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3rd POV
Late May 1995
Hogwarts School

While it may seem rather odd to be sulking in sorrow after winning a tournament, Harry Potter felt anything but celebratory. Yes, he did win the Tri-Wizard tournament; but at the end of it all, the murderer of his parents had been resurrected alongside the death of a fellow student. Having a front row seat to it all, Harry pretty much had every reason to be in this state. Even after dodging the evil man's path of homicide, he promptly went into the path of another in the form of a polyjuiced Mad-Eye Moody. Sitting on his bed; he wonder if anything was going to take a turn for the better as he fails to notice a brown haired girl entering the boy's dorm room.

Hermione had been seeing her boyfriend go into a slog of emotions that made him more or less a lost man. Walking into the male dorm room, she sees him stare off into the distance; similarly to father who would do the same as he recalled his memories of combat when he worked in the military. Coming over to the dazed teen, she grabs his hand which brings his attention to her as she brings him into a hug. While comforting, it became enough for him to feel the dam break as the tears flow out in mass. There they stayed for a few minutes as Harry James Potter let it out in the embrace of Hermione Jean Granger.

Late August 1995
12 Grimmauld Place, London

In the eerily hidden house, Harry had been given another chance of getting away from the Dursleys; with the downside of having to go through a horrid encounter of Dementors and a kangaroo court style trial that he thankfully won. At the same time, people in the house kept wondering what Voldemort's next move was; a notion that kept lingering through the house. And while most had to continuously deal with it; Harry, thankfully, had something that took his mind off of it, if only for a while.

Walking into the bedroom that he is situated in, Hermione takes her place next to Harry on the bed as they comfort one another in this semi-bleak time.

Late September 1995
Hogwarts School

A month had gone by and people had already started to hate the new form of DADA classes; more specifically, the teacher named Delores Umbridge. It even got to the point where the knowledge hoarder that is Hermione Granger started to give off small rants in the Gryffindor common room. While Harry did his best to calm her down at times, even he took a step back and let her go off; even more so given the carvings in his hand for the "detentions" he received for "lying".

Mid-December 1995
Hogwarts School

So with the abhorred DADA classes, the despicable excuse of a woman also decided to instill a feeling dread with decrees upon decrees that basically make the castle an equivalent of a country ruled by dictatorship. With the sacking and near banishment of the Divinations teacher, it started a movement of getting proper education; thus Harry had become the sole teaching voice of a secret class with a range of students coming from different houses sans Slytherin. With the consistent classes came the name of the Defense Association, DA for short.

With the holidays coming soon, the group takes the days off for a time. Alongside that, Harry is also excited that he gets to spend his first Christmas with his girlfriend; of which Hermione is about as excited. Thus the pair leaves the Room of Requirement (the place where the DA took its teachings) and head to the common room hand in hand.

Late May 1996
Hogwarts School

Once more we find the raven hair Gryff in a state of sorrow while sitting on his bed. The cause this time is another loss, this time it is the loss of a man who he gladly called family…Sirius Black. All of this stems off a falsely vision rescue that lead into a battle for a prophecy. Following the loss of his godfather, anger promptly swooped in as he chased the murder only to run into another in the form of Tom Riddle. A duel between Dumbledore and Riddle, a hard fight off of a possession leads to Tom being fully exposed before the Minister. With the Ministry and news retracting a year's worth of slander, Harry didn't feel any different as Hermione once more comes into the room.

With the boyfriend noticing her entry, they once more embrace this time with the both of them morning over the loss of a great man.

Late August 1996
the Burrow, St. Ottery Catchpole

Having come from Dumbledore's trip of hiring the new Potions professor; Harry once more finds himself back at the Weasley household. After getting welcomed and settled in; Harry spent most of the time with the other guest occupant…his girlfriend, Hermione. While the pair spent a majority of their time together, they also took care of a problem that had been lingering around them for a few years…Ginny. The sat her down and explained to her all the facts that she has to know. At the end of the explanation, the youngest sibling of the Weasley family accepted the facts of them and the false stories whilst agreeing to a stay of their friendship. With a hug from each of them, the pair and young lady separate with slightly happier hearts.

Late December 1996
the Burrow, St. Ottery Catchpole

Back in the Weasley household with the feeling of holiday joy, Harry and Hermione enjoyed the holidays; but that also came with the ever present feeling for fear of an attack. For now, the couple spent every minute of joy they could as they spend their current time in the lounge with the smell of cooking wafting through the air.

Late May 1997
Hogwarts School

Once more we see the look of sorrow grace the face of Harry Potter; this time he is not alone as the whole school joins in morning. This time of school wide grieving comes from the loss of great man…Albus Dumbledore. With Hermione in tow, the duo head into the Headmaster's office with silence permeating the air. Coming to the desk they see the wand of the late man laying across it as they stand in the deafening silence. Behind them they hear the door opening to which they turn to find the Transfiguration teacher coming in. As she starts to give her words of comfort the pair made the move of exiting.

"You should know Potter…" This stops the pair to look back at her as she continues on. "You meant a great deal to him."

