So, here I am now, trying myself at my first Wicked fanfic. The idea came to my mind when I was listening to Idina Menzel's rendition of 'Bridge over Troubled Water' and I couldn't stop thinking about it; What if Melena hadn't died when giving birth to Nessarose? What if Elphaba hadn't experienced so much cruelty and hatred before going off to Shiz? You know... that kind of questions.
Anyway... I just wanted to say that I'm not an English native speaker and I expect myself to make mistakes, so please tell me when you spot one.
Now, here we go with the first chapter...

Started writing: 16.09.19

Finished writing: 16.09.19

The Loved and the Wicked

By IceK04

Chapter 1

"Sweet Oz," Melena exclaimed, hands covering the spot above her dress' neckline, as her way was cut by a green whirlwind thundering down the stairs.

"Sweet Oz, indeed," Frex agreed with a furrowed brow.

Sometimes the Governor longed for the quiet days of the past; the days without a certain green-skinned storm of intelligence, curiousness, and… difference. The days before his family had been the talk of the town. Of course, he told himself, he loved his two daughters deeply, and unconditionally but, looking up into the deep brown eyes of his wife that now were framed with very few lines of age, and joy, and, of course, sorrow, he wanted nothing but to turn back time to the days when these lines had been there only when his wife had laughed.

"What is it with her?" Frex murmured and closed the door to the bathroom.

Melena raised an eyebrow at him. "She's excited, nothing more."

The woman slowly entered the staircase and threw the front door of the mansion a quick look. It was raining heavily today and Melena just knew that her oldest daughter hadn't taken her time to put on boots and coat.

"She will catch a fever if she keeps going out like that every morning," she said and wrinkled her nose when she felt a cold breeze from outside rushing into the hallway.

Frex let go of his wife's hand when they reached the landing. "Maybe you should tell her to dress properly. It would certainly help the case."

Melena had to suppress a sigh and she turned to her husband calmly. "Frex-"

"Good morning."

Almost immediately Frex's face brightened up and the man stepped forward to kiss his youngest daughter on both cheeks. "Good morning, my dear Nessarose. Did you sleep well?"

The girl nodded and gave him and her mother a heart-warming smile. "I did. Good morning, Momma."

Melena smiled upon her daughter and slowly let her fingers run through Nessa's brown, curly hair. "Good morning, dear."

The three of them turned and were just about to enter the dining room when the front door slammed shut with a light huff. Standing there, dripping wet onto the carpet, was Elphaba; her deep brown eyes sparkling with delight, she wiped the raindrops off her emerald skin.

"It's here," she said and her voice was so full of delight that Melena couldn't help but smile.

Frex, too, smiled but his eyes were on the carpet beneath Elphaba's bare feet and he cocked his head to one side. "Well, Elphaba, I'd say you go change into some… more proper clothes and then we will all have a look at 'it' during breakfast."

Elphaba shrugged, her eyes never losing the excited sparkle in them as she whirled around and hurried upstairs to do as her father had said.

"Mirella set the table," Melena announced when the three of them entered the dining room and there was the slight hint of disbelief in her voice.

Frex raised an eyebrow. "She didn't forget?"

"She even cut fresh flowers from the garden," Nessa said and arranged her wheelchair in front of the table.

Melena tilted her head to one side and fell into the chair opposite her youngest daughter. "Well, then it was Elphaba who set the table."

Nessa frowned. "How could you tell?"

"Because," Melena began, protracting the word as though she was trying to taste it on her tongue. "Mirella couldn't tell a daisy from a rose and a lily from a poppy even if she tried."

Nessa let out a small chuckle. "Everyone could tell a lily from a poppy, Momma. They're not even close to similar."

Melena let her index finger wander across the petal of one gerbera. "Well, Mirella can't."

With three long steps, Elphaba stepped into the room and sat down next to her mother.

"Do you like the bouquet?" the young woman asked when she saw the looks of her parents and sister. "I made it this morning when setting the table."

Melena shot her husband and youngest daughter a triumphant smile. "See? I told you."

Elphaba frowned but kept her mouth shut. Her fingers trembled when she put the cream white envelope on the table in front of her.

"Shiz University," she read aloud, eyes widened in awe. "This is my dream."

Melena watched her daughter biting her lower lip to stop its trembling as she carefully opened the envelope and pulled out a neatly folded sheet. Smoothing it, she cleared her throat and started reading.

"Dear Miss Elphaba Thropp,

We send our deepest happiness and bla bla bla best-educated students-"


The young woman's head snapped up at the stern voice of her father and she quickly averted her eyes. "Sorry, Father."

She took another deep breath. "The faculty of Shiz University has a history of best-educated students, the greatest social image, and top graduation statistics. Filled with pride and joy we're happy to allow you to study within the high-praised walls of Shiz University. You're, from now on, an accepted student of the faculty and we'll expect your presence on the first day after summer holidays, the second of September. Yours, Madame Morrible, Headshiztress"

Elphaba's cheeks glowed with excitement and she was beaming at her mother, father and sister. "I got in."

Her voice was not more than a breathy whisper. "Momma, Father, I'm in."

Melena smiled at her daughter, grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "I'm so proud of you, Fabala."

Frex nodded. "We all are."

Elphaba's fingers fought her mother's and she slowly squeezed Melena's hand again, the corners of her lips curling into a broad grin. "I'll study at Shiz."

And that she would.

Melena's chest swelled with pride and she threw her husband a quick look, a quick smile.

He returned it with a warm blink and took Melena's other hand, knowing she wouldn't be able to hold herself for much longer.

His wife sniffed and gave her oldest daughter a teary smile. "You've grown up so fast."

Elphaba suppressed the urge to roll her eyes and only squeezed her mother's hand. "It's been almost twenty years, I wouldn't call that 'fast'."

Frex threw her a stern look. "Elphaba."

Melena sniffed again, thankfully taking the steaming cup of tea her husband offered.

"Soon you'll be out and about and…," she took her time to take a sip from her tea and calm her nerves a little bit. "Shiz only is the first step into your own life."

Elphaba nodded, her thoughts wandering to the day of graduation at high school. Back then, she'd thought a new life would start for her. But maybe, just maybe, her new life had started right at this moment; Shiz would open doors to ways she'd never known. And she was keen to explore them all.