Severus did not explain to either boy what had soaked into them. He turned off the potions in his room and sent the others out of the class. He led Harry and Draco through the door into his office where there was a fireplace for them to floo. He could admit he was having a hard time processing what had just happened. He hoped it wasn't as bad as he thought but he didn't think his luck would hold out. He could tell both boys were in shock when neither questioned him after the first time. All the fireplaces in the school were hooked up to floo to a few locations including the hospital wing of course. Since the war they had been opened up, with the right password, to floo off campus as well.

Poppy was shocked when she turned and saw the three of them come into the hospital wing. It happened once in a while but not two students. And usually not this soon in the school year either. Her eyes scanned all three looking for some obvious injury but seen none.

She turned to Severus as she could see both boys were pale. "Severus what happened?"

He forced both boys down onto a bed. "Potion explosion."

Poppy came over to the bedside. "I wouldn't expect it from Draco."

Draco mumbled under his breath. "Nott."

Severus quickly explained. He ended with. "I need to know how bad."

Poppy looked at him and motioned to him to take a seat. "You too."

Severus refused to sit as she got the boys each in their own bed. "See to them."

Poppy turned back to him. "Lay down on that bed now Severus."

Severus smirked. "I am no longer a student Poppy."

Poppy levelled her wand and turned his robes into a gown. "On the bed."

Severus grunted. "You haven't changed."

Poppy had been a nurse at the school when Severus and the marauders were there. Some of the staff like Minerva had been there and Filius of course. But Poppy was not much older then him, she had only finished Hogwarts and nursing school a year before Severus had started here. Her and Filius were the closest things to friends he had on staff. They had gone from his teachers to colleagues a long time ago. But Poppy didn't care if they were staff or students, if they were in her ward, they were her patients. And what she said went with all patients.

Poppy started running tests on all three as Severus sat stewing in the bed next to his godson. He really thought this was preposterous. He was worried the boys would succumb to the potion but not himself. He had a high tolerance for such things since his spy days.

The door opened as she was finishing and Remus appeared with Albus behind him. "What happened?"

Harry looked up shakily at Moony. "Our cauldron exploded."

Remus came to his side and sat down. "Is he okay?"

Poppy put down her chart. "None of them were burned thankfully. But we have to worry about what the potion was?"

Draco looked at his Uncle. "What did he do?"

Severus looked at Albus as he explained. "It was an amora potion."

Remus was confused. "A love potion? How dangerous could that be?"

Severus reminded the man. "When done right not at all. But when you add full fire pods to it, three to be exact…"

Remus did not need the man to continue. He had done quite well in potions himself despite the fact that his wolf senses made it hard on him. The potion was a strong one but it was rarely used. It was not the kind of love potion you feared someone would slip into your cereal to seduce you. It was usually used as for medical purposes. In rare cases it was used on people who were suffering from amnesia, to try and get them to remember by reminding them of someone they loved. It should only work on people who were in love, or at the very least had a genuine attraction. It was not like other potions you could douse on anyone and would last for a small amount of time. It needed something to react to.

Severus admitted the extra pods though would make it a lot stronger. More like a very strong lust potion and run amuck with their hormones. And if they were to act on those hormones before the potion wore off, it was quite possible it would be permanent.

Draco grunted. "Well that shouldn't be a problem. Not like I plan to jump Potter's bones. And you're my bloody godfather."

Harry readily agreed. "No problem here."

Severus sighed. "We will hope that is true."

Albus asked. "How long will this potion last?"

Severus wasn't certain. "Days, possibly weeks. Unfortunately a potions accident doesn't come with rules."

Poppy thought aloud. "I would think likely a month at most."

Harry went to get out of bed. "Can I go now?"

Draco agreed. "It is nothing bad."

Poppy shook her head. "I don't want you in dorms until I make sure there is no other affects."

Remus looked at his son. "Harry can stay with me for the night. Sirius will be worried anyways.'

Severus motioned to Draco. "And Draco can stay in mine."

Poppy agreed for Harry but reminded Severus. "You both got dosed with that potion."

Severus smirked. "You aren't suggesting I would be attracted to my nephew?"

Laughing Poppy assured him she didn't that would be an issue. He certainly would need to be attracted to him before this. But she was worried there may be side effects which is why she didn't want the boys in the dorms. But Severus reminded her he was not simply a patient he was also a medic who had helped her plenty. He was certain he could handle anything and if not that he would call her. Poppy agreed to let them go.

Harry didn't think he needed to be babysat but he knew Remus was not about to let him go. Remus reminded hm they could have dinner brought. They headed to the apartment his dads shared. Remus and Sirius had been a couple for a year and he hoped they would one day marry.

