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Chapter 1: The Beginning

In the realm of life after death, some beings consider such a place to actually be a fate worse than simple death. One of those beings was a Pokémon called Lucario. He was a rather odd looking creature by human standards, but was considered normal by the standards of the land he came from. He was a bipedal canine-like creature, with mostly black and blue fur. His long snout and ears were coupled with eyes that had red-colored irises. On each forepaw, there was a small, round spike, and a similar one stood in his chest. The fur on his torso was cream-colored, and the blue fur on his thighs was reminiscent of shorts. He also had a medium sized tail that had the same blue color as the rest of his body. Finally, four small bizarre appendages lay on the back of his head.

For Lucario, life after death was proving to be absolutely horrible. Ever since Arceus, the creator of the realm where he came from, had taken his old master Sir Aaron away from him, life had been nothing but misery for Lucario. According to the Alpha Pokémon, he could never be reunited with him in the afterlife, as he had technically been released before he had been sealed away on the scepter, making him a wild Pokémon, something that didn't change when Ash found and helped him. Ever since then, Lucario had been alone at the Tree of Beginning as a mere spirit. No one could see or hear him, not even Ghost or Psychic Pokémon, even though he would do everything to try to talk to them. No matter what he tried, though, he would only be a silent specter standing vigil over Rota. Day after day, the loneliness ate away at Lucario like maggots on a carcass. The pain he felt from the loss was unbearable, and many times, he would hope for this to be nothing more than a dream, still trapped within Sir Aaron's scepter, waiting for someone to release him. Eventually, he just stopped caring, figuring that it was pointless to wait for someone. He had long since forgotten how long it had been since he sacrificed himself, but it felt like centuries since he died, thanks to no one ever noticing him.

"Loneliness is such an ugly thing, is it not? Believe me, Lucario, I have millennia's worth of experience in that department," an unfamiliar voice rang out. Lucario's eyes widened, and all of a sudden, the despair had turned into shock. Lucario may not have had the same vocal abilities as humans and some Pokémon such as Meowth, but he could communicate via telepathy.

"Who's there? And how do you know what I am?" Lucario replied in shock, trying to locate the voice.

"Ah, apologies are required. My name is Professor Paradox," the same new voice said, and in a flash of light, a human appeared, but this one was radically different from Ash, his compatriots, or Sir Aaron. He was a middle-aged man wearing a white coat over an orange shirt with a black tie, green goggles on his neck, and black pants and shoes. The man's face seemed cheery and friendly, almost as if he was looking at Lucario like an old friend, even though Lucario had never met Paradox during the time of Sir Aaron or during the time of Ash. "Or should I say, they were required? Time travel makes tenses so very confusing. Gumball?" Paradox said, pulling a red ball from a brown sack.

"No thank you, Paradox. But why are you coming for me? More importantly, how can you talk to me, or even see me? No one here has ever noticed my spirit, even though much time has passed," Lucario politely questioned.

"Yes, no one has spoken to you for 5357 days ever since your sacrifice. That is quite the amount of time to be ignored. Let me answer those questions one at a time. For your second question, I see you because with age comes experience and wisdom, and I am far older than I look. Thus, what passes unseen to other humans or even to Pokémon is as clear as day to me. Does that answer your first question?" Paradox replied.

Satisfied, Lucario continued, "I see. It's just that you are the first creature in a long time to ever notice me. I thought I would just stumble through eternity with no one to talk to. You didn't answer my first question, though. Why me? Why did you choose to speak to a mere specter such as myself?"

"You yourself said it, you have been alone and ignored for far longer than anyone deserves. It's been almost fifteen years, and yet you still remain unheard and alone. I do not wish for you to have to undergo what I have gone through, for I have gone through the same situation: ignored by everyone, unable to tell them what I want to, and just left with my own thoughts to accompany me, before just giving into the isolation with no hope of company. I want to ask you a question, though, and you may be quite surprised. Just be ready to think carefully and seriously about it, for it is a question whose answer will reshape your destiny and take you on a path you would never expect, even in this world of wondrous creatures" Paradox answered.

Lucario sighed, wondering what kind of bargain he would be made to strike. He highly doubted that he wouldn't expect what the man was offering: in this world, there were beasts that controlled the winds, thunder, and volcanoes; a mythical fairy said to exist anywhen and travel through time; and even the smallest of birds could whip up quite the gust of wind. "Very well," What Paradox said next, though, he never could imagine in his wildest dreams.

"How would you like to return to the land of the living?" Paradox said with the straightest face. Lucario could not believe what he had just heard, his eyes widening and his jaw dropping to the ground in shock.

Clutching and shaking his head in denial, Lucario responded, "It seems that loneliness has done far more to my sanity than I thought. Now I am seeing humans that claim that they can do the work of legendary Pokémon. How desperate to escape this afterlife have I become?"

With a sly grin, Paradox chuckled at Lucario's denial before firmly telling him, "Oh, I assure you my dear friend, this is no joke. I truly can bring you back to life, but only if you wish."

"But… but how?" Lucario sputtered, shock clearly etched across his face. "You must be lying, you must! There has to be some sort of catch, is there not? You will turn me into a human, won't you?!" As worry seized his mind, Lucario began hyperventilating, his heart beating like a drum.

"Settle down, Lucario. Those who know me well enough know that I could never lie to save my life. Just take a few deep breathes, and let us be a little more rational about this," Paradox soothed, simultaneously rubbing behind Lucario's ears. Slowly but steadily, Lucario began to calm down, as his breathing became less frantic.

"I am… I'm sorry for that," Lucario apologized.

"It is quite alright, I understand your doubts about my honesty. But I promise you, I would never turn you into a human; it wouldn't be right to rob you of your old body. But you are right about one thing, there is a catch. It won't be your old dimension you will be returned to life to, but an entirely new one,"

Cast List:

Lucario - Sean Schemmel

Professor Paradox - David McCallum

Author's Note: Well, if you're here, then you've stumbled onto my very first fanfiction. I've been a fan of Ben 10 since I discovered it, my favorite game of all time is Pokémon Soul Silver, and I've been on as a guest on this site for 5 years. However, I wanted to do something a little different than most Ben 10 crossovers. Several Ben 10 crossovers have Ben be the one who gets transported to a new world, so I wanted to see what would happen if Ben's world was the place where someone else traveled to. If you're curious about what it is timeline-wise in the Ben 10 Universe, this takes place a year after Omniverse, but since several things about Omniverse were things that I was less than fond of, I will be changing what I feel like has to be changed. For now, however, assume that unless otherwise stated, the events of Omniverse occurred as they did in the original show. And finally, please give reviews. I am a very inexperienced fanfic writer, so any advice will be helpful, even constructive criticism.