times.


Yellow Heart couldn't figure out why the bull's voice was suddenly pained and pitched up. "What's... Huh?" She blinked in surprise as the bull suddenly tilted to the side and fell over, shrinking in size and quickly disappearing under the trees. "...What happened?" She scratched her head in confusion and turned to fly back to the city but stopped and frowned in confusion. "...Did Pea really hurt the bull?"

Looking down at where the bull had disappeared, Yellow Heart nodded and flew down to see exactly what happened to the bull. When she got to the ground, she stared at what happened to the bull. "Y...You're so small!" She gushed upon seeing it about the size of a small kitten.

The tiny bull was letting out a pathetic whimper as it twitched on its side. When its body was lifted up, it turned its head and let out a pathetic whimper while trying to get away from Yellow Heart.

Yellow Heart frowned softly as she saw it trying to get away. She put it back down and watch as it got up and wobbled several steps before falling over. "...Pea's sorry." The bull looked at her as she knelt down to get a closer look at the bull. "Pea didn't want to hurt you, but you were going to hurt others, so Pea needed to stop you."

The bull snorted and tried to scoot away.

Yellow Heart reached out to pet the bull, but pulled back when the bull let out a growl. "Um... OH!" Her eyes widened and she reached behind her as though she were grabbing something. "Here!" The bull gave her a confused look as she pulled out a plastic container and opened it up. "Pudding!" She stuck a finger in and dug out a small amount before offering her finger to the bull.

The bull gave her a distrustful look, but leaned its head in and gave her finger a sniff before sticking out its tongue and licking her finger.

Yellow Heart smiled as she saw the bull's eyes widen in surprise and licked her finger enthusiastically. "You like it, huh? This is Pea's Pudding! Made it myself." The bull looked at her in confusion and she put the open cup down next to the bull. "Pea has to go and save people, you be a good boy and stay here, okay?" She smiled and stood up, her large breasts jiggling from the motion. "Pea doesn't want to hurt you, but you were hurting others, so stay here and be safe." She turned and flew off, leaving the bull alone.

The bull watched her go and tilted its head and looked at the pudding cup. "Moo..."

"Go down to Gamindustri and do as much damage as you can."

Those had been the orders of the person who ruled Celestia now and the bull had been all too happy to comply with them. After all, that person was in charge of Celestia.

Memories of the man's mean looking face and his cold orders ran through the bull's head. "Moo..." It looked at the pudding cup, which was almost as big as it was and sat down next to the cup. "Mooo..."


Meanwhile in the city...

Iris Heart took a deep breath and slowly let it out as she finished off another group of those cloud dog creatures. "Blasted creatures." She muttered as more of them formed from the clouds that remained from the ones she had taken down. She smirked and tapped her blade against her open palm. "I must say, it's so rare that I have someone I can go all out on and punish." She smirked at the dog-like creatures started to reform again before they looked at each other and started to fade away. "Aww, is it..." Iris Heart trailed off as the creatures seemed to flow upwards and start to merge together. "Oh? A bunch of weaklings banding together, huh?"

The clouds changed, warped and shifted, becoming a giant lizard creature that suddenly let out a high pitched scream. Iris Heart had to cover her ears from the scream and the next thing she knew, the creature was swatting her into the street. Letting out a groan, Iris Heart pushed herself to her knees, only to cry out in pain as a large foot slammed down on her body, creating an indention in the ground. The creature slammed its foot down over and over on Iris Heart, cracking the street before pulling its foot back and staring at the downed CPU.

"You know..." Iris Heart coughed as she pushed herself up. "That was uncalled fo..." Whatever she was going to say was cut off as the creature slammed its foot back onto Iris Heart. The creature lifted its foot again, only to get cry out as its foot was severed from its body, causing the creature to stumble back. "I said..." Iris Heart muttered as she pushed herself to her feet, her sword links clattering on the ground as she gripped her sword hilt. "That was uncalled for!" She glared at the lizard creature as the clouds that made up its severed hand reconnected with its body. Snapping her sword to the side, the sword links recombined. "Now then, how about we..." She dodged several energy and lightning blasts that came out from every angle, crying out in pain as a few clipped her on the side, some clipped her legs and others hit her torso from the front, side and back.

"LEAVE PLOOT ALONE!" Yellow Heart yelled as she rushed in at the lizard creature from above, only to scream out in pain as she was bombarded with lightning and energy blasts.

The people watching could only stare in hopeless despair as their CPUs were being blasted by energy. It was doubly worse as they heard both Iris and Yellow Heart crying out in anguish from what they were suffering through. Everyone gasped in shock when several large energy orbs came crashing down into the creature from the sky.

"And just WHO gave YOU permission to come to Gamindustri?!" A voice full of restrained fury and a touch of madness asked and the creature looked up to see a woman with long, light blue hair who was holding a staff, hovering over it. "That's right," she smirked at the creature, "did your leader, who I have to assume is working with Croire, forget that I exist in this world?" She held up her staff above her head as a ball of energy charged above her head. "After all, I haven't seen a creature from Celestia in centuries."

Yellow Heart looked into the sky and gasped in surprise. "Mommy? What are you doing here?"

Rei smirked at Yellow Heart. "Just doing my job. I don't have all of my spatial warping powers, but..." She let out a high pitched laugh that had everyone looking at her in worry. "It seems that I'm actually at full power. Let me show you what I used to be able to do."

"Full power and psychotic, great..." Iris Heart muttered as a pillar of raw energy engulfed the creature, evaporating it.

Rei floated downwards and landed near Yellow Heart. "Are you okay, Peashy?"

"Uh huh... Are you okay, mommy? The last time you transformed, you did bad things."

Rei sighed and nodded. "I deserved that, but I'm..." Her eyes twitched and she jerked her head. "Mostly okay, I'm not overwhelmed with my negative feelings. I have you, Neptune and Plutia to thank for that."

"Good." Iris Heart said as she floated over. "I'd hate to have to give you another punishment." Rei sweat-dropped heavily. "Oh please, if I have to give you one, you'd deserve it."

"...Fair point." Rei nodded and sighed as several giant rock creatures appeared, each of them were at least five stories tall. "Sentinel statues, they're pretty resistant to energy attacks."

"How'd you deal with them?" Iris Heart asked and Rei giggled.

"Ever wonder why the mountains around Lowee are so steep?" Both Yellow and Iris Heart stared at her. "I just dropped mountains on them until they stopped moving and went back to Celestia." She sighed heavily. "I don't have that option now, but I can still create large rocks and hit them."

"Well, whatever works." Iris Heart said as the three CPUs prepared to face down the creatures from Celestia.

To be continued...

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