The sound of booming thunder and crackling lightning lit the world around her. As raindrops splattered across the windshield, making the lights that strewed across sky turn into swirls and lines across glass. The tires squealed and the sound of screaming greeted Daisy's ears.

She closed her eyes as the car flipped over and spun through the air. She struck the water with a scream, being thrown from her automobile and the frigid temperatures kissed her cheeks making them red.

Daisy Buchanan had perished in the icy cold lake. Her heart stopped beating and her brain had been shut down.

Perhaps twenty minutes had passed as a man found the scene. He immediately had his wife, quickly drive to the nearest station or home to ring the police

Upon seeing the bright color of clothing, the young woman, he rushed into the water, and pulled her from its icy grasp. When the freckled man sat her onto the grass he desperately tried to search for a pulse but upon not finding one, he started pounding on her chest, to give CPR as best as he could.

And within a moment of him doing so he heard a sharp breath being let out and then in. The snow had just started to fall once more.

Her eyes fluttered open, revealing sparkly brown eyes.

The man's coat was quickly wrapped around her as he lifted her from the hard cold ground.

The rest was a blur of lights, white clothes and voices.

However, that was something Daisy would never know, her entire, bitterly golden soul was replaced by another's. One of a green light.. .