Harry had been shocked by Severus. He had not answered Harry but to simply repeat the word spouse, and draw him back into his sitting room for a second movie. Harry could spend the night with Severus but little more then that and only on the weekend. And with quidditch that was not always possible either. Sirius made the joke his son could be hired by Severus as a potions assistant so he could be at school. Harry had smirked at his dad when he had said that. It was still taking some getting used to, the fact that Sirius had accepted them together. Though his dad still looked ready to hex Severus at times.

Severus had been thinking of this for some time. He hadn't meant to nearly propose to Harry that night but he had it on his mind. He knew what he needed to do first and hoped he would survive it. He wasn't that traditional but knew it was expected.

Sirius went to meet his husband Friday evening at the Leaky Cauldron. "I am surprised you wanted to meet down here."

Remus kissed his husband and reminded him. "We were talking about spending a weekend in London with our son."

Sirius agreed with him. "Though I would have thought a weekend our son was not away in France for games."

Remus was reminded Harry's team was away for the rare game on the continent. "It wasn't really my idea."

Before Sirius could ask what he meant a voice came from behind. "Am I late?"

Sirius turned to Arthur and Molly. "You'll have to ask my husband I have no idea."

Molly looked at Remus. "I was intrigued by the invite."

Lucius came in with his wife. "As was I."

Narcissa looked around. "We seem an odd choice for dinner guests."

Remus shrugged. "I was just doing a favor for a friend."

Severus was the last to arrive. "I believe the private dinning room is ready."

Even Lucius seemed confused at what this was all about. He usually knew most about his brother but Harry changed that. Like the others Lucius knew Harry was away for a game. Usually the United would only play on the continent during the European championships which were in April after the league finals. But from time to time they were invited down for exhibition games. He had left that morning and would be in France for two games. Bill and Fleur had actually headed to France after work today. They didn't work weekends and decided to spend the weekend with her family in France. Seeing Harry play was a bonus to the trip.

Severus was starting to wonder if he should have only invited Harry's dads. He hoped to get out of the room alive at the end of this. But Harry considered them all to be family. Andromeda and Ted even joined them, his Aunt and Uncle.

Sirius watched the man. "So why get us all together?"

Lucius agreed. "Seems too many former lions for your taste."

Narcissa had a knowing glint in her eye. "A reason you invited Harry's dads and other parental figures?"

Andromeda agreed with her sister. "Just missing his brothers."

Severus grumbled. "Enough lions. And it isn't customary."

Sirius realized what his cousins had guessed. "You are asking?"

Remus knew his husband was right. "Ask the others for backup?"

Severus didn't find it humorous. "I doubt even Lucius could be counted on for much now a days. But you are all family."

Lucius agreed with him. "Our nephew of course."

Severus brought out a box. "I plan to ask Harry to marry me."

Sirius noted that it wasn't a question. "Not quite a question."

Remus reminded his husband. "He brought us here."

Severus grunted. "He is an adult and we don't need permission. But he would want you there, all of you."

Arthur spoke up first. "He does make Harry happy."

Remus agreed. "You seem to love our son."

Sirius smirked but he agreed. "But my grandchildren will be lions."

Severus turned to Lucius as the others seemed happy, the Tonks and Molly slowly chiming in. "And you?"

Lucius smirked. "I am still not sure I shouldn't have found a chastity belt for you."

Severus didn't find it funny at all. "Keep it up and I will find a different best man."

Lucius clapped him on the back. "Though I am certain my son would be pleased to do so, I guess I will have to approve."

Narcissa shared a smile with Molly and Andromeda. "And you know we will plan a massive wedding."

Severus groaned when he heard the woman and grumbled about eloping. Sirius shot him a nasty look as he heard him. He was not about to miss his son's wedding. Severus had been kidding but even if he had not he knew Harry would never agree. Harry may not want a big wedding either but he would want his family there for him. But they were going to have to try and tame the women. He had been to enough ot Narcissa's parties that he knew allowing her to help plan anything was always a risk.

As they sat down to eat Remus asked. "You already purchased a ring?"

Severus had taken out the box but he shook his head. "No I went into my vaults."

Lucius was surprised. "I have never known you to go into your Prince vaults."

Remus agreed with him. "Even less likely then Sirius is to."

Severus showed the ring. "I thought perhaps it would mean more. I believe it belonged to my grandfather last."

Sirius saw the simple ring which had inset stone in it. "He will approve. I have one for you to use for your wedding."

Severus grunted. "I can afford a ring mutt."

Remus calmed him. "He simply meant it was something to pass on. It is simply there if you choose."

Sirius added. "Remus and I used the rings from my father. But there is one from my grandsire."

Severus simmered a bit. "Perhaps."

Lucius chimed in. "I could take you shopping and make sure we find the right rings."

Severus turned to Sirius. "On second thought that sounds perfect."

Lucius didn't find it funny. "I was just trying to be helpful."

Severus smirked. "You are nearly as bad as your wife is. You want to help, try reigning in her plans over there."

Lucius laughed and reminded Severus he had little chance of doing that. The women would have to be reminded that Harry wouldn't want to over the top either. Narcissa would have her own son in a year or two likely. Draco was like his dad and he didn't like the huge parties but he would be more into show then Harry as would Blaise. The women had been tamed down for the marauders so it was possible. But the marauders were also older grooms, and had partly eloped. Harry would not have that.

Molly looked at Severus. "Well now for you to propose so we can actually get to work."

Harry had no idea what his loved ones were up to when he was gone. Though he had been surprised to find his dads in London when he got back Sunday afternoon. They reminded their son they had an open invite to use the house and didn't work on the weekends. Harry knew they were right on both parts but he had this odd feeling they were up to something. Sirius assured his son with a straight face they were not up to anything at all. Harry could tell his dad was not lying but there was something else. Sirius was not lying to his son as it wasn't them that was plotting away. They were all waiting to see what Severus had planned.