Sirius was home from the auror academy where he now taught. "Hey cub, I didn't know you were joining us for dinner."

Harry grumbled as he sunk into a chair. "I have been ordered to have a sleepover."

Remus laughed when he saw Sirius' look. "There was a slight potions accident."

Sirius smirked when he was told what happened. "Well we know our cub has too good of tastes to worry."

Harry agreed with him. "Like I would ever fall for a snake."

Remus called for dinner. "I think my cub doth protest too much."

Harry shot the man a look and reminded him he was a mini marauder and Remus may want to watch his back. Even Sirius joked that he would side with Harry on that. Harry had become friends with Draco but that didn't mean he would ever look at any Slytherin like that. Sirius readily agreed but Remus was eying his cub over the dinner that night. He didn't think that it was going to be as simple as Harry thought.

Sirius tried to assure him when they watched Harry sleep later. "There has to be attraction both ways. Harry will never like a snake."

Draco was no more happy about the situation then Harry was. They were both seniors and didn't need to be babysat for the night. But he knew his godfather was not taking no for an answer. The man usually was better then his parents who sometimes still saw him as a child though seventeen. His mother said it was a mix of being their only child and the danger he had been in for years when his parents were spies. He didn't find it endearing any more now that he was seventeen. When he graduated he planned to move into the townhouse which his grandfather left him even if his parents used the home. He would eventually work for his father but he planned on law school.

Severus knew full well his nephew was stewing and he could have let the boy go. He didn't really think his nephew needed to be watched. But if Poppy found out she may contact Lucius. The last thing Draco wanted was his mother knowing. The marauders were Harry's dads, they had in fact adopted him the summer after Voldemort was defeated. Severus was a secondary guardian if needed but not a parent.

Draco stewed as they entered the apartment. "I don't see why I cant simply go back to my room. Poppy doesn't need to know."

Severus pointed at a chair. "Its one night."

Draco smirked. "Lonely?"

Severus motioned him to sit. "Keep that up and you can go to bed."

"Sending me to bed without my supper? Thought you were not my mother."

Severus threw a napkin at him. "Keep that up brat and I will call your mother."

Draco sunk into a chair. "Fine."

Severus called for some dinner. "You can help me do a potion after dinner."

"Starting to think you set this up for an extra hand in the lab."

"I wouldn't subject us to a potion explosion for aid. I would simply give someone detention."

Draco reminded him. "But that would only get you help with cauldrons."

Severus shrugged. "Maybe that is what I am looking for."

Draco knew his Uncle was not talking about cauldrons. "At best you want me to do the slugs."

"Well since the potion stopped me from finishing my work, it seems I need a hand."

Draco felt like pointing out Nott should be the one helping but he held his tongue on that. He wondered what the brat would get for his little stunt. He had not been dealt with since they had been taken to the hospital wing instead. It took a lot to get his Uncle to give his own house a detention but Nott had received plenty. Despite what the lions thought Severus was not simply playing favorites with his house. The snakes tended to get a lot of bias even from other teachers. Flitwick really was the only one who didn't from the main staff. Severus simply tried to balance it out.

Draco could admit he was at least hungry and he dug into the food. He felt like reminding his Uncle it was a Friday and since the end of the war seniors could leave evenings and weekends at least into town. He was sure his friends were out drinking already or soon to be.

Severus motioned him to come into the lab when done. "One night of drinking wont kill you."

Draco put on his apron. "I guess my mother would."

"Perhaps not kill you but ground you. Me on the other hand….."

Draco took up his place at the board. "This is ridiculous. We are well enough to make a potion. What does she think we will do?"

Severus turned on the fire. "Find yourself in an alcove."

Draco didn't find it funny. "Like I would ever look at the lion."

"Indeed." Was all Severus would say.

"I am starting to understand why he finds that annoying."

Severus motioned him to start. "A few weeks and it will run off."

Draco picked up a knife. "Telling me or yourself."

Severus grunted. "Keep that up and you will be doing cauldrons."

Draco knew he was not the only one who may be at risk of this potion. Not that he thought that it was much a risk. Okay maybe the lion was a bit good looking but he was not about to fall for him either. He just knew a good body when he saw one. But he also knew he was not the only one in the room who had looked at it either. As they worked on the potion he smirked at the very thought that his Uncle may have to watch himself.

Draco went to go to bed later and called over his shoulder. "I'd be watching myself. I doubt my cousin would be too pleased to find you in a….."

Severus growled. "If you don't want to be cleaning cauldrons for a month I would not be finishing that sentence."