So this is a new type of style that I'm giving a try.

So this is a fic that is going to be a collection of one-shots that come up in my head but don't enough material to render its own fully fledged story. Maybe it can be something for anybody who reads this will be able to get some inspiration of their own to make something for the people of .

Anyway, as most of you could probably to tell; this is a Harry Potter Crossover that moves about a multitude of media. In each installment, my main pairing (Harry James Potter & Hermione Jean Granger) tell of a story where the duo/couple have their place in the listed title. It's going to be a wide-ish spectrum of stories from fluff to story driven.

Now that you know the premise, there are a few things that you all need to keep in mind.

I don't do Anime/ Manga. I have nothing against it, and respect its place in society/entertainment; I just don't watch it or find it my cup of tea.

I don't do slash and/or lesbian pairings unless it is done so in said media. Keep in mind that I am all for an individual's preferences on who they choose to love regardless of what gender or way of life they follow. I just don't write it given that I find no usage of it.

I am open to suggestions if they peak my interests. For anyone who reads the stuff I write in bold texts, I throw out an open invitation to ideas that you have; so go ahead and throw them in a review or a PM if you like. Credit will be properly given but make sure to keep in thought of the two previous notes above.

Now that all of this has been settled, I hope that you enjoy this collection

If you'd like, add this to your alerts and/or favorite, and (again if you'd like to) leave a review.

For now, this is MM2013, signing off.