It took a few weeks. Lucius got anxious and offered to plan it for Severus as he worried his brother was getting cold feet. Severus was not known to be that romantic either. Severus had grumbled that he could propose to his own boyfriend.

Harry was surprised on Halloween when he was asked to meet Severus in London. "I would think you'd be busy."

Severus smirked. "Is that the greeting I get when I come all the way to London to see you? It is a weekend."

Harry didn't let him off. "Halloween weekend. We both know you normally chaperone the Hogsmeade trip."

Severus agreed with him. "Albus reminded me kindly I don't have to chaperone every one."

Harry played coy. "I told my fathers I would join them for the Halloween feast at school tonight."

Severus snarled a little. "If you don't come with me I will find a new date to take out."

Harry didn't think that a huge threat. "Keep that up and I will tell on you."

Severus pulled him into his arms. "Going to sick your father on me?"

Harry shook his head. "Thought my Uncle Luc."

Severus didn't find it amusing. "That man used to be my best friend. Worried you seduced him."

Harry coughed at that. "I believe his wife would protest. Not exactly the reason for his Uncle feelings for me."

Severus took something out of his pocket. "Are you ready to go?"

Harry was confused. "Why did you have me meet you here if we were leaving? You could have picked me up."

Severus patted something in his pocket. "I had to pick something up and it made sense."

Harry had to wonder what was in the man's pocket and what he had up his sleeve for that matter. Though they had been dating for months the man was not much for planning. Harry could admit he hadn't planned many dates either. But Severus was not exactly one for some big plan. In the past Harry would have been worried the man was taking him to an apothecary or such. The two had enjoyed plenty of time in the lab but only a few occasions they had actually been making a potion.

Severus had his own doubts about this. He usually didn't think romance was that needed but certain occasions he agreed called for it. And convincing the stubborn lion to marry him was one of them.

Harry looked around when his head cleared from the portkey. "A train station?"

Severus led him towards it. "To start."

Harry was confused as they got abroad. "Where are we and where are we going?"

Severus explained as they took their seat. "In Wales. Its a special Halloween train ride."

Harry was amazed. "I have only ever taken the train for school."

Severus agreed. "Its been some years."

Harry smiled. "You could always take it next term. You wouldn't be the first teacher."

Severus knew he spoke of Remus. "I think I will stick to standard transport."

Harry watched as the train started to move. "Not the kind of date I expected from you."

Severus kissed him. "I thought perhaps to try something different. If you would prefer my lab…."

Harry cut him off. "No."

Severus whispered in his ear. "We may have to celebrate there later."

Harry eyed the man. "Celebrate?"

Severus covered his tracks. "The holiday."

Harry's response was cut off by the start of the event. It was a ghost train tour in Wales he found. They were headed to an area with a famous old bridge known as Devil's bridge. Though they lived in a castle with real ghosts, Harry still found it quite interesting. And the scenery was certainly beautiful as well. Though they got off the train with the others at the train station,he found they were not joining the others for the Halloween dinner. Severus revealed he had a picnic basket in his pocket.

The two took to a spot under the famous bridge, reached only through their magic, where they had amazing views. There was some fried chicken and other food from the Cauldron as well as butterbeer. Harry smiled at the Halloween sweets as well.

Harry was surprised when Severus handed him a chocolate frog after dinner. "We will be late for the train back."

Severus pressed it forward. "We don't need it to get back. Now open."

Harry took it from him. "I prefer the licorice wands as you know."

Severus did and had got some. "Well you know the prize is the best part."

Harry smirked. "Is that you Ron?" and with a laugh. "I am a bit old to collect."

"Just open." Severus grumbled.

Harry was shocked when he didn't find a card but a ring. "Sev?"

Severus took the ring from the box and took Harry's hand. "Marry me lion."

Harry was shocked when he realized the man was proposing. "Really?"

Severus smirked. "It's not a Halloween joke. I am not full of romantic prose like Lucius or have his roman…."

Harry cut him off with a kiss. "Yes."

Severus slid the ring on his finger. "Perhaps I should have allowed him to…."

Harry stopped him. "It was perfect. I am not in love with Lucius. This is perfect."

Severus had known deep down it would suit Harry though he did wish he had been better with words. He was happy Harry had accepted. Harry found they were soon setting off and he was shocked when he found himself in a graveyard. He knew that it kind of fit the holiday but it was an odd place. But he knew it was Godric's Hollow. Severus reminded him as they walked that tonight was the anniversary he lost his parents. And he knew even with his dads, Harry would want to share it with them.

Harry knelt down and placed flowers Severus gave him. "I got engaged tonight. I hope you'd be happy for me."

He was surprised when Sirius' voice came from behind him. "They would be."

Remus had come up with his husband. "Even in your choice."

Harry stood and was amazed to find his dads, the Malfoys, Tonks and a few Weasleys. "You guys are here?"

Sirius hugged his son. "Severus invited us to be a part."

Severus saw his look. "You didn't think I would propose without their blessing? I may not survive."

Harry kissed him. "Thank you."

The graveyard was not the final destination as was not the place to celebrate. Harry found their last stop was an old castle where there was a muggle movie being played for the holiday. All their guests were staying for it with them. Though there was popcorn, Lucius had brought some wine for them so they could toast the couple as well. Though Fred joked that a Halloween proposal seemed more a marauder thing to do, everyone was thrilled. The twins did pout that they had not known until now. Harry groaned when he heard Narcissa and Andromeda already plotting with Molly. He was reminded of his dads' wedding.

He looked at Sirius. "Is there a way to threaten to blast them off the tree if they plan some extravaganza for us?"

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