Looking upwards, they see the animated portrait of Dumbledore sleeping in his chair; that last look has them turn back and head out as the grip they have on the conjoining hands closes just a little bit tighter as if to anchor themselves.

30 July 1997
the Burrow, St. Ottery Catchpole

Having escaped the transporting run in, Harry and Hermione once more situate themselves in the Weasley household with a feeling loss coming upon them. Not only did the magical world lose one of the toughest men, Harry had lost his longest companion in the form of Hedwig. Even with his seventeenth birthday hours away, it felt just that more hollow with the loss of the snowy owl. Thankfully, Hermione once more became his anchor; grounding him to the present and numbing some of the pain.

25 December 1997
Godric's Hollow, West Country

With telltale crack of apparition, the two form of Harry and Hermione walk down the main street of Godric's Hollow. With a slight worry of being seen, the go down a few blocks before realizing what day it is.

"Harry…I think it's Christmas." Hermione points out softly.

Their walk leads them to the cemetery where Harry asks, "Hermione, do you think my parents are buried there?" Without an answer they pair walk into the graveyard where they split up. Hermione comes to a snow covered tombstone that lies flat with an exposed section show a familiar bisected circle inside a triangle. Removing more of the snow showed the name of "Ignotus Peverell". With the plan to get his attention, Hermione looked over to Harry only to see him standing still and looking down at a white tombstone. With the question pushed back, she walks over to her boyfriend and looks down on the piece of granite and finds the following word engraved upon it.

James Potter Lily Potter

Born 27 March 1960 Born 30 January 1960
Died 31 October 1981 Died 31 October 1981

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death

Barely a word is spoken as Hermione kneels in front of the tombstone with wand in hand; taking said wand and motioning it into a circle creates a wreath of white roses which leans against the base of the granite.

As she stands back up, Harry says with the slightest tinge of sadness, "Merry Christmas, Hermione."

Hermione answered back with about the same feelings with, "Merry Christmas, Harry."

With that she cuddles into his side with as they have an arm wrap around one another; both in warmth and comfort.

Late May 1998
Hogwarts School

The once striking figure of the Scotland based magical school now lay in a state of destructive ruin. Walls upon walls having holes of varying sizes, wooden structures that housed the architecture of the schools showed in many places, and iconic features that had showed the old castle's beauty were either slightly damaged or just barely hanging in there. However, there did seem to be one emotion that spread through the school…relief. The reason for the damage came from the massive battle that went on between The Order of the Phoenix member with the older students of the school (sans Slytherin) against Tom Riddle's armada consisting of humans, giants, giant spiders and Dementors. At the end of it all, nearly all of Riddle's forces lay strewn in varying types of deceased with the man himself quite literally blowing in the wind.

At the center of this finishing victory stood the coupling pair of Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Granger who felt the most amount of that relief than the remaining folks in Hogwarts. The nightmare that had plagued the man finally vanquished, no long making him have another set of eyes to watch over his shoulders and focus on the future. A future that he can focus on alongside the girl he chose to spend it with. In the only occupied hand of his, he held the late headmaster's wand that went through quite the ordeal, the fabled Elder wand of lore; a wand said to be unstoppable and one of three items that make one known as the "Master of Death". Standing on the bridge that leads to the entrance square; the couple stops among the rubble with a major question in mind.

"Why didn't work?" Hermione asks aloud the very question.

Harry explains that it never did in the first place. Its allegiance had been originally with Draco when he disarmed Albus the night of the murder; that had been so until Harry had won over Draco's wand when they escaped the Malfoy Manor, and in doing so, he won over the elder wand as well. So with the inheritance of his cloak and obtaining the resurrection stone moments before getting hit with the killing curse; Harry is the master of death. So now there is another question to ask…what does one do now with such power?

Early August 1998 (current time)
12 Grimmauld Place, Borough of Islington, London

Thus we come to the couple's current whereabouts.

As to what they did with such power, the made sure that no one could use it; thus both the elder wand and the resurrection stone found their permanent inside the Potter family vault of Gringotts, while the cloak of invisibility is kept at a nearby place in case of a moment's notice. Alongside that they kept out of the lime light and the current whirlwind of commotion going throughout the British magical society.

The Ministry had finally been thrown through the gauntlet in scrubbing out the corruption and reforming the entirety of the running of the government by integrating non-magical ideal; it got pushed to the point of having those who disagree be figuratively dragged in by their feet, whether they liked it or not. Current status of that progress, last they heard reached at around a 75-85% completion. As for the education side, more classes were added to integrate more non-magical subject other than just Muggle Studies so people could actually be a part of the world outside of magic. There were also rumors of having technology be implemented in magic heavy areas with the help of an American who had been brought into the reformation process of the Ministry.

Back to the couple, they've been spending their past months in the non-magical world; the majority of the time – and for years to come – had been spent getting their non-magical education underway. The free time consisted of dates and experience of some of the things missed; the later had mostly been for Harry, but Hermione shared the experiences alongside him none the less. The longer stretch of off days sometimes involved out of the country trips; like taking up Fleur's offer on visiting France where they found their definition of relaxation.

So as far as they're concerned, they are living a good life of their decision; one filled with happiness and comfort.

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